´Innumerable persons have failed or not succeeded in life because of fearµ

Susan Jeffer
By Sarfaraz Khan Roll no 44

What is FEAR ? € Fear is one of the most basic human emotions.. Fear is the result of endless desires. € € . contd. Fear is felt by almost everyone from time to time. but one must know how to deal with it. when the desire are not fulfilled people worry & fear.

Fear could be a response to a perceived threat. € € .FEAR € Fear could also be an instant reaction. Fear paralyzes us that too when we need to take action. to something presently happening.

Few Phobias Gloss phobia € Hematophobia € Ochlophobia € Astraphobia € Kleptophobia € Logo phobia € Hydrophobia € .

What are the causes of fear? € Anxiety Nervousness Worry Phobias € € € .

Symptoms of fear € Tense muscles and dry mouth € Increased Heartbeat € Fast and slow breathing .

.Contd. € Disturbed speech .

Two ways to overcome fear € Questions yourself. Get yourself involved in the activities with which your fear. € .

Fear Fear is coward. It only attacks when you are weak and confused Thank You .

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