³Paul LePage¶s Gutter Ball´ Week after week Paul LePage shows exactly why voters should not

consider the Blaine House an entry-level position in state politics, much less government. His unbridled use of profanity in public does not make him a man of the people; it shows he is lazy, inarticulate and lacking in a substantive message for the people of Maine. It is also the worst kind of smear to imply that poverty is an excuse for bad manners. LePage¶s gutter talk is the product of a weak mind, not a hard childhood. Manners are hardly the only thing at issue here. When LePage boasts how he will stick it to the White House, he shows how little he understands the fundamental relationship between Maine and the federal government: For every $1.00 Mainers pay in federal taxes, the state gets back $1.41. With that on the table, do we really need our governor telling the president of the United States to ³go to hell?´ This reminds us that a similar dynamic is at work within the state. Poorer counties get more money from Augusta than their citizens pay in. Even so, for all LePage¶s bragging about his work as mayor, Waterville¶s poverty rate is almost twice the Maine average. Advice to tea partiers: Mind the lemons. ² Lincoln Paine Portland, Maine September 30, 2010

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