COINs 2010 Conference Instructions The Swarm Creativity Framework is a guide to help entrepreneurs, scientists and business leaders

successfully navigate a shift in mindset from scarcity to abundance. Swarm creativity is a discipline driven by the laws of natural systems, and is designed to catalyze individual creativity, communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to flourishing cultures of innovation. Swarm Creativity powers the COINs 2010 community and with it the Science of Collaboration. Researchers and industry leaders share insights and innovations in health care, design, the creative industries, engineering and technology. The community generates a collective intelligence to solve the social, economic and environmental challenges of the world. The five areas of investment in swarm creativity are: Creativity -- The single most productive asset every individual possesses. Creativity is leveraged with critical thinking skills and an ability to ask questions. These are the core tools required to design complex projects with sustainable outcomes. COINs -- collaborative innovation networks – Serves as the infrastructure to transport creative ideas to accelerate business development in towns and cities. Cool Places -- Attract the conversations of entrepreneurs focused on health care, energy, land, food and water. Cool places are “sticky” and retain quality talent, enterprising collaborations, and innovative firms. Swarms -- Created from numbers of people attracted to the next big idea that has surfaced from the crowd. Swarms build capacity. Coolhunting -- The practice of seeking the most creative ideas and people; coolfarming is the practice of collaborating to help them succeed; strategic branding provides the storytelling discipline necessary to spread the idea/initiatives. Used with permission: Peter Gloor, author, “Swarm Creativity”. Created by Betsey Merkel, I-Open, 2010

COINs 2010 CONFERENCE BUILDS “CONVERSATIONS – COLLABORATION – CAPACITY” From the report “Collaborate: Leading Regional Innovation Clusters” by the Council on Competitiveness and Commissioned by the Economic Development Agency at the U.S. Department of Commerce

Conversations share ideas and tell the story of our future. We will use digital media to capture knowledge and visualize a shared-sentiment portrait of our community’s culture. A. CONVERSATIONS o Which area of the Swarm Creativity Framework are you most passionate about? Why? o What would you like people to know, think, feel and do? o What do you see for the future? B. COLLABORATION o Whose insights and guidance do you engage? o Who would you like to be connected to that you are not? o What information do you share with others? C. CAPACITY o What research areas interest you? Why? o What resources and talent do you need? o How is your work affected by the powerful topics of climate change, green job creation, water, land, energy, technology, and health care? o How does your research or business serve the sustainability of communities and their regions 50 years from now?

“Strategic Doing” is a simple, yet disciplined process of quickly moving ideas to action in Open Source Economic Development to transform education, economic, and workforce development. (Shown above) Used with attribution: Ed Morrison, Economic Policy Advisor at Purude University; Co-Founder, The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open)

“What we say today is what we will do tomorrow.” – Peter Gloor, Research Scientist, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

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COINs 2010 Conference Collective Intelligence in the Emerging Science of Collaboration

1. COINs Conference Research 1. COINs 2010 Conference Conversations 1. Coolhunting Academy 2010 2. Keynotes 1. COINs Conference 2. Design Ethos 3. Workshops 1. Basics of Social Network Analysis 2. Collaborative Social Change 3. Coolfarming 4. Innovation Made Physical 5. Service Design Thinking 6. Virtual Collaboration 4. Science of Collaboration Papers 1. Abstracts 2. Themes 1. Business Development 2. Creativity 3. Education 4. Government 5. Health Care 6. Transportation 3. Practices 1. Diffusion 2. Methods 3. Teams 2. Swarm Creativity Interviews 1. Creativity 2. COINs - collaborative innovation networks 3. Cool Places 4. Swarms 5. Coolhunting

“The Collective Intelligence Genome”

Used with permission: Dr. Thomas W. Malone, Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works - I-Open, Galaxy Advisors & COINs Collaborative 2010

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Resources About Swarm Creativity:
The COINs 2010 Conference, Oct. 7–9, 2010 is presented in collaboration with I-Open and the COINs Collaborative, an initiative of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Wayne State University College of Engineering, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Collective Intelligence. The collaborative builds open knowledge networks to advance the emerging science of collaboration for research and industry competitive advantage. For more information and to register for the COINs 2010 conference, visit For suggestions e-mail COINs Conference Design: Amit Bapat Copyright 2010. Instructions: Betsey Merkel, I-Open

Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works - I-Open, Galaxy Advisors & COINs Collaborative 2010

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