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Projects for Reports ABC Book

You have been hired by Dr. Suess’s publishing company, Red Fish Blue Fish, Inc. to create an ABC book that focuses on the elements of Plot from a fiction novel of your choice! The novel must be an award-winning novel and must be approved by Mrs. Moxie by mid-October * An ABC book has one page for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter then represents some item of your choice; obviously for this assignment each item will be from the novel and will describe an aspect of the novel’s plot. * Additionally, each of the following categories must be represented AT LEAST the noted number of times: • Characters --5 • Setting (time and place) --3 • Conflicts --2 • Plot Events (three major events) --3 • Theme (remember a theme must be written in a complete sentence) --3 • Climax (turning point) --1 • Symbols --3 • Resolution--1 *Imagery (5 senses) -2 (must include the passages from the novel with page #. Passage should be in quotation marks and page number should be after the passage enclosed by parentheses with the author’s last name before the page #) Ex: “I had an adrenaline rush. It is very common. You should Google it” (Meyer 10). notice that the period comes after the parenthesis not before • Other (miscellaneous) –3 * * • * * * * Your book must have a cover page with unique title (not underlined, in italics, or in quotation marks). Your cover page must include the actual title of the novel you picked (this title is underlined) Your book must have a table of contents in the following format: Letter……………Item………….Category…………….Page Number *Example: P Prejudice Conflict 16 At the bottom of the Table of Contents page you MUST include a one-paragraph summary of the novel’s main plot by using the plot terms (exposition, characters, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, and resolution) to describe the novel’s plot For your “X” page, use any word with an “x” in it that relates to your novel For your “Z” page, used any word you want, no matter what letter it starts with (just as long as it relates to your novel) It’s a freebie  Each page must have an illustration that can be drawn/colored or cut out from another source and attached to the page. Each page should also have color and a paragraph about the topic. The paragraph must follow the proper paragraph format (indent, topic sentence, supporting details, commentary, conclusion sentence). The supporting details should include examples, facts, anecdotes, quotes, etc. from the novel with the page # where the detail was found in the novel. ** A sample topic sentence could be “______________ is significant in the novel because….” The last page of your book (after the letter Z) should be a page with a paragraph about the author (you) and it should explain why you picked your novel, what you liked about the novel & why you liked it, and what you did not like about the novel and & why you didn’t like it



All paragraphs should be typed in size 12 font. Students may choose font styles that represent their novel, etc. (must be a legible font though)

Grading Criteria: * 26 pages with alphabet, each containing: -1 paragraph (correct paragraph format) -1 illustration with color (relates to novel) * Demonstrates reading and understanding of novel * Neatness and appearance * Following Directions • REMEMBER THAT A THEME IS WRITTEN AS A COMPLETE SENTENCE!!! • Ex: “Courage” is not a theme it is a topic, but “Courage will result in success” is a theme written in a complete sentence

*Calendar for project due dates will be discussed in class -FINAL PROJECT DUE on or BEFORE 12/15/10 (no exceptions)

GOOD LUCK--- ENJOY YOUR NOVEL—HAVE FUN BEING THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN ABC BOOK!  We CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH!!!! YEAH FOR 6TH GRADE AUTHORS! **Samples of this project are in the classroom & rubric will be provided as well