R12 Clone Process set up in Spearlog

Esitmate hours : 6 hours and 2 hours DBA task Note : Please use the cold backup for R12 clone process -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) login as oraprod

cd /u01/app/spearprod/dbtechst/11.1.0/appsutil/scripts/PROD_speardb perl adpreclone.pl dbTier log file : /u01/app/spearprod/dbtechst/11.1.0/appsutil/log/PROD_speardb/StageDBTier_05081242.log

2) login as applmgr cd /u01/app/spearprod/inst/apps/PROD_spearapp/admin/scripts perl adpreclone.pl appsTier Log file located at /u01/app/spearprod/inst/apps/PROD_spearapp/admin/log/StageAppsTier_05081250.log

3) Shutdown apps node (Server --> ) cd $INST_TOP/admin/scripts ./adstpall.sh apps/prod0310apps

4) Shutdown Database node 1. cd $ORACLE_HOME or cd /u01/app/spearprod/dbtechst/11.1.0 2. [oraprod@speardb 11.1.0]$ ls *.env PROD_speardb.env SPEARTST_speartest.env 3. . PROD_speardb.env 4. sqlplus "/as sysdba" 5. SQL> shutdown immediate; 6. Exit 7. lsnrctl STOP PROD

Note : wait for 5 min

4.A 1. login as oreatest 2. Stop the Oracle Application and Database 3. Clear the file system in oratest

5) STEP 1 cd /u01/app/speartst rm -rf inst rm -rf 10.1.3 rm -rf 10.1.2 rm -rf dbtechst rm -rf appl rm -rf comn

6) STEP 2 cd /d01/app/speartst rm -rf oradata mkdir oradata

7)login as oraprod a) cd /u01/app/spearprod scp -r dbtechst oratest@0.71:/u01/app/speartst > /tmp/dbtechst.log b) cd /d01/app/spearprod/oradata scp -r *.dbf oratest@0.71:/d01/app/speartst/oradata > /tmp/datafile.log

8)logins applmgr(root) () cd /u01/app/spearprod/appl scr -r inst 10.1.3 10.1.2 appl comn oratest@0.71:/u01/app/speartst > /tmp/apps.log

7) cd /u01/app/speartst/dbtechst/11.1.0/appsutil/clone/bin perl adcfgclone.pl dbTier (old password) /u01/app/speartst/dbtechst/11.1.0/appsutil/log/SPEARTST_speartest/ApplyDBTier_05081706. log

8) /u01/app/speartst/comn/clone/bin perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier (old password) log file : /u01/app/speartst/inst/apps/SPEARTST_speartest/admin/log/ApplyAppsTier_05082041.log 9) Post clone actitives Change password FNDCPASS apps/prod0310apps 0 Y system/aprodsystemspl USER SYSADMIN sysadmin123 FNDCPASS apps/prod0310apps 0 Y system/prodsystemspl SYSTEM APPLSYS apps123

change sys and system password

c) Shutdown the Application services in Apps tier node and db tier node before changing the APPS password.

c) DB node: $ cd /u01/app/speartst/dbtechst/11.1.0 adautocfg.sh apps/newPasword

d) APPS node After running the autoconfig(new password) $ cd /u01/app/speartst/inst/apps/SPEARTST_speartest/admin/scripts adautocfg.sh apps/newPasword

e) Startup the Application on DB node & apps node DB/CA Part Login oraTag ? user id . and shutdown all services cd /u01/app/speartst/inst/apps/SPEARTST_speartest/admin/scripts ./adstrtal.sh apps/<apps Passwrd> cd /u01/app/speartst/dbtechst/11.1.0 ls *.env . SPEARTST_speartest.env sqlplus "/as sysdba" SQL > shutdown immediate SQL > ! lsnrctl stop SPEARTST SQL > startup SQL > !lsnrctl start SPEARTST

APPS node cd /u01/app/speartst/inst/apps/SPEARTST_speartest/admin/scripts ./ adstrtal.sh apps/<apps Passwrd>

(h) Login as sysadmin through Application http://speartest.spearlog.com:8020/OA_HTML/AppsLogin i) Finishing task Change the Profile Values as below, Site Name(eg: Spearlog PROD Clone of PROD as of 08/05/2010

Remove the timeout from profile :ICX%Sess% java color : Apps node: (all Manager are status like actual and target should be more >0 , if not run the Below the script cd /u01/app/speartst/inst/apps/SPEARTST_speartest/admin/scripts./adcmctl.sh start apps/app01 Sumbit Active User Request & verified the Log file

j) verify the workflows managers

After the backup restore (usage in TEST server) [oratest@speartest appl]$ df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on 20G 11G 8.3G 56% / 29G 173M 27G 1% /r01 97G 47G 45G 52% /u01 243G 55G 176G 24% /d01 99M 12M 83M 12% /boot 0 2.5G 0% /dev/shm

/dev/cciss/c0d0p6 /dev/cciss/c0d0p5 /dev/cciss/c0d0p3 /dev/cciss/c0d0p2 /dev/cciss/c0d0p1 tmpfs 2.5G

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