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Predisposing Factors:

Precipitating Factors:
 Age h. High-fat Diet
a. Hormone Replacement
 Gender i. Obesity
Therapy (Premarin)
 Race j. Family history ETIOLOGY:
 Lifestyle k. Anxiety Unknown  Anovulation

 Early Menarche b. Luteal Insuffiency

a. Nulliparity
b. Use of oral contraceptives S/Sx:
Estrogen Dominance
-swelling of Treatment:
breasts -GnRH

If not treated -depression agonist

-loss of sexual -Tamoxifen
Proliferation of cells in drive -SERM
the uterus -dysmenorrhea

Overgrowth of the endometrial lining

Diagnostic Tests:
Development of uterine fibroid
-Pelvic examination

Interference in the vascular supply

Degeneration in the Sx: If treated with

interior part of the fibroid Hypermenorrhea radiation