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________________________________________ Question: それからと言うもの、 I can't find how to express this in English! It starts the final sentence of a children's story: それからと言うもの、ヤギの一家はオオカミにおびえる事も無・amp;shy;、ずっ と幸せに暮らしました。 My best guess so far is something like "Ever since then" but there's also an "ever" in the "...lived happily ever after" at the end of the sentence, so I don't want to use the word twice if it's avoidable. Can someone help? ________________________________________ Suggested answers 1) After that, Or, something like "The goat family no longer had to worry about the wolf and they lived happily ever after" ________________________________________ 2) And it is believed that, Usually in folk tales, the ending would usually include expressions like this...but i am sorry i do not have any reference for this explanation. ________________________________________ 3) Since then; Afterwards These are two that immediately came to my mind. But I still like "Ever since". As you are well aware, we are to avoid repetition in such a close proximity espceially in literally works, so how about revising the latter to "........ lived happily for the rest of their lives" .... something of that nature? Would that work? ________________________________________ 4) From then on... To avoid the repetition, how about - "From then on,..." or "From that time on, the..." Just another idea! The more the merrier with this kind of translation I think. Far more fun than user guides at any rate! ________________________________________

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こんにちは、 チャールスです。覚えている方には感謝です。 [と言うもの]と言う表現は「と言う事」と同じ意味をもっているものです。偶には所によって特 別な意味がなくて[だ]と同じく使われます。以下の文章では 「これからというもの(は)」、は「これからのことは」と言う意味になって、これからど う 、 なったかと言うことを中心する為使われています。英語で翻訳すると ==>”The thereafter" is a long happy life for the goat family, not having to fear the wolf. 参照の為、 それが人間と言うものだ。 That is human nature (life). ワイルスを検出する確実な検査というものがない。 There is no reliable test to detect the virus. 何事にも潮時というものがある。 Everything has its time. 金が発見されてからというもの、その町には世界中から観光客が押し寄せている Ever since gold was discovered, visitors from all over the world have flocked to the town. 宜しく尾根が致します。 チャールス