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22389379 an Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

22389379 an Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Consider the matrix equation



where vector u represents the unknown variables, A is an operator on the vector of
variables u, and b is a vector of known values. The solution to the above equation is
written as follows:




where A-1

is the inverse of the matrix A. The general method for determining the inverse
of matrix A is referred to as LU decomposition3

. In this method the matrix A is described

by two other matrices as follows:



where L is a lower triangular matrix and U is an upper triangular matrix. The inverse can
be easily found once matrix A is decomposed into L and U. This is referred to as the
direct method. Direct methods are commonly used in the finite element methods.
However, the problem associated with the direct methods is that it requires significant
amount of computational times for large matrices. Many iterative methods are developed
to resolve this problem and reduce the computational effort.

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