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Module 1 Listening
Unit 1 Locating people 3
Unit 2 People at work 6
Unit 3 Dealing with numbers 9
Unit 4 Taking and giving messages 12
UnitS Receiving visitors 15
Module 2 \Nriting
Unit 6 Forms, envelopes and letters 18
Unit 7 Requests 21
UnitS Inquiries and quotations 24
Unit 9 CVs and application letters 27
Unit 10 Inter-office memos 30
Module :3 Reading
Unit 11 Reading skills 33
Unit 12 Describing qualities 36
Unit 13 Office duties 39
Unit 14 Office equipment 42
Unit is Working with computers 45 •

Locating people

.. Asking and answering questions

D ~ Complete the dialogues with the phrases below.

Just a moment right now

Can I take away on business

May I speak will he be

Your name Good afternoon

v = Visitor S = Secretary


V: . I'd like to see Miss

C = Client R = Receptionist


R: K & S Corporation. Good morning.

C: to Mr. Finns?

Geraldine Robinson.

S: r please?

V: Albert Morrison.

S: , Mr. Morrison. I'll see if

R: I'm afraid he's , sir.

C: When back?

R: Next Monday. _

a message?

she can see you _

Now listen and check your answers.

EJ ~ Listen to the dialogue and supply the correct information.

Who's calling? _

Where's the caller from? _

Who does he want to speak to? _

What's the message? _

D Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition.

D Write questions about future actions. Use the prompts given.


!' 1M. At-(AiA vM.iss JORtS is Rot __ --'-'.iR"-- __

1 Mrs. Hamilton isn't in. She's the


2 My boss is a business trip. He'll come


you / call back later

b-Dill -0°(,,( GAll bAGk lAtty?

1 his secretary / confirm the meeting

back next week.

3 Wait a minute. I'll put you _

4 Mr. Yamura is Japan.

S Mr. Smith isn't here the moment.

6 They're holiday.

7 Hold a moment, please.

2 the flight / arrive before 9:00

3 Miss Harris / be here tomorrow morning

4 you / accept his proposal

S the two companies / sign the contract

6 she / be fired

·.1J1J1J[j,f},i] ®1@ Locating people

B Your boss is not available. Give reasons to the caller or visitor. Use I'm sorry or I'm afraid.


6)( 'WI.t, 'WI.A.0 [ -t:Alk to fllM JOKe,,?

[''WI. SOVY.0, slY. Skis lK A 'WI.utlK6 At tke 'WI.O'WI.eKt. 1 Good morning, madam. May I speak to Mr.


2 I'm Paul Simms. I have an appointment with the Personnel Manager.

3 Excuse me, sir. Could I speak to Mrs. Hall?

4 My name is Tom Walker. May I talk to the General Manager, please?

Compare your answers in small groups .

•• Acronyms

D Complete this telephone conversation with a partner.

S = Secretary C = Caller

S: Instant technology, _

C: Good morning. Could I _

S: Who's _

C: Gino Benedetti.

S: I'm sorry Mr. Benedetti but he's right now.

_____ at a press conference. _____ a message?

C: No, thank you. later.

Spell out the following acronyms to your classmate. Then look up the meanings in a dictionary and write them down.

a UN = e CIF =
b EC = f FED =
d FOB h AIDS = Write down acronyms commonly used in your country. Spell them to your classmate and explain what they stand for.

abc d e f _

OOoo{},iJ @1@

Locating people

.. Guestion vvords

D Ask questions about the expressions in italics. Use who, what, when, where.

Example: The photocopy machine is upstairs, room 8. (;0ke.ds. tke. pkotoGOp(:\ 1M.Ackivte.~

1 My telephone number is 232 4590.

5 The President of the company is Mr. Brian Montgomery.

2 The meeting is on August 3 t".

6 Our 2007 budget is £20,000.

3 My office is on 7737 West Boulevard.

7 Her hotel is two blocks from here.

4 Your appointment is at 9:30 a.m.

8 The ticket to Rio is €900.

EJ Answer the questions below as in the example.

Example: Where was Paula when I phoned?

Ske. (;.:lAS. At tke. bAvtk. 1 When was the meeting?

4 Where was Mrs. Ramsey last week?

2 Where were you this morning?

5 Where were you last year at this time?

.3 Who was on the phone?

6 Where was the receptionist when the President arrived?

D ~ Now listen and fill in the missing information. Then write the corresponding question word.

Check by spelling out the answers to a partner.

1 The meeting will take place in _

2 will lead the discussion.

3 I'm calling from _

4 I can be reached at the , room 202.

5 Could you tell him called?

6 The Sales Meeting starts next _

D Complete Column A. Then ask a partner to spell out his I her answers and write them in Column B.

Then change roles.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Column A Column B
(You) (Your partner)
What's your name? My name's
What's your mother's name? My mother's name is jAicke.lle. S-A-Y-A
What's your teacher's name? His / Her name is
What's the name of your home town? It's
What's your favourite actor's name? His / Her name is
What's your favourite author's name? His / Her name is People at \Nark

•• ~obs

a Match the jobs on the left with their descriptions on the right.

_ 1 A typist

2 A salesman 3 A clerk

_ 4 The manager _ S A programmer _ 6 The receptionist

a receives customers and visitors. b works with a computer

c writes computer programmes

d directs or supervises a business or a department e sells his firm's products

f does general office work

EJ ~ Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions.

1 ~hat does the caller want? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 ~ho's the receiver? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Does she give the information required? _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_ 4 Does the caller give his phone number? _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S Is the receiver's attitude right? ~hy? _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_ 6 ~hat would you do in a similar situation? ~hy? _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_

•• Indefinite articles

Indefinite articles a / an + noun

fax invoice
call architect
a union auditor
letter liJ:mr,w·w.

•• Answer your partner's questions as in the example.


• your boss / an auditor ~hat does your boss do? -He's AI't AtAd.ltO'{.

a your mother / a lawyer d George Clooney / an actor

b you / a psychiatrist e those people / technicians

c Mr. and Mrs. Smith / f Miss Danielson / an agent


a Circle the correct article.

1 Bette Davis was a / an actress who changed women's roles in Hollywood. 2 He works as a / an engineer for Johnson Builders, Inc.

3 Did you wear a / an uniform to school?

4 You can look for a / an broker to invest your money on ~all Street. S Her boss asked her to write a / an letter to the insurance company. 6 The Director asked for a / an assistant to help organise the files.

7 The students had a / an text to write on Friday .

·.00 1J[j, f},iJ 1li(JJ)

People at work

•• Present simple

a ~ Listen to the conversation and complete the information requested.

The caller asks about the flights to and to

__________ The airline to one of the places a

week. Both places are in the part of the world. The airline not

__________ to _

EJ Put the verbs in parentheses into the present simple.

1 The technician (not repair) the typewriters in the office. He _

(have to) take them to his workshop.

2 (you, like) to work overtime?

3 The receptionist (have) a very nice voice.

4 The flights to London (take) two and a half hours.

5 The messenger (go) to the post office everyday.

6 How often (you, make) long-distance calls?

7 My boss (not, fly) on Tuesdays.

8 (he, like) travelling abroad?

9 Mr. Casiraghi (work) in an Australian company?

10 the receptionist, (take) messages from customers?

D ~ Use the time expression to answer the question. Compare the answers with the listening. 1 How often do you travel to Moscow?

twiceayear ___

2 How often does your boss send price lists to his customers?

onceamonth __

3 How often do the managers meet?

once a fortnight _

4 How often do you update files?

everyweek __

5 How often do you get holidays?

three times a year ___

6 How often do you go abroad?

every two years ___


•• What area of work are you interested in?

•• What do you find most attractive about your job / future job? •• Name typical jobs within a modern company.

oowf},(t a@

People at work

.. Talking about frequency

a ~ Listen, then say questions with " ... ever ... " Then write them down.


• you / have to look up phone numbers

~o -00[,\ e-lJe-'f kAlJt to look lAp pkovtt vt['\'f,s~

1 you / fill in forms.---------- _

2 Mrs. Seagal / arrive late _

3 your boss / send invitations _

4 the accountant / use the photocopier _

5 the ~ceptioni~/do paperwork- _

6 the Sales Manager / work outside the office _

EJ ~ Now listen and answer the questions in exercise 1 .

.. Frequency adverbs

D Complete the sentences with frequency adverbs. Use information about yourself where appropriate.

D Write eight sentences with phrases from the box. Use frequency adverbs.

a I study at night.

b The school opens at 6 o'clock.

c Salaries are paid by the end of

the month.

d We go to the office by bus.

e I'm on time for class.

f His extension is busy.

9 I apologise when I make a


file letters and documents type letters fill in forms

repair the air-conditioning system

distribute correspondence summon meetings

look up phone numbers and addresses

attend meetings travel abroad answer the phone


Ot{lGt 00'fkt'f,s [,\,s[,\All-0 Avt,s0!U tkt pkol;tt.

1kt Stl;tt,(Al ftAI;tA~y,( f'ltlJt'( t-0pt,s ltHt'(,s.

a A Director _

b A secretary _

c The Personnel Manager _

d An applicant _

e Technicians _

f Clerks _

9 The Head of the Marketing Department _

h The receptionist _

Dealing \Nith numbers

•• Listening for numbers

a ~ Write the numbers you hear.
Numbers in context Money
1 Fax No. 1 Salary
2 Passport No. 2 Answering machine price
3 Invoice No. 3 Ticket to Sydney
4 Order No. 4 Electricity bill
5 Address No. 5 Next year's budget
6 Flight No. 6 Lawyer's fee

Time Dates
1 At home 1 Classes
2 Office opens 2 Reservation
3 Shop closes 3 First job
4 Flight arrival 4 Contract

EJ ~ Listen and complete the numbers. r a Telephone Extension No.
b Computer price Model
c Flight No. Passport No.
r d Fax No. ar No. .. Asking for numbers

D How long does it take? Answer the questions.

a How long does it take to get to the Head Office from here by taxi?


Question words

b How long does it take to get to the airport from here?

How often ?

How many ?

How much ?

How far... ?

How long ?

What time ?

c How long does it take to get to Mexico city by plane from here?

d How long does it take to type a one-page report?

EJ Write down in your notebook similar questions to ask a partner.

Example: -H00 lOVl.8 d.oe..s it tAke. to 8e.t kO'l~e.? Now answer the questions yourself.

Dealing with numbers

.. Asking questions

1 There are about ten documents without his signature.

II Ask questions with How much. .. ? or How many. .. ?

4 There's only one visitor from abroad.

2 The printer is $2,000.

3 That service is $100, plus tax.

5 The ticket to Rio is $879.

6 The VAT is 10% in some countries.

EJ ~ Listen to the dialogue, then fill in the caller's part.

R = Receptionist C = Caller

R: Master Studio. Paula speaking.

C: ___

R: I'm sorry, sir, Mr. Riggs is away on business. Who's calling?

C: _

R: I'm afraid this is a bad connection, madam. Could you spell your name, please?

C: _

R: May I have your phone number so that Mr. Riggs can call you back?

C: __

1 What's the date today?

2 When is your birthday?

3 When will you finish this course?

4 What's your phone number?

5 How many students are there in your class?

6 How far is your school/office from your home?

7 How many square kilometers does your country have?

8 How many inhabitants does your city have?

9 How much is the bus fare in your city?

II ~ Listen to the following conversation.

Then complete the paragraph below.

The plane to Morocco leaves on and

______ at or at

_______ . It takes about two hours to get there, so the morning flight arrives in Morocco at ______ and the afternoon flight arrives at

______ . The ticket is £ _


.. Now ask your partner questions about the text.

Ex arn p l e : fIob\) WclAck J.oe.s tke. tlcke.t cosH

Dealing with numbers

.. Money issues

a Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb.


refuses amount to deals with increase lose borrow

1 Our company is going through a difficult period. We'll have to money from the bank.

2 The profits of our subsidiary abroad US $1,000,000,000.

3 Will he all the money he invested in the business?

4 Do you think sales will by 10% this year?

5 Our company the manufacturing of electrical appliances.

6 The manager to sign the agreement.

EJ Fill in the blanks with words from the list. If some words are new, check them in your dictionary. currency fare fee salary wages rate VAT funds budget fringe benefits bonus percentage tax

a I have to borrow some money. What's the interest at the International Bank today?

b The project was not carried out because of lack of _

c The salary is not very high, but there are _

d The managers prepare next year's for the company in November.

e The doctor's is very low compared to the cost of X-rays and other tests.

f Our Christmas amounts to $1,000. Isn't that great?

9 What do we have to pay for imported items?

h Will they raise the workers' next month?

o Match the following currencies with the corresponding country. Then write one affirmative sentence, one negative sentence and a question.

Italy yen Examples:

Ol'\.t AollM bU-0s ... WYN 1M. SpAll'\. At pastl'\.t. 1kt ptso IS Mt AS stAblt AS tkt AollM.

NkAt'S tkt lOGAl GU'(Y"tI'\.G-0 {I'\. lOk-0o~

a __

b __

Germany peso
Spain euro
Japan dollar
Chile euro
USA pound
UK euro c __


Money . ;~

1 What's your local currency? Is it stable? What's the exchange rate against the dollar? 2 For shopping or travel, do you prefer paying by cash, cheque or by credit card? Why?

3 What are the currencies used in your neighbouring countries?

4 What types of fringe benefits would you like to have?

5 Are goods charged with VAT in your country? What percentage of the net price is it?

bill / notes coins

cents, dimes, quarters pence, pennies Payments are done

• by / in cash

• by cheque

• by credit card

Taking and giving messages

.. Listening for information

D ~ Listen to the dialogues and complete the forms.


R: Receptionist C: Caller

R: Southern Mississippi Corporation. Good Morning. C: Good morning. Mr. Dean Jenkins, please.

R: I'm sorry, madam, Mr. Jenkins's not in. Would you like to leave a message?

C: Yes, please. Tell him I'm calling from Mr. Fillmore's office to confirm the appointment for tomorrow at8:15a.m.

R: Could you repeat the time, please? C: Tomorrow morning at 8: 15.

R: All right, madam. I'll tell Mr. Jenkins as soon as he arrives.

- Who called? _

- To whom? _

- When? What time? _

- What did he / she say? _

EJ ~ Listen to the two telephone conversations and fill in the forms below.


Telephone Message

-To: __

-From: _

- Message: _

Ci i1:m 1,1H; t

.. Choose one of the dialogues. Replace names, numbers and messages to make new dialogues.


R: Receptionist V: Visitor

R: Good afternoon, sir. May I help you? V: I'd like to talk to Mrs. Johnson, please. R: What is it about, sir?

V: About her Life Insurance.

R: I'm afraid she's busy at the moment, sir. May I have your

name and phone number? She'll call you later in the evening.

V: David Holschtein, from F & F Insurance Ltd. R: Could you spell your surname, sir?

V: H-O-L-S-C -H- T-E-I-N, Holschtein.

R: And your phone number?

V: 3309077.

R: 330 90 77. Is that correct?

V: Yes, madam. Please, tell her it's an urgent matter.

-To: _

- Visitor's name: _

- Phone No: __

- Reference /Topic: _

- Message: _


Phone Message

o Came

o Telephoned

o Please call back

o Will call again

o Wants to see you

o Urgent


.. Passing on information

Taking and giving messages


.. Use wants you to or 'd like you to and complete the sentence with verbs from the list.

send take quote put off meet cancel sign deliver

1 Erik, Mr. Brown the tickets to the King's Hotel.

2 The Production Manager the documents he left on your desk.

3 Mr. White phoned. He the goods to 5784 East York Rd.

4 Mr. Schultz is calling from Vienna. He the meeting of June

2nd The fifth would be better for him.

5 Elizabeth, Miss Jones some printers for her office downtown .

.. Speaking in the past

a ~ Let's talk about past actions. Listen to the following dialogues.

C: Caller S: Secretary

C: Good morning. I'm calling from Insurance Service.

Is this Mr. Alessi's office?

S: Yes, madam. Mr. Alessi's secretary speaking.

C: I'd like to know if you received a fax we sent you this morning.

S: No, madam, I'm afraid we haven't received any fax from your office this morning.

C: I thought so. The fax machine was not working properly. I'll have to send it again.

S: I'll let you know when it gets here. C: Thank you very much.

Past simple

Irregular Verbs Regular Verbs
buy bought advertise advertised
cost cost cancel cancelled
do did check checked
give gave deliver delivered
go went pick picked
meet met quote quoted
send sign signed
take suit suited EJ Write the appropriate past form of the verbs in brackets.

a I'm calling from Insurance Service.

We you a fax this morning. (send)

b The fax machine out of order. (be)

c They a job in the Prime News at

the week-end. (advertise)

d Mr. Slater it _

not necessary to make an appointment beforehand. (think, be)

e Thursday at 9:00 him perfectly

well. (suit)

f The secretary her agenda before

giving Mr. Slater an appointment. (check)

o Choose six verbs from the list in the box and write your own sentences referring to past situations.


[ P1<1.t1: -HeM-Y"-0 A{: {:ke Y"uep{:loM- {:kls P1<1.oY"M-l~.

Taking and giving messages

•• AnsW'ering machines

I Often when we phone a company or an institution we have to leave a message on an answering machine. Our messages should be clear and precise.

D ~ Listen and read the outgoing messages below.

a "This is Thomas Ferguson. I'm not in the office (or at home) at the moment. Please leave your message after the signal." b "Flight Information. This is Southern Airways. Flight 507 from Boston is arriving at 17:35; flight 930 from Athens arriving at 13:55; flight 321 leaving for Florence at 14:45; flight 878 leaving for Buenos Aires at 4:50. If you want any further information, please dial 201. Thank you for calling us."

c "This is S.c. Chemicals. If you know the extension number, please dial it after the beep. If you do not know the extension number you're calling, wait on the line for the operator. She'll be with you in a minute."

EJ ~ Listen to the following recordings on the answering machine. Fill out the message forms.

Use the names in the box to help you.

( Aldo Pacino Tom Hunt Iguazu Travel Agency Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Mr. Cooper)


s. C. Cke.l4tlCAls.

Odu J'io. 1-4"00 (;.:lAS skippe.J {:kis l4t0YI<tiV\.8. !{:e.l4t J'i o. ,(/(-2110 lS V\.o{: AVAilAble..

[{: (;.:lill be. sod: b-0 plAV\.e. lv\' {:(;.:lo (;.:le.e.b' tl14te..

Message 2 .

Message 1.

Message 3.

Receiving visitors

•• Greeting and talking to clients

D ~ Answer the following greetings, then listen and compare.

Example: • I'm John Harris. How do you do?

-HO{N d.o ~OIA d.o?

1 My name's Tom Billings. It's nice to meet you. 2 How do you do?

3 I'm Elaine Marple. I'm pleased to meet you. 4 I'm Mr. Drysdale. Good to meet you.

EJ Match the following exchanges. _ 1 May I offer you something to drink? _ 2 Can I get you something to drink? _ 3 What would you like to drink?

_ 4 Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

_ 5 Do you have time for a cup of tea or coffee? _ 6 Would you like a soda instead?

_ 7 Would you like anything to drink?

a Coffee for me, please.

b Yes, please. A cup of tea would be nice. c Yes, a soda would be okay.

d I'm sorry, we're late.

e If it's not too much trouble.

f A cup of coffee, please, with a dash of milk. 9 I'd love a cup of coffee. It's rather cold today.

D ~ Listen to the following dialogues and answer the questions.


Mr. O'Sullivan has a meeting with Mr. Sherman. Mr. Sherman's secretary is receiving him.

1 Where does the visitor come from? _

2 What's his name? _

3 What was the weather like there? _

4 What did the secretary offer him? _

5 Did he accept? _


At the secretary's desk.

1 Did Miss Brown have an appointment? _

2Whe~doesshecomefrom? ~

3 Who did she talk to on the phone? _

4 Why does she have to wait? _

5 Does Miss Brown like hot weather? _

.. f)JJ,f![],{j(] D@

Receiving visitors

.. Giving directions around the office

I Mr. H~II I (1<\,. AI._ .. n'!Lr.l f rl
,_;- ..
~ f-='" ~ ~ C'2
~ "-=9
V \
rVb a

Miss Scott's office is opposite Mr. Hall's office.

Mr. Alexander's office is next to Mr. Hall's office and between Mr. Hall's office and the bathroom.

The Meeting room is behind the glass doors.

D ~ Listen to these dialogues giving directions. Then practise them with a partner.

v: Visitor S: Secretary


V: Excuse me, Mr. Hall's office, please?

S: You have to go upstairs, sir. It's the second office to the left. V: Thanks.

S: You're welcome.


V: Good morning. Where can I find Mrs. Harrison?

S: Keep on walking straight, then turn left. Her office is next to the photocopy machine.

V: Thank you very much. S: You're welcome.

V: Excuse me. I need to photocopy these documents. Where

is the photocopier?

S: It's right behind the glass door over there. V: Thank you.

S: Don't mention it.

You're welcome. Don't mention it. Not at all.

EJ Look at the floor plans below and give directions to the following places.


V: Excuse me, the Marketing Manager's office, please?

S: 'JAke. tke. litt to tke. SUOf\.,:{ tloM. -His ot{ice. is 01'\. tke.

a V: Good morning. Mr. Hutchinson's office, please?

S: __

b V: The Ladies' room, please?

S: __

c V: Where's the Credit Department, please?

S: __

d V: Excuse me, where's the Auditorium?

S: __

e V: The cafeteria, please?

S: __

f V: Excuse me, Mr. Martin's office, please?


Sales Manager

McMartin's Office

Marketing Manager

First floor

Second floor

Accounting Department

Mr .. Hutchinson's Office

Receiving visitors

•• Talking to clients

a ~ Listen to the speaker and answer the questions. More than one answer is possible.


• What would you like to drink? A sotitA, ple.ASe..

, Where do you come from? _

2 Where's the restroom? _

3 How was the flight? _

4 What was the weather like in New York when you left? _

5 Have you been here before? _

6 How long are you going to stay? _

7 May I offer you something to drink? _

EJ Write questions for the following answers.


Is tkls -00I..lY" t1Y"st vlslH

• No, I've been here twice before.


I'm staying at the Princess Anne Hotel.

2 __

I'm from Canberra.

3 __

For a couple of weeks.

4 __

It was snowing.

5 __

I'd like a cup of tea. Strong, please.

6 __

It's very comfortable and it's near a subway station.

EJ ~ Listen to the following conversation between Mr. Arthur Maine and Mr. Lang's secretary.

Write down four questions to ask your partner about Mr. Maine.


2 __

3 __

4 __

•• ~ Now listen again and try to recreate the dialogue with your partner.

Forms, envelopes and letters

•• Addressing envelopes

I Writing envelopes correctly is very important. Names and addresses must be carefully typed if you want a letter to reach its destination.


a Sender's full name & address


Marvin Milner

75, East Seaview Ave. San Diego, CA 92305

b Addressee's


c Company's

d Street address

Fox & Fox Inc. 960, Fulton Driv Washington, DC 2 U.s.A.

e City, State or Region, Zip Code or Post Code

a The sender's information is in the top left hand corner of the envelope (opposite the postage stamp).

b We do not use the titles Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms. before the addressee's name. (We only use them in the letter). c If you don't know the name of the addressee, use the name of the business organisation.

Example: 'BY00,lvt AvtA SovtS CAw..J foe-MYs. 'BY00,lvt AvtA SOvt.s C'BY.J

d The street number precedes the street name.

e The post code appears after the city.

f The name of the country is included only if necessary.


Other postal 0
indications Mailing
(Sample Copy, indications
REGISTERED __... ...... such as Air
Printed Matter, 1\
Please Forward, Mail, etc.
Please Hold) 1\ CONFIDENTIAL

Reference to a
specific person,
written in lower
left-hand comer or " Attn: Mr. A. Day
below the name of
the company
Forms, envelopes and letters

•• Business envelopes and letters

D Organise the information below to address the envelopes correctly. Use the models on the previous page as examples.

a TO: Queen's Road / The Neon Light Co. / 292 / Wl 3TF / Sample Copy / London FROM: Temple Street / 28 / Kent / TNl 1 LQ / James Hall

b TO: Richard Murray /248 Riverside / Southampton / UK / SOl 1 ZB

FROM: Home Service Inc. / Madison Avenue / 456 / New York / NY 10014

c TO: The Faculty of Economics / MO.l 0156/ Nelson Street /293/ Jefferson City / Attn.: The Dean FROM: Albert Wayne / 31th Street / 24 / New York / NYl 0017

d TO: Pacific University / Dean of the Faculty of Economics / CA 95616/ San Francisco / Frank Wilson / U.S.A.

FROM: Charles Jackson / 12/ Cambridge / Holborn Road / CB2 1 RP





,-----_. __ ._--




EJ Read the following advertisement. On a separate sheet of paper, write a letter of application requesting an application form and a job interview. Then address the envelope.

Major international enterprise is looking for dependable secretaries for its new branch in Liverpool. Apart from a minimum of three years experience, the applicant must have a pleasant disposition when dealing with people. Application forms available at:

Personnel Department, 25, Nelson St., London NW1 2U. Tel: 0422184666 (24-hour answering phone) Closing date: 17 November, 2006.

Forms, envelopes and letters

•• Filling in forms

D Write the correct parts.

'FlAll M.11.t Helen Andrews

______ 5/28/1960 ______ female ______ engineer

______ 3300, South Dr. ______ New York ______ Single ______ 035 220 3880


•• Complete this application form for the secretarial job advertised on page 19. Then ask and answer questions with a partner.

Example: NkAt lA~l\Je'y,sl{.0 tilltil .001A 80 {o~

NkA{; lM81AA8t,s tilo .001A ,sftAk~

Application form
Post you are applying for
Surname Forename
Date of Birth Place of Birth
Nationality Passport No.
Marital Status Maiden name

Schools, colleges, universities attended

Further courses or training

Professional or Technical qualifications


Work experience
Present employer

Tel. No. Address
Present position
Names and addresses of two referees

Applicant's signature Date


.. Making requests

a Complete these requests.

1 I would like to know about that you are advertising.

2 samples of cotton prints for curtains!

3 We are interested in that you are exporting.

4 I would be grateful if about the XPO Printer.

S about colour screens for computers.

EJ Fill in the blanks to complete this letter.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for the Spring I received a week ago.

I would be ifyou me

samples of the following : a mini plastic bag and a

large size plastic sheeting.

Could you send me _

about the metal sheetings that you manufacture?

Harold Robins

D Write to the Seashell Hotel asking for information about their facilities for three of your Sales Representatives. Ask about the following:

• location - how far is it from downtown?

• restaurant - do they offer vegetarian meals?

• swimming pool and bar - what time do they open and close?

The Seashell Hotel Gulf Shore East t= Street

Florida, FL 25407

____ ,200

Dear _

ooooiifJ f:jcpJi/@oo


Responding to requests

a Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

deal receive enclosing letter pleased about for am order with further

1 Thank you your of 21 st October.

2 I was pleased to your inquiry our bicycles.

3 We will be to give you information.

4 I enclosing our purchase _

5 We will promptly your orders.

6 I am a cheque for the total amount.

Informal business e-mails

Look at the e-mail below. In pairs, rewrite it using a more informal style. Use some abbreviations or acronyms from page 48 of the Student's Book.


From: iJuan Perez

r~-~·-""--~--~·~--~ - -.------------~

To: i Elias Svenson I

r-- ----------~-- --~---------~-'--- -~-----.

Sent: [Tuesday 10 June 2006 ;

-- _--_.- .-----'- -!

Elias Svenson Export Manager Haga Verktyg 52 G6teborg Sweden

Dear Mr. Svenson,

We have received your letter of 6 June, 2005 concerning our order for spare car parts. We would be grateful if you could confirm shipping and delivery dates as soon as possible. We would also like information about the XYZ tyres you are producing for race cars.

Sincerely yours, Juan Perez Gerente

Neurnaticos lbericos, SA c/ Virgen de Lujan, 27 A 41041 Sevilla



---- ------~~=r~~~~=··~~=-:-==·======"'-=====·=r

From: i Juan Perez ;


To: 1 Elias Svenson


Sent: !Tuesday 10 June 2006

Subject: (Spare car parts

Dear _

____ for your e-mail dated 6 June, 2005 about our

order for spare car parts. you confirm shipping

and delivery dates A __ ?

Also, could you us information about _

XYZ tyres for race cars?

Juan Perez

fJjJf![],vlt [$@!1@w


Present continuous

D Fill in the sentences with am, is, are, aren't to complete the present continuous form.

Example: Axe tke,0 tAlkift8 ftObll?

Ske i,s 0lYitift8 A leHey

1 The secretary filing the reports.

2 The staff members going to a meeting now.

3 you listening to the answering machine?

4 the oil company delivering the

application forms?

5 The Xerox machine not working today.

It's out of order.

6 I not learning Italian. I _

learning German.

EJ Arrange each group of words into a sentence.

Example: working / he / Is? [,s ke 0lMkift8?

1 project / Is / now / presenting / Dr. Clark / the?

2 the / you / exercises / Are / now / doing?

3 attending / moment / The boss / a meeting / at / is / this

4 manager / budget / analysing / The / present / at / is / the

5 typing / the / telephone / She / the / letters / speaking / and / is / on

6 right now / isn't / the / talking / lawyer / to / He

o Fill in the blanks with a suitable verb from the box in the present continuous form.

sell buy manufacture send look forward become export

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter we you a copy of our catalogue.

In relation to your inquiry for colour paints, we are pleased to tell you that we

_______ and our new NOWET line. These

paints are suitable for cold and wet climates. For this reason people _______ them for houses near the seaside and, though they have not

been on the market very long, they very popular because of

their long-lasting effect and their reasonable price: we them at $15 the gallon.

We to hearing from you.

yours faithfully,

Inquiries and quotations

.. VVriting inquiries and quotations

a Choose the phrase from below that best completes each sentence.

We will be pleased We are pleased to supply With reference to We cannot send item XD20 We hope

1 your order No. 237,

we quote these prices.

2 to receive your order.


.. Fill in the blanks.

Imagine you work in a footwear boutique. Send an e-mail to Leather Inc. to quote prices for the ladies' shoes you wish to sell this Autumn:

a boots c high heel shoes and

b low heel shoes

d hiking boots.

Indicate quantity, colours and delivery dates.

.-.--_ .. - '-"r ·~==._C"._==~-"···--=C=7~·.===· '=='1-

From: , I

To: ~ Leather Inc.

Sent: [20 M~r~h 20'05 .

Subject: r .


____________ interested in the

following _

Quantity 1.2. PAI,(S


Item a 1300h

b _

c _

d _

Please us full details of your prices,

__________ and earliest _

3 article 27 as a substitute for 26.

4 to quote your order.

S immediately from stock.

II Exchange letters with another pair of students. Use their inquiry to complete your quotation for shoes.

-~-------------;~==.~.~ .~==--=~--=,::..::.;::-._:::-:::;::_--'-~--

From: !Timothy Day: Leather Inc. i

To: r- - - --'._--

r' .... .. ... .. -""-

Sent: f25 March, 200_

Subject: ';..,.; _;l

Dear _

Thank you for your inquiry March 20th.

We the following _

for leather boots and shoes.





30, MA~ (l«l«tv\IA1;t

We maintain these only for

_ days.

______ Letter of Credit.

Timothy Day Sales Manager

Inquiries and quotations

.. Placing an order

.. Read the two quotations and answer the questions.

1 Which quotation gives the best conditions for prices, delivery dates, discount and terms of payment? 2 Who would you order from?

Bernard Hutchinson Sales Manager Office Furniture


Mr. Stephen Krammer Office Manager

22 Elm St.



81 7658865

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiry dated 6 October for the following:

AX804 2 Office desks, oak 120.00 immediate delivery

AZ903 2 Office armchairs, leather 80.00 immediate delivery

BX802 2 Reception desk chairs 35.00 immediate delivery

Terms of payment: 90 days

10% discount: only for COD terms This quotation is valid for 30 days

We hope you will find our prices and terms attractive. We look forward to receiving your order. I!

Yours faithfully, BERNARD HUTCHINSoN

- --.-

Mr. Bruce Hamilton Purchase Department 422 Johnson St. London WC2 5BE 966234409


i i

J 'i


: j

i We hope you will find our prices and terms attractive. We look forward to receiving your order. I

Yours faithfully, 3'ohn /-iep-

John Meyer Sales Manager Office Equipment Ltd .

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiry dated October 6 for the following:

ODO 1 2 Office desks, oak 110.00 immediate delivery

OAL 3 2 Office armchairs, leather 60.0030 days

DCH 5 2 Reception desk chairs 30.00 immediate delivery

Discount: for quantities over 5 units.

Terms: cheque within one month from date of invoice Delivery: included


. _

On two separate sheets of paper, place an order with the company you have chosen. Write it as a fax with its corresponding cover letter.

Inquiries and quotations

•• Guotation expressions

D Complete these sentences using expressions from the box.

require we look forward to

stock samples quote

we are pleased in reply

for you letter are sending

discount sold out our terms convenient

1 We immediate delivery within two weeks of order.

2 Thank you dated December 10, 1994.

3 to supply suitcases at the price of £15.20.

4 receiving your order.

S Please your best prices.

6 Do you offer a for large quantities?

7 We hope you will find _

8 to your inquiry of 12 November, we quote our lowest prices.

9 As requested we catalogues and a price list.

10 We can send ZD 123 and ZD 456 from but ZD 789 is _

11 Can you send of models 5 and 8?

Orders and shipping supply quote inquiry reply

Export terms


Payment terms 90 days 30 days


immediate delivery from stock


in stock out of stock


best lowest most convenier - export


items that can be looked at


~".'-' • - -~. - - -..- ~ -. ---- - ~-rr-- -~ _ .., - - • - - _ -_

EJ Find words in the vocabulary box that mean the following.





sold out

a Write four sentences using these words.

(out of stock samples reply supply)

1 _

2 _

3 _

4 _

1 immediate

2 most convenient 3 ou of stock


Sa 30 days

export terms samples payment goods delivery

Explain the following terms used in model letters throughout the unit.

o Match the words from each column.

to quote payment terms inquiry

allow one week for delivery

6 Please enclose prices

o Look up the terms FOB, CFR (C&F), UC, COD in a dictionary or on the Internet and write down the definitions in your notebook.

CVs and application letters

.. ..Job advertisements

D Look at the advertisement below and answer the questions. 1 What studies should the manager have?

2 What personal qualities do you think are necessary to deal with people at an international level?

3 What responsibilities do you think the Overseas Marketing Manager involves?

EJ Read the following application letter and write the job advertisement it is applying for.

Marketing Manager

Overseas Marketing Manager for International Bank. Experience req'd in overseas sales. Fluent in at least two languages: Spanish, Italian, German, French, English. Competitive salary and excellent benefits. Apply to:

Marketing Manager; Chicago International Bank; Chicago, IL, 33111.

January 29th, 2006.

Bill Barrister Whitfield, 2220

Los Angeles, CA 90272 USA

.. Compare with your classmates. Use your answers to write an application letter in response to the advert.

Dear Sir,

I am very interested in the receptionist position you advertised in The Guardian two days ago.

I am working part-time as a shop assistant now, but I need a full time job. I speak Spanish and a little German, so I think I could be suitable for the position at your fine Hotel.

I am enclosing a resume with references and a recent photograph. If possible, I would like to have an interview with you at your earliest convenience.

Truly Yours,

&a.(lj Holmes Gary Holmes


CVs and application letters

.. Organising a CV or resume

D Use the following information to help complete the CV. Briefly describe the tasks or duties for each job.

.. Speaks Spanish and a little German .. 233, East Street, London

.. Full-time Sales Representative at Denise Clothing Company .. Fashion Design Course

.. 481 7887

.. Married, two children .. 26

.. Sales Training Course at Benson's Institute .. Shop Assistant at Me's Department Store .. Johnson's Highschool

.. Personal Details ..

.. Work Experience •

.. Education ..

.. Languages ..

responsible for... dealt with ...

direct contact with ... performed (secretarial) / (office) / (accounting) duties / tasks

oversaw ... coordinated ...

conducted .

managed .


.. Discuss which of the jobs advertised on Student's Book, page 56, is best for this person? Why?

EJ On a separate sheet of paper, write a CV for yourself. Use the style shown here or in your Student's Book as a reference .

CVs and application letters

•• Letters of application

a Look at the two letters of application. Which one do you think is least well-written and why?

Dear Mrs. Simms,

I'm writing about the advert in The Sunday newspaper.

I graduated from Benson's College last year and I am sure I am qualified for the job you are offering.

I expect to earn $80,000, plus extra bonuses and other fringe benefits.

My proficiency in foreign languages (Portuguese, Japanese and Russian) is excellent.

Next week would be fine for an interview, provided it is after 5:00 p.m.

I am available at 880 2349.

Best regards,

Michael Lane Michael Lane

(f I ij,li!.if:.rB'

.. Choose the one you like least and rewrite it. Compare with other groups. Did you choose the same letter? Did you make the same changes?




December 17th, 2006.

Miss Loretta Miller,

This morning Professor John Hustin, Dean of Washington State University, told me you needed a reliable receptionist for the information desk at the Student Affair Office.

Will you please consider my application for the position?

I want to have this job in order to save money for my mother's surgery.

I appreciate the attention to this letter, and I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Best regards,

Ma( ga(e + Donaldson Margaret Donaldson

EJ Look at the Internet job advert and write an application letter using the information from your cv.

Inter-office memos

.. Polite expressions

a Fill in the blanks with polite expressions. Choose from below.

I'd like to... I'd appreciate it if... Could you / Can you ... ?

I'd be grateful if... Would it be possible to ... ? Could I / May I ... ?

1 inform Miss Dawson about the market research I'm enclosing?

2 send me the goods before next Friday?

3 confirm the prices of the new WST items?

4 I'm checking out today. give me the bill?

5 you made arrangements for our trip to Boston next month.

6 you fax me a sample of this year's brochure?

7 use your telephone?

8 hire a car for me?

9 I'm in room 15. bring breakfast for two?

10 buy one of your colour screen computer models.

EJ Choose one of the verbs below to complete each sentence.

send inform tell borrow check make arrangements ask collect lend take use work

1 Miss Smith, could you overtime tomorrow?

2 I'd appreciate it if you could me your laptop this evening. I have to write up a report and hand it in

before tomorrow morning.

3 Could you Henry Mortley to attend the press conference this afternoon?

4 Mary, could I the photocopier in your office? Mr. Gordon needs a copy of this contract immediately.

5 Did you to receive the Arab visitors next month?

6 Please Mr. Hogan that the goods he ordered will be delivered next week.

7 I'd like to someone from your Department to analyse why sales have suddenly decreased.

8 Would it be possible to Mr. Peterson's luggage from the airport and take it to his hotel?

•• E-mail correspondence

Inter-office memos

D Complete the e-mail memos and put them in order.

a b


IMelisa Lloyd I

Dear Mr. _

Thank you for the corrections you sent on October 16. I'll make sure these are included in the new catalogue. Here are the for this year's conference:

Nov. 16-17. I'm attaching a pdf file of the conference schedule FYI.

Melisa L.


! Melisa Lloyd !

E~~ier Sevilla




Hello _

I will book a double room for you and another for

Elaine for November and _

Does this sound OK? I'm looking forward to meeting both of you when you come. : -)




c d
i:;;; :i .... ..l ,. - -------.- -r·==~-==-=-----==-=c·----""===~~~~=-~~~~~-T-

!Javier Sevilla :



r - J

Hi _

I looked at the conference you sent.

I think the dates are OK with me. Elaine also confirms she is coming. Can you make the hotel reservations?

Thanks, Javier

----·-----r~=~=O'.=---=--~--=-==-=='~- "-:-_'.=-==C~-._-~ --_C~=_,_,-

!Javier Sevilla i

, --,.1'-- _ .......

1 Melisa Lloyd

r -

Dear Lloyd,

I'd like to correct the information I sent October 12,

2005. Attached you will a Word

document with the correct figures.

Sincerely, Javier Sevilla


Gf!A .MitIt)

Look at the e-mails again. Explain the changes in the style used throughout the e-mail correspondence.

Inter-office memos

•• VVriting memos

D Write memos with the following information.

Example: Mr. Henderson / Peter Higgins / sending application forms / send back soon.

To: JylY'. +le.Vld.e.Y'SOv\' From: fl':tu -Hi88iV\.s

AttAcked. .00IA voW tiV\.d. tkt ApplicAtioV\. tOY'lM tOY' tke. wIAnt OlJe.Y'stAs. COlAld. .00IA till it iV\. AV\.d. se.V\.d. it bACk As soo« As possible.~

1 Mrs. Hudson / Anne / pick up the package at the airport / sent it that morning.

3 Louse Brown / Patrick Ford / inform the workers about flexible schedules / Attached list of alternatives.

To: _

From: _

To: _

From: _

2 Mr. Adams / Susan Taylor / in response to memo / gave details to designer to start working on the brochures.

4 Mr. Burns / George Sanders / check figures and analyse sudden sales decrease.

To: __

From: _

To: __

From: _

o On a sheet of paper, write a memo choosing one of the subjects below. Use the phrases on Student's Book, pages 62 and 63, to help you.

• You will book a double room for Mr .... for November .... (give details about the hotel).

• You made an appointment with the Counsellor.

• You read the project and will send it via courier in two day's time.

• You would like to confirm your trip to ... on ... (date).

• You would like to give your opinion about...

Reading skills

.. Skimming and scanning

D Skim or scan the texts and answer the questions.

:K Downe Centre -;.'"

Business Student '

Training for the future

• Secretarial and Busi ness Courses

• Bilingual Courses English / Spanish, English / German, English / French, English / Japanese

Cll A modation

20 Harnstead Rd., London, NW 2

, __ T=el._:=07~1~-3_8_3_3_24_4_(_24_h_O_Ur_s) __ =- ~~~

Paper Cups. 657355. The sanitary drinking service for industry, offices, institutions, Economical V shape cups or stronger, all purpose flat bottom cups, Both types fit standard dispensers.

5000 Units per case. $30.5, $31,70,

Liquid Soap Dispenser. 657356. Globe stops and returns automatically,

Capacity 12 oz. Polished chrome or brass body. I

_~~~g_~~.~.1~2"~~~~.~~,7~, Metal bowl $11.~ .. __ ~~ ~

August 31, 2006.

Jean Pierre Bussier Le Monde Hotel

Dear Mr, Bussier,

My wife and I are coming to Marseilles for a couple of days, We are arriving on September 9th in the evening, Our flight back to Bristol leaves at 1 7 :00 on the 11 th, Could you please book a double room with shower?

Look forward to your confirmation on my Fax No. 258766.


1 What type of text is it? 2 What is its purpose?

3 Who is its target audience?

4 What languages do they teach other than English? 5 What is the Centre's address?

1 What type of text is it? 2 What is its purpose!

3 What kind of business supplier is this? 4 How many cups come in a case?

5 What types of dispensers do they offer?

1 What type of text is it? 2 What is its purpose?

3 Who is going to Marseilles?

4 What days will they be there?

5 What exactly does Mr. Bussier have to do?

•• f))],flGfJrt @~fIG

Reading skills

•• \Nord-building

~ Affixation

The following suffixes are added to verbs or adjectives to form nouns.


The resulting noun refers to the state or process described by the verb. This suffix may take the following spellings: -tion, -ation, -sion, -ition


This suffix is added to adjectives to form nouns.

verb noun verb noun
inform information educate
operate operation conclude conclusion
expect expectation decision
invent exhibit exhibition adjective noun adjective noun
capable capability productive
equal equality prosperity
versatile versatility diverse diversity
formal formality simplicity -cy

When combined with adjectives, this suffix also forms nouns.

adjective noun adjective noun
efficient efficiency democracy
accurate accuracy proficient proficiency
fluent fluency private D Read the above tables, then complete the gaps in each one. Use a dictionary if necessary. EJ Underline the nouns and circle the adjectives in the following texts.

1 The productivity of the private system is reflected in the diversity of its functions and in the number of users it has. 2 It was her decision to start a new career as a programmer. Undoubtedly her capacity and efficiency will allow her to achieve any goal.

3 There are styles of writing that are more formal than others. In your opinion, which style suits secretarial functions?

Reading skills

•• VVorking with dictionaries

boom ['bum] 1. n. a large, echoing noise made when somerhing explodes or crashes .• ~ heard a boom and then saw a car go up in flames .• The crash of the areoplane made a deafening boom. 2. n. A time of strong economic growth .• During the boom, many companies hired lots of people .• The war industry resulted in a boom for the country 3. iv. To make a large, echoing noise like an explosion or a crash. • The announcer's voice boomed over the loud-speaker .• The waterfoll boomed down into the canyon and hit the rocks.

boomerang ['bum;:meIJ] 1. n. a curved wooden stick, which, when thrown, returns to the person who threw it. • The children played outside with the boomerang. • The boomerang flew out and came sailing back to the children. 2. iv. To recoil, to return unexpectedly; to backfire. • The plan for the military takeover boomeranged, and the rebels were arrested. • Bob's scheme for revenge against Lisa boomeranged.

bootleg ['but leg] 1. tv. To sell alcohol when such sales were banned in the US .• Many people made a fortune bootlegging whisky during Prohibition .• The police tried to catch people who bootlegged booze. 2. tv. To sell any illegal goods or contraband .• The prison inmates bootlegged all sorts of illegal items .• The teenagers bootlegged tapes of the pop concert. 3. n. homemade liquor, especially during Prohibition. (No plural form in this sense.) • John was caught making bootleg in his basement .• The flappers carried their bootleg in tiny flasks. 4. adj. Made and sold illegally. • The bootleg tapes of the concert were sold quickly .• The police confiscated the bootleg alcohol.


D Read the dictionary definitions, then answer the questions. 1 What is the meaning of the verb bootleg?

2 How many different grammatical functions does bootleg have? 3 How is the word boom pronounced?

4 How many meanings does boom have?

EJ Use the dictionary to help complete these sentences with the correct word.

1 The watches sold outside the airport are good imitations.

2 Then I heard this terrible and the building collapsed before my eyes!

3 Let's start again. My plan has _

4 The population has grown during the housing _


.. Using an English dictionary, prepare similar questions for the word "boomerang" in the dictionary entry above. Exchange them with your partner.

Describing qualities

.. Adjectives

D Match each product to an appropriate adjective.

1 a chair 2 a watch _ 3 a phone

4 winter clothes _ 5 a paper tissue _ 6 a diamond ring _ 7 a computer card _ 8 a recovery

9 a business


EJ Divide these adjectives into positive people traits or negative ones.

a mobile

b expensive c profitable d disposable

e light and small f warm

9 ergonomic h remarkable i gold

()arrogant ()efficient ()Ioyal ()punctual
()authoritarian ()forgetful ()mature ()reliable
()bossy ()friendly ()methodical ()rude
()careless ()fussy ()messy ()snobbish
()cheeky ()hard-working ()moody ()sociable
()creative ()honest ()nosy ()tidy
()disciplined ()humourless ()organised ()tolerant
()easy-going ()imaginative ()polite ()well-dressed
Positive Negative
GYE-A{;l Uf, MY08AI'l{; Giving opinions -

What do you think?

I disagree / agree with you. I like / dislike ...

I do my best to ...

It gets difficult to / easier to ... I think / believe that...

EJ Choose adjectives from the lists you created above to complete the following sentences.

1 My ideal boss should be , , and

2 I don't like a boss who is or _

3 If I had to describe myself when applying for a job, I would say I am _

and _

4 I would like my boss to think I am t and _


.. In an ideal classroom environment, what qualities should the students have? And the teacher?

·.ooooil(t uW12

Describing qualities

.. Languages in the UK

~ Reference elements

There are words in English that are often used in a text to make reference to elements that are mentioned before or after in the text.


ttl I

• Aline likes her job. She finds it very interesting.

t fI

• The manager gave his opinion. It was negative.

, ,.-------,

• The receptionist mailed it, but the letter never arrived at its destination.

Refer back to the UK text on Student's Book, page 76 and write what the following words refer to in the text.

1 its (line 2)

2 its (line 5)

3 who (line 7)

4 Their (line 12) _

5 who (line 12) _

6 who (line 13) _

7 them (line 14) _

8 them (line 15) _

9 their (line 20) _

10 their (line 21) _

EJ The English language is the result of invasions to the British isles by different cultures. Use the text on Student's Book, page 76, to help you map out the "history" of the English language.


• the first to

come to the islands

• from Denmark

• from France

• spoke Latin

• ruled in Britain for nearly 4 centuries

• from northern Germany

The English Language


.. Find more information about one of these five groups and their influence on British history and culture.

Describing qualities

.. Connectors

a Choose the connector that best completes the meaning of each sentence.

1 the consort of a King becomes a Queen, the Constitution does not give the Queen's husband

any special privileges.

a Nevertheless b While

c However

2 Working overtime may be tiresome and boring; it may offer the possibility of earning extra money.

a however b whereas c while

3 My roommate is orderly and patient I'm noisy and disorganised.

a whereas b although c even though

4 1 don't like running risks, I'd like to run my own business.

b Whereas c Though

a Nevertheless

5 The seminar is already booked up; we can make room for a couple of people.

b however

a while

c whereas

6 my office window overlooks the park, I rarely have time to enjoy the view.

b Although c Whereas

a Nevertheless

EJ Match the expressions on the left with the endings on the right.

_ 1 Although I enjoy reading detective stories a nevertheless, he has to travel to Egypt every month.

2 The Head Office is in New York b whereas my brother's office is in the suburbs.

_ 3 The woman is very easy-going; c I don't have much spare time to read.

4 I work downtown d while the subsidiaries are in Chicago and New Orleans.

_ 5 He dislikes going abroad; e however, she doesn't have many friends.

II Read this letter and complete the blanks with the appropriate connector.

11943, West Road Stockholm September 12th, 2005

Jonathan Dale Sales Manager

Lester Equipment Corporation Birmingham, U.K.

Dear Mr. Dale,

________ we have asked for one of your representatives to visit us on two previous occasions, we have received no answer from your Department. Your receptionist assured us she would take note and

would let you know, we are still waiting and nobody has

ever come or answered our call. , we are still interested in

setting up a visit.

Our company is in the construction business, , we do place

large orders for other types of equipment from time to time. We would appreciate if you gave us some information about your products.

yours sincerely,

Office duties

.. Duties, tasks and skills

.. Job tasks and duties

Duties are habitual activities that are part of your job description.

Tasks are specific activities you must perform within a fixed time limit. Both duties and tasks require cenain abo ° ies or skills that will enable the secretary or office worker to carry out his / her responsibilities successfully.


• Answer the phone; receive visitors = duties .

• Postpone an interview; write an invitation = tasks .

• A clear and friendly telephone manner is a necessary ability or skill.

(J 'aNIf,iit,n t

.. Read the list of secretarial activities below and decide if they are a skill (5), a duty (D) or a task (D.

1 be good at typing 13 book air tickets, tables at restaurants, rooms

2 send Miss Miller a beautiful bouquet of flowers at hotels

3 complain about an invoice issued by mistake 14 have a good command of more than one

4 have a good memory language

5 keep a record of correspondence 15 arrange a meeting between Mrs. Jackson and

6 type documents, envelopes, invoices, letters, etc. the Personnel Manager

7 send a package to London by airmail 16 be good at socialising

8 be resourceful 17 photocopy and file documents and letters

9 fax documents, letters, etc. 10 give and receive messages 11 be punctual with deadlines

12 be in charge of the petty cash


Enrico works in a travel agency. Complete this description of his job. Use the list above to help you.

My name's Enrico Solari. I work at San Marino Travel Agency as a

clerk. My duties include _

and . When I arrive

in the mornings I usually _

Later, I have to _

and __

My work is very interesting because I

_______________ ; besides, I often ______________ . The only thing I dislike

about my job is _

18 look up Mrs. Wells' telephone number in the phone book

19 be computer literate

20 book a room for Mr. Smith and his wife at the Ritz

·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.:·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.~~.~.p·.·.I~ ~~~.~ : : .

Sometimes, verbs are used as nouns. To change the verb into a noun, you must add the -ing suffix:

• I give and receive messages at work. I

• My duties include giving and

receiving messages. i

The verbs like and dislike are followed !

by verbs with the -ing suffix: I

• I like typing on the computer. t

• I dislike attending to custom~


•• fj[}/[JiJfti1 i1Da~oo Office duties

•• Talking about jobs




in fact besides

so although

but however while

D Match the sentence halves, then underline the connector in each one.

1 The plane did not arrive on time a but the bank didn't lend him the money.

2 Although the price is higher at Benson's b our prices are quite affordable.

3 My boss asked for a loan

4 Even though we only manufacture high quality products

S We ordered 2,000 crystal figurines last March 6 The applicant speaks three foreign languages

c besides, he is a marketing expert.

d so we had to wait for about two hours.

e the service is slow and the personnel highly inefficient f however, you shipped only half of the total amount.

EJ Use an appropriate connector for each sentence.

1 The salary wasn't very high, the fringe benefits were very attractive.

2 The new accountant is very young and good-looking he is very helpful and polite.

3 Travelling abroad is expensive, we have to start saving money right away.

4 the music was very soft, I couldn't concentrate.

S Mr. Hall called you, he didn't leave a message.

6 We have to arrange a meeting for next month; , we need to contact a marketing expert.

7 They placed an order for £10,000, we hurried to deliver the merchandise.

S The letter to the customers had a couple of spelling mistakes; , the Sales Manager wouldn't sign it.

9 I reminded him of his appointment this morning, he forgot to come.

10 They quoted our prices; r they finally bought somewhere else.

.. fJJJ/JD,fJ,(t tc~~~~?y

Office duties

Nominal groups and relative clauses

D Combine these words into nominal groups. Which is the longest you can make?

Ex arn p l e s :

v\.l ttexeftt COftv\.ltlOftS

Aft lftv\.q:nftv\.Aftt ec:ofto'WtlG AMOGlAtlOft

voluntary. different private

independent your conditions free organism

association races
economic national
their two
human permanent
states the EJ Complete the following sentences with the appropriate relative pronoun from the box.

( that where who which )

1 Brussels, is the capital of Belgium, is a bilingual city; people speak French and Flemish there.

2 Thomas Jefferson, drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, was the third President of

the USA.

3 The airports, are located in capital cities are always very- crowded.

4 The bus stop I first met him is near my house.

5 The tickets I booked for Mr. Harris were very expensive.

6 The lady got on the subway is the new Human Resources Manager.

7 Santiago, is the capital of Chile, has a beautiful hill in the centre of the city.

II Write sentences with relative clauses using who or which.

Ex amp le:

The Mississippi River - is 5,970 km long

- borders on several states

rke fllMlMlppl 1<lvev-, £t<JklGk bov-v\.ev-s Oft MveY-Al stAtes, lS 5,610 k'Wt lOft8.

1 Thanksgiving Day

- is a national holiday in the U.S.

- commemorates the first successful harvest of the early settlers.

2 Giovanni Caboto

- is also known as John Cabot

- discovered Canada.

3 Philadelphia

- was the capital of the USA between 1790 and 1800.

- is the fourth largest city of the country.

4 Quebec city

- is the oldest walled city in the New World.

- is one of the world's largest French-speaking cities.

Office equipment

•• Equipment and materials

cell phone organiser folder
hole punch stationery fax paper
file pad typewriter
in-tray out-tray calendar II Choose a piece of equipment from above to complete the sentences.

1 The contract you are looking for is in the second _______ on the shelf to your right.

2 He has been on sick leave for two weeks. His ________ is full of letters that have to be

answered while his is almost


3 I'm out of pens and writing paper. We'll have to order ________ again.

4 If you can't get hold of me at work, try me on my

5 My boyfriend gave me a beautiful ________ for my birthday. It's very practical for clips and pads. I'm going to bring it to work.

6 Have you seen my memo ? I

wrote a telephone number on it, and I can't find it. 7 We couldn't receive the fax they're sending from

Quito because the ran out a

few minutes ago.

8 The is not working properly.

We'll have to call the repair service.

9 What type of do you prefer,

desk or wall?

10 Why don't you use a for

holding all those papers?

EJ Write the correct phrasal verb for the following requests.

1 Miss Lee, I need to talk to Doctor Richard Kolewski,

Could you his phone number in

the yellow pages?

a turn on b look up

c hand in

d put away

2 The President of the company is visiting us and your

office is a real mess. Why don't you _

all those papers before he comes in?

a hand in b turn on

c put away d jot down

3 Don't forget to the report I typed

this morning. a put away b look up

c run out of d hand in

4 I the name and phone number of

the applicant on a piece of paper, but I don't know where I left it.

a jotted down c handed in

b turned on d put away

5 It's too hot in here. the

air-conditioner, please.

a Turn on b Look up c Put away d Run out of

6 We have to print about forty pages and we've _______ paper. Can you lend me some,


a handed in b turned on c put away d run out of

•• Using the passive


Office equipment

D Look up the past participle of these verbs in a dictionary.

base verb past simple past participle
attend attended AU el'lvt d
explain explained
give gave
pay paid
receive received
send sent
speak spoke
steal stole
take took
write wrote Which ones are irregular?

EJ Put the following sentences into the passive voice.

Example: He wrote the note yesterday.

1ke I'lo-te 0A:S 0Y1Uel'l -0e:s-tedA-0. 1 He opened the letter.

2 The President interviewed the candidate. 3 She didn't finish the job.

4 He received the calion Friday. S Someone stole the suitcase.

6 Italian immigrants introduced the pizza to the US. 7 Marconi invented the radio.

S A hundred workers attended the meeting. 9 I paid the bill in January.

10 He explained the problem to the committee.

•• Prepositions and prepositional phrases

.. in I on I at

Write the words in the correct column. Some words may be used in more than one column.

Australia the corner midday Tuesday
the station Palm Street university July 10th
the East August home the coast
2008 winter 6:30 weekends
the cinema the bank Rome night in on at
1<..o'Wle CD

,,1]1],00111] f/®WJII,;@oo

Office equipment

EJ Complete the following with the appropriate preposition or prepositional phrase. Some are used more than once.

( in charge of

on behalf of regardless of within between as by next to )

1 The man the Purchasing Department will send us a copy of the form.

2 I have to speak to the General Accountant my co-workers.

3 There were serious differences of opinion our group.

4 Can you write your full name your signature, please?

S The man worked a shop assistant for a long time.

6 The manager did what he considered fair the opinion of the Board of Directors.

7 Who will be booking tickets for the concert?

8 Who's the Computing Department?

9 The governor spoke the Queen.

10 I'm calling Mr. James Daniels.

D Circle the correct preposition.

1 I arrived between / in Quito at / from 6:30 p.m.

2 My brothers stayed among / at school all day long. 3 It gets a bit cold here in / at autumn.

4 We lived at / in the coast for some time.

S The news stand is on / between the corner.

6 We'll wait for you among / at the bus station.

7 They like going to the beach at / from weekends. 8 I stopped playing tennis at / in 1993.

9 He found his resume among / between a pile of documents.

10 The Post Office is among / between the International Bank and the Bookstore .

D Complete the sentences with in, on or at. 1 The goods were delivered __ November 12th 2 The Director is coming __ August.

3 I sent the letter __ Tuesday.

4 He's waiting __ the airport.

S I live 4210 Lincoln St.

6 I prefer not working overtime __ weekends. 7 I graduated from university __ 1994.

8 The Post Office is Oak St.

9 We'll meet __ midday __ the corner of Chestnut Avenue.

10 The head Office is


Working lNith computers

•• Computer hard'Ware

Match the term to its definition.

1 keyboard

2 memory capacity 3 printer

4 software

5 backup copy 6 bug


8 cursor 9 RAM

10 menu

a used to pass instructions to the computer

b the Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer

c a list of options displayed on the screen to select the function required d shows the user where he is on the screen

e a computer program or list of instructions so the computer functions f measured in kilobytes or K

9 amount of memory available for programs to run (Random Access Memory) h made in order to protect information

i a mistake in a computer program

j an optional but useful device connected to a computer

Complete the sentences with the correct computer term.

( icon






print outs

message )

1 The on the screen says something is going wrong. What can I do?

2 The word 'software' has eight _

3 An is a pictorial symbol that represents a given instruction the user can select, usually by clicking.

4 I have already finished typing. How many do you need?

5 What are we going to name this ?

6 It is always safe to have a copy.

7 The indicates where the next typed character will appear.

8 The of my computer is 10" wide.

Working with computers

.. Computer softvvare

I There are many different types of computer programs we use in the office. Most word-processing programs share common features. There is usually a menu bar with written instructions and a toolbar that uses icons to represent commands we need to execute the program. Finally, there is sometimes a format bar which lets you choose the style of the words you write.

(i l:m t, »

.. Match the icon to the command and then look for its definition.

a new b save

c preview

d print e cut

f open

9 paste h undo copy

1 It allows you to see the entire document on the screen before you print it. 2 Remove the effects of a mistake and get the previous text back.

3 You can cut an image or a piece of highlighted text.

4 It opens a new file.

S So you can insert a text you cut or copied to a new place in the document. 6 You tell the computer to store the information you want to keep safe.

7 This lets you copy an image or a piece of highlighted text.

S It brings on to the screen the file you want to work on.

9 Click on when you want to have a "hard copy" of your work.

(tA'NU"W'ij •

.. Look at the sample screen. Compare the terms in the menu bar with a word-processing program in your language. Are they similar? Look up other typical business programs such as spreadsheets or database management programs on the Internet. Compare their terms in English with programs in your own language .


Working with computers

.. Comparatives and superlatives

a Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjective in parentheses.

'I1-I.o'(e. co'l1-l.tOY"tAble. tKAI't the old one I had. (comfortable)

1 This job is . (stimulating)

2 June was May. (warm)

3 The XMY typewriter is the XM typewriter. (fast)

4 The TS printer is the WV typewriter. (slow)

5 The weather was much in Bristol than in Bath. (good)

6 The hotel downtown is the hotel near the airport. (cheap)

7 My office is Mr. Simm's office. (small)

8 Miss Jones is Miss Watson. (friendly)

9 45th Street is zs= Street. (long)

10 TransAmerica Travel Agency opens Adventure Agency. (early)

11 Canada is Switzerland. (large)

Example: My new office is

EJ Circle the the adjective that fits each sentence best. 1 In you opinion, which is the better I best work schedule?

2 A letter of recommendation is longer than I the longest an order letter.

3 Which is the more interesting I most interesting book you've ever read? 4 Mr. Bronson isn't more tactful I as tactful as his wife.

5 Which is the quicker I quickest way to get to your office? 6 Going by plane is best I better than going by bus.

7 That was the worst I worse thing he has ever said.

8 This meeting wasn't as short as I shortest the last meeting.

9 I think that my office is the noisiest I noisier in the entire building. 10 The Rainbow Hotel was worse than I worst the Excelsior.

Use the comparative and superlative to talk about these computer terms with your partner. Refer to Student's Book, pages 92 and 95 to help you.

Example: optical mouse I ball mouse I wheel mouse

1le. t'Jke.d 'I1-I.ouse. is 1'te.t'Ju tkAI't tke. bAll 'I1-I.ouse.. 1ke. opticAl 'I1-I.ouse. is tke. 1'te.t'

a LCD monitor I CRT monitor I Plasma monitor

b hard drive I floppy drive I CD/DVD-ROM drive

c USB port I FireWire port I serial port

d dot-matrix printer I inkjet printer I laser printer

e cordless keyboard I ergonomic keyboard I folding keyboard

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and Administrative Personnel

is a comprehensive Secretarial and Business course designed to prepare students and professionals in a challenging market. The language has been carefully graded to suit a pre-intermediate level of English. This second edition is an up-to-date, fully revised and

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