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ACME Agro vet and Beverages Ltd.

Prepared for:
Hasanat Karim (HkM)

Course: BUS 101

Semester: Summer ‘09
Section: 05

Prepared by:
S.M.Safran 0910198030
Hasin Abrar 0910049030
Ahsanul Azim 0920028530
Avijit Kumar Paul 0910960030
Jawad Hossain 0910222030
Mahamud Hossain 0910645030

1.1 Origin of the report:

This group assignment is prepared under the supervision of Mr. Hasanat
Karim, Lecturer, School of BBA, North South University. This report is
required for the fulfillment of Bus 101 course. The topic of this report was
“Any Production Based Organization” and we chose ‘ACME Agro vet and
Beverages’ for our assignment.

While preparing this report, we got the opportunity to work as a group on

“ACME Agro vet and Beverages” a company of ACME Group.

1.2 Scope of the report:

The scope of the study was quite vast as it is covers many points of
information. This study mainly based on information available in the publicly
available annual reports and on knowledge gained through discussions with
the top executives of ACME. Data has been collected from ACME head office,
Kallyanpur Dhaka.

1.3 Objectives of the report:

The overall objective of the report is to know about ACME’s ambition, their
future plans and programs, how they treat with their customers, their position
in agro vet and beverage market and etc. The specific objective is to identify
the overall business procedure which they are doing not only in Bangladesh
but also in the foreign countries.
1.4 Sources of Information:

Sources of Information

Primary Secondary
Sources Sources

External Internal
Sources Sources
1.4.1. Primary Sources:
We have collected primary information from the senior marketing and sales
manager, Asst. manager of ACME and product officer through personal

1.4.2. Secondary Sources:

We have collected secondary information to make our report valuable. To
collect secondary information we use internal and external sources. Internal Sources:

Information from annual reports, literature, medicine books and brochures of
ACME Agro vet and Beverages Ltd. has been used. External Sources:

Some information is taken from the other reports, literature by using Internet.

1.5 Limitations:
There are some limitations that I had faced. They are mentioned below:

 In the research areas, the authorities did not provide complete

information because of confidentiality issues.
 The executives could not give me adequate time because of their
official work.


In this report, we will explore the international and domestic marketing

strategy, production, HRM, CSR and management system of ACME Agro vet
and Beverages Ltd. We will try to see how ACME plans its exports and then
how it implements its strategy in a few countries.

Firstly, we will discuss about ACME in general and then we will move on to its
international and domestic marketing strategy, Management, HR, Production,
Marketing. We will discuss about ACME – its vision, mission, goals and
objectives. Later on in the report, we will highlight the business level strategy
of ACME and how this translates into its marketing strategy.

After discussing these issues, we will focus on the international and domestic
marketing strategy of ACME. We will explain the strategies and then discuss
how they were implemented in the management, production, csr, hrm

We hope that findings from this report could be beneficial for other
companies planning to export their product.

• Introduction

• Management:
 Planning
 Organizing
 Directing
 Controlling

• Human Resource Management

• Production:
 Product Planning
 Selecting appropriate layout
 Implementing production plan
 Controlling the production process

• Marketing

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Conclusion

Acme is a large company with 350 products and a huge number of


Mission statement: Perpetual quest for excellence.

ACME’s holistic approach is to ensure Health, Vigor and Happiness for all by
manufacturing medicines of the highest quality at affordable prices and
expanding in the local and global market. They view themselves as partners
with healthcare professionals, all other customers, their employees, and
harmonize with environmental issues.

SWOT analysis:

 Strength:
1. The ACME Agro vet and Beverage Ltd. have great financial support by
the ACME group.
2. They have strong reputation in the market that is the goodwill.
3. The marketing channels and distribution resources are being used as
far as possible.
4. They have experience, office premises, management and manufacture
of the ACME group which is a huge advantage for the ACME Agro vet and
Beverage Ltd.
5. The Quality of the products is better than most of the other companies.
6. Comparing the quality, the prices of the products are within the range
of the target segment.

 Weakness:
1. ACME group has experience in pharmaceuticals which is completely
different from FMCG. They have to understand the dimensions of Agro vet
in order to provide the standard of Agro vet that it needs.
2. If the employee turnover rate increases in the whole ACME group. This
also affects the Agro vet sector. The employees lack motivation and
productivity among themselves.
3. There is no specialist Research and Development team in the Agro vet.
4. FMCG is new in the market and it needs a lot of promotional activities.
It is an expense for the management.
5. The Agro vet is fully dependent on the import buying of raw materials
depending on the product. We do not have any production facilities in our
6. In order to maintain the product quality, Agro vet lacks competitive

 Opportunities:
People are becoming very conscious about what they are consuming. This is
a good prospect for beverage industry.
1. Our country is rich with natural fruits and productive land. This can be
used as a source of our raw materials needed for the manufacturing of
ACME products. We can build ways to production in our own country.
2. The media is developing very fast this means more promotional
activities and decreasing advertisement cost.

 Threats:
1. With increasing technology, our country being high in corruption, use
those technologies in order to make fake products under different brand
names. These technologies help these people to make similar kind of
product packages and sell them by using the reputation and goodwill of
those products.
2. The ACME Agro vet and Beverage Ltd is a sister concern of the ACME
Laboratories Ltd. If there is any problem with the reputation and quality of
any one sister concern, the effect would be on all of them. So all the
concerns have to maintain the same standard.
3. Other companies may exploit or use supply industries for their own
operation. For example: raw materials. They might use low quality raw
materials and make greater profit margin.
4. Sudden strike or blockage may result in the delay or no distribution of

After the assessment of ACME comes the step where the objectives of the
organization are need to be settled. The top management as in the owners
has focused on the following tagline, ‘Perpetual quest for excellence’. ACME
Agro vet and Beverage Ltd believes in great quality. They try to provide
products with the highest quality at an affordable price to the customers.
They also try to reach out to the urban areas by proper distribution network.
Their goal is to reach the remotest areas of Bangladesh and improve lives.
Their long term planning is to achieve greater market share, locally and
internationally, through effective marketing strategy.

ACME’s strategy is to focus on customers, to believe in teamwork, to have

the positive attitude, to anticipate future, to be responsible and to focus on
personal excellence.
i. Customer Focus: They always focus on their customers. They listen to
and connect with their customers so that they can anticipate their
customers’ needs. They offer the customers value and quality services
to enrich and enhance business success.
ii. Team Spirit: ACME believes in teamwork. They know that by working
together as a team with common goals they can achieve greatness.
They recognize value and respect diversity in a team so that they can
develop and maintain culture of sharing, accepting and rewarding
better ideas. Teamwork is the secret of ACME’s success.
iii. Positive Attitude: ACME has the desire to win. They know how to make
things happen and how to win the battlefield called the market place.
They believe that everything is possible and that gives them the edge
over their rivals.
iv. Pro-activity: ACME anticipates future changes in the industry and they
take proactive moves to seize the future opportunities and take
measures to resolve possible problems.
v. Integrity: The confidence of ACME’s stakeholders, customers,
employees and the community on ACME drives them to become more
responsible about their commitments.
vi. Personal Excellence: ACME seeks continuous improvement and takes
pride in what they do. They maintain their highest possible standards.
They acknowledge potential of the individual and create opportunities
for all to grow and excel.

There are two types of decisions: Programmed and Non-programmed.

The delegation of work assignment is centralized. The decisions come from
the top level management then the middle management delegate the work
assignments to the supervisory management according to their designations
and expertise. The organ gram below shows that how the organization works.
Board of Directors
Group Chairman

Managing Director


Executive Director Reports to


Reports to Marketing Manager

SALES Sales /Admin

Brand Manager

Brand Executive

TM Management Trainee


Organ gram: in descending order

The management is following democratic leadership. The employees work as
their scheduled and dictated tasks given by their superiors. Superiors also
take opinions and suggestions from the employees. This keeps the staff
motivated and enthusiastic. The staff carries out the orders and also suggests
ideas at all times which keeps their minds innovative and happy. Democratic
leaders keep their employees with them and listen to their suggestions and
use the employee’s skill at the place where it produces most profitable
outcomes. This enables the staff to work at their most efficient manner.

The ACME Agro vet and Beverages Ltd. started its venture in 2005 with
orange and mango juice. Then it introduced drinking mineral water. Latest of
their product is ACME Premium Gold Tea. It has established a modernized
plan in Bangladesh located at Hemayetpur. The plant is equipped with
modernized technological facilities and run by qualified personnel in
accordance with the stringent guideline of BSTI.


The production process is one of the most important aspects for a company’s
progress. If the products are of good quality and satisfy customer needs, it
will obviously bring a good reputation for the company. In the production
sector of “Acme” we found that a good number of 350 products are
produced. The ACME Agro vet and Beverages Ltd contain spices, juices, water
and tea. They follow certain steps during the entire process. All these steps
are described below.

Product Planning:
The juice products are packed with the unique Tetra Pak technology. It
ensures longer shelf life. To ensure quality of product, ACME does the
procurement from the best source available. The company emphasizes to the
greatest extent on the quality of raw materials. The raw materials of Mango
juice are imported from India and Pakistan. These are continental mangoes of
the best quality. For Orange Juice, concentrated orange pulp is procured from
the best places of Brazil, produced by blending a pool of selected fresh

The entire planning is done by the production department, Procurement

Planning and Inventory Control division (PPIC). Plans regarding purchase of
essential goods, pricing strategy, requirement and purchase of raw materials.
Depending on the market demand Head of PPIC plans the entire cost and
other expenses for production.
Managing all the resources and factors of production also is a prime duty. For
example, for the production of mango, pulps are to be bought in huge
quantity and sufficient supply of water and electricity must be needed in the
factory during the process. Moreover they keep an overall view about the
machines that are used whether those are still working. The entire production
is planned on the basis of the order of marketing department.

Selecting appropriate layout:

A lot of things are considered by ACME for their production procedure. In this
phase they have categorized various things for selecting a perfect layout.

Location: The main factory of Acme is in Dhamrai. One of the main reasons
to select this site is the availability of a huge area. They are continuing the
production of all their items in the same factory. This helps equal distribution
of electricity and power to every production process. Thus at the same time
they can produce mango juice and spices. This also makes it easier for them
to have a proper calculation of the production of individual items. Packaging
and loading also occurs in the same place which make things more
comfortable for the labors.

Production design: Here in Acme, the juice that they produce comes out in
batch. The process is completely automatic. Several types of machineries are
used for continuous processing. The total procedure requires some
calculative work.
In the beginning of processing, a perfect ratio of ingredients is mixed in huge
containers. Then crashing of materials is done by passing that mixture
through a machine. Further refining is done and then required amount of
citric acid is mixed. This mixture is further heated and put into aseptic can or
airtight drum.
Acme does not use any preservatives in their product. The process is a flow
production where everything is done automatically starting from mixing to
packaging. They mainly use tetra pack for packets of mango or orange juice.
Thousands of fully packed juice packs are then wrapped and loaded into
several containers. This work is done manually by the labors. During this
work a very important rule that is followed is ‘first in first out’ rule. The
packets that come out first must be loaded first in order to deliver those to
market places at first. This thing saves goods from getting expired before

Implementing production plan:

This is a very useful part in the production process. This concept also
contains certain steps.
Firstly decisions regarding buying or taking lease of different materials. Acme
mostly buys all the machineries or imports some. For delivery they hire trucks
or big cargo trucks. The administration is completely under their control;
nothing is taken or given as lease.
Selection of suppliers is done with strict rules. The suppliers are judged
according to their performance in the past and present. Punctuality, quality of
raw materials, good delivery system, etc. is considered before negotiation.
After evaluation if they are satisfied with the average mark of the supplier
then they will select.
The inventory control is a very important part in the Acme Company. They
possess a well planned inventory control system. It is completely
computerized with a highly security system. No items can be taken out or
brought in without perfect data required in the inventory. They maintain a
system about how long the goods will be stored here. There is a schedule
that for 17 days the goods will stay in the depot, and then those will be
transferred to the main control system for 8 days. After that if the juice packs
are not marketed, those will be send to the warehouse for 22 days. This
system helps to reduce the pressure in the inventory. Here also the first in
first out rule is followed.

Controlling the production process:

The production manager and other supervisors have an overall control over
the entire process. They maintain some rules for doing this:

Planning: Production planning ensures the availability of required machines

and personnel. ACME keeps record of their inventory and they restock it
whenever the inventory runs lower than the standard level, the standard
level is fixed by the head of the production.

Routing: They maintain a routine for everything. Mainly about delivery and
supply they try to maintain punctuality. But since the entire planning is done
on the basis of marketing orders, so some changes are usual to come. Still
there is a time given for packaging and directions are given to labors about
any work.

Scheduling: Normally there is a schedule for every work. During any

negotiations or delivery work, plans are set even six to seven months before
for shipment. The suppliers also maintain complete schedule timing for the
raw material delivery. But if the department feels that they won’t be able to
finish orders in time, then some overtime work take place. Managers and
stuff in Acme are quite dedicated to give their best for the company’s

Dispatching: The production manager or the dispatcher evaluates the

employees’ performance, provides information and instructions, and creates
job priorities. The manager instructs employees on what to do and a time
period is allocated to them by the manager. Employees have to complete the
tasks on time because they are evaluated on the time basis as well.

Follow-up: In this phase, ACME reviews their production process so that they
can better themselves. The employees and the supervisors find out problems
and take decisions about bringing changes. Various kinds of difficulties may
occur, they detect these difficulties and report to their managers so that they
can solve the problems and get back on their schedule.

Marketing Policy of ACME Juice

ACME, though a pharmaceuticals company, produce juice as a food product.
The marketing process of ACME juice is different than the other products that
ACME produces. These diversities are found in distribution line, target,
promotion strategy, pricing strategy, consumer relation and so on.

PESTEL Analysis:
The elements of PESTEL Analysis are political, economical, socio-cultural,
technological, ecological and legal element. There is basically no political
issue behind ACME Juice. It has been producing for earning profit and
providing consumers with a quality product. These are the economical and
socio-cultural objectives of ACME Juice. Its technological elements are
machines which are used from extracting juice to packing products. The
product is coping with the ecological balance because its packaging materials
are environment friendly. At last but not least, ACME is maintaining all the
legal elements. Using proper amount of materials in preparing the juice,
maintaining consumer act, giving taxes and VAT are example of it.

Steps in Consumer Buying Behavior Process:

Though there are many juices in the market, there is always a scarcity of a
quality product. Consumers always look forward to have a product which is
good and they can afford to buy. ACME Juice took that opportunity and
launches the food product. There are many alternative juice products in the
market such as Sezan, Danish and so on. Considering the buying ability ACME
has launched “classic juice” and “premium juice” package. Before buying a
product consumers always compare information about it. ACME always
provides with appropriate information and thus influences the customer to
buy its product.

Determinants of Buying Behavior:

Interpersonal Determinants: The culture determines what product should be
used. In Bangladesh, the consumer use halal products and avoid haram
products. On the other hand, the family members specially the children and
the teenagers are intended to buy juice than the elders. Moreover, society’s
tradition also influences the buying behavior of a product.

Personal Determinants: A person’s need determines what he will buy.

Consumers’ perceptions about a particular product control the buying
behavior. Their internal thinking or attitudes about a product influence them
to buy a particular product.

The Sales Process:

The steps of sales process are prospecting, qualifying and approaching,
presentation and demonstration, handling objections, closing, and follow-up.
Prospecting means identifying the potential customers. In ACME Juice the
customers are higher class and middle class people. To demonstrate or
present the product to customer ACME arranges team selling, personal
selling and advertisements. ACME also answers the questions of the
customers in shops and superstores and thus handles objections. Besides,
sells-men ask to buy ACME Juice to the customers. If the needs meet with the
supply then the customers buy the product. Moreover, ACME offers the
expire-date as a follow up.

Identify the Potential Target Market:

To identify the potential target market ACME runs survey. For ACME juice the
target market is the upper class and middle class people. It includes the
people who are health conscious and prefer juice to satisfy thirst rather than
cold drinks.

Analyze the need of the target market:

Consumer Market Segmentation: For ACME Juice the market segmentation is
demographical. ACME has launched 250 ml. pack for kids and 1 liter pack for
a family.

Segmenting Business Market: The business market segmentation is

geographical. For example, 1 liter juice pack is availa ble in Chittagong but
not in Teknaf.

Usually ACME does not run field research. It collects secondary from Malson.
Whenever they launch a new product (for example: mustard oil) only then
they buy information for total market demand, market share of the
competitors, growth and so on.

Classifications of consumer goods and service:

ACME Juice, perhaps, is both convenient and shopping product. It is
convenient product for higher class people who are health conscious and take
juice on a daily basis. On the other hand, it is a shopping product for those
who take ACME Juice only when they feel thirsty.

Channel of Distribution:
ACME Juice has 300 distributor houses where juice packs are sent from the
factory. Then the distributor send juice packs to the retailers (in town) or
to the whole-sellers (in the villages). The retailers or the whole sellers
(through the retailer) sell it to the customers.

Price Product to Reach Target Market:

Pricing objective:

ACME Juice sell product on “profitable” and “price to make competition”

objectives. Under profitable objective ACME minimizes its cost of the product
and under price to make competition it offers juice packs in a competitive

Pricing strategies:

The price strategies that ACME Juice follow is “cost based pricing” and
“competitive pricing” strategies. According to cost based strategy the price is
fixed depending on the price. On the other hand under competitive pricing
ACME Juice offer as less price as possible.

Types of Promotion / Promotional Mix: Types of promotion are advertising and
public relation. To increase the public relation they arrange fare & also go to
school, college & university for knowing them about their product.

Objective of Promotional Strategy: Differentiate product, provide information

and increase sell are the objectives of promotional strategy.

Types of Advertisements: The types of advertisement that ACME Juice prefer

is product advertisement and institutional advertisement. They provide juice
information, like they make various siege of juice pack & use three types of
flavor. They also say that they provide better quality than any other.

Advertising and product life cycle: The present advertisement method that
ACME Juice follows is “reminder oriented advertising”.

Advertising Media: The advertising media are newspaper and television.

Consumer oriented promotion: The consumer oriented promotions are

premiums, rebates and samples.

Trade Oriented Promotion: The trade oriented promotions are point of

purchase (like shopping mall/display any product), and personal selling (face
to face presentation when there are a few customers).

Recent trends in personal selling: ACME Juice often goes to a pre-selected

locality and then offer sample products or influence to buy products and thus
develop relationship selling.
Ethics in promotion: ACME Juice never hides any information that may cause
harm to the customer. The ingredients used in the juice maintain BSTI and
international standard. It visits school and colleges and offer juice to kids.

Provide After Sell Service: ACME Juice offer special 6 layers packaging in
packing the juice packs. Moreover, it provide with the transportation facility
to the distributors and whole-sellers. ACME denotes the expire-date of the

ACME Juice encourages customers and distributors to send written comments
about the product. Moreover, it encourages the customers to recommend
others about the product. It provides sample juice pack and then collects
information from the consumers. After collecting feedback it offers rewards
purchases with cash, rebates, merchandise or other premiums. They also try
to sell product directly to the customers by visiting a locality.
Human Resource Management of
ACME Group
Activities of Human Resource Management:

Planning for staffing needs comes from various divisions of the organization.
As ACME is a profit-making organization their main goal remains selling more
of their products. First, a sales forecast is made for the next business year
and then the marketing plan is carefully overviewed by the other divisions to
analyze the amount of resources that will be needed to meet the sales target.

Human resource is one of the vital factors of production and operation and
each division produces a report on their staff recruitment requirement for the
desired sales target. They have to justify their recruitment necessities to the
HRM division as to why they need to employ more people. HRM gives the
proposal a go-ahead if they think it is justified. If the HRM thinks that their
proposal is unjustified and the level of work can be done with the existing
employee force, they can reject the proposal. The proposals are submitted on
October, reviewed till December. On December and January of the next year,
the recruitment process is freeze. After this they do not hire any employees
except for the sales division.

Sales have to do with productivity. The sales force productivity is calculated

by dividing the sales growth by the quantity of labor. If they see that their
sales productivity is good compared to their competitors, they do not recruit
further workers.

If any conflict arises between any of the departments and if HR department

cannot sort it out, the problem is further reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Recruitment and Selection:

ACME is a technology based organization. They have their in-house software

for the sorting of the Curriculum Vitae. ACME has a banner on a website
“” which enables them to get applications submitted by the
interested job candidates. For now, they are sorting out the applications
manually. They are currently developing in-house software for storing the
resumes. This will take 3-4 months to be completed. After that the
applications received will be transferred from the resume database to the HR
manager software’s resume module. This speeds up the sorting out process
and saves valuable manpower.

For an entry level position, candidates are called in for a written test. They
also have case studies where one has to apply his academic knowledge and
common sense. Different sets of questionnaires are made for different
departments, a cut-off score is set, and those who score above that in both
the written test and the case studies are called in for an interview, where
some generic questions are asked. Employment test and checking of
references is conducted for mid level employees. The best candidates are
called in for a follow-up interview. Then they are further assessed and a
candidate is finally selected. A salary negotiation takes place hereafter. For
supervisory level, such as factory workers, there is no such thing as a written
test. Their job experience is noted.

For top management, such as marketing director no advertisements are

published for the position offered. There are organizations called head-
hunters like Monowar Associates, HR Connections who are briefed about the
employee requirements of ACME. Sometimes they specify names of the top
five people in the industry currently serving the asked post in any other
organization such as in the post of managing director. The head hunters have
to approach one of them, and negotiate the ACME’s offered salary and
benefits with the person.

Employee training and performance evaluation:

ACME believes that a trained workforce is an invaluable asset. Hence, from

supervisory level to top level they have a training program designed for
everyone, so that the workforce can attain the desired level of performance.
However the time span for the training programs differs from division to
division and the employee level. Medical representatives at ACME are most
rigorously trained so that they can make their sales to the doctors who
represent a significant portion of the target market.

ACME makes more use of on the job training. There is HR-to-HR training
which is included in on the job training. That is training the employees the HR
skills (standard operating procedures) required in the office by another
employee in a superior position. The same goes for marketing-to-marketing
or finance-to-finance. An existing employee might need to learn a new skill or
a new technology operation method. He or she will be trained through HR-HR.
Or a training need may be identified for around 25 people on project
management .And suppose they don’t have an in-house expert for project
management training. Hence they will secure an expert from outside, bring
that person on ACME’s site and then carry out the training process.

There are certain other expertise’s for which they need to send people
outside for training. During office hours and during an employee’s paid time
they are sending them out, both within the country and outside the country
for training programs. There might be a training program abroad on
advanced project management and the people who have already done the
foundation course on project management will be send for the advanced
training. Product positioning, marketing formulations, for these purposes
employees are sent to countries like Malaysia and Indonesia to further refine
their skills. For example: Quality management head going to Japan for 3
weeks to learn tools and techniques for total quality management. Also,
every HR employee is required to take a minimum training of about 270hrs.
For evaluating the performance of their employees, ACME relies on the
benchmark method. They set a standard for their employees, inform them
what is expected of them and evaluate them on monthly basis. For middle
management especially the managers, 360 degree system is also applied. As
managers have to communicate with both the top level and the supervisory
level their human skills and technical skills has to be excellent.

Employee compensation and benefit:

Employee benefit and flexible work plan is practiced in ACME. They make the
flexible work plan available to only top level executives such as the heads of
divisions, managing directors and directors. They have the privilege to be at
most an hour late to office which they can cover up at the later hours.

They provide bonuses to employees on occasions of Eid. They also provide a

semi-annual performance bonus under the ‘Pay for Knowledge’ scheme.

Employee separation:

Downsizing- after the take-over of caretaker government on 1/11 in 2008,

and the economic downturn that followed, ACME did some downsizing. The
number of employees who were laid off was between 200 to 250.

Outsourcing- ACME has outsourced the online Curriculum Vitae submission

process to They do not have this facility available at ACME’s

Using contingent workers-

ACME uses interns to meet the changing needs. They sign up for 12-13 weeks
contracts with interns from various universities. This helps to bring down the
staffing costs to a considerable extent.

Theories of motivation:

A certain employee might not be interested to perform a job. The manager

will sit for a counseling session with him. There are other employees available
who can perform this job. But the manager will try to convince him that the
task is necessary for the organization and he is the most suitable person to
perform it. And the task will also add to the skills and experience of the
employee. This type of motivation falls under the ‘esteem’ need of Maslow’s
Corporate Social Responsibility of
ACME Group

Public health issue:

ACME is actively participating in vaccination programs for infants. They have

taken up campaigns that remind parents about the benefits of vaccinating
one’s children at the proper time. They have even used the logo “Apnar
shishu ke tika din” at the bottom of their medicine cartons. They have
distributed free “Baby Zinc” tablets for the prevention of childhood diarrhea.
ACME encourages and cherishes sports as they feel it is the healthy way to
live. Expenditures in national sports, various sports clubs, especially cricket
clubs form a minor part of their CSR activities.

ACME is going to engage one of the telecom companies for telemedicine.

People from villages go for consultation to the rural doctors, who then refer
them to urban specialists. So they have to move around a lot to cure their
diseases which involve wastage of energy and resources. The telemedicine
service will help the rural doctors to communicate with by the telemedicine
services, go through diagnostics, and consult the specialists through
telephones, video conferencing, and e-mails.

Protecting the environment:

ACME is an organization that completely focuses on the quality of their

products. Hence they tend to use the most up-to-date and modern
environment friendly machines in their factory plants. This means that they
restrain from making air pollutions by emitting harmful gases such as carbon
monoxide in the air by using old or faulty machineries. In fighting to protect
the environment, proper waste disposal is another key measure. Their wastes
are treated carefully before they are dumped. ACME is playing a part in
Dhaka Beautification project by planting trees in the islands.

Corporate Philanthropy:

ACME sponsors charitable organizations that help people with AIDS. These
organizations help out people who have lost jobs due to their illness and are
fighting hard to support themselves or their families. ACME has also decided
to eradicate poverty by helping the poor kids to give them a better chance at
life. They have recently signed up a contract with ‘JAAGO FOUNDATION’,
which is an English Medium school for underprivileged children. They will pay
15,000TK per month for the next 12months starting from May.
Consumer/ Customer:

Right to be safe- ACME’s core business is making medicines. It is not

feasible for a general consumer to know the health hazards that may be
involved in the consumption of a certain medicine. Hence ACME considers it
their responsibility to give out detailed instruction leaflets inside the boxes of
each and every kind of medicine that they produce. Side-effects, precautions,
suitableness during pregnancy etc are mentioned. In case of the juice, the
provision of the expiry date and the ingredient list ensures that the consumer
knows about what they are actually having and can be aware of any negative

Right to be informed- It is unhealthy or risky to consume a product with

certain health conditions or when the product has become stale or spoiled
with time. Hence it is very important to mention the ingredients, nutrition
facts and expiration date on the product carton. Consumers are informed and
re-assured about what they are actually consuming.

Right to choose- They do not go for persuasive selling. Rather they focus on
making qualitative products and leave the decision making process to the


Workforce safety- measures include placing fire extinguishers in all the

floors of their administrative building and also their factory operations. They
perform a fire training system every month to check how soon the employees
can evacuate the building. This operation was previously being done by
Bangladesh fire service every 3months. Now they have tightened this safety
measure. Their buildings have all been built by following the building codes
set by RAJUK. Their buildings went through changes after the time they were
built and they consulted the structural experts, pharmaceuticals experts and
applied the most recent building codes available at that time to ensure that
all their installations are safe, integrity wise.

Equal opportunity- is promised for every employee. Ideas and innovations

are welcomed from all level of employees and as such if one them is
performing well, the management abides by their promise and rewards the
employee with salary increases or promotion.

Sexual harassment- ACME does not have any records of sexual harassment
from any level of employees so far. Currently they do not have any
established rules for handling sexual harassment related cases.

Our course instructor gave us the opportunity to do a group assignment on

any production based organization and we chose “ACME Agro vet and
Beverages Ltd.” and visited there. The authority of the ACME welcomed us
cordially and had a chance to tell us about the whole agro vet and beverages
they could. After visiting there we gathered a lot of information about agro
vet and beverages business which accelerated us experience in this
profession. For this reason we would like to thank the whole staffs of the
“ACME Group” who gave us the support to carry on our assignment by
providing information and also a very special thanks to our course instructor
for giving us the chance to do this kind of interesting task. Otherwise it will
not be possible for us to complete the assignment without any help of him.
That’s why we are humbly grateful to Mr. Hasanat Karim (HkM), our Bus 101
course instructor.