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August - September 2010

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The best places to spend long, hot summer afternoons

Old Town In Your Pocket

A 12-page special on Bucharest’s Old Town, the area also known as Lipscani

“In Your Pocket: A cheeky, wellwritten series of guidebooks.” The New York Times

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8 Everything you wanted to know about Bucharest and Romania, but were afraid to ask

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Mici, or mititei, perhaps the quintessential taste of a Romanian summer. Tasty meatballs made with beef and mutton they are best grilled on a barbeque and served with sweet mustard and fries. They are a treat not to be missed by any visitor to Bucharest. You can find mici at most terraces and Romanian restaurants in Bucharest and around Romania, and every single one will tell you that theirs are the best. According to the fans of Bucharest In Your Pocket on Facebook, however, the very best in the city are found at La Cocosatu. See page 39.

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Old Town
The heart and soul of the city

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The Sights of Summer. We have a bumper sightseeing section this issue, packed with information on all of the essential (and a few offbeat) sights in the Romanian capital. Casa Poporului (pictured) is one of those essential sights, and as of this summer it is offering two new guided tours, one of which - for the first time - includes access to the basement of this infamous building. See page 54.

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August - September 2010


At the end of July an otherwise glorious weekend at Cabana Susai - above the mountain resort of Predeal - was spoiled by the awful traffic on the DN1 (the main road from Bucharest - Brasov). In both directions the journey (of less than 140 kilometres) took four hours. Given that there are not currently any real alternatives (the train line to Brasov is being modernised and journey times are currently slow), sitting in traffic therefore has to be accepted as part and parcel of a trip to Romania’s mountains. To be honest however, the traffic is only heavy on a certain part of the route: namely Comarnic to Busteni heading towards Brasov, and Predeal to Busteni heading back towards Bucharest. In both directions, once you have made it past Busteni it’s plain sailing, even at peak times on busy summer weekends. Spotted the problem? Correct: it’s Busteni. The DN1 passes right through the centre of the town, and – unlike in Sinaia – there is no alternative route. As Busteni is an incredibly popular place the four or five pedestrian crossings in the town centre are in constant use. This means traffic has to stop every few seconds, creating – on busy days – tailbacks as far as Comarnic in one direction, and Predeal in the other. We see four potential solutions: (i) Build a motorway from Ploiesti to Brasov. Forget the Bucharest to Ploiesti bit for now: it really isn’t needed. Just get the mountain bit done; (ii) Build a Busteni by-pass that takes the bulk of traffic out of Busteni town centre; (iii) Build either pedestrian bridges or underpasses in Busteni so that people can cross the street without traffic having to stop. These are common in other towns and villages through which the DN1 passes; (iv) Wipe Busteni off the map. Send your own thoughts on the issue (and any others) to us at

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In Your Pocket is once again breaking new ground. Fresh from bringing you the most up-to-date city guides around, we have recently gone Dutch with a move into the Netherlands. The first issue of ’s-Hertogenbosch In Your Pocket is now out, providing visitors to the city also known as Den Bosch with all the usual essential information an In Your Pocket guide provides. We also have a pilot issue of Vienna In Your Pocket out on the streets of the Austrian capital: you can download a free PDF copy of both of these new guides at our website, To keep up with all In Your Pocket news and events, like In Your Pocket on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter (
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Bucharest In Your Pocket

You will pay around 45 lei for a trip into town. Express bus N° 780 runs direct from Baneasa to Gara de Nord. You will find the left luggage counter opposite the Wasteels office. Otopeni Henri Coanda. you will find plenty. at least make sure you know the name of the street you are calling from. You first have to take a bus to the airport’s train station. (+4) 021 212 56 84. 9 By Air Crime & Safety If you keep your nose clean. and take 15 minutes depending on traffic. Bus routes 131 and 335 stop outside.30 lei must be bought before boarding: there is a kiosk next to the bus stop. To get to either of the airports from Gara de Nord. There is a full list on pages 75 and 76. shops. You can also get to town by taking bus N° 783. its politics. The city‘s main police station is the brand new building at (B-4) Str. You had better be hungry.September 2010 . Note that the office keeps irregular hours (with staff taking breaks seemingly willy-nilly). and an English speaking Dentist on page 75. Past customs is the arrivals area. Outside you will instead find a line up of shiny. whether calling from a landline or a mobile. if you go looking for trouble by visiting rough areas. so always make sure there will be someone on hand to give you back your bag when you want to pick it up. A ride to the city centre with one of these smiling Charlies will set you back around 130 lei (€32). in crowded bars and pubs and even in restaurants (beware that young lad trying to sell you a rose). you’ll find yourself in the baggage reclaim area. There are ATMs. runs direct from Otopeni to Gara de Nord via Baneasa. The bus or a taxi are better bets. chocolates or a bottle of good whisky. Left Luggage By Train Arriving at Gara de Nord If you arrive by train you will arrive at Gara de Nord. be diplomatic in response. which stops underneath the arrivals hall. because the food never stops coming. N° 780. but has the usual collection of gypsies. or are out late at night. Arriving at Baneasa Baneasa is much closer to the city centre than Otopeni. kiosks and a McDonalds. You wll be asked which service you require (Politia/Police. dish after dish. Drinking in public (except in designated areas) leaves Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. A standard RATB ticket costing 1. The charge is cursory: 4 lei per small bag per 24 hours. There is an ATM in arrivals. Pickpockets are ubiquitous on public transport.inyourpocket. in front of the internal flights terminal. Local laws & Police If you are driving. and avoid the currency exchange booth: a rip-off. such as Ferentari or Salaj.inyourpocket. There is a list of Pharmacies on page 76. To get to town take an honest taxi from outside (beware sharks) or take the metro: you are just two stops away from Piata Victoriei. and the trains themselves run irregularly. and Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu. Emergency call centre operators are all meant to speak English or French but in our experience they do not always do so. Ambulanta/Ambulance or Pompierii/Firemen).8 BasiCs Arriving in Bucharest Bucharest has two international airports. Taxis wait outside. be it currency exchange or limousines to the city centre. Etiquette In their own homes. You do not need to use the city code. both terminating at Piata Romana. ask a Romanian to call. It is OK. page eight). You will be set upon by taxi drivers offering you a ride to the city centre: ignore them. Don’t be surprised if they ask you very direct questions. You will probably be offered local brandy. expensive but generally honest taxis. There are left luggage facilities at Gara de Nord. a short walk from the platforms. Petty crime on the other hand is a major problem. Ignore all of the services on offer here. (C-3) Calea Floreasca 8. On and on. Tickets costing 7 lei (valid for two trips) need to be purchased before boarding from the little booth which you’ll find on your right hand side as you exit the airport bucharest. There is a regular stream of these and you should never have to wait too long. However. Their cabs will display an Airport sign. take bus N° 780. a small cafe. Most Romanians love to chat about their country. It leaves for the city centre (stopping at Piata Victoriei. The best Casualty Unit (Emergency Room) in the city is at Spitalul de Urgente. Romanians are by and large fabulous hosts. Lascar Cartagiu 22. You will see signs pointing you towards trains to Gara de Nord: ignore them. demand to call your embassy. walk through to departures (turn right as you exit baggage claim) and take a regular Bucharest taxi as it drops somebody off. So instead. tel. There is almost no violent crime. Piata Romana and Piata Universitatii) every 30 minutes from 05:23 until 23:53. In all cases. next to Dinamo Stadium. If you get into trouble with the Police. Arriving at Otopeni After getting off the plane and easing your way through passport control. ţuica. If you can. There is no left luggage facility at either Otopeni or Baneasa airport. and tickets cost 3. tramps and thieves to contend with. 7 lei for a bigger bag. where there are a couple of ATMs. but no luggage August . Another bus. BasiCs When Things Go Wrong In an emergency call 112. Bucharest is safer than many other cities in Europe. You must bring something: flowers. The fare to town should cost no more than 35 lei. it is a good idea to carry at least a photocopy of your passport and driving license. More details in the Health box on page 75. and car hire desks (to your right).50 lei. problems and history. but make sure you take one belonging to a trusted company (see Taxis.

08 Saturday Memorial Elvis Money Romania’s currency is the leu (plural lei). bucharest. By and large. Be extra careful around Gara de Nord. Q Concert starts 2010 . If you do have to change cash. call one of the taxi companies listed below. 21. when it comes to ripping people off. www. Mondial 021 9423.myticket. Parcul National Lia Manoliu (Amfiteatrul Mihai Eminescu).60 lei from www.10 BasiCs Time & People Romania is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours. The classic horror film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) will be screened daily. 11 01. the independents have also started to plaster phone numbers (often 9403) over their cars. Golden Blitz 021 9415. 200.18:00 (October).19:00 (July . B-dul Marasti 65-67 (Romexpo). Diverta. Bucuresti Mall. Tue. Snatt & Vix and Glyce head to Bucharest for a long night spinning the records.Parcul Carol). Worth turning up early to see the warm-up act. at least on paper. Tickets 30 . prostitution remains illegal. Locals. Tickets 127. If you feel something is a bit suspect in any taxi. Wonderful. Romania’s top reggae band. Spatarului 22. 09. His name is Cristian Pick of this months events.inyourpocket. and by all accounts he isn’t half bad. B-5.07 Friday Youssou N’Dour you open to a fine. let’s just hope it doesn’t rain. ask your concierge or waiter/waitress to call a taxi for you. Taxi Total 021 August . The problem is spotting the difference. The best place to get your hands on Romanian money is at an ATM. divided into 100 bani. Vlad Tepes. Love him tender. Piata Universitatii.since his death in 1981 . 100. Q Concert starts 22:00. Ticket prices are reasonable (though far from cheap) and should ensure a decent-sized crowd. do it inside a bank.mixes the traditional drum-based rythms of his homeland with the more funky sounds of the West Indies.10 Sunday B/C-5.298. CULtUre & events Exhibitions Volume and Perspective in the Graphic Creation of Theodor Pallady D-5. foreigners.bilete. Some trusted taxi companies: 10. Piata Unirii. trustworthy taxis are easy to spot as they are emblazoned with the name and phone number of the company they are associated with.09 Tuesday Guns N’Roses Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Ion Campineanu 28 (Sala Palatului). pastel and etching) of Romanian master Pallady.99 lei per kilometre should start alarm bells ringing. Speed Taxi 021 9477.dd-east. Admission 8 lei.09 Saturday TrancENDancE with Markus Schulz Str. Tickets 70-250 lei from www. 14.09 Friday The Wailers Toilets The only decent public toilets in town are those in the Piata Universitatii underpass (and which are free). Cutiul de Argint 26 (Arenele Romane). and documents belonging to and relating to. The band that for 12 years accompanied Bob Marley has . then this gig is for you.23. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. The population of Romania is 21. Str. If you are in a hotel or restaurant. 10:00 in London and 05:00 in New York. or £0. Cutitul de Argint 26 (Arenele Romane .700. Notes come in denominations of 500. the real-life inspiration behind the fictional Dracula. Closed Mon. students and children 4 To counter this.10. There should just now be one single tarif displayed. Mavi 021 9450 Meridian 021 9444. Q Open 11:00 .07 Thursday .continued to perform live. When it is 12:00 in Bucharest it is 11:00 in Berlin. displayed on the driver and passenger door of all taxis. Q Concert starts 19:00. Confort 021 9455. note down the driver’s number and call his company to report him. By and large your best bet in Bucharest is finding the nearest fast food outlet and purveying yourself of their facilities. and of Bucharest 2. As it is taking place at the Arenele Romane.20 lei from www. Q Concert starts 20:00. To avoid any problems.07 Friday .100. 50. Taxi As 021 9435. reinventing itself by regularly bringing in young new talent. Calea Victoriei 49-53 (National Museum of Art). At the time of writing one leu was equal to €0. This outstanding exhibition features portraits of.80 . Q Concert starts 20:00. and anything higher than 1.bilete.10 Sunday Taxi Tactics Bucharest’s taxi drivers have a refreshingly liberal sense of equal opportunities: basically. Most of these companies have at least one operator who speaks English.000 (both 2007 estimates). tel.known as Mbalax . alongside copy-cat logos that look cunningly like those of decent taxi companies. Another section focuses on vampire mythology and folklore. The important thing to remember when getting into a taxi in this city is that there are two kinds: those which are operated by a tried and trusted taxi company (good) and independents (bad). Tickets 90-160 lei from www. Autogeneral 021 9401. Dracula: Ruler and Vampire Rock & Pop Concerts 30. Fine exhibition reuniting 32 graphic works (crayon. 10 and 5 bani coins. Leone 021 9425. Cobalcescu 021 9451. they view anyone as fair game. male. Something of a legend to many. Senegalese singer/songwriter whose style . Cristaxi 021 9461. Theodor Pallady Museum. A feast for dance music fans as legendary DJs Markus Schulz. young.inyourpocket. El old. These are supplemented by 50. 5 and 1. Str. The best way to avoid being ripped off however is to pay careful attention to the tariffs.000. female: anyone who steps in the wrong kind of taxi can expect to be well and truly buggered. Free entrance on the first Wednesday of each month. (+4) 021 211 49 79. Str. and note that despite appearances to the contrary.September). Baneasa Airport. It remains to be seen if Axl and the boys can recapture the form that once made them one of the world’s best live acts.25. 10:00 . china ink. You will also find weapons and portraits depicting the 15th-18th century conflicts between the Muslim and Christian worlds in southeastern Europe. If you are arrested ask to speak to your embassy for advice. wonderful. If all you ever wanted was to see Romania’s top Elvis tribute act live on stage. Tickets 25 lei from www.myticket.

ro. Tickets 100 lei from www. www. Q Box office open Tue-Fri 10:0019:00. Twentysix years and nine studio albums later.srr. Tickets 40 lei from www. Even if this kind of footage exists elsewhere. tel. swings and 12:00 . Str. Q Concert starts 19:30.streetheroes. Magazin Muzica B-4. eventim. C-5. PS: There is a marvelous diversion midway through the film: a scene in the foreign press centre. and now has a music festival named after him. (+4) 0755 08 55 55. and by the sound of 08. Break dancing.08 Sunday Romanian Salsa Festival 12. Barbu Vacarescu 164 (Zone Arena). Q Concert starts 20:00. (+4) 0733 92 78 61. Admission (3hrs) adults 33 lei.10 Friday Pete and The Pirates 02. Brasov For an action packed day out. Academiei 19. Released their first full length album entitled Little Death in 2008. the people who come back from abroad shouldn’t be allowed in it. tel. He was arrested a number of times. Tickets 30 lei from Control Club. www.diverta. The elections of 1990 (both parliamentary and presidential) were marked by the kind of irregular activities usually the preserve of places like Zimbabwe and Belarus. Sat 16:00 . tel.22:00. The press conference at which he defends the FSN’s decision to field candidates in the elections is a masterclass in batting away difficult Special Events Arenele Romane Str. Too much of the content of this film has been forgotten. Set over two acres it is the answer to all your ‘what shall we do with the kids’ prayers. Berthelot 60-64. tunnels. Diverta E-7. yet another a telex machine. The film very loosely tells the story of the first six months of 1990.’ or ‘if there has to be some opposition. Str. Tickets 30 lei from Control Club. Grab your partners. Tickets 50 . www. and more progressive revolutionaries who actually wanted to take the country forward. Calea Plevnei in a concert by salsa legend Herman The Osbourne fellow. Str. (+4) 0733 92 78 61. www. UK. Romanian National Opera (Opera Nationala Romana) A-5. (+4) 021 315 25 42. Q Performances start 11:00. specifically. skateboarding. Closed Sat. most famously outside Claridges. starred in a popular reality show alongside his two children and wife/ manager (who also had a great influence in building his solo career). control-club.500 lei from assault courses and all sorts of other activites. Calea Vitan 55-59 (Bucuresti Mall).ro. tel. that it would stay out of politics) to the mineriada of June 13-15. Jet Set Events Hall B-6. who will be performing at the Zone Arena in Bucharest on October 2nd Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. it’s shocking. The observer delivering the report (whose name escaped us) is clearly astonished at what has gone on. Ateneul Român C-5. Started as lead vocalist of a (now) legendary heavy metal band. they’re going places. where inside that famous hotel Nicolae Ceausescu was hosting a banquet for HM Queen Elizabeth II. which for some years now has been the unofficial anthem of local football team Steaua Bucharest. 26. Academiei 19. (+4) 021 315 68 75. man (like you didn’t know that already). Relatively new indie-punk-rock band from Reading. control-club. Calea Plevnei 61 (The Silver Church). German. salsa music and dance from renowned international artists. Cutitul de Argint 26 (Parcul 07. What you get here is three events inone: the Romanian qualifying rounds of the World Salsa Championship.09 Friday Experimental Friday C-6. Ion Iliescu (at the time the leader of the FSN) is a shrewd. Here ignorance plays its part: Raţiu in fact protested more than most against Romanian communism. Sala Radio Closed Mon. Sun 10:00 .11:00. Tickets 150 .ro. which is why we can’t help but recommend it. (+4) 021 314 69 80. 13 24. No Venues & Tickets Carol). Park Aventura. Incredibly popular worldwide. The footage of the public arguments taking place in Piata Universitatii the day after opposition supporters had organised the first major protest against the FSN is priceless.. 01. Cutitul de Argint 26 (Arenele Romane . Franklin 1-3. B-dul Libertatii 1.parc-aventura. Two bands for the price of one: Kwoon (a Parisian post-rock combo) and Cecilia Eyes (another French shoegaze outfit). in 1978. when brutal miners from the Jiu Valley violently put down student protests against the FSN government. from the announcement on February 6 by the National Salvation Front (FSN) that it would field candidates in presidential and parliamentary elections (having initially said. Though touted as a documentary. in Romania they are best known for the track Maria. the band has its roots in The Netherlands. intriguing.September 2010 . it’s all going down in Parcul Tineretului. There are trees to climb. American heavy metal group. Casa de Cultura a Studentilor Preoteasa A-5. Q Concert starts 20:00. Ion Raţiu and Radu Câmpeanu. You can buy a copy of După Revoluţie at the film’s website. The report delivered by the head of the foreign observers at the end of the film is not just damning. Str. it’s safe to say that they’re one of the most appreciated and loved bands of the genre (dark-electro-gothic). Calea Victoriei 41-43.10 Thursday Clan of Xymox Str. Zone Arena C-3. it is more a document than documentary per se. Could be an interesting evening. www. Germany. Sala Palatului B-5. Currently based in Leipzig. Party like it’s 1985 kids.19:00. tel. graffiti. (+4) 0728 44 64 16. Q Concert starts 20:00. Having less than a month beforehand been citizens in the most dictatorial regime in Europe. Str.’ Both stood in the presidential election of May 1990 against Ion Iliescu. bucharest. Q Box office Open Mon 10:00-16:00. It shows how the country was split in two: between naive. Sala Polivalenta B-dul Tineretului 1 (Parc Tineretului).ro. Tue-Sun 10:00-19:00. and did so for decades. tel.fge. 14:00-19:00. B-dul Kogalniceanu 70-72. Cutiul de Argint 26 (Arenele Romane). You will find it opposite Brasov’s zoo (follow the signs for the zoo as you come from Bucharest).’ ‘The people from abroad’ were..19:00.09 Wednesday Cage A-5. who are accused of ‘not having protested like us against communism. we doubt anyone will ever broadcast it. when we get to see Chris Walker. www.10 Saturday Ozzy Osbourne Str. Sun. tel. Two further things will strike you watching the film: 1. Q Box office open 10:00-13:00. a two and a half hour drive north of the capital.12 CULtUre & events După Revoluţie După Revoluţie (After the Revolution) is a film by Laurentiu Calciu that captures the mood on Bucharest’s streets in the immediate aftermath of 1989’s revolution. Str. children (8-11yrs) 23 lei. heavy-dance outfit. in the immediate aftermath of the 1989 revolution. ccs. Câmpeanu spent years in Romania’s gulag before being exiled to Paris. An endlessly fascinating. tel. (+4) 031 425 78 01. B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu 2.inyourpocket. (+4) 021 315 73 72. Q Tickets (price unknown as we go to press) from the Silver Church.08 Saturday Street Heroes Parc Tineretului. first concert in Romania. tel. 2. In all there are more than eight different trails (one of which welcomes children as young as four). QOpen 10:00 . in Carol).org. eu. (+4) 021 314 71 71.eventim. and was started in 1984 by Ronny Moorings under the name Xymox. of The August .70 lei from www. www. www. www. (+4) 021 314 77 70/(+4) 021 303 12 97. Fans of salsa need look no further. rap music. phone in his handwritten report for the next day’s paper (in the days when journalists actually had to work for a living). National Theatre (Teatrul National) C-5.09 Sunday Scooter Str. scared people who believed in the ‘nu vindem ţara‘ (we will not sell the country) nonsense that the FSN was spouting at the time. Vineri 4 (Club Twice ReInvented). www. Q Concert starts 20:00. Q Open 10:00-21:00. some might say arrogant. (+4) 021 314 56 08. www. Sf. C-5. take the kids to Parc Aventura (Cartier Noua.14. Q Performance starts 20:00. In turn. children (4-7yrs) 18 lei. Remember those? CULtUre & events 22.eventim. disturbing and genuinely unique document.08 Thursday . students 28 lei. Str. Tickets 80 lei from www. Another journo is seen using a typewriter. tnb.eventim. need to tell you anymore. Ion Campineanu 28. it is incredible to hear people say things like ‘no other parties except the FSN should be allowed. tel. Barbu Vacarescu 164. tel. Title of their latest album? War of the Undead.

Q 62 hotel-apartments (49 apartments €120-150. tel. tel. PTHAR6UFLGKDCW (+4) 0372 01 03 00.hilton. the Radisson Blu. for the views over the city. where the sleek. (+4) 021 224 00 34. Contemporary and welcoming. ask for a room on one of the upper floors. Calea Victoriei 56. as to dwell on the past ignores the fact that this is a it’s well worth trying out. 26 suites €195. The audio-visual systems in the rooms for example are state of the art. is one of the largest hospitality complexes in Europe. 17 suites/apartments €185-375). tel.14 where to stay players. here the grand scale merely adds to the luxurious feeling of staying somewhere rather special. Making the very best of a wonderful building (which dates from1886) on chic Calea Victoriei. Calea Victoriei 63-81. aken together. To really get the bets out of this place though. uniquely decorated. tel. MP-ta Romana. Can also boast a large swimming pool. modern hotel. Calea Dorobantilor 5-7. airy and brilliantly. tel. for they are not. Episcopiei 1-3.Q 59 rooms (20 singles/doubles €280-300. Luxuriously furnished. www. Prices include breakfast. PHARUFLGKDCW Athenee Palace Hilton C-5. A gorgeous place where the finest things are offered to all who pass through its doors. Q 164 rooms (130 singles/doubles €160-170. expect only fine. and the dining opportunities in general are excellent: there is a wonderful Japanese restaurant.inyourpocket. www. This is a deep shame. the hotel can also offer perhaps the greenest setting in the capital. PTHAR6UFLGKDW Grand Hotel Continental C-5. the Carol Park is coquette and secluded: you have to know about this place. B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu 2-4. POTHARUFLGKDW InterContinental C-5. www. www. www.intercontinental. Carol Parc Aleea Suter (+4) 021 310 20 20. www. Prices include Buffet Breakfast. 8 apartments €230). There’s marble at every turn. For the great location and for a change from the big chains. Ask for a room with a views over Piata Revolutiei for best effect. surrounded as it is by beautifully maintained grounds. certainly. a home of intrigues and adventure for more than a century) it is less often referred to in the present. Cream of the Crop (+4) 021 303 37 77. Q 17 rooms (14 singles/doubles €139-250. all of which carry the signatures of top-name designers. (+4) 021 201 50 00. comfortable rooms (and bathrooms to match) and some outstanding drinking and dining options. This is a high-rise hotel in the busy centre of Bucharest. modern exterior is matched by the interiors. (+4) 021 336 33 77/ Howard Johnson Grand Plaza B-3. but offering something a bit different to the bigger Symbol Key P Air conditioning O Casino T Child friendly R Internet (Standard) F Fitness centre K Restaurant C Swimming pool A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Disabled facilities L Guarded parking G Non-smoking rooms D Sauna W WiFi Internet Aparthotel Centre Ville Elite B-5. PHARULGKW Crowne Plaza Bucharest A-1. POTHARUFLGKDCW M Nearest metro station J Old Town location Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. on site. Prices from €110-250). Q 285 rooms (268 singles/doubles €95-125. With a renowned reputation for individual and friendly service. Benihana.crowneplaza. The apartments here are large. coming as it does with champagne (for those who enjoy such things in the morning). The breakfast is perhaps the best in the city. B-dul Poligrafiei 1. tel.carolparchotel.Q 271 rooms (175 singles/ doubles. www. Str. Much spoken of in the past tense (this place has a seriously long and legendary .ro. as you do not find it by Prices include VAT. hojoplaza. VAT not included. today’s Grand Hotel Continental is the result of more than two years of loving renovation and restoration. World Class Health Academy and the Platinum Casino. tel.centreville. 13 suites €160-250). classic furnishings and very personal service. with includes the Centre Ville the immense rooms offer the latest in gadgetry and perhaps the fluffiest bathrobes in Romania. MUniversitate. 39 suites/ apartments €330-920). 96 suites & Prices do not include VAT and breakfast. the Crowne Plaza Bucharest offers all the reassuring global standards you would expect of the brand. 3 apartments €450). the Centre Ville Hospitality Complex. from first class accommodation to world class facilities. All taxes and breakfast included. Yet whereas size can often disappoint. Luxurious. though do not think that modern touches are missing. Still the tallest hotel in Bucharest (+4) 021 569 33 77. (+4) 021 312 70 70.

accommodation. The entrance is impressive: a replica of the old neoclassical National Theatre which stood on this exact site until the British bombed it to next week during the Second World War. 23 suites & apartments 1500-5000 lei). Grand Accommodation has a variety of well furnished apartments and villas to suit all pockets in good locations available for both short and long term rentals. (+4) 021 302 92 80. (+4) 021 403 00 00. ro. Apartments are well furnished. As you walk in the glass bar strikes you as daring and modern. POTHAR6U� FLGKDW 311 90 00. Professional Realty C-6. This. and a fitness centre complete with sauna. providing a welcome contrast to the building. (+4) 0728 82 18 83. Choose from a selection of studios. www. www. Prices do not include breakfast and VAT. meaning late starters can still get breakfast. sc. VAT not included. and there’s free and fast Wifi throughout. Shiny and new the main part of the hotel is wonderful: rooms are big. A good on-site steak house keeps you well fed. Q Prices from € www.hotelduke. 40 suites & apartments €220-250). Calea Victoriei 63-81. A. PTHAR6UFLGKDW Angelo Calea Bucurestilor 283. All have internet connections. betray the fact that it was built as part of the same grand plan as the Casa Poporului itself. A proverbial stone’s throw from Piata Romana. (+4) 021 308 85 00. PARGKW Golden Tulip Times E-6. VAT not included. Baicului 8. 15 suites / apartments €305-800). Bright.goldentuliptimes. tel. www. The most luxurious have jacuzzis and fireplaces and are a genuine five-star To the south of Casa Poporului the JW Marriott occupies something of a palatial building that at first glance probably makes it the most immediately impressive of Bucharest’s big five star hotels. Str. and all in we think that the squaremeterage-per-euro ratio is higher here than anywhere else in Bucharest. George Valentin Bibescu 33. (+4) 0722 36 75 68. Now this place is central. B-dul Dacia 33.inyourpocket. 10/2. Q Prices from €40-55/ night. 21 suites/ apartments €309 -1500). The discretion of the bucharest. Q Prices from €35-65.romvision. double and extra bed rates). tel. Str. www. 133. There is high speed Wifi throughout. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. 1 triple €190. 6. there is first class dining in the building. tel. www. tel. Rooms are well-sized. The Angelo is operated by Vienna Hotels. bathrooms have tubs and showers. Q 38 rooms (32 singles/doubles €150-180. bl. B-dul Decebal 19. There is Wifi throughout and a host of extras: not least of which is the fantastic breakfast.rocazare. Q 203 rooms (188 singles/ doubles €205-225. com/buhro. and its bright exterior is matched by the interior: bold colours abound in all the rooms and the common areas. VAT not included. tel. VAT not included. www. (+4) 021 203 65 Short Term Rental 07. 5 suites/apartments €200-210). ap. Excellent restaurants. P-ta Montreal 10. Prices include breakfast (except single. B-dul Burebista 1. tel. tel. There are separate showers. The scale of the place. many of whom have been loyal guests for decades. sc. QPrices from €48-68/night. big desks and comfy RomVision Travel E-6. (+4) 021 318 30 00. Transport to and from the airport is complimentary. 16 apartments €219). We loved this place for a number of reasons. people. Q 177 rooms (134 singles/doubles €180-190. (+4) 021 232 04 Bucharest In Your Pocket . The spacious. (+4) 021 322 65 33. luxurious rooms are the main attraction at this high rise in the north of the city. two and three bedroom apartments.Q 258 rooms (242 singles/ doubles €225-245. lively lobby bar and a big indoor swimming pool are other added benefits of staying here. D15. 4. VAT not included. Q 257 rooms (236 singles/doubles €169. VAT not included. this modern hotel is squeezed in to a tight spot between two classic Bucharest buildings of the past. is a very good hotel where you get a hell of a lot of room for a relatively small amount of money. MP-ta Romana. A RoCazare Str. PJHARUFLGKDCW Radisson Blu B-4. These people have been offering great apartments in central Bucharest since 1996. Prices do not include VAT and breakfast. Today it is one of many but remains something of a first choice for journalists and business people. A wide variety of apartments in the city centre of all types and sizes. with bathrooms particularly impressive. POTHAR6FLGKDCW JW Marriott Bucharest Grand B-6. PTHARULGKW K+K Elisabeta C-5. The on site restaurant is one of the best hotel-based eateries in the city. 113 suites/ apartments 730-8500 lei). ro. with something for all pockets. Closest hotel to Otopeni airport. A gleaming temple of steel and glass amongst the more classical buildings of Calea Victoriei. www.radissonblu./fax (+4) 021 314 20 Duke C-4. tel. 3 triples € and they offer a full 24-hour service. www. bl. not least the fact that the huge breakfast buffet stays open until 11:00. one. Few locations are better than this. tel. POTHAR6U� FLGKDCW Novotel Bucharest City Centre tel. Bathrooms are equally impressive and modern. (+4) 021 316 65 16/(+4) 021 316 65 18. from small and simple to big and luxurious. and its cavernous interiors. and there is both an indoor and outdoor pool. tel. www. Q 402 rooms (379 singles/doubles 740-790 16 suites/ apartments €275-375). Q 70 rooms (54 singles/doubles €169-189. Yet the rooms are homely and well-furnished. Calea Victoriei 37B. and the rooms themselves are equally avant garde in design. colourfully furnished apartments in and around the centre of Bucharest. Grand Accommodation Tel. Bathrooms offer both tubs and showers. Q 424 rooms (424 singles/ doubles 500-750 lei. and air conditioning. Calea 13 Septembrie 90. Prices include renovated period house just behind Piata Universitatii. All come furnished well with terrific beds. The hotel is located in a huge. (+4) 021 317 41 86/(+4) 021 317 41 87. and though there is no pool there is a good fitness centre with sauna and massage available. Slanic 26. (+4) 021 Over €150 00.pullmanhotels. The rooms here all boast big balconies with great views of the city. tel. at the beginning of the 1970s. Good buffet www. where the bathrooms boast perhaps the deepest bathtubs in the city. Prices include breakfast. and the management is commendably handson. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. POTHAR6U� FLGKDCW Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center A-1. Beds get high marks for their excellent mattresses. right on fashionable Calea Victoriei. the Radisson excels in playing the role of futuristic Bucharest hotel of choice.16 where to stay (complete with a swimming pool and sun terrace on the top floor) the Inter Continental was the first major five star hotel to open in Romania.

(+4) 021 313 94 00. tel. Calea Mosilor 112. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Q 22 rooms (14 singles/doubles €99-134. The Hotel Parc has been around a while. hotelelgreco. Izvor 106. Prices include VAT and breakfast. So named because it is located behind Romania’s parliament building. It offers very big rooms with glorious bathrooms. In spring and summer the terrace at the back is a great place to take your breakfast (included in the price of a room).ro. (+4) 021 312 04 77. PHARULGK 19 €100-150 hotelamzei. contemporary hotel experience for a fair amount of money: you can usually stay here for far less than the rack the NH makes up for that by offering a modern. (+4) 021 and Herastrau park . www. Casa Poporului. Every room is a bit different. PTHARUFLGKDCW Ramada Plaza Bucharest B-dul Poligrafiei 3-5. ramadabucharestparc. Breakfast not included. (+4) 021 210 73 03/(+4) 0731 00 99 99. there is a good lobby bar and a decent on site bistro. high double beds. 79 doubles €178. the Central was totally renovated last year and is now one of the best value stays in the city. Expect well sized rooms with plenty of extras and a very good on site restaurant. though it has of course been renovated and refurbished to include a rack of modern luxuries. amongst cinemas and theatres. all are individually furnished and have bags of character. tel. The bathrooms are a little more modest. Prices include VAT and breakfast. PHARUFGKDCW 62 70. PTHAR6ULGKW 35/(+4) 021 315 56 36.hotelchristina.a real bonus . This is one such villa dating from that period. www. PTHAR6FGKDW 300 05 45. Q 78 rooms (78 singles/doubles €80-90).com.September 2010 .while not big . PTARGKW C-4. Str. Q 111 rooms (85 singles/doubles €240-290. The design of the place is nicely futuristic. tel. the ambience of the ancien regime has been preserved. which you can see from almost all of the rooms. Good cafes (there are two) to choose from on the ground floor: one has a covered terrace. the Armonia offers terrific (though not all that big) rooms that come complete with what have to be contenders for the ‘best bathrooms in the city’ prize we often mention but never get round to handing out. www. 8 apartments €235). 7 triples €330. what you get here is a slightly bigger room than at the Parc. Not altogether that inviting from the outside.inyourpocket. Prices include VAT and breakfast.ramadamajestic.tulipinnbucharestcity. PTHARFLGKDCW Amzei B-4. tel. Prices include VAT. (+4) 021 315 56 location betrays the fact that this is the kind of place you come to if you like old fashioned luxury.are comfortable and boast brightly coloured décor and gorgeous. Str. B-dul Poligrafiei 3-5. This hotel has been around for a decade now and offers a four/five star experience: many of the rooms have jacuzzis in their bathrooms and are packed with luxuries such as the huge. making this one of the best villa conversions in the city. Prices include VAT and breakfast. 1 presidential suite €485). www. The Ramada Bucharest Parc A-1. preWorld War II. Central by name. Ion Slatineanu 13. Str. Free Wifi is a bonus. Q 32 rooms (29 singles/ doubles €110-140. 5 suites & apartments €199). MP-ta good service. everything. Q 62 rooms (57 singles/doubles €140-160.a swimming pool (albeit a rather small one).hence the name) it boasts nice rooms which . A delicious villa conversion in the middle of Piata Amzei. bang on Bucharest’s version of El Greco Central B-5. www. but only came under the Ramada banner a short while ago. many with sloping ceilings and hidden nooks and crannies. elegant. tel.nh-hotels. Str.hotelarmonia. soft cotton sheets on the beds. tel. Calea Victoriei 38-40. but which have failed miserably. (+4) 021 411 99 90. and possess exceptional taste. (+4) 021 549 30 00. It’s the hotel many others in the city have tried to be. 2 apartments €140). tel. Magic! A great hotel setting new standards for simple. close to. Ion Brezoianu 13. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. tel. (+4) 021 310 27 20. Nerva Traian 3A. B-dul Mircea Voda 21. tel. www. Not located in the most attractive area of the city. Christina Armonia D-4. Q 24 rooms (24 singles/doubles €80-95). central by Christina gets it right. and we loved the beds which we think are amongst the best in Bucharest. Located in the heart of what was. 43 doubles € Great buffet breakfast included in the price. A high-rise in a leafy suburb (close to Romexpo Tulip Inn D-7. We loved it from the moment we saw the first room: all straight lines and bright yellow furniture. bucharest. Happy. Prices include VAT and breakfast. multi-lingual staff are a bonus not always found in Bucharest’s hotels. Good place to stay with children and babies: the staff make a point of making them feel welcome.ramadaplazabucharest. The rooms are all enormous. Jean Louis Calderon 16. 26 suites / apartments €350-1200). Q 266 rooms (259 singles/doubles €178-200. tel. 14 deluxe rooms €260. PHARUFGKDW where to stay Broadway (it’s all relative).ro. Q 267 rooms (180 singles €156. Standing (dare we say it) majestically on Calea Victoriei. colourful design. the most stylish residential area in the city. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Q 88 rooms (23 singles €185. P-ta Amzei 8. well. 3 suites €220). but are a decent size and very well decorated. suites/apartments €170). the Majestic has long been one of Bucharest’s best hotels. a great breakfast and . Slap. with commendably big bathrooms. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. www. which are among the best we’ve come across in Bucharest. In a city in which even some of the five star hotels lack pools. 1 suite €400). the Tulip Inn is something of a beacon of glass and steel in an area of monumental socialist architecture. parliament-hotel. (+4) 021 549 20 00. Str. Q 67 rooms (59 singles/doubles €252275. and much bigger bathrooms. Fortunately. the Majestic’s makes it well worth that little bit extra cash. and the whole place just smacks of very good taste. a different colour or mood. www. www. 7 apartments €302). Prices include VAT and Slightly more upmarket than its sister establishment across the road. and who go out of their way to make sure you do not get ripped off by dodgy taxi drivers: such attention to detail is to be applauded. sparkling white floors and minimalism. Located just off Bulevardul Unirii. PTHARULGKW A-6.centralhotel. PHAR6� UFGKDCW Parliament Ramada Majestic B-4. 5 triples €129-154. www. PTHARULGKW C-5. tel.18 where to stay hotel is a decent place offering big-ish rooms. (+4) 021 200 Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. PHARUGKW NH Bucharest August . Q 20 rooms (18 singles/doubles €95-110. We like the staff who are always Q 76 rooms (singles/doubles €130-150. 7 superior rooms €220. 3 suites €135-168). (+4) 021 315 81 31/(+4) 021 315 90 00.

vilaarte. PTHARLGKW Starlight B-4. perfect for tired business types in need of evening relaxation. it remains a great choice for business people who pay their own bills: you get great service. for it is indeed in the north of the city. excellent value rooms and super services. for example. no Residence Domenii Plaza A-2. The rooftop terrace has fine views of what is the city’s best residential area. and sets the scene for the exquisite rooms.inyourpocket. Expect some unique rooms. good value rooms in a decent location just behind Bucharest’s Opera House. understated atmosphere. Str. A hotel whose biggest claim to fame is probably that it sits above one of the first pizza parlours ever to open in Bucharest (also called Horoscop). Str. MP-ta Unirii. Vasile Lascar 78.20 where to stay Find hundreds more places to stay online at bucharest. 10 suites/ apartments €110-120).starlighthotels. and come complete with great 4 suites €110-120). tel. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. Pompiliu Eliade 2. Staff happy and smiley too. 4 suites/ apartments 392-781. Q 40 rooms (35 singles/doubles €135-145. some of which have a dead-central location yet are only asked for a fraction of what the five-stars charge. Grigore Alexandrescu 89-97. Lovingly renovated with care. 18 suites/ apartments €110-120). 52 rooms (48 singles/doubles €80100. we think that you get value for money. (+4) 021 312 27 38.amongst the Manu 2-4. In all. Str. The oldest Chinese restaurant in Romania is located on the ground floor. studios and apartments are bright. tel. Calea Plevnei 59A. and a continental breakfast is included in the price.inyourpocket. (+4) 021 335 40 31/(+4) 021 336 62 42.hotelvenezia. There are little touches of class all over the hotel that suggest they really care. tel. Str. PHA6FGKDW tel. design and comfort have been combined to great effect. Al. Str. www. furnished in classic style. on average. Mihail Moxa 4. tel. this hotel is located close to the city centre in a wonderful Secession building that has been brilliantly converted into a very good place to 7 suites €199). Q 232 rooms (164 singles/doubles €111-122. Constantinescu 33. The on-site dining is decent too. air conditioning in all rooms and a non-smoking environment. A wonderful villa. offering large. www. free wifi and a decent breakfast all make for an enjoyable stay. It’s a classy place for classy people.hotel-horoscop. (+4) 021 312 48 57. Prices include breakfast. Apartments are good value and come with fluffy bathrobes. Rather special and worth the money. steam bath and enormous jacuzzi. in Bucharest . (+4) 021 223 19 78. perfectly formed little boutique hotel. The bathrooms by contrast are the height of modern design. big and have stunning bathrooms.inyourpocket. lovely staff and some thoroughly reasonable prices. the latest in home entertainment systems. 24 triples €133. (+4) 021 210 10 35. (+4) 021 650 55 55. and glitzy Calea Dorobantilor is Starlight. PARFLGKDW Horoscop Opera B-5. Add in speedy internet connections. Q 33 rooms (15 singles/doubles €90-100. complete with sauna and jacuzzi. tel. It has great rooms . Prices include VAT and breakfast. tel.minerva. www. basically. Well named. All the rooms. (+4) 021 310 68 72. Daniel Danielopolu 44A. Str. www. ro. www. (+4) 021 319 51 60. www. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. ro.hotelmoxa. Q24 rooms (24 Total rooms ). VAT not included. Q 15 rooms (11 singles/doubles 224-392 lei. A small. 6 apartments €120-135). and you have a winner. All have air conditioning. 1 apartment €125-145). PTHAR� LGKDW Siqua A-5. Ramada Bucharest North C-6. At the bustling junction of B-dul Iancu de Hunedoara. www.45 lei). Each room has individual air conditioning/heating.hotelsiqua. the Hotel Venezia completes a handy little triumvirate of three-star accommodation options in and around Bulevardul Kogalniceanu (the others being the Opera and Central hotels. Rooms are quite big (though some are bigger than others and are priced accordingly). are fabulous. Q 149 rooms (139 singles/doubles €103-140. complete with separate living and sleeping areas. Every room is a suite.and the bathrooms are tremendous: all have bathtubs. www. where the seven rooms have each been designed to offer something different to the next. serving good international cuisine. Str. Having been around so long it is entitled to a gold watch. Str. 7 suites €199). The fitness centre is free to guests. tel. especially given the size of the rooms and the terrific breakfast spread they lay on every morning for guests. and throughout the place the art which adorns the walls is all local and most is for sale. Prices include breakfast. as is the newly added spa. PTAR6UFLGKDW Venezia Excellent value for money. VAT not included. PTHARLGKW Le Boutique Hotel Moxa B-4. PARFLGKDW Minerva Residence Arc de Triomphe B-4. residencehotels. You could quite literally throw a stone from the rooms here into Cismigiu Park (though we do not recommend it). Prices include VAT and breakfast. The hotel boasts a good spa centre (with excellent Turkish bath). and as such we think this is a great place for families with children to stay when visiting the Prices include all taxes. some with real character provided by the shape of the building. The entrance is impressive. Good young staff. Clucerului 19. bucharest. Fantastic hotel in a good area of the capital.September 2010 . some have two bedrooms. 44 suites/apartments €156). Bd. and kitchenettes complete with microwaves. PTHARUFLGKDW Vila Arte C-5. tel. A real treat of a hotel. a good room. residencehotels.Q 7 rooms (6 singles/doubles € always a bonus as far as we are concerned. Q 33 rooms (26 singles/doubles €140-160. 10 suites €155-185). Dimitrie Cantemir 2. (+4) 021 211 34 13. PTHARL� GKDW Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. The wrought iron beds. (+4) 021 233 50 00. www. PTHARUGKW where to stay 21 C-7. It also has a fantastic spa. Not cheap. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Q 49 rooms (42 singles/doubles €140-160. (+4) 021 224 50 44/(+4) 0372 15 06 August . The restaurant is also worth a Now here is something new and different. big fitness room with loads of equipment and has a good lobby bar. Ion Brezoianu 37. though note that most of the rooms have showers only. Simple. Prices include VAT and breakfast. complete with sauna. Q 78 rooms (72 suites €81-95. PTHARLGK A-3.ramadanorth. all part of the same chain). Str. tel. Q 35 rooms (25 singles/ doubles €90-100. Prices include VAT and breakfast. taste and not a little style. this place offers real luxury and a quiet. It is really hard to knock the Minerva so we will not even try. 5 suites & apartments €165-180). Prices include VAT and breakfast.

B-dul Dacia 125. Clucerului . Inside the rooms are simple. Prices do not include breakfast. Q 23 rooms (17 singles/doubles €35-40. Prices include VAT and breakfast. The Rembrandt is what happens when people with taste renovate buildings in Old Town Bucharest (the gorgeous cafe next door belongs . (+4) 021 319 45 91. PHAR6GKW C-5.ibishotel. A little more luxurious in fact than the Confort. well-appointed four-star rooms. Expect a room a bit bigger than standard Ibis size. 5 suites/apartments €55). Staff are friendly. Q 6 rooms (6 singles/ doubles €70-80). and they cost about €1 per square metre. Bathrooms are a bit pokey but they are more than adequate. tel. Prices include all taxes and The decor is a step-above the norm. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Smardan 11. Prices include VAT. just as you love them (or otherwise!) from anywhere else on the planet. befitting a small hotel.goldentulipbucharest. tel. (+4) 021 260 Rin Calea Bucurestilor 255A. Q 83 rooms (81 singles/doubles €75-90. a pleasant walk to both Piata Victoriei and Piata Universitatii. For a start there is a big pool to enjoy. PAR6ULGKDW Trianon B-5. and ready to see to your every need. www. 2 apartments €128). everything at the Unique is new. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. though it is only fair to say that it is a good 30 minutes or so to the city centre. and run by the same people. www. For what you pay at this hotel. good service and good value you have come to expect from the Confort people. PTHARFGKW 315 16 66/(+4) 0722 33 34 43. rembrandt. Prices include VAT. Ideal for a company retreat. The building is a superb Secession renovation on a street that boasts some extraordinary buildings: it is a shame not all are up to this standard. and at prices as though as these. www. It’s a fair distance from the city centre. Odaii 137A. The location is central without being noisy. (+4) 021 350 41 15. Grigore Cobalcescu 9. www. Good. there are tennis courts. MP-ta Romana. Prices include breakfast. it does boast non-smoking rooms very good staff. and (more importantly in this town perhaps) a location in a more quiet area of the capital. Calea Victoriei 166. www. Smart. www. www. (+4) 021 Unique B-4. PTHARGKW 311 49 27. 12 comfort rooms €41).ro. (+4) 021 300 91 00. (+4) 021 Ibis Gara de Nord 310 12 16. (+4) 021 Ibis Palatul Parlamentului B-6. Q 250 rooms (235 singles/doubles €85. A hotel for more than 40 years this building (and the whole area) was given a real lift when it became a good old Ibis some several years ago now. (+4) 021 212 55 58. the usual services. Q 15 rooms (14 singles/doubles €50-60.September 2010 Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Str. Not entirely ideally located if you are not driving. Residence Club Palace with bright colours and really quite original design making a refreshing break from the beige and tan of other places in its class. Calea Grivitei 143. few frills (breakfast costs extra) and all in all a good value stay. One August . expect to find original 1920s wooden floors and period furnishings complimented by up-to-the-minute next to the Ministry of Defence and opposite Cismigiu Park.inyourpocket. This relatively new hotel out towards Otopeni airport is a sibling of the Hotel Confort. For you paltry amount of cash you are getting a lot of hotel room here. Close to the airport this place is perfect if you have an early flight.hoteldan.hotelcharter. PHAR6ULGKW Hello Hotels B-4.hellohotels. 7 apartments €105). tel. Str. If location really is everything then you can’t do much better than this cracking place on Str. Half-way along Calea Victoriei. tel.Q 26 rooms (24 singles/doubles €64-104. www. tel. www. VAT not included. PHAR6� ULGKW (+4) 021 401 10 00. PTARULG where to stay 23 Dan Breakfast not included (€8 per person).to the same people). 1 triple €65-70).hoteltrianon. Calea Grivitei 143. and the rooms themselves are all wellsized and well-equipped. (+4) 021 313 93 15./fax (+4) 021 210 39 Golden Tulip Bucharest B-4. Luxurious without overdoing it. Other than that it is a fairly standard Ibis hotel. Bathrooms have either a bath or a Q 150 rooms (138 doubles €31. Prices include VAT and breakfast. From the plaster on the walls to the comfortable beds. Two stars never looked so good. but the sense of luxury and the ‘get away from it all’ atmosphere of this exclusive club is more than enough compensation. www. tel. Almost every room has a balcony. you get a large amount of room indeed. a good breakfast included in the price and even conference rooms. 2 junior suites €115).ro. PTAR6ULGKW A-4. we doubt anyone will be complaining. Armand Calinescu 19. 1 triple €50. the Golden Tulip is a fine hotel that makes great use of the space available. twins €89).ibishotel. Caderea Bastiliei 35.unsurprisingly . tel. tel. PTARUFGKDC Rembrandt Tempo C-5. PJARUFLGKW 12 18 00.piccolomondo. (+4) 0372 06 82. Otopeni. with rooms and services to match anywhere.inyourpocket. 6 triple €118). Find the place a short walk from the station. tel. tel. and as far as value for money goes we think this is one of the best deals in the city. All taxes included. www.hotelunique. and now also offers a hotel (directly above the restaurant in the same building). modern and very yellow hotel not far from the centre of Bucharest. com. and some even have hydro-massage showers. Prices include all taxes and breakfast. If you want a view of Casa Poporului then this is perhaps the best place in Bucharest to come. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Cobalcescu. Always full (reserve well in advance) you will see why when you arrive. Q 255 rooms (100 singles €89. Really: these must be the biggest hotel rooms in Bucharest. The Piccolo Mondo has long been recognised as the home of Bucharest’s best MiddleEastern food (try getting a table on the terrace when the weather is good if you do not believe us). Str. tel. complete with flat screen televisions and mattresses thicker than many a PTAR6ULGKXW 58. PTHARLGKCW Piccolo Mondo The bathrooms for example are not huge but feel far bigger than they are. Still. 15 apartments €105). Str. (+4) 021 352 87 19. Q 20 rooms (20 singles/doubles €78-89). Q 32 rooms (32 singles/doubles €59-69). tastefully decorated and offer excellent value for money. Smart addition to Bucharest’s enormously popular three-star scene. Izvor 82-84. you can expect the same well-sized rooms. Q 161 rooms (154 singles/doubles €85. Q 16 rooms (10 singles/doubles €5598. Str.22 where to stay Under €100 Charter Drumul Odaii 1D. MGara de Nord. www. Prices include The name is not misleading: it is dead opposite the station. The hotel celebrated its fifth birthday in January 2010: long may it go on. www. Bright and modern in design we think it’s suited best to business travellers looking to get great value for their company’s dollar.residencehotels. and all have enough room for bathtubs.

com.inyourpocket. 6G Bucharest In Your Pocket PAUEBW 425 47 47. The restaurant inside has quite a job living up to the surroundings. Fri.24:00. Located in a lovely 1920s house close to Gara de Nord (one block east of Strada Vespatian and Dinicu Golescu) Vila 11 has a variety of private rooms.24 where to stay Heading to Brasov? Kismet Dao Str. thank you Maam. The selection of morning pastries is the best in the city. such as the sea cucumber and mushroom soup. Long regarded as one of the best hostels in Romania. just about ever. Sat 12:00 . tel. dorm facilities and family suites available for backpackers and families of all ages.casavernescu. (+4) 021 206 62 61. having been founded in the 1960s. (+4) 0728 44 33 00. and there are private rooms for those who want a bit more privacy. Americana gone berserk in the very best sense of the word. Feast on top level. Str. Prices include VAT and breakfast. €€€. Before the food. well. Institutul Medico Militar 11. PTAX 25 Champions Hard Rock Cafe of the first new-built hotels in the city to appear for some time (though more are on the way). (+4) 0268 51 42 96. The menu is adventurous and features all sorts of dishes that place it way above anywhere else in town. To get the best out of this place though round up three friends and go for one of the set menus. upmarket-burger bar and Tex-Mex food. 1 triple 180 PALBS Casa Vernescu B-4. www. serving breakfast. Recommended. Q Open 12:00 . QOpen 12:00 . tel. The Nan Jing’s claim to fame is that it’s the oldest Chinese restaurant in Bucharest. and the small selection of hot meals of an evening . we (and our kids!) love this place. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Lovely garden. Silvestru 3. Academiei 28-30. tel. not far from the city centre. Anyway. Friendly and welcoming the owners do a great breakfast (included in the price) and are a wealth of inside info when it comes to getting the best out of Bucharest. 2 rooms with 8-10 beds €10. the Kismet Dao is the perfect choice for budget-conscious travellers in Brasov. Everything you want from a city-centre eatery and a lot bucharest. Prices include all taxes. Str. PAB Orasul Interzis D-5. €€. QOpen 12:30 . www. tel.inyourpocket. Seriously good. MGara de Nord. Berthelot 63. Bucharest’s first upmarket Chinese restaurant combines all the cuisines of that great country and delivers them to your plate with real aplomb. but it sounds like irresponsibility to us. www. (+4) 021 403 19 17. (+4) 021 311 97 44. Democratiei 2. Vila 11 A-4. Offering free cigarettes may appear to be a good idea when the bulk of your clients are penniless students. Q 1 double €30. fax (+4) 021 610 22 14. (+4) 021 312 14 25. served in huge portions by perky Bond girls who have a smile for everyone. This is the best Chinese food in Romania lunch and evening meals in fresh. €€€€.September 2010 . kismetdao. PJASW Boutique du Pain Hostels The Funky Chicken B-5. Prices include VAT and August . Wham. tel. Str. www. tel. For lunch there is a range of sandwiches hard to beat anywhere else. The location is good: in Schei. Str. PTHARULGKW B-3. www. (+4) 0722 49 59 00. QOpen 12:00 . 1 suite €98-109). Str. who’d have them? Q4 dormitory rooms (18 beds 40 lei/bed).01:00. Gen. 14 dorm places 50 lei). a fact undisputed by anyone we’ve ever met. Nobody can knock this place and it is easy to see why. (+4) 021 311 15 50. this is an understated kind of place that will appeal to business travellers looking for a little more peace and quiet than the portions of everything here are enormous: even the children’s servings are very healthy indeed. At least since John Wing left. It is also one of the biggest. Thu. Still serving the very best burger in Bucharest (you can choose one or design your own from an endless choice of toppings). This is in fact more bistro than anything. and the atmosphere is friendly: this is very much a one-stop party shop. funkychickenhostel@hotmail. Then sit back with great cocktails and listen to some very good rock and roll supplied by some of Bucharest’s best live acts. this wacky! crazy! hostel will appeal to the kind of person who enjoys puns like ‘clucking good atmosphere’ or being told that the staff are ‘friendly but smelly. €€€€. hardrock. Q (4 singles/doubles 90-135 lei. Which other hostel offers its guests free beer? Dorms and bathrooms are clean and well-kept. Calea 13 Septembrie 90 (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel).funkychickenhostel.are perfect for a casual dinner. or the Chinese cabbage. €€€.the menu changes daily . with office workers going out of their way to stop here for fresh supplies.boutiquedupain. tel. now we think of it. QOpen 08:00 . And with due reason. but even though portions are large (and so they should be considering the prices) the nosh is no better than average. tel. bright surroundings. 3 rooms with 6 beds €11. served correctly with dried oysters. B-dul Kiseleff 32. The food has a sort of Chinese-style to it. www. In fact.23:00. NLGW Chinese Nan Jing B-4. brasov@kismetdao. Gheorghe Manu 2-4. there is the villa: built in the 1880s it is an eclectic mix of styles that has been impressively preserved over the years. Popular with those staying at the Minerva Hotel (the Nan Jing is situated in the hotel’s lobby).ro. Brasov tel. (+4) 031 French C-5. Tremendous value.22:00. Q 15 rooms (14 singles/doubles € Serving great coffee and a magnificent hot chocolate. Calea Victoriei 133. HARLGBW restaUrants American B-6.’ Students.

What you might call Heritage-light. fresh snails. Let us assure you it is and on the occasions we have visited they have always been done perfectly. Radu Beller 13.hojoplaza. The first is the hotel’s new fine dining restaurant. Toamnei 101. PAEBXSW 44 44 (+4) 021 310 33 02. www. tel.inyourpocket. and the third is a new cafe: Cappuccino Bar & Cafe. Watch this space (or check inyourpocket. QOpen 10:00 . Doubles up (or triples-up) as a good bar. this is a wonderful place to eat and for what you get in terms of ambiance. www. Str.icietla.24:00. Sun 09:00 . tel. Mendeleev 43.26 restaUrants Coming Soon As we went to press. €€€€. A French restaurant that actually delivers the goods time after time yet does so in an atmosphere that begs you to spend more time here. To be Doamna Ghica 5. POALE of Bucharest’s best restaurants. Another Bucharest In Your Pocket Nicolae Golescu 17. Smardan 13 and numerous other locations around the city. Str. but with the cooking in the hands of one of the country’s best Polona 19. new-wave French cuisine which .is very well-priced. and as such attracts a mixed crowd of people who like fantastic food in a classy atmosphere. In short. outstanding wines and all served in minimalist surroundings: the food is king ALEBXSW Maison de Karin B-4. it does so with ease. €€€€. Str. €€€. Calea Dorobantilor 5-7 (Howard Johnson Grand Plaza). QOpen 12:00 . we knew the food here would be very good. We are telling everyone about it and think you should get here right now. Bucharest foodies: this is the place you have been waiting for. an onion soup of the like we’ve never eaten in Bucharest. Closed Sun. though where you can still get the same excellent. from tango nights to theatre evenings and concerts. you are getting your money’s worth. (+4) Escargot Bistro D-4.escargot. tel. lunchtime and after work market. Yes. PAW Heritage C-4. the palace is now put to great use as a fusion for more. Snails usually available. Closed Sun. €€€. www. The tasty duck dishes stood out for us. as did the desserts and the excellent wine list which . Str. it really is a palace: a 19th century palace on the shore of lake Plumbuita in the north of the With the former chef of one of Bucharest’s other top restaurants at the helm. Duck that takes 48 hours to prepare. bar.for this city . lounge and event venue.while featuring a great list of French grape . and given the standard of the food you are guaranteed value for money. Prices are not as high as you might think. PALGB Ici et La C-4.23:00. €€€€. Q Open 12:30-24:00. tel. www. ABW French Bakery Le Restaurant C-5.palatul-ghika. Coming here certainly makes a welcome change from yet another night out in Old Town. €€€€. Considered (not without reason) to be expensive. MP-ta Romana.23:00. Mihail Moxa 12.frenchbakery. QOpen 10:00 . There is always something going in. There is still something of a mistaken idea amongst Bucharest gourmands that Heritage is a fitze kind of place. we had just been told of three new venues about to open their doors at the Crowne Plaza. this place a mini-revolution on the Bucharest dining scene and worthy of your time. Bring plenty of money. tel. Classic French food with a few surprises in a formal setting designed for people who enjoy the finer things in life. while serving some substantial portions of terrific food. Thoroughly renovated and looking better than ever. €€€€ . With an eye on the lucrative Dorobanti breakfast. (+4) 021 201 71 33. tel. (+4) 0731 45 36 08. (+4) 021 210 88 . QOpen 17:00 . www. QOpen 18:30 .03:00. PASW Fusion Avalon B-3. Str. www. high quality food that has been the hallmark of Heritage for years. tel. Stands out from the crowd by looking more like a cafe than anything else. (+4) 031 710 41 51. with prices a wee bit lower than a few other places on the street. Str. service and food. QOpen 07:30 . Check the blackboard on the way in for the daily specials. PAXW 0745 99 91 11. Goose liver with truffles.21:30. chocolate and orange mousse: mouthwatering combinations every one. be they business partners. Serenity (opening in September). In an area already bursting at the seems with places to eat and drink.01:00. or families enjoying a weekend dinner. The menu features a number of simple. frequented by the sunglasses crowd and such like. sea bass marinated in Pernod.for once acknowledges that the New World can make decent wine too. we think that they are on to something here. It had to happen. Closed Mon. QOpen 12:00 . A sensational French restaurant where the love and care the chef has for his food oozes onto your plate. €€€€. effortlessly French. the second is a fish and seafood diner: La Veranda.24:00. (+4) 021 201 50 30. (+4) 0735 Traiteur Petit Heritage B-3. tel. Also at Str. Str. www. It is quite simply one Palatul Ghika E-2. here’s another. this is a less formal version of top-people’s restaurant of the same name.

with good taste. Q Open 06:30-10:30 (Sat. Chances are however you will want to stay longer. PALW restaurant goes totally non-smoking. PALEGS Byblos B-2. and is the best eatery we’ve been to at this particular five star. this place. €€€. Byblos remains a fixture on the Bucharest dining scene thanks to its superb new location up in Herastrau Park. Slowly. www. 18:00-22:30. but this one has been first class for well over seven years now.23:00. Sat. And whisper it. Q Open 06:00 . His place at The Ark is a kind of gourmet fast-food kind of stall around the back. tel. Cantacuzino 8. €€€. Sănătescu 1. We have been coming here since the last century. but the service. €€€. PALEBS Centre Ville Le Bistro B-5. P-ta Montreal 10 (Pullman German Die Deutsche Kneipe C-3. Str. Find it on the B-dul Aviatorilor side of the park. (+4) 0372 789 896. €€€€. NEW Indian Barka Saffron A-2. Q Open 12:00-15:00. Q Open 12:00-14:30. www. Simply furnished. tel. The lovely. PALES Musafir by Amarjit Calea Rahovei 196A. www.24:00. reservations@crowneplaza. €€€€. Sun 12:00-16:00.lebistro. Really.grandhotelcontinental. First class cocktail I.restaurantbyblos.especially in inclement weather .ro. and though prices reflect the quality you will not argue at the end of the evening. You usually need a reservation at weekends. they keep the prices down and their punters very International Arcade B-2. Luterana 2-4. Every year they come up with new. PAGB tableware. Romanian and Bulgarian food can sometimes be very blurred indeed. Str. where he cooks a few dishes for the hip young international crowd that throngs here to blow its money as fast as it can at weekends. www. A great place for lunch they offer a 40 minute special for busy people. Close to the golden triangle of Hilton. Sat 14:00 . tel.28 restaUrants confit) meaning you have no excuse not to go as often as you can afford it. a little more spicy. live music and the like all take place here. 19:00-23:00. (+4) 0755 90 03 00.restaurantarcade. kraut and the like. MP-ta Now there is plenty of choice but we still trot up to Barka whenever we We did. Greek. Sun 10:00 .ro. when there was precious little choice in Bucharest for people wanting something a little different.23:30. one of our favourite places in tel. €€. tel. Look people. (+4) 021 305 38 38. At last a restaurant is brave enough to admit that food in this part of the world is truly Balkan. (+4) 021 318 90 00. B-dul Poligrafiei 1 (Crowne Plaza). tel. sharper menus (the current one stars a glorious duck Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. now as ever (and it has been around for more than a decade). Sun 09:30 . C. the smoke-free revolution is taking hold in Bucharest. www. dinner or coffee. it’s by no means cheap. QOpen 12:00 . (+4) 0753 99 93 33/(+4) 021 260 29 60. (All now done by a new chef. Long considered one of the best places in Bucharest to eat by the city’s foodies. Serving giant portions of great German sausages (all made on the premises) as well as pork knuckles. 12:00-15:00. Amarjit used to cook over at Barka Saffron. 18:00-22:30. (+4) 0372 01 03 04. but surely. Other places may come and go. www. Indian food at The Ark for the cognoscenti. PALW Barbizon Steak House A-1. Yes.01:00. Balthazar is not all that more expensive than other places not fit to lace its boots. this is a very good restaurant. PABLSW Bucharest World Trade Center). AB Brasserie A-1. Str. This is the latest restaurant to open up in the Pullman. The range of recipes is huge: from sublimely simple to outrageously exotic. www. QOpen 15:00 . Good place for a simple pint of German beer too.bistroedge. PALB restaUrants 29 Balkan Bistro C-5. €€€€. €€€€. You will find a rich range of dishes on offer: all presented on the menu in their original language. QOpen 12:00 . but long ago set out on his own.24:00.It’s moved! Though no longer in the city centre. QOpen 12:00 . 19:00-23:00. The Sunday Brunch is excellent value and a good introduction to the place for those on a bit of a budget. A number of other places in Bucharest could learn a lot from Edge. €€€. Sat. range of food and above all outstanding cooking make it a joy to dine here. and what steaks! All the beef is shipped in fresh from South America.and usually inventive . though now with added terrace and events: film screenings. QOpen 08:30 . Turkish. Closed Sat. Eat at the wooden tables. QOpen 12:00 . Every time we visit (and we visit as often as we can) we find something new and interesting . night out. Av.A.September 2010 .ro. this great little bistro buzzes all day long with business types and foreigners looking for a good local eatery not in a hotel. including a number of good seafood and fish dishes.24:00. (+4) 021 212 14 60. (+4) 021 224 10 04/(+4) 0745 00 36 60. On our last visit we went for the lamb with spinach in tomato sauce which was as good as we had hoped. high-ceilinged indoor dining room is a joy in which to dine. Radisson and Grand Continental. (+4) 021 224 00 34. (+4) 021 233 94 62/(+4) 0722 28 45 60. something you can do even when it rains courtesy of a massive waterproof sheet. tel.24:00. Stockholm 9. Rosetti 10. Sun 07:00-11:00). Good wine list (we like the inclusion of Moldovan wines) and an open kitchen is always welcome. Very interesting indeed. Dumbrava Rosie 2. (+4) 0746 87 23 47. The choice of seafood in Bucharest is improving but still few places offer as much . The onion bhajis remain Bucharest’s best. Calea Victoriei 56 (Grand Hotel Continental). Add in the superb surroundings and you have one fantastic dining experience just ready to be enjoyed. MAviatorilor. €€€. and a good wine to go with our meal. decadent dishes in town night in. there’s Wifi and even a selection of books to read while enjoying your breakfast.24:00. the fresh air is welcome as it allows diners to really enjoy the flavours and smells of the superb Fusion cuisine. and that the edges between Serbian. August . When you no longer need a reservation to eat here on a Saturday night. Closed Sun. and with an added sushi menu).23:30. At Avalon. QOpen 12:00 .on the menu.24:00. tel. steaks top the bill. lunch. Best of all though is the setting: eating under the enormous glass roof .24:00.and do so quite as well . It is part of the Radisson Blu/Centre Ville complex and offers a rich and varied menu of Mediterranean food. Str. And it has not happened yet. All round. tel.inyourpocket. As you would expect. Parc Herastrau. Expect the same high quality food. tel. PB Balthazar C-4. but it should be said that if you lay off the imported wines.musafirbyamarjit. €€. PALEBXSW Bistro Edge C-5. you will know the global recession really has hit Romania. Executive Chef Ashlie Dias prepares the most fragrant. tel. rezervari@ restaurantarcade.

We like restaUrants something of a unique experience in these PALEBXSW Dacia Felix B-4. They also make a terrific strawberry daiquiri. The kind of place Bucharest needs loads more of. QOpen 10:00 .with one exception . Also Memento Cocktail Bar & Lounge at (C-2) Str. though the real joy of this place is its view to the market. (+4) 031 107 20 33. (+4) 0722 35 11 83. Bach 3. €€€. www. you will need to reserve a table if you want one of the comfy sofas. €€€. it is a little difficult to see at first what the attraction .inyourpocket.harbour. Brought to you by the same people who run Arcade. Q Open Poolside Grill B-4. P-ta Lahovari 8. (+4) 021 403 19 03. €€. Str. rezervari@restaurantgargantua. PAEBSW Chez Marie C-4. Bright and airy place that gloriously lets the light in through its huge windows. On Dorobanti (the ASE end). A wider variety of dishes you are unlikely to find in a Bucharest restaurant. €€€.QOpen 08:00 . with food to match. (+4) 0733 50 03 00.beyond the brilliant location .24:00. Calea Victoriei 63-81 (Radisson Blu). this cafe/brasserie was perhaps the best of the new bunch of brasseries to open during 2009. the food better than average. tel.01:00. tel. Q Open 06:30-10:30. but if you simply want a ceafa de porc with fries.. Fine The Dacia-Felix is also the setting for the Radisson’s excellent Sunday Brunch. PALEBSW only average. tel. Q Open 06:30-10:30. P-ta Amzei 10-22.QOpen 12:00-23:00. 12:00-24:00. hand over a pittance and try and bag a seat at one of the tables (there are only three or four).embassy-club. QOpen 12:00 . Sun 07:00-11:00. There are just a few dishes to choose from each day: ask the staff what’s good.. Sat.22:00. We came Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. tel. Calderon 69.. QOpen 08:30 . J. J. (+4) 021 311 90 00. Serves terrific barbequed meats. www. While Cupola prepares itself for a relaunch of its menu and concept later in the year. . Calea Victoriei 63-81 (Radisson BLU).chezmarie. €€. We have always stuck with the beef dishes: both the steak with gorgonzola and the beef stroganoff are good Good drinks list and the place itself is rather nice if a bit stiff under the collar. €€€. From early until late it is everything you could want in a brasserie: there are good. Sunday Brunch 12:30-16:30. a couple of duck dishes and good steaks. one of few cafes in the city that has fresh flowers on the tables! Q Open 08:00-01:00. Everybody feels at home and gets a welcome unlike most other places in the area. MP-ta the side of the hotel’s big outdoor swimming pool. is not long enough to savour everything on offer. Doncafe Brasserie B-3. for years one of our favourite places. PAXSW (+4) 021 212 56 66. (+4) 021 Cupola B-6. as well as friendly and efficient staff. and most of the time everything on the menu is tel. pay your money and fill up for the day (we would have liked to have stayed for the day such was the wealth of goodies on offer. (+4) 0746 22 24 44.omnivores. Calea 13 Septembrie 90 (JW Marriott 211 40 41/(+4) 0722 70 25 60. AB The Harbour B-4. (+4) 021 212 40 08. which is really rather smashing and one of the city’s best.mementobistro. Calea Dorobanti 29. The place grows grows on your though: chances are you come more than once. €€€. you get to use the pool (which is usually only open to hotel guests) for free. but they had to get ready for lunch. PAG Memento Bistro C-4. (+4) 021 319 72 57. they will rustle that up too. Closed Sun. S. Find it on the corner of Stradas Calderon and Verona. which. The Radisson’s terrace is -as the name subtly suggests . and a small but perfectly formed choice of daily specials the rest of the time. (+4) 021 311 90 00. Sunday Brunch 12:00-16:00. in Piata Amzei.). including a great burger. www. Str. which is open to allcomers: simply turn up before 10:30. and prices are PA Bucharest Grand Hotel). it is currently open for the JW Marriott’s excellent buffet breakfast (open to non-hotel guests) and for the hotel’s Sunday Brunch. PA Gargantua C-5. Popular with a wealthy crowd. You can take away of there’s no La vie en rose. www. The Memento Cafe up in Floreasca is an equally bright and breezy place. Great terrace too.24:00. tel. including an outstanding chicken and artichoke salad. and the food . tel. Calea Victoriei 214. Dionisie Lupu 48. PALBSW Embassy C-4. www. www. Boasting probably the biggest terrace in the city centre (not entirely open as we write). €€€. The exception is the burger. well-run establishment that is as happy serving students from the university as it is welcoming high-powered business people. and during the summer expect it to be open 24 hours a day. this tasty little bistro is a well-priced. cheap breakfasts on offer in the mornings. The best thing about this place is that the cracking breakfast (the best in the city). tel. QOpen 10:00 .. If you come for the Sunday Brunch. €€€. though it goes on for four tel. Ankara 7. A top location. The atmosphere is relaxing. Brilliant! Tiny place serving the best cooked lunch in central Bucharest.L.doncafe-brasserie.restaurantgargantua.03:00. Service can be slow. tel. Bags of pink sparkling wine too. PALEBSW Omnivore’s Dilemma B-4. Str.

PABXSW Casa di David B-1. The food is good. this place serves possible the best lunchtime deal in Bucharest: a set menu for just 19 lei. while for a simple reminder of great cooking and intense flavours. Staff are good and the wine list a cracker.caffe-citta.23:30. Sat 21:00 . Styled as a Northern Italian city centre cafe/bistro the emphasis here is on . (+4) 021 403 19 02.trattoriailcalcio. Str. tel. with its big windows and simple furnishings.24:00. A welcome bargain.32 restaUrants here for lunch recently and were stunned by how many foreigners were eating here: it must be one of the most popular tourist and visitor spots in town. tel. PALGW restaUrants 33 Times (Golden Tulip Times Hotel) E-6. We couldn’t make better at home (and we tried). Prices not cheap but value for money very high. friendly service and great value (if August . but the same warm. Cucina at the JW Marriott is a wonderful Italian restaurant where you can find probably the best (and perhaps only) swordfish steak in the city. Fri 10:00 . QOpen 12:00 . PNBW Restaurant 41 Batistei 16. Try the risotto with Keep the kids happy with the freshly made ice cream.02:00. This is a real surprise of a restaurant: do not let the hotel location put you off. Nordului 7-9. you don’t see those every day on a menu in Bucharest. They even do truffles and. a notch up from trattoria. The drinks menu is a bit special: go for the apple mojito (as delicious as it sounds) or try any number of great wines. lightest and tastiest we have come across in Bucharest. QOpen 10:00 . one of the city’s best. You can say what you like about this high-class place (and most party people in Bucharest have some kind of opinion). (+4) 021 80/(+4) 0768 98 94 75. Expect great cooking. Q Open 10:00 . Str. Make sure you reserve well in advance or turn up with a local celebrity if you want a table on the terrace.inyourpocket. €€. (+4) 021 231 40 77. the saltim bocca and the tiramisu: all signature dishes and all done to perfection. QOpen 12:00 . the city’s wealthiest people come here to eat.23:00. No fewer than 19 good Italian reds grace the wine menu. PALEB 97/(+4) 0728 38 88 88.02:00. it is a must for foodies with the time to enjoy a long evening meal. B-dul Decebal Uptown Bar & Grill B-3. with enough fish dishes to make it appealing to sea food lovers.01:00. www. €€€€ PALBSW Cucina B-6. The veal cutlets are incredibly expensive but worth every penny. (+4) 021 231 08 Ristorante Il Calcio A-3. For this is a ristorante. As central as you like.23:00.casadidavid. Sos.uptown. and very good. www.timesevents. QOpen 10:00 . They must be doing something right. The prawn spring rolls we ate here were just about the crispiest. PA Memories C-5. Clucerului 7. tel.23:00. PALBS 19. €€€.ro. the pumpkin and goose liver soup is a masterpiece. let’s face bucharest. www. Well worth making the journey uptown for both the food and the atmosphere. The food is ristorante Italian. There are plenty of other treats on a varied international (with a hint of Romanian) menu here too. PAGB Capricciosa B-dul Ion Ionescu de la Brad 2. €€€€.ro. that’s the only fault we have. In the wealthiest part of the wealthiest part of the city. QOpen 19:00 .ro. €€€€. (+4) 021 233 06 35. www. Expect a more refined menu and surroundings. which demonstrates that top restaurants don’t have to be fitze. tel. Even in the evening the standard off-themenu prices are far from high for what is some very good food indeed. all available by the glass.24:00.23:30.jwmarriott. PAXSW 222 19 42. Calea 13 Septembrie 90 (JW Marriott). tel. QOpen 11:30 . €€€. Note the last kitchen order is at 22:30. Yes. (+4) 021 316 65 16. (+4) 021 601 34 Closed Sun. tel. www. which share a menu with an excellent wine list. The real draw is the www. PALB Italian Caffe Citta B-4. €€€€. owned and operated by the lovely people who have for years looked after visitors to Bucharest at the Vila 11 hostel and bed and breakfast. Str. rezervari@restaurant-chic. tel. that friendly and that good. simple.September 2010 Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. This fine Italian restaurant has been bringing good food to the good people of Bucharest’s most salubrious area for as long as we’ve been in business.inyourpocket. www. QOpen 12:00 . and though the big screen TV is annoying. urban food. QOpen 12:00 . A bustling Italian restaurant and pizzeria whose menu is a veritable dictionary of pizza. The restaurant formerly known as Exile is now Restaurant 41. but to us it remains a very nice place to spend the evening. Rabat 2. tel. good service and a welcome that will have you swearing to visit again before you have even sat down at your table. Str. (+4) 021 Chic B-3.20:30. Uptown indeed. QOpen 11:30 . As opposed to T rattoria Il Calcio? Yes. Calea Victoriei 63-81 (Radisson Blu). Clucerului 41. Sun 13:00 . Bright and breezy. (+4) 0729 57 48 02. €. €€. capricciosa_restaurant@yahoo. a mix of Italian-esque and modern European dishes. Radu Beller 11. €€€€. (+4) 031 808 08 NEW 232 47 15. With the right mix of authentic Italian cuisine and contemporary glam. tel. tel.

ro. service can be a bit hit and miss but the good . (+4) 0726 01 03 83. Str. QOpen 12:00 .23:30.September 2010 . tel (+4) 0728 63 99 06. PALBW Trattoria Il Peperoncino C-4. without over doing it.01:00. PALBXSW restaUrants Aqua Sos. On our last visit the other diners were almost all famous models. PABXSW tel. (+4) 021 319 71 49. As with the original Il Calcio. tel. Str. www. The ambitious owners of the Residence hotel are very keen to promote their excellent restaurant. Offering very good trattoria food. at this time of year you will have to sit inside.trattoriailcalcio.24:00. www. service very good and the decor as exclusive and chic as you would expect. (+4) 0733 10 91 37 / (+4) 0372 15 07 00.inyourpocket. A football-themed Italian trattoria with strangely appealing murals of scenes from important matches in seasons past. PALW pricier) food you’ve come to expect from the Il Calcio boys. Without question. Roberto’s on La Strada (terrace) open 11:00-02:00.24:00.aquachique. Only the televisions let it down. A much larger conference room is a great setting for larger. (+4) 0722 13 42 99. info@aquachique. The newest Italian trattoria in the city. salads. Constantinescu 33.Italian food at fantastic prices makes this a good default choice for dinner. www. tel. We attended a Christening at this place recently. ro. What we have here is the best use of perhaps the best terrace space in the city. Jean Louis Calderon 41. Benjamin Franklin 1-3.when it comes to value for money . and already installed by those in the know (as well as ourselves) as one of the very best. this is still one of the best Italian chophouses in the land. Str. Sat 12:00 . Fri. Great wine list and still the setting for what was the first (and still one of the most celebrated) Sunday Brunches in town. €€€. €€€. As for the rooftop terrace. For Bucharest’s rich set this is the latest dining sensation. Sat 12:00 .34 restaUrants Mediterranean 99.are really rather good. Prices are extraordinarily cheap and the queues outside at lunchtime speak volumes. (+4) 021 303 37 77. decent pizzas and one of Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. QOpen 10:00 24:00. usually rotating on a monthly basis. and with good reason. Q Open 06:30-10:00. Delea Veche 36. you will come. P Trattoria Il Calcio II C-5. €€€.restaurantoliviers. PALBW copiei 1-3 (Athenee Palace Hilton). Can a hotel restaurant be this good? Yes.01:00.23:30. Championship winning stuff. and features cuisine from all of Italy’s regions. €€€€. www. Pricey but good. P (+4) 021 318 58 38/(+4) 0729 35 44 06. Go for the squid ink risotto.24:00. (+4) 0722 59 98 05. imported ingredients and menu that keeps it simple and generally seasonal. business people and TV personalities. bucharest. QOpen 12:00 . €€. QOpen 12:00 . Excellent service and a bunch of local and Italian wines for all pockets make it a decent choice. Nordului 7-9. quickly becoming something of a magnet for great places to eat. Al. QOpen 12:00 24:00. The menu changes regularly. Str. Trattoria Il Calcio I C-4. Str. Epis- the best salad bars in Bucharest. ro. love it. tel. This first Il Calcio restaurant is in a lovely house on Strada Clucerului. formal dinners. Fri. QOpen 11:30 . Clucerului 19. there is no more romantic place to eat in the city. Trattoria Bocca C-5. €€€. QOpen 12:00 . Sat tel. €€€€. Mendeleev 14. Q Open 12:00-24:00. Also at (I-4) Str. Of course. and a great choice for a formal. A fantastic-looking villa on one of Bucharest’s most charming streets (all classy villas and grand houses). Legendary terrace too: a casual place to enjoy the full Roberto’s menu. PALBW Oliviers A-3. an adventurous mix of Mediterranean and modern European. MP-ta Romana. and were blown away by the quality of the food: really outstanding. Quiet location on a backstreet behind Bulevardul Magheru adds a sense of discretion and occasion. www. Str. is the answer. A small but perfectly formed dining room is the setting for a tantalising menu of not outstanding . We like it. €€. tel. PTALEBW Roberto’s & Roberto’s on La Strada C-5.restaurantcerisiers. but there is more than that to enjoy: try the cracking salads or the beef carpaccio. this is a proper Italian serving some very good food at prices that . tel. Meditteranean and local August . Stick to the pizzas. with their correct.inyourpocket. but you still get a decent view of the big open square outside. (C-3) Calea Floreasca 118-120. Str. (+4) 0731 88 89 35 Cerisiers A-2. And we mean it. (+4) 0732 52 81 40. Dionisie Lupu 88. So how’s the food? Good. €€€. shirt and tie dinner. Service is provided by bright young things in football shirts. The seafood and fish dishes are the best of what’s on the menu. and come trattoria_ilpeperoncino@yahoo. have a little patience and you will love the place. tel. The wine list is sensational. Fri.trattoriailcalcio. They are not cutting any corners here.

bucharest. (+4) 021 311 62 82 . Academiei 39-41. €€€€. Kids love it. and perfect for big groups. Str. tel. cafes. The Eminescu location is our favourite place in the city right now. 19:00-22:30.01:00. After your meal you can enjoy a smoke on a hookah pipe.inyourpocket. PAL Modern European C-5. In fact.trattoria-roma. QOpen 18:00 23:30. www. (+4) 021 201 50 30. Oh yes. Bucharest’s gourmand’s are now indeed spoilt for choice. Creative dishes of both everyday and unusual flavours. Sushi bar open With cracking new menus specially put together for summer. this is a great time to come and try the vast array of Japanese specialities on offer at Benihana. (+4) 0766 33 42 24. www. tel. see the feature on pages 58-69. (+4) 021 314 56 70/ (+4) 0730 19 03 64. PABW Medieval Excalibur .loculcavalerilor. tel. and are very tasty indeed. fax (+4) 021 201 18 88. Bucharest In Your Pocket .24:00. Clucerului 9. 19:00-22:30. Str. Lister 1. Brilliant. When you are asked if you would like your bread ‘light or dark’ you know they’re not cutting any corners. PTAULS Prime Steaks & Seafood B-4. Great www. tel. Also at (B-3) Calea Dorobanti 177.Locul Cavalerilor C-5. restaurant @piccolomondo.23:00. topped with lashings of tangy cheese. Plates. Brilliant. (And at these prices nor should they be). €€. and we rarely give praise that high. (+4) 021 252 Trattoria Roma Q Open 12:00-14:45. sizzlingly hot fajitas. It’s very good Romanian grill and barbeque fare presented as Medieval cuisine. where you can sit down at huge round tables and enjoy King Arthur’s Dinner or Sir Lancelot’s Lunch direct from a wooden platter. truly brilliant. QOpen 12:00 . Str. prime-restaurant. Str. and the prices are more than decent and both the atmosphere and service are fantastic. Kebabs are one of the chef’s strong points. beware: all the portions here are supersized. if you just fancy a drink at the bar nobody seems to mind. Huge plates of steaming mussels come in at a top value 26 and you can add in a teppanyaki for an extra 75 lei. Add in decent house wine at giveaway prices. Tex-Mex as it should be: spicy. just brilliant. Sun 19:00-22:30. There is a great value summer sushi lunch for just 125 lei per person. Calea Victoriei 6381 (Radisson BLU).best of all . www. (+4) 021 230 40 83 and (A-6) Str. ro. €€€. €€€. Calea Victoriei 56 (Grand Hotel Continental). and that from a city guide not meant to have favourites. tel. QOpen 11:30 . Lebanese food that is both For details of restaurants. (+4) 0372 01 03 05. MP-ta Romana. Also at (B-5) B-dul Mihail Kogalniceanu 3. tel. (+4) 021 210 81 57.. €€. Always packed so reserve a table. no fewer than eight types of taco and . www. PALGW Concerto Japanese Benihana B-3.that splendid Mexican staple so often forgotten or passed over as being dull: cream of corn soup. www. PAGW El Torito C-4. and there’s fresh lobster (fresh as in ‘they pick it live out of a fish tank’) for 120 lei. tel. €€€€. good pasta (a classic aglio. Though you would be a fool to forego a nosh here. It might nominally be an Italian but what people come to this place for is the seafood. for we guarantee that no matter how big the bill Lebanese Piccolo Mondo A-3. Expect the biggest and best burrittos in the city. www.36 restaUrants filling (with plenty for vegetarians to choose from) and well made. Finger licking good. Mihai Eminescu 114-116.. Open 13:00-24:00. tel.benihana.24:00. QOpen 12:00 . The super nachos are worth trying too: filled with ground beef the portion is big enough to serve as a main course. Calea Dorobantilor 5-7 (Howard Johnson Grand Plaza). a long list of the world’s finest wines and a setting to die for make this yet another great place in the city to treat a meal as an (+4) 021 411 63 30. Closed Sun. a match for any other in the city. (+4) 021 311 90 00. Let the margaritas and the mojitos flow.grandhotelcontinental. bars and clubs in Bucharest’s Old Town (Lipscani). Iancu Capitanu 30.eltorito. tasty but free of frills. olio is recommended) and you have a winner. (+4) 021 222 57 55/(+4) 0722 20 50 50. tel. PAW Mexican/Tex Mex 66 88. The fine dining stakes in Bucharest get notched up even further with the opening of the Grand Continental’s showcase dining room. knifes and forks are dispensed with at this enjoyable Medieval-themed restaurant. QOpen 12:00 . No worries though.

ro. tel. tobacco addicts will need to nip over to the Light Bar for a quick fag. loud folk band add to the party atmosphere. tangy. location. (+4) 021 232 87 96. Prices are more than reasonable. the food tastes super (good smoked meats. Breakfast. Not exactly a Romanian McDonald’s . The surroundings. €€€€. fax (+4) 021 222 67 18. www. Entirely non-smoking.casadoina. Str. The smell of the wooden fixtures and fittings could convince you that you’re in the countryside. Magheru.though this is a chain of cheap restaurants which all look the same and all serve the same food. Reservations usually needed Friday and Saturday nights. served by charming. PAB La Cocosatu bucharest. office@lacocosatu. This is that rarity in Bucharest (and indeed Romania): an upmarket Romanian restaurant. (+4) 021 313 49 00.23:00. Episcopiei 9. Also still home of the best brunch in town. Also at (I-3) Str. www. PALE C-5. Also known as the thinking man’s La M*ma. QOpen 07:00 . all in a picture-perfect setting just off the city’s main street. (+4) 021 212 40 86. included great salads. it’s great. fax (+4) 021 312 69 24. and in a city where standards rise only to fall so often. Str. MUniversitate. (+4) 021 335 33 38. This classy place pulls in the cream of Bucharest society. as well as cheap beer and a fight for a table: these restaurants are very popular and the busiest locations require Episcopiei 3. (E-6) P-ta Alba Iulia 2. Fri. tel. tel. 0721 52 62 62. tel. (+4) 0729 52 62 62. (C-4) Str. exquisitely decorated dining rooms. tel. lunch or dinner on the boulevard.they do good mici and the musaka is usually OK .after all. this is hardly fast food .jaristea. made with loads of mutton and a few spices for extra kick. Delea Veche 51. www. (B-6) Spl.38 restaUrants Casa Doina B-3. (+4) 021 320 20 00. far more to Casa Veche than just pizza. (+4) 0723 29 28 46. Barbu Văcărescu 3. €. (+4) 021 220 33 95. tel. It serves a wide range of (+4) 021 319 42 46.02:00. Also at (A-1) B-dul Poligrafiei 3-5 (Ramada Bucharest Parc). QOpen 12:00 . PAG table. Independentei 210 . such as the smoked sausage and white beans. QOpen 12:00 . Str. (+4) is you will leave here with a smile on your face and a feeling that you’ve got value for money.but nothing too adventurous. If this place doesn’t occupy the best people-watching spot in the whole of the city. The menu has gone more local of late: you can now enjoy exemplary sarmale and mamaliga Portions are good. Sun 18:30-23:00. There is usually a good ciorba or soup.lacocosatu. tel. €€. you are onto a winner. (F-3) Centrul Comercial Feeria. tel.01:00. Q Open 11:00-01:00. not metres away from the city centre. PALEB restaUrants 39 Casa Veche B-5. We put out an appeal on our Facebook fan page for the best mici in the city. Q Open 12:30-15:00. is that good.ichotelsgroup. The food is superb. splendid waiters in smart dress. service and choice of high quality food will convince you of that. Batistei 14.24:00.24:00. that This is one of very few places Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. QOpen 10:00 . and more often than not a lamb dish: if they have the lamb stew when you visit. QOpen 12:00 . (+4) 021 211 89 29. (+4) 021 549 25 41. Str. €€€. If you want very good Romanian food cooked slowly and with great care then this is where to come. B-dul Nicolae Burebista Vanatoresc Romanian Bistro Atheneu C-5. Sat 10:00 .24:00. (+4) 021 310 20 20. but can be extremely popular: you will generally need a reservation. George Georgescu 50-52. PABSW Bălcescu 4 (Hotel InterContinental). then we don’t know where does. tel. €. casaveche@casaveche. www.September 2010 . A bit of a trek from the city centre (it is just around the corner from Baneasa Airport) the mici here are indeed the best we have tasted: big. (+4) 0728 85 38 53. an integral part of the city’s rich tapestry. €€. Expect big portions of standard Romanian food . PALB Locanta Jaristea B-6. Sos. tel. Best known as being the first ever proper pizzerie in Bucharest. tel. From the delicious onion soup through the scallops with grilled asparagus to the duo of foie gras to the rib-eye steak (shipped in from Argentina). €€€. PAEB 021 315 78 97/(+4) 021 312 58 16. 18:30-23:00. The food.lamama. The live.restaurantburebista. www. Str. make sure you order it. There is no menu as such: simply choose one of the delicious specials chalked up on a blackboard that the pretty waitresses will bring to your La Mama C-3. and lovely fresh sarmale) and all have a personal touch to their taste. there is far.210B (Orhideea). especially at lunchtime. PTALW Corso Brasserie & Terrace €€€. (+4) 0724 50 56 05.inyourpocket. (+4) 021 320 52 ic/1/en/hotel/BUHHA/dining. (+4) 021 312 97 97. (+4) 021 222 67 17. tel. George Enescu August . www. The response was immediate and overwhelming: Cocosatu’ uber alles. The walled garden/courtyard is delightful on sunny days. The ultimate Bucharest mici experience. cooked in an open Neagoe Voda 52 A. Casa Doina can be considered a paragon of consistency. tel. Alma mater of Romanian restaurants. tel. Q Open 06:30 . restaurant@casadoina. as well as a brilliant iahnie de fasole with ciolan (pork knuckle with beans to you and me). Kiseleff 4. and all at peanuts prices.

Thomas Masaryk 7. (+4) 021 252 29 56/(+4) 0766 52 67 91. (+4) 021 313 49 51. Closed Mon. buffalo. MUniversitate. then 15. QOpen 17:00 . Great desserts too. tel.24:00. all cooked by the hands-own owner and often served by another member of the family.24:00. We usually always go for the lamb kebabs. As for the desserts. so no meat. Ayuvedic principles have long been applied to alternative medicine.12:30. and we never leave disappointed (and we come here as often as our wallet allows). but in our experience all of them are well worth trying. There are no menus here: instead the waitresses will parade a trolley-full of meze before you to pick from. Sat Popa Nan 16. and still packing in the punters who come back time and again. (+4) 031 805 91 99. oysters. Alas. and though it is all good the mango and shrimp salad with seafood and citrus sauce particularly took our fancy. Next time though all was well. There’s plenty more than beef on the menu though: this place is one meaty treat that warrants more than one visit.inyourpocket. Also worth trying is the iahnie de fasole: a Romanian bean stew that packs something of a kick and proof that Romanian does do vegetarian food. We gave them five minutes. now it is developing into €€€. Try the sote de vacuta aromat cu cognac: tender beef sauteed in cognac with mushrooms and tomatoes. QOpen 08:30 . (+4) 0723 in Romania where you can enjoy an entire suckling pig (though note that you will need phone ahead and ask then to start preparing it a day in advance) and sample some of the best vintage wines Romania has ever produced. Petre Creţu 63. Sun 09:30 . €€. You can check it online and then decide if you fancy anything before setting off. €€. Amazingly.thaimoods. As such this is as upmarket as you can get. daniela. Still the greatest kebab house in the land.. Str.satya. €€€. €€€. (+4) 021 310 06 81. €€€€. www. PGS Vegetarian Casa Satya A-3. Everything on the menu is toxin free. tel. Str. The concept is great: very good Romanian food with a nod towards the vegetarian served off a menu that changes Cracking menu of primarily fish and seafood. €€€. Str. Join us and enjoy August .ro. then ignored. it being a mix of various Balkan cuisines. Romanian food is never going to win any awards for originality. mussels. organic While Mesogios certainly doesn’t get any cheaper. prawns of all sizes. you will feel as though you are sharing a carefully prepared family meal. the service can be a little hit and miss. as in the mix life and science. tel. (+4) 021 314 28 25/(+4) 021 313 28 33. then we got up and left. Bucharest In Your Pocket E-5. tel. before coming round with the kebabs: pick which one you want then send it to be cooked in the open kitchen. lobster. A businessman’s dream. Getting on for a decade since it opened its dedication to seafood has not waned for one moment.rossetya. We hope the second experience was the regular experience. and the beef dishes here are especially good. the high standards here have ensured that it remains packed with happy punters. 021 317 13 55. €€€€. www. Str. PAGS Violeta’s Vintage Kitchen C-5.22:00. though there are local Romanian and international favourites too. Str. An exemplary wine list (for all budgets) makes it a super place for vineyard fans: all of Romania’s top wineries are represented. Where do you start when reviewing a place as revolutionary as this? The concept is Ayurveda. tel. tel. contact@satya. QOpen 11:00 . QOpen 12:00 24:00.23:30. Str. QOpen 12:00 . (+4) 0788 78 81 11/ (+4) 021 222 12 59. how does mango and passion fruit mousse sound? Or chocolate mousse with passion fruit sauce and Grand Marnier? Thought so. Hristo Botev 18-20. QOpen 11:00 02:00. www. PTAGBSW Turkish Golden Falcon C-5.40 restaUrants Price Guide (Based on a good meal with wine) €€€€ Expensive (More than €30 per person) €€ Middling (€10-€20 per person) €€€ Not cheap (€20-30 per person) € Cheap (Less than €10 per person) restaUrants 41 Steak House Buffalo Steak House C-5. but there is plenty of seafood. QOpen 12:00 . PALGBSW Thai Moods A-2.. PA Taverna NEW For details of restaurants. Sun. Dimitrie Bolintineanu 9. info@thaimoods.23:00. A genuinely great steakhouse proving once and for all that great beef can be On one visit we were given our menus.violetas. and everything is made with only fresh. QOpen 12:00 . B-dul Banu Manta 25. steakhouse@yahoo. PALBXSW Thai 17 40 39. Superlatives are pointless in any review of this restaurant. giant sea bass and a host of other wet treats. Batistei 23.L. We have tried almost everything on the menu. tel.netcu@yahoo. yet Rossetya tries harder than most to take it to new levels. and that is what we have bucharest. bars and clubs in Bucharest’s Old Town (Lipscani). Calderon 49. that does not mean forgoing taste: the delicious chutneys served with the poppadoms will convince you of that right from the off. Top little place with more atmosphere in its small toe than most other restaurants have in their entire bodies. (+4) 0757 51 37 68/(+4) 021 210 00 22. J. www.22:00. It serves the very best Thai food in the region (not just the country). PABXS bucharest. see the feature on pages 58-69.September 2010 . Str. tel. The toilets by the way are amazing. Mon 11:30 . then ten.23:00. cooked and served in Bucharest without the quality plummeting. www. QOpen 12:30 24:30. PAS Seafood Mesogios C-5. PALE Rossetya C-5. for the place is lovely and just so un-Bucharest you want to squeeze it and hug it. €€€.

com bucharest. (+4) 0724 71 88 48. Dumbrava Rosie Bucharest In Your Pocket QOpen 10:00 . ceascafe@ceascafe. IO Espresso C-5. lemonade and cocktails to a wonderful crowd that simply wants to relax with good friends and listen to mellow music in gorgeous surroundings.ILoveRomania. Str. an aromatic yet fruity green tea with more than a hint of strawberries. tel. www. Pictor Arthur Verona 13-15. ro. What used to be Via Café is now the far. Str. B-dul Decebal 13. tel. including the trademark Serendipity. (+4) 0732 00 30 61/(+4) 0732 00 30 60. The staff.01:00. Expect loads of different kinds. Busier during the day than at night. www. Sublime. Add in comfy white sofas and you have a winner. August .ro. right by Piata Romana.17:00. cakes. They operate group escorted tours with guaranteed departures from Bucharest ( Dobrescu 5. Q Open 10:0004:00. QOpen 08:30 . Bibescu Voda 1.24:00.42 CaFÉs CaFÉs 43 C-5. A genuinely brilliant concept and.01:00. PALEBXSW Sightseeing Tours & Trips Cultural Travel & Tours Tel. QOpen 12:00 . we think.22:00. tel. Bibescu Voda 19. Str. Str. All sorts of courses available too should you wish to get There is plenty of fruity tobacco for your pipe as well: yes. Other flexible services and guides in a variety of languages are available on airport Shuttle service and private transfers (www. (+4) 021 315 60 (+4) 021 336 31 63.and you have a truly brilliant venue. fax (+4) 021 232 03 31. Verona Garden Open 10:00-24:00. Travel Maker Str. travelmaker. Caffe & Latte is particularly nice during the spring and summer. great fruit juice. www. B-dul Schitu Măgureanu 35. (+4) 021 211 31 00. www.inyourpocket.gradina-oar.hobbycafe. expensive hotels. pretty damn close) this is a tidy cafe with great armchairs that tries to stand out from the crowd by hosting regular events: theatre evenings and the like. A record for Bucharest. office@travelmaker. tel. (+4) 0735 52 57 10. www. (+4) 021 Caffe & Latte Ceas Cafe D-4. ENBXW Gradina OAR C-5. The weekend brunch buffet (from 12:30 to 5pm) is great value at 25 lei and a brilliant alternative to brunch at the big. Closed Sat. QOpen 15:00 . tel. (+4) 021 232 03 Add in the terrific Verona Garden outside .as they say in these parts . Oh. www. PABSW 12. The blend of old and new is sensational.24:00. far better Coffee & You. one day cultural trips to Sinaia-Bran-Brasov (from €69) and nationwide tours.September 2010 . QOpen 12:00 .ro. QOpen 12:00 . tel. office@cttours.24:00. They also provide Hotel accommodation all around Romania as well as city break packages and short trips. seems to be the ethos of this king of cafés. Sun 15:00-04:00. Coffee. eat decent French/Italian food and then dance the night away to smooth sounds: all without leaving the when you can sit outside and enjoy the quiet street-scene and decent view of the park. peaceful afternoons reading a good book with a great cup of tea or QOpen 08:00 XXI-2. Our new favourite place in Bucharest. tel. they have hookahs too. Sun 10:00 . On Piata Unirii (well. Str. w w w. Guided walks and tours of both Bucharest and areas around the During the summer there’s a small terrace (as in tables on the street) but what really rocks our boat here is the view across the square from the upper level: just make sure you sit by the window. tel. Coffee here is an art form. The cafe itself is a quiet.22:00. Str. Sun 18:00 . tea./fax (+4) 021 650 32 80. Serves no fewer than 17 coffees and at least seven varieties of hot chocolate. TravelMaker is a Romanian Tour Operator founded in 2005 and based in Bucharest providing quality incoming travel services for Romania and East Europe. If it ain’t broke.23:00. www. Sun. MP-ta Unirii. B-dul Dacia 22. Another tea and coffee house: a very good one in fact. Str. and they get added points for reserving the whole ground floor for non-smokers. it’s all in the preparation. A semi-secret hideaway of a garden serving coffee. cti@clicknet. www. PGW Lolly Pop E-6. Tea and lots of something that’s actually new in QOpen 08:00 . There are more than 55 types of tea available. Sun 16:00 23:00. mellow affair great for casual meetings and relaxing. Sat. including the best cafea la nisip . PB 77/(+4) 0745 55 12 18. Sat. www. Fri 12:00 .inyourpocket. Illusion Cafe and Lounge C-6. Demetrie I. A gem of a place that should be stuffed and preserved for all time. Sat 16:00 . CT&T provides tailor-made heritage sightseeing tours of Bucharest (from €29). don’t try to fix it. Guides speak English and sightseeing tours of/from Bucharest (www. bl.coffeeandyou. tel. sandwiches and a few cocktails. Basically this place is a café with space and desks and other accessories for you to indulge your hidden artistic desires. (+4) 0735 55 77 Hobby Cafe D-5. PB 650 20 20. Arthur Verona 19. (+4) 0724 28 88 50. (+4) 0724 94 88 20.22:00.caffelatte. Str.around. fax (+4) 021 337 29 77. MP-ta Romana.BucharestCityTour. It is far less showy and therefore a great deal classier than almost every other cafe in the city. but the latest attempt to make this a real bookstore cafe is easily the best. rotravel. the coffee and the décor all stay the same . tel. QOpen 10:00 . (+4) 021 335 11 53/ (+4) 0729 08 38 00. for once.BucharestAirportShuttle. be it Bucharest’s most stunning cafe is housed inside a modern office building (home to Bucharest’s architects’ guild) itself inside the shell of a building almost entirely ruined during the 1989 revolution.24:00. ceascafe. PALW MUnirii. Sfintii Voievozi 49-51. an all-in-one type place where you can get coffee.01:00. tel. QOpen 09:00 . A quiet location just off an otherwise busy central street make this a superb choice for long. Negustori 34. (What does get better is the cake selection: it improves year after year). ro. Elena Vacarescu 9. drawing or photography.iocoffee.cttours. bl. Sun 12:00 . illusioncafeandlounge@yahoo. the food. www. PAEBXW B-5. Alas the weather means it closes at the end of September until next year. www. tel. tel. PABW Cafe Verona/Verona Garden Coffee & You C-6. serendipity-tea. RoCultours/ CTI B-4. The brilliant Carturesti bookshop has long served coffee with its books.01:00. (+4) 021 337 29 78/(+4) 021 313 43 71.01:00.and yet still they come. On a street that is becoming something of a seriously good alternative to the city centre is Lolly better place to sit in the shade this close to the city centre we know not of . TAGW Serendipity Tea House C-4. (+4) 021 314 38 34. tea.

nor will you find a better place to bring a secret date for a little tete-a-tete. Exceptional. The central location right between the Radisson and Hilton guarantees it a steady flow of thirsty visitors. Tephra Terminus B-5. intimate. (+4) 021 318 16 however.fratelli. as long as the hotel) remains today a classy bar serving champagne by the glass and much else besides (including a tremendous pint of Guinness). For a low-key good time it’s hard to beat. it is a cafe/bar that on Saturday nights puts on a small gig. Sun. Str. (+4) 021 314 86 06. Horei Str. which can often involve raucous karaoke sessions. PEB (+4) 021 317 16 81. Not wearing a cap or trainers will help. It is a very in-the-know place but the crowd is welcoming and the drinks very reasonably priced. 6759. Guinness on tap. By night Tephra becomes a bar and club of some QOpen 19:00 . Calling itself a bar and lounge. And that’s Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. One of gorgeous those little places that Bucharest simply does not have enough off. Tue. tel. tel. while downstairs there is a basement bar which becomes more a nightclub with an industrial feel as the evening wears . Str. www. Q Open 09:00-24:00. www. Str. popular with an after-work crowd who view it as a decent alternative to the English Bar in the Hilton across the road. Downtown C-4. Nicolae Golescu 5. Str. Wed 19:00 . office@downtown. PAB Fratelli C-5. QOpen 16:00 . ro. nightLiFe Bars B-4. Epicopiei 1-3 (Athenee Palace La Margine D-5. With more nooks and crannies than your grandmother’s country house.grandhotelcontinental. tel. Sat. By day this place is popular as a café and a lunch venue: there is a daily set menu offering three courses for around the 19 lei mark. Pub/bar on the ground floor. Sun 09:00-24:00. tel. and full of the kind of people impressed by drinking and dancing in the same location as C-list celebs. A collection of bars and lounges from the Radisson. We think the Light Blå Terrace (fully enclosed in glass at this time of year) is the most stunning smoking room in the city. this cafe and cocktail bar is quite frankly unique. Also at (C-5) B-dul Magheru 33. (+4) 031 102 06 97. but one in which we can assure we passed far more time than we ever meant to).24:00. www. You will not find anywhere in Bucharest quite so startling in design. Calea Victoriei 63-81 (Radisson Blu). PALW English Bar C-5.01:00. Q Open 24hrs. great bar food (try the duck blinis) and cracking cocktails. The vaguely kitsch but enjoyably happy décor lends and air of glam rock to proceedings. pull up a cushion. Q Open 24 hours. Str. Domnita Anastasia now a joy thanks to top staff. (+4) 021 311 66 76.02:00. Open 09:00-21:00. PARL tel.inyourpocket. PA Victoria Club C-5.bla-lounge. tel. PAE Hilton). (+4) 021 303 3777 ext. www.once not easy . Popular venue for private parties. Sun 12:00-03:00. fitze dominated Bucharest nightlife scene. This little corner of the Hilton that will forever be associated with intrigue and spies (it has been around for nearly a century. English-owned and run bar stroke club for a more discerning crowd: one fed up with the regular. tel. tel. P Ramayana Cafe A-5. What’s more it isn’t really a fitze kind of place. An expensive and rather pretentious smaller version of The Office. There’s a big bar and getting a drink .ro. which usually begins with one girl on a guitar but ends up involving everyone else present. QOpen 12:00 . This place is about as exclusive as a supermarket.fourteen.34. Str. tel. It has its Starck furniture and resident posers of course but in general the crowd that makes it in is more business than biznes. QOpen 11:00 . Has in the past held bikini parties: enough said. Though we can usually blag our way past the fellas on the door. Dark Bar Blå 17:00-02:00. Packed with business leaders and expats most evenings it is hard not to love Worth trying to get in. Str. PABW B-5. such as the Lux Noctis party. tel. (+4) 021 311 90 00. (+4) 0372 01 03 06.02:00. Elegant bar and cigar lounge that . a night which sets new standards for decadence and damn fine sounds. PAB Dark Bar Blå /Light Blå Terrace /Blå Lounge Bar Fourteen C-5. Expect a very good mix of music (1980s pop and electro and Brit Pop being the staples) and plenty of theme parties. there are certainly enough comfy sofas here to qualify it in the lounge category. George Enescu 5.ramayana. Expect contemporary design.04:00. MUniversitate. (+4) 0730 47 22 33.with its gorgeous leather armchairs immediately reminded us of our favourite hotel bar in Vienna (which shall rename nameless. Closed Mon. www. MP-ta Calea Victoriei 56. Benjamin Franklin 14. (+4) 0733 76 35 16. That is if you can get in of course. QOpen 09:30 . Tiny.02:00. Q Blå Lounge Bar/Light Blå Terrace 09:00 . a far superior venue just around the corner. sup on a hookah pipe and drink a green tea. www. Add in a splendid range of agreeable wines and you have a winner. Mendeleev 32 . we know people who have been told it’s full even though they knew it damn well wasn’t.01:00. Looking like a cross between a Maharaja’s bedroom and the most luxurious hotel in Delhi. We like. Baldovin Parcalabul 11.

muzica usoara (a kind of syrupy 1970s pop: very big in these parts) or general Friday and Saturday night mayhem. QOpen 10:00 . (+4) 021 311 41 77. forget Late at night this is the coolest chill-out venue in the bucharest. why would you go anywhere else? All your mates are probably Raymond’s.01:00. Sun 12:00 . (+4) 021 314 29 01. Str. So you can expect much of the same: a real Irish pub short on crap and long on Shift C-4. PW 211 22 72/(+4) 0733 92 78 62.irishpubs.’ Besides selling beer he will also . Valter Maracineanu 1-3.joyces.05:00. It’s got great food . tel. the entrance is on the northern side of the National Theatre (opposite the InterContinental).even talk about it . B-dul Dacia 62.shiftpub.massive portions of international. PAEBW Cafeneaua Actorilor Dreamer’s B-5. tel. Sun 14:00 . PABXSW Popular with expats who come to watch the football that’s shown live via satelite. B-dul tel.02:00. as well as group of rowdy expats. (+4) 021 231 27 95. PE Irish Pubs Dubliner A-4. They serve a great pizza. Sat. but you will find it difficult to recognise this place from years ago. Think about going somewhere else by all means .but then do what’s sensible and get yourself (+4) 021 Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest.right on the edge of Cismigiu Park. PALBW Walhalla Whispers B-5.September 2010 . Sat.02:00. tel. QOpen 11:00 . Sat. (+4) 021 222 94 73. ‘it’s Dreamers Jim. For it is now James If you try the food before we do. Molly’s is the newest Irish pub in the city. and packed with both locals of the ‘ordinary people’ variety. Romanian and even British favourites at tip top prices . Shift is a Bohemian restaurant/bar/club of some Not easy to find. Is there football on? Dubliner. a very good pub owned and run hands-on by an Irishman who describes himself as ‘a Paddy in exile selling beer to the masses. (+4) 031 105 76 49.irishpubs. and has been packed since opening day (at the end of May) with the hippest people in the selling food. It’s doubtful that you’ve seen anything like this place in Bucharest before. Sun 18:00 . PALEW exactly what we’ve found ourselves doing here: it’s a great place to get away from the city for a bit. QOpen 10:00 . Gen. PABXSW White Horse B-3. if only to sip a glass of champers and read the newspaper. QOpen 09:00 . and we love it. Calea Calarasi Jump in a taxi and go there: it’s well worth the August .04:00.dreamers. this legendary bar remains a favourite of ours too.04:00. www.01:00.cafeneauaactorilor. www. George Călinescu 4A. Rugby? Dubliner. Eremia Grigorescu 17. As Spock might say.24:00. PALEBXW Molly’s Irish Pub D-6. Sat. The White Horse has been around so long it should probably consider going out to stud. Titulescu 18. PAB Pubs C-5. tel. (+4) 0721 90 08 42. That aside it remains a decent pub. MUniversitate. The Harp).ro.02:00. tel. Or should it? On a recent visit we found it to be in surprisingly good shape. though at press time the kitchen had yet to go fully operational.’ For if you remember the old location as always being a bit cramped (though we have to admit it was not without its charms) then you are in for a nice shock at the new place. www. Sun 09:00 . You may remember this place .01:00. The garden/ James Joyce Pub www. but not as we know it. Str. www. Well worth a visit. Str. you could conduct all sorts of affairs from down here.inyourpocket. with bar snacks served down. QOpen 10:00 . B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu 2. QOpen 09:00 . be it karaoke (usually Tuesdays) classical music (Mondays). Cricket? Dubliner. Eternally popular late night choice of the actors who work in the National Theatre next door.soon . in a wonderful setting . tel. and carries the by now almost sainted hallmark of David Larkin (The Dubliner. Not new. MUniversitate. Where once was Esperanto.03:00. (+4) 0723 11 22 00.04:00.46 nightLiFe nightLiFe 47 terrace is gorgeous.05:00. If you do. Str. from football on the television to Guinness in the taps. www. www. Berthelot 111. Loads of quiet corners for secret tete-a-tetes. Sun 12:00 . Whispers is far more than you expect from your standard expat pub. tel. QOpen 12:00 . QOpen 10:00 . the best Guinness in Bucharest is poured here. Fri. It’s not that there aren’t now other pubs to go to (there have been for quite some time) but the question is. Now a genuine venue where they make something happen every night.whitehorse. (+4) 021 320 05 04. www. There is still good food in the more formal part upstairs. Everything you would expect from a pub is here. Ion Brezoianu 4.and the staff are just the right side of friendly.walhallapub. Str. let us know how it is. and though we have always loved the square bar it would be better if it didn’t so run dry of Guinness. tel.inyourpocket. www.whispers. both the best steak and kidney pie in town is here. QOpen 09:00 . and the widest choice of foreign television channels is here.

Stefan . tel. Q Open 18:00 . A cavernous place. The draw though remain the participatory cocktails. PALK Grand Casino B-6.QOpen 23:00 . elcomandanteprimer. A favourite with an arty crowd of would-be rich. PAW The Harp C-6. PALGK Platinum Casino B-4.04:00. Wed. Sf. A place that goes from strength to strength. B-dul Nicolae Balcescu 25. tel. B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu 4 Bucharest In Your Pocket proud music bar which sets new standards for live music and good times. Closed Mon. MP-ta fax (+4) 021 403 08 08. You will love it. Club Open 22:00 . tel.dejavu-club. good rock music . whether it’s a theme night or a guest DJ shipped in from Italy. rezervari@ dejavu-club. MUniversitate. Leather sofas.04:00. This place tops our list of ‘clubs for people who do not like clubs. City-centre club lauding itself as an oasis of luxury.06:00.worldofprincess. tel. some of which involve fire. Str. artists and models at every turn. It thus somehow avoids the soulless synthetic feel of many Oirish pubs abroad. QOpen 09:00 . B-dul Regina Elisabeta 13. Sun 12:00 . tel. drinks. www.control-club. Where else in Bucharest will you see a Joy Division tribute band? QOpen 17:00 . PAW (+4) 021 335 65 08. See you Calea 13 Septembrie 90 (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel). PAW El Comandante Primer D-5.thefront. B-dul Nicolae Balcescu 18. PARULEK Casino Bucharest C-5. Sat. Q Open 24 hrs. it’s quaintly decorated with framed old newspaper front pages and Calea Dorobantilor 5-7.and the right kind of crowd. Academiei 19 (Pasajul Victoriei). El Comandante’s empire continues to grow apace. tel.platinumcasino. (+4) 0721 91 82 79/(+4) 021 311 23 22. tel. Music is fairly mainstream. There are special events at least once a week. purple cushions. (+4) 031 710 22 34/(+4) 0720 22 74 66. provided by a live Fri. The idea is more or less the same: good provided by the owners themselves .48 nightLiFe high standards. Very nice indeed. MP-ta Romana. (+4) 0372 76 34 45. (+4) 021 403 08 01. office@casinopalace. Thu 18:00 . MUniversitate. the delicate souls couldn’t cope Svarovski crystal. PL Queen Casino B-3. At weekends it is packed and the small dancefloor is the sweatiest place in Bucharest. Calea Victoriei 133. Str. www.05:00. QOpen 11:00 . Calea Victoriei 48-50 (Pasajul Victoriei). (+4) 0751 11 11 15.’ It’s big. Str. MUniversitate.inyourpocket. Eleven C-5. with two levels. it is now open during the day for food too: you could spend your whole life in here. coyotecafe. Q Open 24 hrs. (+4) 021 311 97 44/(+4) 0722 66 57 The music is suitably low-key . PAE Deja-vu C-5. Sun. a bit of rock and 70s disco.and the design what might be called ‘kitchen-sink chic’.casinobucharest. be it a band or DJ. MVictoriei. a pleasing. QOpen 09:00 . This is the latest venue to carry the bigger than most in the city. and a few which involve wearing a World War II Russian army helmet. and the two different zones (one especially for live music) have been laid out well. (+4) 0729 73 30 42. from good pub grub to drinks that don’t cost a fortune. tel. and it is always Club Front Calea Rahovei 196A. who head for the Dubliner). tel. Faultless chicken and mushroom pies. P Palace Casino B-4. PE Coyote Cafe B-4. below the La Historia 2 bistro which belongs to the same Casinos (InterContinental Hotel). as well as great wallpaper. PALEXSW BUCHAREST II OTOPENI AIRPORT II TIMISOARA AIRPORT II CLUJ AIRPORT II SIBIU II BRASOV II CONSTANTA BUCHAREST II OTOPENI AIRPORT II TIMISOARA AIRPORT II CLUJ AIRPORT II SIBIU II BRASOV II CONSTANTA Clubs & Discos 24. Minimalist resident club at The Ark. Fri. Sat 20:00 .queencasino. Coyote is a loud. Still the best cocktail bar this side of the River service and a friendly crowd. www. QOpen 18:00 . info@eleven.04:00.casinopalace. (+4) 0733 92 78 61. www. www. PALEW tel. Calea Victoriei 63-81. Tue. Closed Mon. Bibescu Voda 1. (+4) 021 310 20 20 ext 7592/(+4) 0728 83 38 28. though with less of an emphasis on live British sport (as such it is more popular with locals than expats. (+4) 021 313 98 23. www. The other half of the Dubliner. clever lighting: it’s that sort of luxury. platinum@ platinumcasino.nothing too cutting edge here. office@elcomandanteprimer. www.05:00.eleven. Havana Princess Casino C-5. tel. Given the luxury angle drink prices are accessible and there’s no entrance fee. Q Open 24 The music in the evenings is always live. www.03:00. Hosts live acts at least a couple of nights per week too: the cavernous space is well suited to live music. clubby house. www. non-clubby mix of indie Q Open 24hrs. A huge warren of a venue. famous and beautiful people you can expect to find divas. Q Open 24 hrs. (+4) 0724 20 35 X-ACTLY WHAT YOU NEED X-ACTLY WHAT YOU NEED Control Club C-5. www. They also serve at least one which involves a young Russian girl squeezing lemon into your mouth with her teeth. QOpen 12:00 . (+4) 021 311 34 87.

06:00. You can eat here too: there’s a restaurant serving standard Romanian food on site. popular with fit young girls and men who like to chat them up.05:00. Tue. So good is the sound that the biggest local bands are playing here simply for the hell of it. PAL The Gang Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. (+4) 0733 97 52 77. Wed. (+4) 0726 80 41 42. If you can leave aside the politics and forget you are in a place named for someone who killed so many people. dedicated to the man’s memory.05:00. Tue. Packed with beautiful. while The Other Side of Expirat (entrance on Brezoianu) is more edgy. www. QOpen 23:00 . Tribute is also regularly host to a number of the best live acts in the business. Revolutionary! QOpen 21:00 . Dagenham. Plan on staying late. Closed Mon. Closed Mon. Tue. tel. well. A winner. Closed Mon. our opinion .tscarena. There is live music now and again too. Str. There are two entrances to the same building. Tue. if the excitement of live music is what you are looking for. Closed Mon. Primo Nebiolo 5-7. QOpen 23:00 . Sun.06:00. Calea Floreasca 111-113. P Studio Martin B-4. successful people dancing to top sounds or chilling on the chic.05:00. (+4) 0728 74 28 83. www. NB (+4) 0722 39 92 28. MIzvor.jukeboxclub. (Terrace 09:00-23:00). There are terraces. www. Sun 20:00-02:00. Thu. Good beer. QOpen 22:00 . Wed 21:00-02:00.theplayer. Ion Brezoianu 4/Str. It’s the usual mix of luxury and chic. comfy sofas. Jukebox Club E-6.expirat. with portraits at August . Tue. Top club music played by Europe’s finest DJs. Expect live music acts a couple of nights a week of a very high quality. For the record Expirat 1 (entrance on Lipscani) is the more mainstream club. thump. Legendary cinema and night spot. this is as close as you get to a genuinely 24-hour party-central venue in Bucharest. there are clubs. Looking (inside) very much like QOpen 22:00 . silver church (albeit one which has dropped plenty of acid).com bucharest. Wed. as well as a regular selection of theme nights. Entrance 20 lei.02:00. (+4) 021 322 66 10. PALEXW 0728 55 60 43. The live music club formerly known as Becker Brau. Closed Mon. Tue. tel. tel.inyourpocket. tel. of course).ro. and the warren of little rooms is probably great for plotting terrorist attacks.thegang. who love the atmosphere provided by a great crowd and wonderful A taxi ride from the city centre.often from abroad . QOpen 22:00 . Currently the best place to see good local bands.studiomartin. Str. PJAE Kristal Glam Club C-2.tribute. and all those who wear his t-shirt will love this little rock club. www. office@elgrandecomandante. (+4) Expirat/Other Side Tribute B-4.06:00. and we mean the biggest names. Closed Mon. More often than not you’ll find a top name European DJ on the bill. tel. Sun. PLNBW The Silver Church A-5. Closed Two clubs (almost) in one. B-dul Iancu de Hunedoara least once or twice a month. Closed Mon. Calea Plevnei 61. Turturelelor Lipscani 5. PALEX B-5. PE nightLiFe The Player Str. C-3. Besides a fantastic resident band. elgrandecomandante. PUE 51 El Grande Comandante Sun. www. who cares? This place is good. this is one first class venue. You wanna be in my gang? Newest uber-club in Bucharest. good atmosphere and a favourite of big groups of friends looking for a great night out. QOpen 22:00 . thump. Bach 2. Sun. Basically. There’s high quality music from serious DJs for serious people most Friday and Saturday nights. (+4) 0722 79 51 84. Q Open 21:00-05:00. Wed. J. Wed. and reasonably priced drinks. Viitorului 26. Sun. Much the same as before: live acts most nights of the week. tel.50 nightLiFe people. attracting a cashed-up crowd of young party people listening to standard club sounds provided by local and international DJs. PAE www. Tue. Calea Victoriei 118. funky and simply . both of which are enjoyable venues. then it’s actually quite good.September 2010 . Str.05:00. it’s the kind of place that puts the hedonism back into Bucharest nightlife.06:00. Thu.inyourpocket. successful but non-fitze crowd as at La Historia and up at the original El Comandante. (+4) 0723 37 90 26. A big name plays here at least once a week. Drinks are cheap. Sun. www. tel. QOpen 21:00 . QOpen 22:00 . (+4) 0720 73 47 34. Communists with an interest in rock music of the world unite! Che is cool in Romania (ironically. See you It is nice to hear music which doesn’t thump. So popular is this place that getting in can be a challenge: get tickets for the biggest gigs in advance. S. clubkristal. www. and there is this place. For serious clubbers this really is the best option. circa 1977. Thu. 12 and 2 o’clock. While its interior design still resembles the Crystal Ballrooms. Packed from one dawn to the next. the same young. www. Str. with a reasonably big name . it’s a cavernous venue with terrific acoustics and it is this mix of big club/small concert hall that gives it the edge over some other venues. Closed Mon. Bang in the city centre (it’s on Calea Victoriei) it’s a great choice if you are stuck in a downtown pub thinking about where to move on

was built to host the social. Damaged during the fighting of December 1989. Mitropoliei. in far less grand building). on page 54. Built to a design based on the Curtea de Arges. Gheorghe. Set atop one of the city’s few hills. Constantin Mille 1. 1888. before walking through Lipscani to Piata Unirii. is also housed here. and impressive facade is almost 100 metres long. one year after the strikingly similar Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw.52 what to see Buildings with a history lin 1-3. Palatul Justitiei (Tribunalul Capitalei) B-6. and is renowned worldwide for its outstanding acoustics. the Palace of Justice was designed by Romanian architect Adrian Ballu in the style of the French renaissance.inyourpocket. There was originally a wooden church on this site. paintings and nostalgic the Patriarchal Palace. and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. on Aleea Alexandru. Standing guard. while the interior icons were added in 1859 by Gheorghe Tattarescu. but the overwhelming majority of the cathedral’s structure is the original. Today the seat of the Romanian Philharmonic George . the auditorium can seat 800 spectators comfortably. is just one newspaper still produced here. and to the various groups of protesters who gather here almost daily to argue their case. The present church . with its marble facade. The monastery was added in 1570. This neo-classic masterpiece. one of the country’s most popular dailies. The home of the National Savings Bank is one of the most fabulous Neo-Classical facades in the city: the enormous arch that houses the entrance. host to any number of libel trials involving our good selves. Built during the last decade of the nineteenth century. Casa Centrala a Armatei (Military Club) B-5. visit the Peasant Museum. the church was renovated from 1852-3 by the Spanish architect Villacrosse. Originally housing the editorial offices of almost all of the capital’s newspapers. MPiata Unirii. with its sublime baroque cupola. QOpen 10:00 . was built in 1937 to the designs of Duiliu Marcu. Poland. residence of Daniel Ciobotea. the recently elected Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Casa Presei Libere (Casa Scânteii) A-1. though the construction of the Civic Centre hid it from the river and from general view. this linear An impressive edifice standing somewhat menacingly at the entrance to the capital. offices and classrooms for officer instruction. Casa Scanteii (as it is still universally known) was designed by architect Horia Maicu and completed in 1956. outside Piteşti - dates from Radu Vodă Monastery (Mănăstirea Radu Vodă) Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Possibly the finest building in the city. In all cases. it has undergone a number of facelifts. New St. Str. Gheorghe Nou) C-6. the carpenter Istrate and the sculptor Caragea. and restored in 1958. Dating from 1890. known as Mitropoliei. New and outstanding interior murals were added by Marian Popp. MUniversitate. It was built in 1708. Jurnalul Naţional. Piata Presei Libere 1. The work of French architect Albert Calea Victoriei 13. Admire from outside and move on. The recently renovated. Piata Sf. Calea Victoriei 47. www. an Italian. Dealul Creţulescu Church (Biserica Creţulescu) C-5. while upstairs are the army’s library. is a highlight of any architectural tour of the city. Biserica Creţulescu was raised from 1720-2 by Iordache Creţulescu and his wife Safta. the building is alas less impressive on the inside. originally to house the Foreign Ministry (which is now elsewhere. here are a couple of itineries: If all you have is an afternoon. B-dul Ilie Pintilie 1. it today carries out pretty much the same function. having been designed by C-6. and is a must. after the original patrons ran out of funds. Today the home of the Romanian government. as well as the Lipscani district. start off with the guided tour of Palatul Parlamentului. Romania’s supreme court. in an unmarked grave.and closed to the public . George’s Church was consecrated on June 29th. the work of an unknown artist. is housed in a monumental but rather run down building on the banks of the Dambovita. (+4) 021 315 25 67. Probably the most celebrated historic church in Bucharest. designed by Romanian architect Dimitrie Maimaroiu. The church of the former Radu Vodă Monastery stands on a hill on the banks of the Dâmboviţa. so if time is short. Note that entrance to the building is granted only to those on government business. Brâncoveanu is himself allegedly buried under the church. Next to the church . Str. the church has recently been restored to its full glory. to the designs of French architect Paul Gottereanu. stands proudly at the flux of the city’s busiest public square. MPiata Victoriei. cultural and educational needs of the Romanian army. with its mighty Corinthian columns. was built in 1912 on the site of the former Sarindar Monastery (the name of which is preserved in the name of the fountain directly in front of the building). Damaged in a fire in 1847. and admiring the Palatul Parlamentului from the outside. Radu Vodă 24A. New St. a daughter of Romanian humanitarian Constantin Brâncoveanu. the state press and photo agency. The outstanding paintings on the entrance are original. It was a wonder of the age. built during the reign of Mihnea the Bad. inside the Peasant Museum. the Casa Centrala a Armatei. tel. the Royal Palace and the old national library for attention. Banquets and regimental balls are still hosted in the main function rooms. Splailul Independentei 5.18:00. Str.fge. and was built almost entirely with money donated by ordinary citizens of the capital. usually known to all as Cercul Militar.which resembles the Curtea de Argeş. The impressive archive of Rompres. Atheneum (Ateneul Român) C-5. 1707. the Romanian Atheneum. If you have a full day. enjoy a leisurely stroll around Lipscani before heading uptown to visit both the Peasant and Village Museums and viewing the Arc de Triumf. Vaseleli. B-4. the Patriarchal Cathedral has been the centrepiece of the Romanian Orthodox faith since the seventeeth century. imposingly. The outstanding bell-tower at the entrance was built in 1698. built between 1654 and 1658. around 1508. the building was inaugurated on February 26. George’s Church (Biserica Sf. who also designed the National Bank of Romania. and decorated by the great Romanian maestros of the times: the painter Mutu. Benjamin Frank- Sightseeing Essentials It will take a couple of days to properly see all of the the sights we list in our Essential Bucharest section. CEC (Palatul Casei de Economii si Consemnaţiuni) Patriarchal Cathedral (Patriarhia) C-6/7. The largest of the churches built in Bucharest during the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu. near Pitesti. do not miss the Communist Iconography Exhibition. Str. It is a the city’s one ‘must-see’: a small but stunning cellar room featuring a collection of communist-era busts. Palatul din Piata Victoriei (Palatul Victoriei) B-4. competing with the Athenee Palace Hilton hotel. at the head of B-dul Kogalniceanu.

ruins of the original monastery church were discovered. The country’s largest. carved altars. www. Village Museum (Muzeul Naţional al Satului Dimitrie Gusti) A-2. the building we see today is more or less the original. also open to the public. Tue.00 lei. and can be visited as part of a tour. tel. Şos. Replicas of much of what is on display can be bought in the excellent if a little pricey museum Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Admission 5. Casa Poporului) B-6. revolutionary damage notwithstanding. the MIlitary Museum is housed in a former officers’ college.18:00. The massive auditorium. (+4) 021 317 021 318 14 50. During the communist period it was used a guest house for visiting heads of state.arts. or the brightly painted dwellings of the Danube Delta. Modern Romanian Art. in fact) though the commentary consists of little more than a bored guide reeling off endless superlative statistics. Sala Palatului. Built in 1906 on the orders of King Carol I to house what was then known as the Royal Romanian Geology Society. There are more than 60 original houses. There are three permanent exhibitions. Carol I.00 lei. it being replaced by the present concrete structure in 1935. The sculptures and reliefs that decorate the monument (and which need serious restoring) were created by the leading artists of the day.muzeultaranuluiroman. Popular with older children. and most impressive art collection is housed inside the splendid former Royal Palace.which date from as early as 1775. Geology Museum B-3. tel. ro. Constantin Brancuşi. however. Izvor is probably the nearest metro station. with its concave roof. Kiseleff may also have the chance to go on the roof. Standing 25 metres high. Although slightly remodelled in the late 1930s. one on each of the three floors of the main building: Medieval Romanian Art. QOpen 10:00 . playing host to many temporary exhibitions. and include a fine collection of antiquities. The History Museum moved here in 1970. Use the entrance on the right-hand side of the palace (if you’re looking at it front-on). when the frescoes (all the work of peerless painter Gheorghe Tattarescu) were added. monumental and simply superb NeoClassical building that houses Romania’s National History Museum was constructed from 1894-1900 to the designs of local architect Alexandru Săvulescu. Oltenia. Closed Mon. his nephew Crown Prince Ferdinand. The part that serves today as the president’s office. complete with exquisite but faded icons. Muzeul Satului is one of the greatest outdoor museums in the Balkans. Calea Victoriei Admission 6. Closed Mon. Romania’s finest museum. tel. tel. Some even now have recorded commentary in four languages (if the stickers are missing. Bucharest’s Arc de Triumf was built in 1922 to commemorate Romania’s Great War dead. dating from 1912.clarity. QOpen 10:00 . Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural Histor y (Muzeul de Istorie Naturală Grigore Antipa) B-3. including Theodor Aman. The public tour of the building is thoroughly recommended (it is the only way to see the building. was originally used to host the five-yearly communist party congress.geology. There are exhibitions covering all aspects of Romanian peasant life. and covering some 15 hectares on the shores of Lake Herăstrău. the year of Enescu’s death. You can even now take a trip into the bowels of the building down below.17:00. www. Museums 31 07. some parts of the building have only recently been reopened after the mindless vandalism of those mad days in December 1989. PA National Art Museum (MNAR. QOpen 09:30 . you should make reservations a day in advance as parliamentary business means the official opening hours are subject to change. children. Kiseleff 3. but there are some. It today plays host to exhibitions and concerts.00 lei. Military Museum (Muzeul Militar National) B-4.54 what to see Essential Bucharest Arcul de Triumf A-2. Part of the palace is open to the public. Calea Peasant Museum (Muzeul Taranului Roman) B-3. Admission 6 lei.50 lei. while . rumour and hyperbole. (+4) 021 319 59 04 int.inyourpocket.mnar. Mircea Vulcănescu 125-127. remains unused. the Romanian postal service. tel. tel. though again this costs www.000.QOpen 09:00 . www. was designed by Tiberiu Ricci (also responsible for the TVR building) and built in 15 months from January 1959 to April 1960. Victoriei 49-53.if you pay the extra five lei .17:00. 1613-4. Originally designed to house almost all the organs of the communist August . there is the museum building itself to admire. Indeed. Tue. tel. You should also not miss the earth houses of Straja. (+4) 021 313 30 30/021 314 81 19. Admission 8 lei. and one of the best natural history museums in Europe. Dobrogea and Moldavia. from handpainted Easter eggs to terracotta pottery. The design would form something of a blueprint for Romanian domestic architecture for years to come. Muzeul National de Arta. It served as the Bucharest residence of the Romanian royal family until 1939.inyourpocket. Visits and tours (available in Romanian. which saw the building (named the Palace of the Socialist Republic during the communist period) as a symbol of the regime.muzeulcotroceni. Sos. and Gheorghe Tatarescu. Most of the houses date from the mid 19th-century. when the building was ransacked by the iconoclastic mob. press the second button for English). The church has been partially rebuilt and can be visited without joining the full palace tour. Calea Victoriei 12. Enescu did however live for a period in the smaller house behind the main building. Closed Mon. it today plays host to the Romanian parliament and a modern. and is far more impressive than its red-brick neighbour. Founded by Royal Decree in 1936. Every exhibit has a plaque showing exactly where in Romania it was brought from.17:00. no captions anywhere in the museum are in English. featuring icons. You will see a number of function rooms. the Arc has a staircase that allows visitors to climb to the terrace on the top of the monument. Constructed from 188893 at the behest of Romania’s first king.muzeul-satului. which seats 3. helicopters and tanks) as well as an excellent display that focuses on the army’s role during the revolution. 35 lei (standard tour and terrace).com bucharest. driving license or other form of internationally accepted ID. tel. www. a noted Romanian naturalist who ran the museum for almost five decades until his death in 1944. which plays host to a fine collection of Old European Masters.15:45. French and English) are by appointment only. and bears the stamp of local architect Nicolae Vladescu. tel. including Ion Jalea and Constantin Baraschi. students and children 2 lei. (+4) as Romania’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Outstanding. Children love the museum.00 lei is payable by those with cameras. It originally served as the headquarters of Poşta Romană.antipa. and official home. terrace and basement). as well Palatul Parlamentului (Parliament Palace. (+4) 021 315 82 07. Standing 84m above ground level on 12 floors. First off./fax (+4) 021 317 96 60. The highlight of the museum is probably the steep belfry of the wooden Maramureş church. www. (+4) museum building was purpose built in 1908 at the behest of Grigore Antipa. Q Open 10:00-18:00. and form part of the tour of the palace). Piata Arcul de Triumf. Free entrance every 26th day of the Kiseleff 1. was added after the great Bucharest earthquake of 1977. what to see 55 Sala Palatului B-5. many of which were decorated to the whims of Marie. Şos. including statues brought from a Bronze Age necropolis close to present day Cernavoda. the most interesting sections of the museum include a range of military hardware (missiles. ro.00 lei. The finest exhibit is the replica of Trajan’s Column in the central lapidarium. The museum’s permanent collections are impressive in size and . Much of the building. Built on the site of a former monastery (the foundations and cellars of which remain. first built in 1812 as a private home by the wealthy trader Dinicu Golescu.and so far only . 30 lei (standard tour and basement). 09:00-17:00 (NovemberMarch). (+4) 021 312 88 26. and many older Bucharest residents still refer to it as the Cantacuzino Palace. however. 107. George Enescu Museum (Muzeul National George Enescu) B-4. led by Paul Gottereau. Far more than just a collection of old rocks and fossils. Bucharest’s Geology Museum is one of the city’s must sees. (+4) 021 311 36 11.being logically presented . Not to be missed is the Soyuz-40 capsule in which Dumitru Prunariu became the first . and it makes for a perfect family day out. though is opened only on special watermills and churches from all of Romania’s historic regions: Transylvania. Calea 13 Septembrie 1. Piata Palatului. Sadly.00 lei. You’ll see plenty of grand staircases. marble-plated halls and conference rooms. built in 1885. with all of Romania’s greatest 20th century artists well represented. www. C-5. this outstanding Secession house was in fact built for landowner George Cantacuzino in 1905. students 2. You will also be able to view her astonishing art collection. You will need to bring ID. Mistakenly believed to be the great Romanian composer George Enescu’s former Tucked away on a side street not far from the main railway station. Cotroceni Palace has since 1991 been the official residence of the Romanian President. the building is a splendid example of NeoBrancovenesque architecture. dug in to the ground and topped with thatched rooves. It became a royal residence in 1859. and one of the best in the country. Former Royal Palace) B/C-5. Closed Mon. It became state property in 1955. Sos. when it became the site of the court of the first prince of the united principalities. info@ muzeultaranuluiroman.17:30. Closed Mon. and European Paintings and Sculpture. 45 lei (standard tour. When his sons fell into financial ruin some years later. students and children 6. the Peasant Museum is the best museum in though it was extensively rebuilt during the 19thcentury. including part of the original interior frescoes. the Peasant Museum. Q Reopens this Autumn. During the construction of the new wing in the 1980s. well equipped conference centre. QOpen 10:00 . Housed in a wonderful red brick building designed by Nicolae Ghica-Budeşti. To join one of the tours. Admission 6 lei. An additional fee of 30. is currently being renovated. but you’ll get a better view from Piata Unirii. and a year later opened as a musuem dedicated to his life and work. Palatul Parlamentului (known universally as Casa Poporului) was built during the darkest days of the Nicolae Ceausescu regime. in May The beautiful. History Museum (Muzeul National de Istorie) A3. Admission 25 lei (standard tour). windmills. The original was made of wood. which offers perhaps the best view of central Bucharest. they were forced to sell the building to the state. Kiseleff 2. QOpen 09:00 . Students and children 2 lei.September 2010 . illustrated manuscripts and bibles. All tours include access to the Palace’s terrace cafe. in the heart of Romania - celebrated for their intricately carved entrances .Romanian in space. What is unquestionably Romania’s most famous building. Alexandru Ion Cuza. with a decent number of English captions. the museum offers well laid out and presented exhibits which tell you all you need to know about the diverse and fascinating history of life around the country over the past four centuries. intrarea 021 317 91 10. Admission 8 lei. farmsteads. the palace was designed by a French team of architects. from colourful religious icons to traditional clothing. QOpen 10:00 . and fragments of frescoes. Str. The museum is poor on Romania’s recent history. (+4) 021 212 89 52. www. mnir. The museum’s exhibitions are spread over 60 display rooms. the English wife of Carol’s heir. adding a number of new wings. The museum is also one of the most active in the city. The Find more museums online at bucharest. Admission 6 lei. Gheorghe Patraşcu. which carried out huge modifications. students/children 3 lei. You will also need to bring your passport. Q Open 10:00-18:00 (April-October). Closed Mon.salapalatului. students and children 3. Cotroceni Museum B-dul Geniului 1. tel. In most people’s opinion. Admission 12. the building has long been shrouded in mystery. such as those from Berbeşti.

trees. Between B-dul Regina Elisabeta. tel. Str. as well as ice cream stands. and as such you will find the best and biggest childrens’ playgrounds in the city here.00 lei. The museum has a great cafe. tel. Tonitza. Ilfov. Str. and his paintings before 1916 contain Symbolist motifs. of course).18:00. The garden has an area of over 17 hectares. Schooled in Dresend and Paris. and designed by the French landscape artist Eduard Redont. and is centered on the lake with which it shares its name. Built in 1857.56 what to see Minovici Museum of Ancient Western Art (Muzeul Minovici) Str. Seperate exhibitions display how the once vibrant Jewish community of Bucharest used to live. Cismigiu is actually a large garden. Whole terraces have been landscaped. it was built around 1750 by the rich Armenian Hagi Kevork Nazaretoglu. Morning Prayer: Sun-Fri 08:00. however. it should be remembered that the machines. Cafeneaua Actorilor de Vara. MEroii Revolutiei. QOpen 08:00 . students. QOpen 09:00 . With an impressive mixture of baroque and rococo architectural styles. Dr. and to Dr. as well as various events for children. flowers and lakes.mnac. Admission 5. when there is snow. at its opening. Sat 09:30.15:00. the main section (closest to Tineretului metro) offers a few rides for kids. promenades and the central lake (on which there are boat trips). turbines. MTitan. students and children 2.” said Rabbi Menachem HaCohen.50 lei. The country’s role in the Holocaust and in the deportation of Jews was ignored by the Communists. On weekend evenings there is usually something going at the ma in bandstand: either a band or children’s entertainers. Romania’s chief rabbi. Liviu Rebreanu. full of monuments to those who died during Romania’s pogroms (of which there were many at the turn of the 19th century) and the Holocaust. students and children 2.jcc. Tue. tel. laid in the style of ancient Rome. Candiano Popescu 2. The museum’s saving grace is the house in which it is hosted: the oldest in Bucharest.000 trees and plants were brought in from the Romanian mountains.00 lei. a go-kart track. Yeshoah Tova Synagogue (Sinagoga Eşua Large park in the north of the city. Closed Mon.September 2010 .17:00. Sos.000 Romanian Jews sent to their deaths at Auschwitz in 1944 and 1945 (Nobel prize-winning writer Elie Wiesel was one of the few survivors of this late deportation). Calea Serban Vodă. Closed Mon. a complete library and Italian paintings from the 16th/17th centuries. Fri 08:00 . 021 312 21 96. To get there. Tache Ionescu 9. Walk over the enchantingly creaky wooden floors and admire the decorated tavane (ceilings). Str. Usually the busiest Bucharest synagogue. we have. on Str. Tue. sometimes with echoes of Moreau and Puvis de Chavannes.50 lei. This amazing red brick. playgrounds built on tartan surfaces (and not dreaded sand) and sports pitches placed at every turn. Admission 5. Q Open 11:00-19:00. Stirbei Vodă and B-dul Schitu Măgureanu.50 August . They were originally in the centre of the city. Cristian Piedone Popescu (a man who lost his driving license after having been found to have bought it from corrupt police officers) recently handed a large chunk of the park to real estate developers. Liviu Rebreanu. lawns laid with much softer grass than elsewhere. ro. A heavy presence of security guards throughout the park (day and night) makes everyone feel safe and ensure that nothing is spoilt. Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana) B-6. Calea Serban Vodă. (+4) Str. mock Tudor house holds the small and dusty renaissance art collection of Dumitru Minovici. a very old fashioned children’s funfair. Look out too for the replica Maramures church on the southern side of the park. Cismigiu Gardens (Grădina Cismigiu) Tineretului Park (Parcul Copiilor) B-dul Tineretului. A year or so ago the very existence of the park was threatened by the Romanian Orthodox Church. Str. and Pallady. Sf. Swiss stained glass. this large park was laid out by the city’s authorities from 1900-6. the lake. Locals like to use the gardens as a park. Museum of the History of Bucharest (Muzeul de Istorie al Municipiului Bucureşti) C-6. QOpen 10:00 . Admission free.inyourpocket. Bucharest Jewish Community (Centrul Comunitar Evreiesc) C-6. which wanted to build a cathedral on the site. Vineri 9-11. As it is. Rather bland exhibition of neolithic artifacts uncovered from around the city and the region. Wed. Gen. Tue. Titan/Alexandru Ion Cuza Park Str. Moses Rosen. You will need ID. Romania’s Holocaust Memorial finally recognises the country’s role in the genocide of Europe’s Jews. a couple of his sketches and assorted other art. Neo-Gothic Şuţu Palace. mostly lovely park about to . and if the weather is good enough its terrace offers fantastic views of the city. Q Services take place when Sabbath commences on Friday evenings. In the middle of the park is the Sala Polivalenta . gardens. Often mistakenly refered to as a park. on the corner of B-dul Tineretului and Calea Vacaresti. which can be explored by rowing boat in summer or skated upon during the winter.50 lei. Housed in an old synagogue built in 1850. students and children 2. Up by Sala Polivalenta you will also find the entrance to Oraselul Copiilor. built from 1833-4 for the wealthy merhcant Costache Şuţu.000 species of plants. bucharest. A large. with some of the older steam engines dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. (+4) 021 336 93 90. tel. Closed Mon.13:00.gradina-botanica. Home to numerous attractions. Closed Sat. children 1. Sf.a popular venue for concerts. as well as the best of Romanian painters Luchian. and Ion Jalea’s French Memorial in Carrara marble.inyourpocket. Muzeul Zambaccian 21A. Cotro- Holocaust Memorial B-6.20:00. Tova) C-4. Vehement local protests halted the project. Theodor Pallady Museum (Casa Melik. what to see Jewish Bucharest 021 313 17 82. an open-air theatre. entrance E4 (Palatul Parlamentului). (+4) Botanical Gardens (Grădina Botanică) Sos. The most popular of Bucharest’s parks it extends for 187 hectares from the Arcul de Triumf to the Baneasa bridge. (+4) 021 410 91 39. Sun 09:00 . The twin Titan and Alexandru Ioan Cuza parks. as well as on Saturdays at 09:00. Spătarului 22. Just 6. Closed Sat. and it was minimized by subsequent governments after the collapse of Communism beginning in 1989. first designed and laid out in 1845 by the German landscape architect Carl Meyer. tel. The open-air Arenele Romane in the west of the park. www.15:00. Inside are fine collections of Belgian tapestries.14:00. tel. Str. and good view of central Bucharest from the monument. National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC. the Great Synagogue remains the most important Jewish building in the country. (+4) 021 230 19 20. tel. (+4) 021 318 91 37. 57 Zambaccian Museum (Muzeul Zambaccian) B-3. tel. Admission 1. it is currently closed for extensive renovation. dance. Admission 5. inventions and gadgets on display here are not meant to be cutting edge. a rather old fashioned fairground. Minovici 3. music and food evenings. Evening Prayer: Sun-Fri 19:00. QOpen 09:00 . D-5. this vast gallery displays the work of Romania’s finest contemporary artists.You can rent bikes from La Pedale. however. including childrens’ playgrounds. The Great Synagogue Closed Mon.000 Jews remain in Romania. clever symbolism and grand gestures as opposed to real talent. students and children 0. beware stray dogs. in the unsexy yet perfectly safe neighbourhood of Titan. MEroilor. next to the Observatory of Bucharest University’s Astronomy Department are a popular venue for concerts. tel. QOpen 09:30 . Choral Temple C-6. The most central of the city’s public gardens.12:00. Closed Thu. The best part of Tineretului however is Parcul Vacaresti / Parcul Copiilor. Admission 5.13:00. Theodor Pallady (1871-1953) was an early Cubist artist widely regarded as Romania’s most influential 20th-century painter. and hosts more than 10. Tue. If reports in the local press are true. It is today dominated by the massive Monument to the Heroes of the Struggle for Freedom and Socialism (it stands 48 metres high) built in 1963 and which until 1990 housed the remains of communist leaders Gheorge Gheorghiu-Dej and Petre Groza (it is today empty). A chance to see the large collection belonging to the now deceased patron Zambaccian (you’ll see the requisite portraits) that includes the only Cezanne in Romania. As with all of the city’s cemeteries and parks. then the mayor of this sector. Vasile Adamache Jewish History Museum (Muzeul de Istorie a Carol Park (Parcul Carol I/Parcul Libertăţii) C-7. QOpen 08:00 . They were all. Calea Victoriei. Bucharest’s Botanical Gardens were founded in 1860 with the significant financial backing of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Str. who served as Romania’s Chief Rabbi for 30 years until his death in 1994. and moved to their present location in Cotroceni in 1884. Mămulari 3. The Jewish Community Centre organises all sorts of events including film. tennis stop south of the city centre on the metro . (+4) 021 315 68 58. It’s all mostly installations. Brătianu 2. but not completed until 1860. Herăstrău Park B-3. housed in the elegant. while exotic plants were fetched from the botanical gardens in Vienna. Muzeul Theodor Pallady) 11. exhibitions and big indoor sporting events . as well as playgrounds and plenty of tree-lined avenues great for strolling. tel. Q Open from noon to dusk Jewish Cemetery (Cimitirul Evreiesc de Rit Sefard) C-7. Fri 09:00 . Admission 7 lei.00 lei.set above a large artificial lake on the shore of which is a great terrace. Fri. Als the small museum that today bears his name has only six of his paintings. open year round. trampolines and dodgems.00 lei. The park offers some pleasant walks along tree-lined paths.13:00. Bucharest’s Great Synagogue was built from 1845 -1846 by the Ashkenazi Polish-Jewish community. Tineretului . There’s even an artificial skating rink. MAviatorilor. and thus can often be far more full with courting couples than lovers of more floral delights. “This monument is full of symbolism — hundreds of thousands were killed who would have contributed to the cultural and economic prosperity of Romania. Old postcards and costumes depict life in the Romanian capital in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. MTineretului. is from Piata Charles de Gaulle. and including busts of Romania’s most famous writers. There is also an old steam engine for kids to clamber on. Often unfairly derided as an outdated (if amusingly so) museum of technology. Closed Mon. Highlights of the 17 hectare garden include the Roman Garden. have been given much love of late and are showing the benefit of millions of euros of investment. (+4) 021 665 73 34. the main display is in fact a sculpture that mourns the 350. Fri. Technical Museum (Muzeul Tehnic) harrowing cemetery. and regular topical exhibitions. Rental is free but limited to two hours. Parks & Gardens ceni 32. Fascinating though Evreilor din Romania) C-6. which serves some of the best mici in the city. erwin@jewish. Closed Sat. cutting edge when they first appeared. Unveiled in October 2009. Pallady was influenced by the Symbolist environment of the late 19th The synagogue hosts an excellent exhibition dedicated to Romania’s Jewish martyrs.16:00. C-7. Ion Brezoianu/Str. QOpen 10:00 . Admission 3. but you may enjoy the humour.00 lei. Str. More than 30. (+4) 021 211 49 79. There are also works on display by international artists. B-dul I. Tue. QOpen 08:30 . Kiseleff 32. The museum is housed in something of a cherished relic itself: the original pavilion built to host the 1906 Romania Fair. walk north-east from Piaţa Presei Libere or take bus No 301 to the Mioriţa Fountain. In a busy side street off Bulevardul Magheru is Bucharest’s second temple. Q Open 11:00-19:00. At least not in this day and which commemorates those French troops killed on Romanian territory during the Great War. So close to the city centre yet so seldom frequented as to be almost forgotten. Vast amounts of money have been spent on this part of the park. B-5.18:00. Sun. close to the entrance. Indeed. Dutch furniture. Cismigiu is a haven of lawns. Divided into two parts. Calea 13 Septembrie 1. Making excellent use of the wide open spaces on the Parliament Palace. There are plenty of kiosks serving refreshments. Vineri 9-11. football pitches and even a skislope (in winter. www. Str. surrounded by the finest residential districts Bucharest has to offer.minovici. complete with the most decrepit and life-threatening roller coaster known to man.00 lei. a showcase of everything great in and about Romania at the time. who made barrels of lei in the oil business in the 1930s.50 lei. Sun 08:30 .is great. if you were on holiday elsewhere you’d say to yourself “we will never have this kind of park in Bucharest. (+4) 021 311 08 70. the main entrance Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. www.alas get much smaller.” Well. the red brick temple has a memorial in front of it (visible from the street) that commemorates the Romanian Jews sent to their deaths during the Holocaust. Originally called the Casa Melik.

Brătianu to the east and Regina Elisabeta to the north is more or less all that’s left of pre-World War II Bucharest. a Spanish company. restaurants.000 gold rouble donation from Tsar Alexander II. then rather difficult to navigate. those Arab smoking pipes. Rhapsody in Blue. By the middle of the 17th century the area was recognized as Bucharest merchant’s district. and that what today we term Historic Bucharest grew up quickly around the palace. which it remained until the end of World War II when the rightful owners of the houses and businesses which lined the area’s streets were arrested by the communist authorities. At least a third are new this year.58 oLd town OLD TOWN Pasajul Macca-Villacrosse Bucharest’s prototype shopping mall dates from the late 19th century and was originally built to encourage commerce on the conduit between Calea Victoriei and the National Bank. who built a church somewhere on the eastern bank of the Dâmboviţa river. A number of streets were dug up ahead of planned street repairs before quite simply being abandoned. Indeed. pubs. this Russian orthodox church is topped with seven typically Russian onion domes and crowned with an orthodox cross. if not exactly inaccessible. Find Pasajul Macca-Villacrosse at (C-6) Calea Victoriei 16-20. call it the Historic Centre (Centru Istoric. bars and clubs have opened than ever before in the Old Town area. That anything survives at all is little short of a miracle.inyourpocket. gold-gilded iconostasis (catapeteasmă) is allegedly a copy of the altar in Arhangelsk Cathedral. restaurants. the first sight that will grab your attention is the St. new locales have sprouted up faster even than the weeds in the mud. by the legendary Bucur the Shepherd. who have by and large occupied the area ever since. Bucharest was founded. with almost all of the cafes housed within offering Turkish coffee and hookahs. Not that entrepreneurs have been put off. What the war didn’t destroy (and it destroyed a fair bit: allied bombing was fierce during the early part of 1944) communism did. Calea Victoriei to the west. and an almighty row between Bucharest city council and the contractor. The wooden. call it Lipscani. Even on those streets devastated by excavations. Now home to a number of cafes (Aida Cafe. or when. But the area of Bucharest described by the river to the south. Valea Regilor) it has become something of a bohemian hangout. As a result the area looks like a bomb has hit it. completed to the designs of French architects Cassien Bernard Old Town’s Sights Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. nobody is sure exactly where. Most cafes are open 09:00-01:00. If you head into the Old Town area from Universitate. Built in 1905-09 with a 600. What we do know is that by the first reign of Vlad Ţepeş (1459-1462) there was a palace and court here (the Palatul Curtea Veche). forget the mythical epithet Paris of East. far from it. We counted more than 60 venues (bars. As we write. who proceeded to confiscate their property and hand it to Gypsies. much of Lipscani is. cafes and hotels) on our last trawl of the area in July. Walk to the end of the street and you will see in front of you the unmistakably Neo-Classical exterior of the National Bank of Romania (BNR). Right of here is the Czech Cultural Centre (Ceske Centrum) a lively hive of cultural activity and (for the brave) Czech language courses. This year. Nicholas Students’ Church. more cafes. legend has it. There is also a Romanian restuarant (Ana Rustic) and a quirky club. which delayed work indefinitely. Opium Stage (see page 69). Str. parts of Lipscani resemble far more some kind of Bombay of the . in Romanian). Call it Old Town. The problem? The discovery of archaelogical ruins. was at least repaved in time for Bucharest’s 550th birthday party in September 2009. call it what you like. most notably in the form of the grandiose Civic Centre project that saw almost a fifth of the total area of the city flattened to make way for Bulevardul Unirii and Casa Poporului. Lipscani itself. in Moscow’s Kremlin. however.

Open 08:30 . Its history aside. painted by maestros Constantin Lecca and Mişu Papa. It does so instead by keeping it simple and offering good coffee. The church was built in 1724 by the Greek monk Ioanikie Stratonikeas. good service and a sense of the good life. Open 09:00-18:00. Next door to the palace is the Old Court Church. Str.02:00. JA Cafe des Beaux Arts C-6. and also now a terrace.24:00. It was here in January 1859 that Wallachian deputies elected Alexandru Ioan Cuza as their Prince. tel.ateliercafe.24:00. salad) of a French and Italian bent.loads of it . tel. www. the election that took place here created modern Romania. the street has little to recommend it. Open 10:00 . an exception being the Hanul cu Tei (Hanul cu Tei. As Moldavian deputies had already done likewise a week The biggest. good company. tel. studios and portrait ro. The exterior is currently being renovated. Lipscani itself. Closed Mon). Strada Franceza) that has a small terrace which can be covered when it rains. was considerably extended during the 17th-century at the hand of Constantin Brancoveanu.23:00. Smart too: when it started raining we were about to run for cover only for the roof to be extended. There is also good coffee. keeping us NEW Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. QOpen 14:00 .ro. Sun 09:00 . (+4) 021 310 90 13/(+4) 0728 33 44 33. built in the 1880s as a private chapel for Romania’s first royal couple. Closed Mon.freddo. Covaci 3. Sat. The courtyard outside has a curious collection of tombstones dating from the 18th century. this is a bonny bistro par excellence. Sorin Ilfoveanu and Mihai Cismaru. At the bottom of Str. www. once the Hotel Concordia. To the right is a wide pedestrian-only promenade (packed with cafes. Str. Services (in Romanian) on Sunday at 09:30. but it remains a classic worthy of admiration. where good wine by the glass is available next to a decent spread of simple food. 10:30) . (+4) 021 211 44 64. Find it next to Caru cu Bere. Hard core church fans might also want to venture out on to Calea Victoriei. ro. and is characterized by its beautiful stone and wood carvings.01:00. Oh yes. or a chocolate shop serving a little coffee? In fact.60 oLd town The real showpiece street of the Lipscani area is Str. (+4) Chocolat a decent prize. who added a splendid palace. Selari 9-11). Str. It’s one of those places that makes Strada Smardan so great. office@ateliercafe. as it so often does at this time of year. Blanari you will find the St. QOpen 10:30 . tel. PJBW Bruno Wine & Coffee Shop C-6.chocolat. (+4) 021 314 88 30/(+4) 0744 33 81 43.inyourpocket. and its ruins subsequently neglected. where all sorts of tasty tapas await peckish punters. second-hand book shops. Is it a cafe serving chocolate. were added in 1847. As new as a shiny button expect some of the city’s best home-made lemonade .18:00. bars and restaurants). modern cafe in Bucharest’s Old Town. Smardan is Str.18:00. Gets it right where so many Lipscani (and Bucharest) cafes get it so wrong. the Romanian national savings bank. It is a brilliant restaurant serving delicious. Elsewhere in Lipscani. Calea Victoriei 12A. The icon itself is said by churchgoers to have magical healing powers. Behind the church is a narrow little alleyway that takes you onto Str. gift shops. it is currently being restored to former glories. 42. the oldest in Bucharest. of which the finest are on the main doors. Franceza 30. it is neither. (+4) 021 318 28 54. Franceza. well priced light meals (soups. Sun 09:00-14:00). Hard to pin this place down. (+4) 021 313 Cafe de France C-6. decorated with marble and icons.bonhumor. Try and find the plaque beside the door of No. (+4) 021 230 23 83 and (D-4) Calea Mosilor 217. oLd town 61 Old Town Cafés Atelier Cafe C-6. where you can enjoy an artistic coffee while browsing some fine contemporary Romanian art from the likes of Ion Silisteanu. Radu Beller 13. Nicolas Church. tel. Cafe and gallery. Franceza and the frescoes inside. check out the Glassblower’s Courtyard (Curtea Sticlarilor. QOpen 16:00 . Smardan 24. PJBXS Freddo C-6. (+4) 0722 37 33 36. On Str. boldest terrace on Strada Smardan.September 2010 . bucharest. on the other side of Calea Victoriei. fine wine and some of the friendliest regulars in the city. tel. www. The palace was destroyed by a series of fires in the 19th-century however. All in all. Smardan. www. Selari 7. To the right is the Mother of God Church (Biserica Doamnei) built in 1683 under the orders of Princess Maria. www. a wonderful side street (once part of an inn) which houses art galleries. Also at (B-3) Str. the Old Court Palace and Church (Palatul şi Biserica Curtea Veche. QOpen 11:30 . info@brunowine. reserved seats on the left and right of the church’s 18th century icon should they ever return.brunowine. during the reign of Ştefan Cantacuzino. tel. A bright. a winner. tel. QOpen 09:00 . first built on this site in the second part of the 15th-century by Vlad Ţepeş. who still have special. Q Open 10:30-20:00. PJBW 92 45. Good company usually guaranteed.named for the eponymous church found along its length (Biserica Stavropoleos. Str. (+4) 021 310 86 44/(+4) 0722 31 67 24. The Old Court. tel. Puts almost every other café in the area to shame. dating from 1545. the best preserved caravanserai (inn) in the city. Smardan 30/7. Question: Where are you going to get an asparagus omelette in this city? Answer: At this August . It was enlarged in 1715. and Albert Galleron in well as more kinds of gourmet bread than we could possible list. Directly opposite is the Hanul lui Manuc. QOpen 08:00 . tel. The church was the first in the city to boast octagonal stone pillars. Str. A must. antique shops. There is chocolate of course .is far more rewarding. while to the left a narrow walkway allows you to reach the birthplace of Str. wife of Prince Serban Cantacuzino. A gorgeous little place on (where else with that name. PJAG 021 317 17 41/(+4) 0722 35 19 22.24:00. and has an enormous central banking hall. Great coffee is served by lovely waitresses and for morning pick-ups it’s hard to beat. The ornate building opposite. another former inn now put to good use as an artisan’s workshop.inyourpocket. which dissects the whole Old Town area neatly in two. Str. So much more than wine and coffee on offer here you will be forgiven for thinking you have the wrong place! This is a bistro really. (+4) 0766 34 73 71. a genuine French style place. Sat. contact@chocolat. Built in 1808. Stavropoleos . This tiny little place succeeds in being the perfect Parisian café without even is the magnificent headquarters of CEC. we hasten to add . Much of what we see today was uncovered during archeological digs in the 1960s. The passing of time has seen the building become rather hemmed in by others built around it. one of the first in the city to be fully paved (in 1860). Str. with a regularly changing menu.and artistic flair screams at you from every wall. PJALEBW DDB Caffe PJBXW Buen Humor well as a raft of other drinks. The owners are art lovers -as the name suggests . Blanari 12. a street which has been completely resurfaced and which now buzzes with cafes and bars. The building boasts a facade with impressively large Corinthian columns.

loving recreation of a ristorante with epic dining rooms and a cellar where the original brickwork has been exposed and restored. with a kind of terrace come courtyard in summer. (+4) 021 313 97 40. The food is good. www. You might want to reserve at the weekends: this place is damn popular and not as fitze as it first looks. (+4) 021 310 Margo Lounge & More C-6. (+4) 021 233 98 18.painted ceilings.bellini. Impressive. PJABW Gallienus C-6.are almost always very well-populated venues that offer something just a bit different to the Lipscani norm. Q Open 12:00 . Str. (+4) 031 107 63 71. PJABXW Grand Cafe Van Gogh C-6. QOpen 10:00 . bistro-ish food (they serve a good spicy chicken with roast potatoes) and a crowd of young. QOpen 09:30 . Also La Historia 2 at (D-5) Str. and you can pick form the extensive menu with confidence. Lanariei 5. complete with its fine selection of sandwiches. €€€. tel.24:00. QOpen 10:00 . PJAB 313 75 60. a business lunch at one of the wooden Sun 10:00-24:00. Lipscani 12.frenchbakery. from spare ribs and mutton to tender pork steaks. Lipscani PJAEBXW 52. Worth your time.24:00. tel.24:00.03:00. By day Margo is a good cafe (there is food.charme.’ and given the homely food and cheap prices (the lunchtime deals are just about unbeatable) they might just be right. www. Bellini has a great location. Str. www.04:00. ornate woodwork . Popular with business types in the mornings. Stefan 13 (corner with Str. great coffee and a super. PJBXSW Bistro La Historia C-6.02:00. As with most Italians in this city the food is not really worth writing home about. It’s a winner from start to finish. Stavropoleos 5. AEBW Caru’ cu Bere C-6. Also at Str. (+4) 021 312 30 Gio Cafe C-5.with the casual elegance of a genuinely grand cafe. Toma Caragiu 3. The food is good value Turkish/Middle Eastern.24:00. PJAB all dry. Divan is a lesson in creating a good restaurant. Sf. QOpen 09:00 . €€. Try the lemon chicken or the fresh (as in made on the premises) bacon and mozarella tortelinni.05:00. It’s the kind of place where you will be discretely but contentedly loosening your belt before the night is done. Smardan 9. NEW (+4) 0723 19 99 77. is not overpriced and they make OK pizzas. www. PJBW 60 Expect a Latin Americaninfluenced drinks menu. Fri. (+4) 0726 32 20 04. tel. successful. including what we think is Bucharest’s only fondue: you can indulge cheese or chocolate dipping delights here. €€. Quite the best cafe in the is opposite the National Bank . A sublime. (+4) 0724 53 33 36. www. www. Q Open Sat. (+4) 0732 72 50 Jaya Maison C-6. PJAEBXSW fashioned sign out front. Franceza 46-48. They call these places ‘your dining room in the city. QOpen 11:00 .Q Open 10:00-02:00. good service and a great terrace in summer.citygrill. Some of the finest food in Bucharest’s Old Town. and its covered terrace is lovely in spring and summer. Str. We like the carnati de plescoi. Plantelor) tel. but this might just be the best of the lot. (+4) 021 315 28 12/(+4) 0744 51 15 20.September 2010 Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. (+4) 021 311 19 22. JENBXW 316 10 The breakfast is worth getting up early for. €€€€. Sat 10:00 . tel. www.and the neighbouring Vault . €€€. Str. It had to happen. Fri.lesbourgeois. Bucharest’s smartest chain of bakeries comes to Old Town. while the interior is a brilliant mix of old and new: the way they have worked the sepia photo of Centru Vechi into the bar is little short of genius. QOpen 12:00 . PJABXW oLd town 63 Les Bourgeois C-6. tasty treat. tel. tel. Don’t expect haute cuisine. Something of an all-in-one. tel. Doamnei 21. Academiei 2. www. tel. Nice one. QOpen 08:00 . while downAugust . Str. On Strada Lipscani itself Margo . Sun 09:00 . PJAEBXSW Old Town Restaurants Bellini C-5. The food is very good. late nights at the bar. €€.vangogh. We are told that during winter it will be fully enclosed and will remain open. JAB City Grill C-6. Open 09:0024:00. The basement crama (wine cellar) is surprisingly cavernous. From the Middle Eastern atmosphere and superb decor to the great service.margo-lounge. Check out the nice little touches such as high quality bread and olives. Q Open 08:00-24:00. casa-di-tutti on Lipscani’s second nicest street (Franceza). but do not leave without trying some food. www. (+4) 021 310 29 78. Usually the first stop on the list of any visitor to Bucharest. Str. pizza and decent salads: and note you can enjoy it all at proper big wooden tables. tel. A relic of the communist day this place has been around for decades: check out the old Charme C-6. who run it.jayamaison. Str.inyourpocket. Very good they were too. They will cook you a whole lamb (499 lei) if you give them 24 hours notice. The corner location gives it an imposing quality from outside.QOpen 10:00 . Q Open 24hrs. Wonderful interiors .giocafe. There is another big.lahistoria-restaurant. Selari 13-15. (+4) 0730 03 07 64. very cheerful and the staff are friendly. colorful and vibrant Gio Cafe on P-ta Alba Iulia. Good beer. advertising/media Str. Str. this place combines the charm of Bucharest’s Old Town . Sun 09:00 . as the day moves on the clientele gets just a little younger and just a little hipper. For now get there and enjoy sound cocktails. (+4) 021 0722 62 60 43. Packed out with the pre-cinema crowd heading over to Cinema Pro for the latest premiere. (+4) 0722 88 77 64. Dumitru 3. info@thedivan. Str. delicious tarts and . tel. Smardan 12. The food is basic Romanian. Found opposite the Teatru de Comedie in a side-street off Smardan.05:00. Not merely a very nice cafe in which to spend time. simple and very reasonably priced. Also at many other locations around Bucharest. www. Fri. QOpen 07:30 . www. www. The home baked bread is always served warm (if it is not. Open Str. tel. tel. PJAE 34. MUniversitate. but it’s very cheap. send it back) and the wine flows copiously as evenings get longer and longer. Str. Gio offers far more.23:00.62 oLd town in front of one of the long windows. Probably the most instantly successful bar/bistro to open in Bucharest for years. PJALBW Divan C-6. light Californian-inspired cuisine.carucubere.02:00. Could be just about the best place in Bucharest for coffee. tel. Franceza 17. with a couple of Romanian dishes thrown on the menu for the less QOpen 08:30 . who come here to talk big numbers over coffee and pastries.inyourpocket. the high ceilings and airy atmosphere. A fantastic cafe. Sun 09:00 . tasty smoked sausages made with mutton and pork. Str. Sun 09:30 . Sat 10:00-04:00. €€€. homely and cosy.cramadomneasca. Music is played at a level allowing people to talk to each other. big terrace outside on the sexiest part of Old Town. Ion Ghica 2. You can expect right royal portions of all your Romanian favourites. but is fine.01:00. €€€€. it carries the seal of approval of the El Comandante gang. and the baked apple a simple. Sat 08:00-02:00. Whisper it. but do expect big portions of simple Romanian food.24:00. www. Str. It’s genius is that it’s ideal at every time of day: morning coffee sat Blanduziei C-5. (+4) 021 Crama Domneasca bucharest.make the place an attraction in itself. Sat.23:00. Sat 08:30 . tel. Sat. It is now a great little place however. then order some fine. bar and restaurant on a street full of them: Strada Smardan. too) while by night it comes alive as a lounge and bar hosting trendy types and various events. €.com. (+4) 0723 10 01 01. We opted for the less Sultan-like beef and lamb kebabs. Smardan 13. served in one of the most elegant and classiest locations around. A wonderful thing. Also at (E-6) B-dul Burebista 2. the sarmale with mamaliga terrific. (+4) French Bakery C-6. tel. Smardan 20. On the top floor is an Italian restaurant currently pulling in the punters with its cracking 25 lei lunchtime deal. Thu. Str.

QOpen 12:00 . The vibe is casual. (+4) Sushi Ko C-6. QOpen 12:00 . of which the default option is Timisoreana. given the bistro French food of ever changing options.oldtownbistro. Str.01:00. Franceza 30. Fri. QOpen 10:00 . QOpen 13:00 . and is brought to you by one of the city‘s best known restaurateurs: Bob Suckers for director’s chairs. this Irishowned eatery next to the Comedy Theatre is terrific. €€.and a wine list that offers the very best Hungary’s vineyards have to offer.05:00. the ribs are just about the best we’ve ever had in Bucharest. Str. Str. la. chalked up daily on a blackboard. PJAE oLd town Coming soon to Old Town Bucharest’s Old Town is set to see even more openings in the coming two months. tel. PJABW (+4) 0725 92 75 07. This has long been one of our favourite restaurants.23:30. Smardan 37. €€€€. expect it to be open by the end of August. Fri.01:00. Sun 16:00 . a place that had the vision to open up a good year or two before Old Town became fashionable. Q Open 11:00 . tel. (+4) 021 313 Embassy Hanul cu Tei C-6.trattoriafedelini.ledrakkar. PJALBSW Le Drakkar Pub et Creperie C-6. Str. Str. hidden little place on the first floor of a fairly nondescript building in Lipscani. The food is fantastic. Gabroveni 24. Embassy is a terrace (soon to be joined by a lounge that will be open year-round) Embassy serves food and drink to an older. Sat 10:00 . Now only a few survive and no less than four bars have opened here. Instead make do with plenty of ontap bucharest. PJAW Bordello’s authentic Hungarian cuisine. Sat 11:00 . tel. Lipscani 63-65. such the as lime and basil sorbet: already a legend amongst Bucharest foodies. NEW Old Town Bistro C-6. €€.04:00. Str. €€.23:00. Strange. George Sushi Ko in Baneasa Shopping City: every bit as good as the original. (+4) 021 313 33 89/(+4) 0748 50 25 43. Still. QOpen 11:00 . Sun 12:00 . J Curtea Berarilor C-6. Str. it shows English football) on three screens. (+4) 0722 62 21 17/(+4) 021 312 40 13. What a name. QOpen 12:30 .04:00. And that is the kind of place Fedelini is: the food is king. Just up the road (on the corner of Stradas Covaci and Selari) Tibo’s is a stylish new Italian steakhouse. We’re suckers for chequered tablecloths: they remind us of the fact that restaurants used to be about the food. It will be called Oscar’s. We have been told to expect an endof August opening.QOpen 11:00 . if you can make it inside it is not bad. though not helped by the street outside being little more than an open rubbish tip (it is on Strada Gabroveni). Academiei 1A. Closed Mon. Franceza 6. You can’t miss it: just look for the ‘tarts’ in their underwear beckoning you in. There is a second 0727 39 67 featuring a wealth great dishes . PJABXSW C-6. but what most impressed us were the big salads. Occasional live music too.inyourpocket. PJAEBXW 48/(+4) 021 312 29 16. www.24:00. Serves a decent pint. a rather convincing coq au vin. Sharing its name with a legendary restaurant at Vama Veche on the Romanian coast (we know not if there is a connection between the two) this place on Franceza is bright and breezy and has a big terrace on which to enjoy cheap-ish. (+4) 0724 65 24 78 76.24:00. (+4) 0768 58 51 Trattoria Fedelini C-5. tel.inyourpocket. Franceză 44. Mon 18:30 . www. Old Town.bistrovin.mitocanu@yahoo. Wanting to stand out from the crowd the team behind it have gone to great lengths to do so. PJAEBXSW NEW Malagamba C-6. right down to the warm welcome and great service. Malagamba by the way was a Romanian lush who frequented these parts in the 1930s and 40s. PJABXSW La Mitocanu C-6. David Larkin (he of Dubliner. Expect good food at a decent price: it might well be the best place to eat in the whole of Lipscani. A Smardan location will make sure they get tons of passing trade. Great food: a convincing English breakfast by day. A wonderful French bistro that both looks the part (check out the wonky tables. bours do not mind) and serving cheap drinks (for the area) the decor is extraordinary (bizarre murals on the walls are well worth a look in their own right). QOpen 16:00 . www. JABXSW Fat Cat C-6. coming up with all sorts of treats. tel. www. though note that in our experience Romanian football takes priority: if you want English football nip round to Bordello’s. wiser crowd than elsewhere in Old Town.01:30. QOpen 10:00 .don’t worry.clubfatcat. Fri. Home delivery big on wine as on it is on food in the heart of the city’s. Staff are friendly and helpful.QOpen 12:00 . Dumitru 2. Smardan 25. Once upon a time the whole of the Curtea Sticlarilor was given over to artisans . PJXS 75 32. A very nice attempt at creating a real French bistro . Selari 9-11. (+4) 021 311 32 29.23:00. and given the range and quality of the simple. tel.sushiko. (+4) 021 317 10 87.September 2010 Bucharest In Your Pocket .malagamba. €€€€. good service. always one of our favourite parts of Lipscani. Decent attempt at creating a football-themed pub. This is a great pub. tapas by night. Stavropoleos 8. Firstly. (+4) 021 316 63 02/01. PJALBW La Bonne Bouche August . Cafe and creperie on Strada Franceza. tel. chairs that don’t match and well-thumbed volumes on the bookshelves) and is the part. Well worth a visit. Sf. boasting a decent terrace and staff who are friendly despite being rushed off their feet.bordellos. QOpen 11:00 . Again. A pub/club playing loud music (clearly the neighbucharest.03:00. Why Bordellos? Read the spiel in the drinks menu and you will find out why. home cooked food we think it will be (+4) 0733 50 03 03.especially glassmakers. tel. and the terrace is perhaps the best located in Old Town. Str. stgeorge.24:00. on Strada Covaci. Fri. or simply for enjoying some free time and well-priced drinks with some of the coolest cats in town. www. what a place.02:00. Str.24:00. Harp fame) is set to open a big new pub in the middle of Old (+4) 0731 79 34.halftimepub. Cracking open a bottle of Tokaji Aszu is the perfect way to end an evening here. €€€.ro. tel. Q Open 14:00-01:00 PJAW NEW Old Town Pubs tel.23:00. www. on one of the unpaved streets (Gabroveni). An Italian (with a twist) restaurant of the old school (in that the food is what counts first and foremost). A wonderful place in every possible way. PJALBXSW Halftime C-6. QOpen 12:00 . www. tel. Specialises in gallettes: those thin French pizzas that make a really nice change from the Italian version. from sushi to sashimi. Str. www. well. The food is excellent.24:00. www. so here‘s a quick rundown of what you should look out top marks too. For those in the know. the terrace . though there is no brewing done on the site. QOpen 10:00 . Str. taking time out to explain the finer points of Japanese dining to beginners. and the extensive menu covers every area of Japanese cuisine. tel. Str. €€€. this is the sister establishment of the original Embassy on Piata Lahovari. Sat. tel. Pub and bistro of not enormous proportions on Smardan. A number of wines are available by the glass: a very good thing (if rare in Bucharest). the set menus are great value. www.try the mutton stew with dumplings . Selari 9-11.23:00. The photos of the eponymous train (and a map of its original route) on the walls kept son of In Your Pocket happy for an hour. Look out for the house speciality.01:00. (+4) 0748 88 10 stairs is a cafe/bar/pub and lounge for relaxing post-food. Guinness on tap and Sky Sports (the Italian version of . Franceza 8. from whence the name. Sat 12:00 . complete with excellent bar food. www.64 oLd town a raging success. good coffee and mixes its cocktails well. simple food (you can’t go wrong with the chicken kebab and grilled veggies) and well priced beers. Str. This one has given itself the rather cheeky name Curtea Berarilor (Brewers’ Courtyard). It is as close to a real trattoria as we’ve come across in Bucharest. Gabroveni 14. €€. Making good use of the courtyard of Hanul cu Str. JENW 65 Orient Express Bar Bistro C-6. good beer and plenty of screens to watch whatever match is on. MP-ta Unirii. Bravo Le Drakkar for bringing them to Bucharest.which is furnished with them .

tel. etc. Smardan 23-25. Sat 08:00 . Up a rather tricky flight of stairs inside a house at the bottom end of Strada Smardan. Decent enough pub on the corner of Lipscani and Selari. tel. Str. If you judge a place by the number of plasma screens it has. QOpen 08:00 . Str.dirtyharrypub. PJW 17/(+4) 0767 66 33 28. The Vintage aspect is provided by the hanging of various antiques on the walls. well located and quite frankly cracking pub in Lipscani. PJB (+4) 0721 33 35 33. Lipscani 38. Wed.04:00. for Lipscani it offers a decent amount of elbow Franceza 3. And it’s not bad. of course) most nights of the While not the biggest bar in town. Franceza 2-4. QOpen 09:00 . A refreshing alternative in a city of identikit venues aching to be A.inyourpocket. stands for Societea de Asigurare a Libertatii T (impossible to translate but something ale along the lines of ‘The Society to Insure your Freedom). QOpen 10:00 .02:00. you do not have to.02:00. www. Amazingly. Lipscani 45. Franceza 52. The burger was great: try it with the roast potatoes in fresh rosemary for something a bit different. On the southern tip of Old Town.September 2010 . T. www. Q Open 12:00 .02:00. theatre and music: there is usually an event on every night. armchairs. PJLEBW thinking man’s Irish pub in Bucharest. tel. QOpen 09:00 . Expect a decent pint of Guinness. It’s brilliant and we love it. well. (+4) 021 311 40 10/ NEW Gara Lipscani C-6. QOpen 09:00 . Str.deight. office@dharmabar. (+4) 0734 30 75 09. PJABXSW 88. they have pictures of trains on the wall. PJAEBXSW D’eight C-6. (+4) 021 311 23 69. tel. comfy red sofas downstairs. Had yet to open as ink went to paper. €€. Lipscani 82. Comfy sofas. Guinness and Kilkenny on tap. Efficient waitresses in red tops serve the customers well. A pub.QOpen 11:00 A decent place to have a drink. www. Str. this enormous sports bar is a bright and breezy place to watch the match and get your hands on some decent grub. tel. Str.dekocafe. You will simply have to go visit to find out exactly how special. tel. pizza and finger food (chicken wings.04:00. (+4) 0769 63 54 93.dharmabar. tel. then you will like it here.04:00.inyourpocket.24:00. Decent pizza costs very little. a number of which are non-alcoholic. salads. Inside there are two levels: tables and chairs up. QOpen 09:30 .05:00. Slightly different to the other Irish pubs. with good proper bar stools and a decent range of beers. PJLBW Cantina Sport Bar Bacani 6. The Lipscani venue (on one of the area’s pedestrian streets that has actually been finished) is a bonus.this place is nice. tel. Str. Has cleverly placed the obligatory TV screens just so that if you do not want to watch them. Smardan 43. QOpen 09:00 . Sat 19:00 . Sat 12:00 . Franceza 13. (+4) 0733 77 46 74. Sat. (+4) 0727 39 67 37..and plenty more besides . Ion Ghica D’eight does far more with the space. Entrance is usually a pittance. (+4) 0722 21 96 21.24:00.24:00. Str. Serves a great range of cocktails.). Q Open 13:00-02:00. tel. Str. Good pub on Lipscani with a huge beer garden out the back. T. Lipscani 36. where Strada Selari meets the river embankment. Sun 11:30 . Looking every inch just like a proper Irish boozer. So will you. bucharest. Str. (+4) 0733 (+4) 0735 88 29 09. Cheapish drinks. (+4) 0760 32 34 Vintage Pub C-6. Great little place in Old Town now boasting one of the most attractive terraces in the Good staff and a young crowd of nice people make the atmosphere more than pleasant. L. Occupying the site of the old Picasso Cafe. and something rather special by the way of interior decoration.Q Open 11:00 . central and small place with a casual. and there is a cellar hosting various events. from stand-up comedy to theatre. and a little bit more. Fri. S. Well worth a visit. this place has already been around for two years. and the friendly crowd usually stays behind after the show for a chat and a beer or two. it’s a real pub all right with decent grub. serves a relatively well-priced pint and can be a lively place to kick of long evenings. A pub and. office@dekocafe. tel. MP-ta Unirii. It hosts live comedy of the stand-up variety.caffebordo. QOpen 08:00 02:00.02:00. (+4) 0733 10 22 Dharma C-6. Where once there was Mes Amis. (+4) 021 319 09 93/ Old Town Bars/Wine Clubs 11 04 64. good staff and a huge terrace: perhaps the biggest in the Old Str. but most popular of all appears to be the pui la rotisor. Sat.22:00. (+4) 0724 23 95 77. friends of motorbikes can now congregate at this bar. It’s popular too: first time we came here (just after they had opened) it was empty: now (especially on a Friday or Saturday night) you can barely get through the door for revelers. PJALEW St. theatre we guess opposite Cinema Pro.. QOpen 15:00 . Sun 16:00 . studenty vibe.bucharest-irishpub. QOpen 11:00 . C-6. live Irish music and a grand welcome from some fine staff make this very much the Lost Society C-5. JAX Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Thu 11:00-04:00. Str. tel. (+4) 021 313 03 36.02:00. named we assume in tribute of the eponymous bikes. Serves very good cocktails (a sweet as you like mojito went down very well with Mrs. Sat 11:00-06:00.24:00.66 oLd town S. sandwiches and a big terrace. served up with copious amounts of beer. PJNW Deko Cafe C-6. Patrick C-6. Big. Smardan 30. www. Blanari 21. Cafe Deko is a comedy club that features live stand-up (almost always in Romania. (+4) 021 314 22 14. Sat. J Harley Bar C-6. Serving a very good pizza . Cheap. Sun 11:00 . tel. Sun 14:00 . www. www. and does it much better. If you’re wondering about the name.lostsociety. Fri. A big screen shows football and the August . QOpen 14:00 . Other places should look and learn.01:00. Staff are incredibly hospitable. PJEB Old City C-6. A. Fri. In Your Pocket) and some pub grub that is far better than you would assume. Str. but we are promised karaoke. and more than efficient staff. tel. w w w. Another freshly-opened Smardan drinking den. tel. JEB Old Town Irish Pubs Dirty Harry’s Irish Pub C-6. hatteraspub@gmail. especially if sat in one of the comfy red velvet sofas in the windows. art exhibitions. tel. Plenty of screens for watching football. the bar is in the middle of the but there is more than drink to this place. (+4) 0755 07 72 40. Now what about this for confirmation that Bucharest is a cosmopolitan capital: an Irish pub in Romania owned by Lithuanians. If you have one too many make sure you mind those stairs on the way down. It is basically however a sports bar serving decent salads. Str. PJ oLd town 67 Team Pub C-6.saltpub. and the interior décor is pub-ish without overdoing it. Blanari 9. PJAEBXW Hatteras Pub C-6. Str. PJAEBXSW O’Hara’s C-6. L.

com August .68 oLd town Revenge C-6. PJAE El Dictador C-6. (+4) 0725 52 30 81. Drinks are well-priced. Sat. contact@clubchatnoir. Soarelui 3 (corner with Str. A mix of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. good prices and a terrace out on the street in the right weather and you have another reason to hail Strada Smardan as the city’s top entertainment street. leaving you with the sense that all that kistch is pure irony. Smardan 21. PJABXW C-6. Sat 18:30 . (+4) 0722 10 01 93. Sun 12:00 .eldictador. who love the atmosphere provided by a great crowd and wonderful acoustics. QOpen 11:00 . This little place is a cool mix of cafe.goblinclub. Fri.05:00. Smardan 30. MPiata Unirii. PJAX El Comandante Old Town Clubs & Discos 50 66.QOpen 15:00 . Selari 1. Pub 41 Brauhaus C-6. www. chatty. expect to find comfy sofas in the windows. as well as all sorts of events during the week. A big bricked-up cellar in Old Town brought back to life with a lick of white paint and a lively. DJ bar and deadly serious club. And they play the music at a level that allows you to talk to people at the same table without shouting. tel. tel. a young. vangogh. they mean it. (+4) 021 311 19 91/92.tribute. Fri. affairs and anything else that springs to mind. Closed Mon. while the other is designated non-smoking (unique in Old Town. Basically. tel. Drinks and coffees are reasonably priced.01:00. All in an exclusively non-smoking space. and by the welcome presence of a table football game. (+4) 0728 55 50 43. Q Open 10:00-24:00. Str.just very good music. tel. www. All wines available for sale with delivery options. who doesn’t?) then this is the place to head for if you are in Old Town. Fri 12:00 . You might want to check out the excellent artwork on the walls before you start dancing. Str.05:00. QOpen 12:00 . Selari Str. Blanari 5.September 2010 .ro.03:00. right opposite the big church. Interesting. www. Dumitru 3.inyourpocket. strange but rather fetching art on the walls and decent staff who know how to pull a decent beer. (+4) 021 313 55 92. unpretentious. office@opiumstage. (+4) 031 107 63 71. student crowd. Blănari 14.cluba. Now all they need is a regular crowd and they’ll have a great place on their JAEBW Chat Noir NEW 10 43. QOpen 18:00 .24:00. or head down to the enormous basement where live rock gets belted out by a decent resident band every night at around Popular with a young.interbelic. events@ goblinclub.revenge. Blanari to Str.shakespearebar. and which always gets a cafe top marks: thinking outside the box (or window). Besides a fantastic resident band.01:00. (+4) 021 312 05 82. Str. tel. Str. tel. (+4) 0722 33 12 26. the heart of Old Town.elcomandante. Smardan 30. (+4) 0752 55 09 86. though the music is always at the right volume and never stifles conversation. tel. tel. Calea Victoriei 118. tel. Smardan 9. A cracking new pub on Strada Blanari. QOpen 19:00 . (+4) 0729 04 Pals C-6. ro.24:00. Smardan.06:00. this place is a legend. When they say bucharest.05:00.06:00. Plan on staying late. What makes it work is that they’ve left the original brick work exposed. (+4) 0727 24 36 40. It’s a keeper. tel. Closed Mon. PJB Mojo C-6. Fri. www. this is one first class venue.everything. A cellar in one of Bucharest’s grand old passages has been transformed into a lounge/club. Str. Closed Mon.05:00. Str. in fact . while smokers get banished upstairs: that gets them an extra mark in our book. but it does have a decent amount of elbow room. Wed 21:00-02:00. El Comandante moves its mix of live music. friendly barman. PJGW oLd town 69 The Elbow Room Van Gogh Wine Bar & Shop www. MP-ta Unirii. Serves plenty of fine wine. This place defines itself by its music . Str. (+4) 0740 10 07 97/(+4) 0752 79 99 27. A cosy little speakeasy in a well-hidden location (find it in the alleyway which links Str.07:00. (+4) 0720 68 12 02/(+4) 0727 06 20 01.02:00. A decent bet for a good night out any night of the week. well. Sun. A bit spacier and a bit more comfortable than your average Lipscani venue. Rock on. tel. hardly any . from theme nights to theatre. Expect a bit of New Wave (Thursdays) alongside more traditional dancehall sounds (Friday and Saturday).with an outside terrace . Here you can enjoy great Romanian and foreign wines complimented by a selection of fine Dutch cheeses. Club . Calea Victoriei 16-20. coffee. The walls. That’s the kind of thing we look out for. Add in a casually-dressed. Selling the cheapest Red Bull vodka in the world. It is the music that we like best about this pub and club in the heart of the Lipscani area. The crowd tends to be studenty during the day. Live music on most weekend nights. www. QOpen 21:00 .arcade-cafe. www. Three levels offer three different vibes: chill out upstairs in the acoustic lounge (where you can do your karaoke thing when there is no band on). Closed Mon. The cafe is open from (around) PJB Goblin Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Tue.04:00. Covaci). (+4) 0741 02 03 11. There are various other events too. PJ Arcade Cafe C-6. QOpen 17:30 . We like it. QOpen 13:00 . (+4) 0728 74 28 83.05:00. Loads of televisions just about everywhere should make it popular for football and such like. For live music in Bucharest there is now no need to head anywhere else than this cracking club. You know what to expect: a young crowd dancing to good.clubchatnoir. Prices are decent for the location and teh cocktail list tremendous. house or disco here. PJ Interbelic C-6. QOpen 17:00 . QOpen 10:00 . Stavropoleos 8. it hardly matters that you might not like what’s playing: you will not have to wait long to hear an old favourite.05:00. beer and cocktails.08:30. Lipscani) and the perfect place to conduct all sorts of secret business. PJ Shakespeare C-6. getting a bit smarter and sophisticated as the evening wears on. and . every night of the week. QOpen 21:00 .ro. Gabroveni 14.where a young crowd dresses well (especially the ladies) and dances to very good club sounds until the early morning. Tue. tea. PJ Tribute PJENBW Opium Stage B-4. Str. where from day one they appear to have got it right.are emblazoned with heraldry and the like that tell of brave deeds of derring-do. raucous but happy and welcoming crowd and general mayhem to the site of former concept store Market 8.05:00. Basically there are two parts to this place: upstairs is the cafe (serving hot milk: our kids liked it!) and downstairs is the club. C-6. Sun 19:00 . Lipscani 82. Drinks are well priced for the area and there is always something going on. the crowd is tops (no sunglass-wearing wankers here) and all it needs is a bit of air con to be perfect. up-for-a-laugh studenty crowd getting down to classic songs that you won’t have heard for ages. PJW C-6. Q Open 21:00-05:00. Closed Mon. if the excitement of live music is what you are looking for. QOpen 17:00 . after all. The latest venue in the growing collection of the El Comandante crowd. drink at the bar UK-style on the ground floor. PJLEBX Another little place on Str.24:00. Sun 20:00-02:00. www. very interesting. QOpen 18:00 . such as stand-up comedy. www. QOpen 18:00 . This little cafe is not big. serving reasonably priced drinks and simple Romanian food at prices a little more expensive than you might expect. all at acceptably low prices for what is. Just walking down the stairs from Van Gogh Grand Café you will find a century-old vault room. If you like a tasty bit of German sausage (and let’s face it. upcoming local DJs playing a mix of music. tel. QOpen 21:00 Well priced drinks keep the crowd well-oiled. If you want a local. we think?).04:00. non-fitze crowd and you have a winner. www. ceilings . Sat 17:00 . Smardan 41. tel. Sun. Bang in the city centre (it’s on Calea Victoriei) it’s a great choice if you are stuck in a downtown pub thinking about where to move on to. office@elcomandantejunior. PJAXW Club A C-6. Blanari 21.what we really like about it . complete with kitsch decor and leather the staff are friendly and it’s worth checking out: if only to show off to someone just how well you know Bucharest and its backstreets. tel. (+4) 0760 26 34 96. Tribute is also regularly host to a number of the best live acts in the business. (+4) 021 314 Medieval House C-6.06:00. Str. Str. Sat 18:00 . PJABXW C-6. Sf. PJ C-6. elbowroom. Str. tel. Tue. Add in tremendous beer. Two bars: one as smoky as you might expect. Str. this is the one place in town you can be guaranteed to find it. office@eldictador.inyourpocket.alcoves at the windows stuffed with cushions that you can sit on.

30 lei. unless imminent bankruptcy demands otherwise. Acelerat trains serve larger towns and cities. Sun. Inside Gara de Nord. Trains There are four types of train in Romania: Personal. www. QOpen 08:00 . They are stocked with leaflets. often blocking traffic as they trundle along narrow roads. up to one-hour before the train departs. maps. the drill is the same as for buses: buy a ticket before train tickets online. trolleybuses and trams are the same. Sat 10:00-13:00. Personal trains are living August .triptkts.September 2010 . Tickets are stupidly cheap: they cost either 2. Do not think that buying a first class ticket will ensure comfortable accommodation. InterCity. www. For more on the Bucharest metro see our special feature online at bucharest. and most main roads in the city centre benefit from three or four different routes. Buses & Trolleybuses working at IMGB. but all this is relative. Sat 08:00 . but useless to almost everybody else. Closed! . Berceni and Militari out to the huge industrial plants at Pipera. CFR’s advance booking offices. which passes through Piatas Victoriei. from Pipera to IMGB.infotourist. That’s all very well if you are resident of Titan Metro Bucharest’s metro was primarily built to ship workers Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. tel. Gara de Nord.12:00. Bucharest now has two Tourist Information Offices: one at Gara de Nord and one at Piata Universitate. After that age they need a full-price ticket. or an unpunched ticket. Calea Buzesti 85. These trains should be avoided at all costs. et.cfr.inyourpocket.inyourpocket.30 lei. Romana and Unirii. Q Open 07:30 . tel. Closed Sun. Once on the bus. www. Rapid.17:00. Note that you can now . Also at Piata Universitatii Underpass. and travelling on them is a less than pleasant experience. which has to be bought in advance.19:30. Of toilets on Romania’s trains.50 lei (valid for two trips) or 8 lei (ten trips) and can be bought from any metro station. www. Flat-fare tickets cost 1. then frank it in the machines on the tram.klm.19:00. Stopping only at major cities they are slightly quicker Domnita Anastasia 10-14. They are. is 50 lei. however. Sat 08:00 . getting aroUnd 71 Agentia de Voiaj SNCFR B-5. dirty and crowded. marketing@wasteels. Helpful staff.cfr. undeniably cheap. 2. is likely to be of any use to visitors. The city centre is poorly served by the metro and only the northsouth M2 line. but remain slow and dirty. If you do. tel. from the vast housing estates of Titan. and usually consist of much better rolling stock than Acelerats. (+4) 021 317 03 Airline offices 021 206 92 often it will not. Trams A blessing to some and a curse to others. Local school children and students do get discounts but only on seasonal QOpen 09:00 . (+4) 0371 15 50 63. even Acelerats. IMGB. Both are staffed by friendly young locals ready to help as best they can. Open 09:00-18:00. Unless you are visiting somewhere outside of the city centre it is unlikely that you will use a tram. and have to be bought in advance from the little silver booths at main stops and crossroads (look for the sign Bilete si Abonamente RATB).70 getting aroUnd Tourist Information Info Tourist Point A-4. Str.inyourpocket.14:00. Air France/KLM Even the most remote corners of Bucharest are served by bus or trolleybus. costing 1. national and international. and the M1 branch to the Gara de Nord.airfrance. Q Open 09:00-21:00. Make reservations for all kinds of trains. and of course: Bucharest In Your Bucharest’s trams skirt the city centre. While sometimes it will. brochures etc. (+4) Public transport On all forms of public transport children under the age of seven travel free. western currencies accepted. Stopping at all stations and halts they are slow and tortuous. Republica and Industriilor. Tickets for buses. A Wasteels A-4. tel. we can say little except make sure you go before getting on board. Advance reservations for all types of bucharest. Note that the bus out to the airport (N° 783) requires a special ticket. from acelerats to sleepers.eunet. after all. www. (+4) 021 313 26 42. Closed Sat. you need to punch your ticket in the little machines: the fine for travelling with no ticket. Closed Sun. Rapid trains are much better. at Most buses are overcrowded. 70/021 300 27 30. InterCitys and Rapids are usually (but not always) the exception. QOpen 09:00 . Str.18:00. Q Open 09:00 . fax (+4) 021 201 49 37 and Baneasa Airport Baneasa Airport. (+4) 021 312 02 38. Str.18:00. Sat 08:00-20:00. Compact Rent-a-Car Tarom B-6. tel. Grigore Mora 17.turkishairlines. 12:3017:00./fax 021 303 37 44./fax (+4) 021 201 47 08. Sun. Closed Sat. Athenee Palace Hilton. tel. Closed Sat. (+4) 021 201 49 79. IC 13:00 23:40 ARAD IC 12:00 22:55 R 08:30 11:32 BRASOV R 11:20 14:07 A 09:50 12:58 BRASOV R 14:05 17:02 IC 13:00 15:51 BRASOV A 15:50 19:00 R 15:15 18:28 BRASOV A 17:44 21:12 R 16:00 18:58 BRASOV IC 19:47 22:55 IC 13:00 21:41 CLUJ-NAPOCA IC 13:53 22:55 R 09:19 13:31 CONSTANTA R 16:39 20:28 IC 15:45 18:48 CRAIOVA IC 11:48 14:45 IC 15:40 19:40 GALATI IC 05:10 08:52 R 12:00 20:32 IASI A 05:57 14:20 A 16:10 23:14 IASI R 14:55 23:30 IC 13:00 00:38 ORADEA IC 10:58 22:55 R 19:10 08:19 SATU MARE R 21:11 10:34 R 16:00 23:04 SIBIU R 04:16 12:10 IC 13:00 21:48 TARGU MURES IC 13:24 22:55 R 12:45 21:13 TIMISOARA IC 06:30 14:45 R 21:05 05:23 TIMISOARA R 13:46 22:29 Schedule valid until December (+4) 021 311 24 10. (+4) 021 314 29 46. cars4rent. Natiunile Unite 3. Aleea Alexandru 9A. tel. Sat 09:00 .ro. Otopeni tel. (+4) 021 326 80 Closed Sat. Sun and Henri Coanda International Airport.17:00. Open 07:00 . QOpen 09:00 . Otopeni tel. as do KFC and Pizza Hut. 10:30 .ro. WiFi Hotspots W Bucharest is now dotted with more WiFi hotspots than you could wish for (look for the WiFi symbol W in our listings). (+4) 021 9400. office@bavariarent. fax (+4) 021 021 403 29 57.17:30. tel. Malev E-7. JW Marriott Grand Hotel. www. LOT C-5. tel. Calea Vitan 6-6A (PGV Tower). tel. 315 51 14.17:00. tel. Buzesti 59. QOpen 09:00 . office@compact-rentacar.europcar. (+4) 0372 74 43 57. (+4) 021 335 75 bl A7. 2010. Avis B-4. Sun. Otopeni tel. ap. B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu the password being divulged as your coffee is (+4) 021 201 50 89. 0744 63 82 92/021 312 98 57. (+4) 021 204 18 50. 6. fax (+4) 021 201 45 34. Mihail Moxa 9. (+4) 0740 04 49 64. (+4) 021 201 45 34. www. you are at the whim of the venue in question: some do offer free access for clients. (+4) 021 335 75 33. Turkish Airlines C-5. Open Crowne Plaza. QOpen 08:00 . QOpen 09:00 . www. Sun. Independentei 17. Robuc51@hertz. Str. Sat 09:00-15:0. Other than that. Titulescu 1. fax (+4) 021 352 87 16. (+4) 021 9876/(+4) 021 210 43 44. Closed Sat. www. Sun. Sun. fax (+4) 021 210 69 12. office@cars4rent. (+4) 0730 33 37 05. fax (+4) 021 232 01 39. (+4) 021 204 19 57. tel. Closed Sat. (+4) 021 403 29 56.17:00. Closed Sat. Closed Sat. (+4) 021 201 49 tel. Str. (+4) 021 204 16 67.07:30. Bavaria Rent Headoffice. 109. Uruguay 27. reservations@budgetro. tel. Also on Str. tel (+4) 0731 49 42 15. QOpen 09:00 . (+4) 021 314 18 37. Str. tel. Otopeni tel. (+4) 021 303 44 . tel. tel. Also at (B-3) Calea Dorobanti 5 . reservations@ avis.19:30.17:00. Henri Coanda International Airport. tel. Sun.sixt. Bucharest In Your Pocket tel.18:00. Horia. Lufthansa B-3. tel. robuc64@ hertz.lufthansa. Sun. fax 201 49 82 Carpatair Otopeni tel. www. Open 08:00-20:00. Closed Also at Henri Coanda Airport. (+4) 021 200 62 office@hertz. Also at Baneasa International Airport.czech-airlines.17:00. Str. Also at Otopeni Airport tel.airmoldova. Open 08:00-02:00. and Otopeni Airport. British Airways B-4. www.17:00. Otopeni tel. Q Open 24 hrs. reservation@sixt. Sun. Open 09:00-17:00. but alas very few are free.malev. Good car rental from the people behind the Hotel Charter. Closed Sat. Cars4Rent Str. (+4) 021 310 17 97. Spl. Bd. Robuc63@hertz. www. www. Ground Floor. Car rental AAA Autorent Hertz B-6. tel. Budget B-4. QOpen 09:00 . tel. Calea Victoriei 15. (+4) 0723 34 71 92/(+4) 0730 09 39 85. tel. Closed Sat.hertz. www. Open 09:00-18:00. Closed Sat. (+4) 021 204 20 Aleea Alexandru 9A. Open 08:30-17:30. (+4) 021 303 22 22. fax (+4) 021 210 29 Closed Sat. Closed Sun and Henri Coanda Airport. Otopeni tel. B-dul Magheru 41. tel. but most will charge extra. (+4) 021 204 84 10. QOpen 08:00 . compact-rentacar. There is also (patchy) free WiFi in and around Piata Universitatii. et. The full Romanian railway timetable is online at www. 16. tel. tel. Closed 021 314 10 96. Sun. Open 08:00-20:00. Sat 09:00-14:00. (+4) 021 204 20 07. tel. (+4) 021 204 64 office@europcar. Open (+4) 0374 00 40 57. www. Air Moldova Mihail Moxa Closed Sat. Closed Sun. Closed Sat. Swiss Air Lines B-3. (+4) 0730 33 37 07/(+4) 031 802 22 28. B-dul N. fax 021 335 75 32. and the Romexpo complex. www. www. www./fax (+4) 021 204 20 24 Open 04:15 .72 getting aroUnd Train Schedule From Bucharest To Bucharest Dep Arr. Europcar Sixt New Kopel Calea Bucurestilor 201-203. QOpen 09:00 . Drumul Odaii 1D (Hotel Charter). tel. 1. (+4) 0744 68 97 73.tarom. www. (+4) 0374 00 40 ro. (+4) 021 223 09 88. Also at (C-5) InterContinental. tel. www.7 (Howard Johnson Hotel). Open 08:00-20:00. (+4) 021 210 28 Open 08:00 .ro. tel.17:00. McDonalds and Starbucks offer free WiFi in almost all of their outlets. bl. Czech Airlines B-2. fax 021 312 99 82. QOpen 09:00 .budgetro. QOpen 09:00 . www. (+4) 021 204 21 94. fax (+4) 021 021 201 49 55. QOpen 09:00 . tel. (+4) 021 D-6. Sun. Frumoasa 15. Sun. Q Open 09:00-12:00.lot. Closca si Crisan 17.

in an emergency you should call tel. B-dul Dacia 58. Newest and dare we say sunniest mall in Bucharest. Canada A-3. www.B. Be brave. goats cheese. You are recommended to take out decent health insurance. tel. Markets Targul Taranului (Peasants’ Market) B-7. Calea Vitan 55-59 IMAX/Cinema City B-dul Vasile Milea/B-dul Ti- Baneasa Shopping City Şos. and most of the private medical centres listed on these pages offer good schemes for expatriates. (+4) 021 Belgium D-4. (+4) 021 327 70 20. The narrow and tiny Str. tuica and honey. Restaurants Open 10:00-23:00. Gh. 201 56 12. tel. et.unireashop. Sun 08:00 . Wed. (+4) 021 75 Dry cleaners 021 211 44 13. (+4) 021 599 Cinema Pro QOpen 10:00 . this is now a real shopping centre. www. tel. (+4) 031 824 13 60. Str. Turda 127. QOpen 07:30 .inyourpocket. tel. It is also the only mall in the city right outside a metro station: in this case. tel. as well as B-dul Magheru and Calea Victoriei. www. Every Sunday morning this huge piece of wasteland becomes Sodom and Gomorrah.aficotroceni. Every Saturday and Sunday morning peasants come from all over Romania to sell their wares at this farmers’ market. (+4) 021 305 71 95. with lots of boutiques and delicatessens. (+4) 021 9731 for an ambulance. ground floor. tel.50 lei. bl. or browse the full programme of the city’s cinemas at www. Foreign representations Austria C-4. tel. With more than 220 shops it makes everywhere else look quite small. Q Tickets 19-36 lei. Getting here from city centre is a drag of course. one-screen cinema behind MPolitehnica. tel. Str. France B-4. Puls Ambulance Service A-3. check the individual websites of each cinema. Prices are a bit high to be honest. 50 00. (+4) 021 9761 (emergencies). however. tel. Recently extended in a major redevelopment. tel.baneasashoppingcity. Piata Unirii 1. Romanian doctors. 2. the local health service is more than adequate. 3. Tue. the police outside seem more worried about the flow of traffic in the street outside than the moody goods being sold here. Sun 10:00-23:30. The city’s main casualty and emergency room.urgentafloreasca. Bus 123 will get you here. ro. SOS Medical and Ambulance Services There’s a stall selling tasty hot snacks. which shows the latest releases. tel. Q Tickets 17. (+4) 021 300 08 00. City centre. Dumbrava Rosie 7. Caragea Voda 1.50 to 17. between Balcescu and Calea Victoriei. Fri. hmultiplex. The best state emergency hospital is Spitalul de Urgenta. is also becoming a funky little place to August . tel. Denmark D-5. (+4) 021 307 69. Ireland B-4. E. (+4) 021 224 01 87. 112 or tel. www. It also has paintball. (+4) Shopping in Bucharest Bucharest’s main shopping areas are the malls and commercial centres listed below. with the film changing each Friday. this huge department store is now the best shopping centre in the centre of the city. Bucharest’s biggest mega-mall. Sat 09:00 .Q Tickets 9.inyourpocket. (+4) 021 303 02 08.cinemapro. Ionescu Gion 4. bucharest. Germany B-3.14:00. Z and hundreds of other brands also help to bring the punters in. no less) is the biggest pull.September 2010 . Q Open 10:00-22:00. The best drycleaners in town offers free collection and delivery. Str. The best complex of cinemas in the city. Tuberozelor 1-3. Ion Campineanu. Str.cinema. Emergency Clinic Hospital (Spitalul de Urgenta Floreasca) C-3. Sat. There are fashion stores on the first and second floors while the electronics and household appliance shops on Bucharest In Your Pocket Unirii. Immaculate Cleaners C-4. Q Open 10:00 . From stolen mobile phones and fake Ralph Lauren shirts to cheap. while almost universally brilliant. If you have no insurance cover. If your child becomes ill. (+4) 021 231 88 56.22:00. QOpen 10:00 . Str. Hospitals do suffer from a lack of funds. Piata Sudului. Targul Vitan-Barzesti Sos.9 lei. tel. (+4) 021 202 98 30. Lacoste. Bucureşti-Ploieşti 42D.sunplaza. tel. (+4) 021 310 21 61. AFI Palace Cotroceni B-dul Vasile Milea/B-dul (Bucuresti Mall). Closed Sat. bacon. Hollywood Multiplex E-7. B-dul Iancu de Hunedoara 30-32.17:00. MPolitehnica. Once a showpiece of Socialism. Closed Mon-Sat. www. but Zara. Thu. bucharest. (+4) 021 210 29 Bulgaria B-3. 327 61 02. (+4) 021 303 10 00. Unquestionably the best dentist in the city. www. tel. sandpaper-rough toilet paper can be found here. Cinema: Going to the Movies Films in Romania are shown in their original language with Romanian subtitles. Special room at the Dorobanti location equipped especially for kids. Burghelea 3. The first IMAX cinema in Romania is part of the new Cinema CIty complex in the Cotroceni Palace mall. Next door is an enormous second-hand car market. Q Open 08:00-16:00. Also at (B-2) Calea Dorobantilor Mothercare. but the people who shop here do not seem to mind. For emergencies (24hrs) tel. if not perfect. Rabat 5. Calea Vitan 55-59.bucurestimall. Q Open 10:00-22:00.aficotroceni. (+4) 021 230 21 50. All the big name international high street stores are here. Debenhams (over three floors. A list of 24 hour pharmacies can be found on page just three stops from Piata Unirii. (+4) 031 425 75 10.immaculate. www. tel. To find out which films are showing. Marks & Spencer. QOpen 10:00 . Calea Floreasca 8. Str. all prices negotiable. Str. Str. An astonishing place. with plenty of stores you can actually spend money in.74 shopping Dentist 320 01 51/ (+4) 0723 38 33 27. tel. Cpt.40 . Emergencies 23 00. Q Open 24hrs. Calea Rahovei 196A. Fri. www. The Peasant and Village museums (see page 58) are the best places to pick up Romanian handicrafts and souvenirs.26.22:00. tel. PTA direCtory B. Shopping Centres & Malls Timisoara. good popcorn and comfortable seats. tel. this time with added IMAX. office@unireashop. This place is the first real mega-mall in Bucharest. Find great smoked sausages. www. Calea Floreasca Buzesti 50-52. Demetriade fax (+4) 021 320 01 51. trout. Biserica Amzei 13-15. Str.22:00. www. found at (B-4). misoara. criminally underpaid and should be tipped heavily. offering ten screens.19:00. (+4) 021 230 01 06. An excellent Mega Image supermarket can be found in the basement. tel. QOpen 08:00 16:00. Sun Plaza Calea Vacaresti 391. (+4) 0744 49 91 99. Ion Ghica 3. and the frequent handing over of 10 lei notes to everyone from the receptionist to the cleaner is recommended. Health Should you fall ill. tel. Closed Mon. P Bucuresti Mall E-7. as well as a few local outfits. you should take him or her to the excellent children’s emergency hospital. sc. Str. Clinic D-6. Polona 76.20:30. (+4) 021 floors three and four are also worth a Vitan-Barzesti/Splaiul Unirea Shopping Centre C-6. ice skating (year round) and you can get here easy: it is just a short walk from the Politehnica metro station. (+4) 021 212 93 64/66. Incredibly. www. are dreadfully.

QOpen 08:30 .and we mean great . Parcul Tineretului (Oppo- 77 Netherlands B-3. B-3 Parcul Kiseleff. jacuzzi. tel.00 lei. Av. (+4) 021 201 72 00. bl. tel. Superb tennis and fitness club in Tineretului Park. Sun 09:00 tel. it can be noisy. B-dul Nicolae Balcescu 4. Str. Hotel Intercontinental C-5.20:00. about 20 meters directly underneath the flight path of every plane landing at Otopeni. (+4) 021 380 35 35. (+4) 021 269 01 60 and Calea Dudesti 188 (InCity Residences).ro. and many other locations around the city. sauna. www. Entrance is at the rear of the Confort hotel. Nicolae Caramfil 34.September 2010 . You will need to bring ID. 021 208 60 30. Q Open 24hrs. So yes. Views are great. sauna included). Str. Ion Brezoianu 35. Free bike hire (for up to two hours). Aleea Alexandru 20.euroministorage. Tudor Arghezi 7-9. La Pedale B-2. 4950 lei/year. tel. squash courts and aerobics facilities. Radu Beller 6. Sun 08:00 . QOpen 06:00 . entrance from B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918). (+4) 021 403 09 00. 21-23. tel. Str.sensiblu. worldclass. More than a mere conference suite. QOpen 12:00 . (+4) 021 233 89 Call for special membership packages. (+4) 021 252 37 04. pool (the largest in the city. the spaces on the upper floors of the buildings above the Van Gogh Cafe are multi-purpose suites available for standard conferences.19:00. QOpen 06:00 . Sun. BateSaua Sos. and a host of top facilities. we think). B-dul Unirii 27. Sat. tel.daimonsportclub. (+4) 021 313 93 15.76 direCtory Swimming Pools & Health Clubs site Sala Polivalenta). Comuna Voluntari.swimming pool. but also featuring a number of instant offices. Sensiblu A-3. (+4) 021 350 41 10. Balcescu 7.raitabike. Also at (B-5) Calea Victoriei 63-81 (Centre Ville Hotel).20:00. Parcul Herastrau. Also (B-3) Str. QOpen 24hrs. Sat. Probably the smallest swimming pool in Romania on top of what for years was the tallest building (22 floors). QOpen 06:30 . My Bike August . (+4) 021 313 11 04. Sat 10:00 . tel. tel. World Class Health Academy B-6.16:00. Raitabike B-5. Episcopiei 1-3 (Athenee Palace Hilton).batesaua. direCtory Daimon Sport Club D-8. Helmet included. www.inyourpocket. (+4) 021 305 73 14. ap. Jules Michelet 24.20:00. 196. MTineretului. (+4) 021 315 98 11.00 lei per person (no reduction for children) and you can stay all day (Sat. International Schools American International School Sos. (+4) 021 303 37 77. jacuzzi. www. Pharmacies Help Net A-3. Green Lake Residence. A2. Sat. 3550 lei/six months. (+4) 021 345 06 66. www. tel. www. (C-5) B-dul N. tel.22:00. Massive fitness centres in the basement of the JW Marriott and Radisson Blu (+4) 031 100 18 88. Sat. tel. (+4) 021 200 33 00. QOpen 09:00 Old Town Conference Suites Van Gogh Spaces C-6. Bucuresti -Targoviste lei). Removals & Storage AGS Worldwide Movers B-dul Basarabia 256 (Faur Industrial Park. QOpen 10:00 .21:00.00 lei . Sat. Also at (B-3) Str. Str. Q Prices start from 5 lei/ hour (helmet included). Sun 10:00 .19:00. Sun 30. now with a great .waterpark. Jolie Ville Galleria (Pipera) Str.21:00. Sun 50. weight room. 30 lei/12hrs (helmet not included). Sat 10:00 . Full membership costs 1950 lei/three months. QOpen 10:00 . Hilton Health Club C-5. Large open-air water park with plenty of slides and fun pools. (+4) 0723 38 98 33. www. gate 4. tel. (+4) 021 330 50 71. tel. (+4) 021 232 55 20. Water Park Calea Bucurestilor 255A. Adults: Mon-Fri 30. Str. and many other locations around the city. Subscription 350 lei/month from 06:00-16:00 and 450 lei/month from 06:00-22:00 (pool. Str.23:00. Smardan 9.mybike. Closed Mon. Indoor pool. tel.inyourpocket. Iancului 100. (+4) UK C-4. Euro Mini Storage B-dul Theodor Pallady 42 J.vangogh. Agricultori Str. Str. sauna and fitness for 70 lei/day from 06:00-16:00 and 115 lei/ day from 06:00-22:00. 40 lei/day. Radu Beller 8.23:00. B-dul 1 Mai 92. tel. USA C-5. Q €15/day. fitness. with a gym. 25 lei/12 hrs. (+4) 021 204 43 00. €35/weekend (helmet and key lock included). tel. Outside the city 60 lei/day/MTB. Calea 13 Septembrie 90. Costs (Mon-Fri) 20.Q PJW Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. www. Children: Mon-Fri 15 lei. Pipera-Tunari International British School E-5. Sat. and when it gets really steamy you can go and sunbathe on the balcony. www. www. Closed Sun.carpatbike.24:00. Sun 25 lei. www. (+4) 0731 00 60 05. Sun 08:00 . tel. Petre Aurelian 72. tel. Hotel Map Index H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H13 H14 H15 H16 H17 H18 H19 H20 H21 H22 Helvetia Casa Victor Picollo Mondo Hello Hotels Andy’s Moxa Starlight Duke Golden Tulip Residence Arcul de Trimf Hotel Dan JW Marriott Parliament Ibis Parlament Volo Berthelot Centre Ville Opera Palace Central Carol Parc Hilton H23 H24 H25 H26 H27 H28 H29 H30 H31 H32 H33 H34 H35 H36 H37 H38 H39 H40 H41 H42 H43 H44 Novotel Capitol Grand Continental Lido (closed) Ambasador Radisson Blu Rembrandt Tania Relax Comfort Suites Intercontinental K+K Elisabeta Horoscop Tempo Hotel Royal Tiny Club Hotel Confort Traian Tulip Inn Ramada Majestic Ibis Gara De Nord Suter Inn NH Howard Johnson International School for Primary Education (INS) Bicycle Hire .ro/ Pool. The bad news is that it is opposite the airport. Carpat Bike Sos. tel. Erou Iancu Nicolae 103 bis. (+4) 021 310 20 20.helpnet. Helmet 6 lei/day. Parcul bucharest. tel.

Northern Bucharest .

Central & Southern Bucharest .

Regina Maria. B3 Musatescu Tudor. B5 Politie. Str. Witting. B5 Haga. Str. B4 Horatiu. Staicovici Nicolae. Str. B6 Polizu Gheorghe. Str. Str. Bd. C5 Poenaru Bordea. B3 Arghezi Tudor.. B4 Cavafii Vechi. Intr. Str. A3 Mihnea Voda. Prof. A4 Cioranu Mihai. E3 Brezoianu Ion. Prof. A3 Negri Costache. Intr.c. Str. Str. G-ral. C4 Caragiale I. B4 Iorga Nicolae. B5 Coltei.. Str. Str. Victoriei. B5 Elie Radu. Piata B5 Lacatusului. C4 Mexic. Intr. Piata C5 Academiei. Str. Str. C3 Dona Nicolae.. Verona Arthur.. Str. C4 Micle Veronica. Str. B6 Natiunile Unite. C5 Quito.. C5 Mendeleev D. A6 Povernei. C5 Bogdan Ion.a. Str. Str. Str. Intr. B5 Amman. Str. B4 Icoanei. Stefan Cel Mare. A6 Londra. Str.. Str. Str. B3 Hagi Moscu Maria. Str. Sfanta Vineri. Str. G-ral. Str. Slavesti.. C4 Piata Amzei.82 street register 13 Septembrie. Ramniceanu Naum. C5 Doamna Oltea. Dr. Intr. Str. B4 Praga. Str. C4 Poni Petru. A4 Polona. Str. B4 Cobalcescu Grigore. Dr. Str. C6 Haret Spiru. Str. B6 Drobeta. A6 Miron Costin. Str.. G-ral. Dr. Dr. C6 Crisana.. Str. Str. Slanic. Piata B6 Neculce Ion. B4 Coanda Henri. Stirbei Voda. Str. Str. Str. B4 Apolodor. Piata Rabat. Str. Str. Cale D4 Moxa Mihail. Piata B5 Masaryk Thomas. Str. Str. Str.. Str. Selari. Transilvaniei. Str. Str. Tomescu Toma. C6 Cazzavillan Luigi. Bd. Bd.. Piata Rosetti C. Str. C4 Davila Carol. Slatineanu Ion. Radu Voda. B3 Parvan Vasile. Intr. Str. Str.. Str. A4 Popa Tatu. Str. . . Str. B4 Aman Theodor. B3 Lupu Dionisie. Str. Str. Str. A4 Golescu Nicolae. Ing. Str.d. Bd C5 Magiresti. C4 Duca Gheorghe. Str. B5 Lebedei. G-ral.. Str. A5 Eroilor. A3 Halelor. C6 Batistei. Piata Universitatii. Str. Stavropoleos. Intr. Str. Roma. Str.. Str. Str. Str. Str. Str. G-ral. C6 Blanc Louis. C6 Frumoasa. Str. Str. Unirii. C6 Mille Constantin. Bd. B4 Muresanu Andrei. C6 Banului. Str. Str. Str. Bd. Str. Str. Str. B5 Buiestrului. Intr. Regina Elisabeta. Str. G-ral. Rosetti Maria. Str. B6 Mihalache Ion. B3 Ostasilor. B3 Budisteanu Constantin. Intr. C4 Grivitei. Str. Calea B6 21 Decembrie 1989. Intr. C2 Lacul Tei. Str. Intr. Str. Str. Intr. B3 Praporgescu David. Str. Str. B3 Floreasca. B3 Blanari.. Str. Str. Bd B5 Kogalniceanu Mihail. Str. A5 Crisului. Str. Bd. Str. Arh. Str. Revolutiei. B3 Mosilor. Str. B3 Kogalniceanu Mihail. D5 Catargiu Lascar.. B6 Ghica Ion. Titulescu Nicolae. Str. Str. C4 Cameliei. Str.. Sfintii Voievozi. A5 Magheru Gheorghe. Str. B5 Hasdeu Iulia. Str. Str. B5 Dorobanti. Dr. Unirii. C5 Paris. Str. Piata Visarion I. B6 Poiana Narciselor. M. B4 Furtuna Stefan. Str. A6 Negruzzi Iacob. Str. C5 Atelierului. Str. Str. B6 Kiseleff P Bd. Str. C4 Philippide Alexandru. Piata A4 Gara De Nord. A5 Gabroveni. C5 Alecsandri Vasile.. B4 Pitar Mos. Str. Intr.str. Str. C5 Finlanda. C5 Carol I. C5 Constantin Daniel. B5 Putul Lui Zamfir. Poet. Str.l. C5 Luterana. C6 Caragea Ioan Voda.. Str. Str.. Str.l. Str. A4 Georgescu George. Bd. Bd. Str. Dr. C3 Cuza Alexandru Ioan. C6 Coposu Corneliu... Cale B4 Gusti Dimitrie. A4 Dacia. Str. B5 Pasteur Louis. G-ral. Str. B3 Brebu. Str.i.. Str. C5 Eroii Sanitari.inyourpocket. B4 Hasdeu Iulia. A6 Lascar Vasile. Str. Str. A6 Iulian Stefan. C5 Calin Ion. Str. B6 Libertatii. Str. Intr. C5 Lazar Gheorghe. Str. Str. C5 Bitolia. Str. Vulcanescu Mircea. Str. C6 Gara De Nord. Scarlatescu. Tirana. Str. B5 Episcopiei. B3 Mirinescu Mihail. Piata B6 Conta Vasile. A3 Clunet. B3 B3 C6 C3 C5 C6 B5 B5 B3 B3 B4 C5 C5 C5 C3 B5 B6 A3 A3 B5 C3 C5 C6 C6 C6 B4 B4 C6 B5 A6 B6 B4 B4 C5 C4 C4 C6 B3 B5 A6 C6 D4 B5 B5 B3 A4 B3 B4 B5 C3 C4 C6 C6 C5 C3 B3 C5 B4 B4 B4 A3 C4 B4 B3 A4 C4 B5 B3 Bucharest In Your Pocket bucharest. Str. C4 Eminescu Mihai. Str. Str. Sarandy Frosa. A4 Atena. Str. A4 Negulescu Stefan. A5 Lipscani. Sevastopol. Intr. Str. B4 Iosif O. Str. Eugen. Serg. Str. Washington. Str. Bd. Str. Intr. Str.. B6 Monetariei. Str. Str. Calea B3 Dorobanti. Str B3 Dianei. Str. C5 Greceanu Paul. B4 Maracineanu Walter. C6 Brazilia. Str. Str. Str. Piata B7 Lipova. Str. A5 Eroilor. A5 Gutenberg. C2 Buzoianu Ion. Str. Str. C6 Cronicarilor. Str. G-ral. B5 Eminescu Mihai. Str. Piata Vacarescu Barbu. Str. Str. Str. Str. Intr. Str. B3 Balaban Emil. Piata Rigas. Scoalei. C6 Lisabona. A4 Mitropolit Antim Ivireanul. C5 Iancu De Hunedoara.av. Str. Str A6 Dealul Mitropoliei. Str. Piata Sfintii Voievozi. Alee C6 Demetriade Gheorghe. B5 Millo Matei. Vlaicu Aurel. Str. Bd. Bd. B4 Alexandrescu Grigore. Str. Intr. Str. Str. Sfantul Elefterie. Str. B4 Caderon Jean Louis. A5 Covaci. Erou. A6 Clucerului. B5 Popescu-gopo Ion. Lt. B4 Oslo. Xenopol Alexandru. C3 Cotiturii. Bd. D4 Dascalu Nicolae. Str. A4 Mihai Voda. Calea Victoriei. Str. Str. Str. Str. Romana. Str. Str. C5 Coposu Corneliu. Str. C4 Botez Eugen. Bd. Str. Str.col. Str. Str. Sepcari. B3 Lister. Bd. Piata C4 Lantului. A3 Izvor. Sofia. Str. C4 Ilfov. B4 Biserica Enei.i.. Piata B5 Natiunile Unite. Intr. Cpt. C5 Golescu Dinicu. A6 Justitiei. A4 Carada Eugeniu. Str. Dr. Str. C3 Occidentului. Dr.c. Pictor. Bd. A4 Maltopol. Schitul Magureanu. A6 Putul Cu Plopi.. C4 Eforie. Str. Str. B3 Michelet Julles. Bd. Str. Selari. C6 Manolescu Grigore. Zola Emile. Str. B4 Caderea Bastiliei. Cmdr. Saligny Anghel. Str. Bd. Str. Str.. C6 Caderea Bastiliei. D4 Enescu George. Str. Str. Str. Smardan. C5 Eftimiu Victor. Str. A4 Filipescu Nicolae. Stahi Constantin.. Tunari. B5 Berzei. Sfintii Apostoli. Str. C5 Baniei. B4 Frumoasa. Piata A6 Felix Iacob. Str. Tudor Stefan. B6 Bruxelles. Str. Str. B4 Constitutiei. Cale C3 Florescu Ion. B5 Brutus M. Str. Scoala Floreasca. A4 Dumbrava Rosie. Str. B6 Argentina. C3 Amzei. B4 Buzesti. B3 Berthelot H.a. C5 Pretorienilor. Vladoianu Barbu. Str. Intr. D3 Lahovari Alexandru. Str. Str. Str. Sosea Stirbei Voda.intr. A4 Mamulari. Str. Piata B3 Dragalina Ion. B4 Buzoiani Iani. B4 Hristo Botev. Str. B4 David Emmanuel. Sapientei. A6 Patriarhiei. Sosea Tokio. C6 Petrescu Camil. C4 Grigorescu Eremia. B5 Baratiei.. Arh. Bd. Str. C3 Bratianu I. B3 Blanduziei.. Str. Dr. Str. C5 Franceza. Str. B5 Cernat Alexandru.. B5 Macedoniei. Bd. Str. Str. B5 Otetari.g-ral. G-ral. A3 Libertatii. Rossini Gioachino. Piata D6 Cornescu. C3 Buzesti. Str. Str. A6 Coanda Constantin. Str.. A4 Biserica Amzei. Sevastopol. Zalomit Z. Ion. Str. Venezuela. Str. Sfantul Constantin. Str. Piata Rosetti C. G-ral. Bd. B6 Iorga Nicolae. Bd. Piata B5 Enescu George. Piata A4 Buzesti. Roma. Str. C5 Caragiale I. Str. B3 Quinet Edgar. C5 Berna. B5 Mincu Ion. Intr. C4 Balcescu Nicolae. Str. Str. Str. A3 Manu Gheorghe. C4 Alexandrescu Grigore.

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