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Scripting QTP - CH07 - Working With Files

Scripting QTP - CH07 - Working With Files


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Published by: Rajesh Kumar on Jul 08, 2008
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As the name implies, the FileSystemObject (FSO) is designed to help you
manage the file system. The FileSystemObject allows you to retrieve information
about essential file system elements, including disk drives, folders, and files; it
also includes methods that allow you to perform common administrative tasks,
such as copying, deleting, and moving files and folders. In addition, the
FileSystemObject enables you to read from and write to text files.
The FileSystemObject simplifies the task of dealing with any type of file input
and output and for dealing with the system file structure itself. Rather than
resorting to complex calls to the Win32 API. this object allows the developer to
easily handle files and navigate the underlying directory structures. This is
especially useful for those developers or administrators who are creating scripts
that are used for system administration or maintenance.

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