INTRODUCTION SERVICE:Service is defined as all economic activities whose output is not a physical product and is generally consumed at the time it is produced and provides added value in forms such as Convince, Comfort that are essentially intangible concerns. Services are characterized by Intangibility, Heterogeneous, Perishable, and Inseparability. There is a phenomenal growth of services and the firms need to be specialized in the services offered to satisfy customers. This requires comprehensive strategies, which can be carried through marketing strategies. This leads to the development of "Service Marketing". We term marketing as a function by which marketing plans, promotes and deliver goods and services to the customers. In the marketing of services, the providers are expected to satisfy the users. When a customer buys a service in the service market, he buys the time, knowledge, and skills resource of the provider. The emergency of marketing concept in respect of services is growing. Service organizations felt that applications of marketing strategies. While managing and selling the service would make possible qualitative improvements. The perception of services marketing gives emphasis on selling the services in the best interest of users.

"Satisfaction is the level of a person’s felt state resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance in relations to the person's expectations". If the performance matches the expectations, the customers are satisfied; otherwise, he is an unsatisfied customer. In today's competitive environment, companies are aiming for total customer satisfaction Companies seeking to win in today's market must tract their customer's expectations, perceived company performance and customer satisfaction. For customer's expectations, perceived company performance and customer

satisfaction is both a goal and a marketing tool. Today, companies are including developing stronger bonds and loyalty with their intimate customers. They need to pay closer attention to their customer defection rate and undertake steps to reduce it. To create customer satisfaction companies must manage their value chain as well as the whole value delivery system in a customer-centered way. The company's goal is not to get customers but even more importantly, to retain customers. Seller must assess the total customer value and total customer cost associated with each competitor offer to know how his or her own offers rates in the buyers mind. Second, the seller who is at a delivered value disadvantage has two alternatives. The seller can try to increase total customers calls for strengthening or augmenting the offer's product, services, personnel and image benefits. The latter calls for reducing the buyer's costs by reducing the Price, simplifying the ordering and delivery process, or absorbing some buyer risk by offering a warranty. Whether the buyer is satisfied after purchase depends on the offer's performance in relation to the buyer's expectations.

In general:
Satisfaction is a person feeling of pleasure or disappointed resulting from comparing a product's performance (or outcome) in relation to his her expectations. As this definition makes clear, satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectations. If the performance falls short of expectations, the customer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectations, the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. Many companies are aiming for high satisfaction because customers who are just satisfied still find it easy to switch. High satisfaction or delight creates an emotional bonds with the brand, not a just a rational preference. The result is high customer loyalty. Xerox's senior management believes that a very satisfied or delighted customer is worth 10 times as much to the company as satisfied customer. A very delighted customer is likely to stay with Xerox many more years and buy more

than a satisfied customer will.

Attracting Customers
Customers seeking to grow their profits and sales have to spend considerable time and resources searching for new customers. Customer's acquisition requires substantial skills in lead generation, lead qualification, and account conversion. To generate leads, the company develops ads and places them in media that will reach new prospects; its sales people participate in trade shows where their might find new leads; and so on. All this activity produces a list suspects. The next tasks is to qualify which is the suspects are really good prospects, and this is done by interviewing them, checking on their financial standing, and so on. The sales people first contact the jot prospects and work on account conversion, which involves making presentations, answering objects, and negotiating final terms. It is not enough to be skillful in attracting new customer, the company must keep them. Too many companies suffer from high customer namely; they gain new customers in that lose many of them. It is like constantly adding water to a leaking pot. Today's companies must pay closer attention to their customer defection rate (the rate at which they lose customers). Unfortunately, most marketing theory and practice center on the art of attracting new customers rather than on retaining existing ones. The emphasis traditionally has been on making sales rather than building relationships; on pre selling and selling rather than caring for the customer afterward. The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction. A highly satisfied customer − Stays loyal longer.

Buys more as the company introduces new products and upgrades existing products. Talks favorably about the company and its products,

Customer Satisfaction Firstly. Customer awareness: The mobile phone market in India consists of only four players for a Particular telecom circle. satisfaction is a person's feeling of . Secondly. the customer needs to be informed about the product. the management should be aware of producing such products and service which can satisfy. The study is concerned with both the aspects. 1. value added services etc. The study was conducted to find out the awareness of customers about various plans and value added services provided by Airtel cellular services. The customer should be made aware of the product attributes and its uses. In general. To have a cutting edge over the rivals.− Pays less attention to the competing brands and advertising and is less sensitive to price. Background of the study: The title "customer satisfaction" pre-supposes customer awareness. − Costs less to serve than the new customers because transactions are reutilized. − Offers product or service ideas to the company. These provisions will be effective only when the customers are aware of those services. or even they must make the customer highly satisfied with those products and services which they produce. Customer satisfaction: Whether the buyer is satisfaction after purchase depends on offers Performance in relation to the buyer's expectation. the mobile phone service providing companies were coming out with new plans. its features and also about its availability. Customer Awareness 2.

Many companies are aiming for high satisfaction because customers who are just satisfied still find it easy to switch when a better offer comes along. If the performance matches the expectations the customer is satisfied. As this definition makes clear. The result is high customer loyalty. . Those who are highly satisfied are much less ready to switch. If the performance matches the expectations the customer is satisfied. If the performance expectations. a very satisfied or delighted customer is worth 10 times as much to the company as a satisfied customers. If the Whether the buyer is satisfaction after purchase depends on offers Performance in relation to the buyer's expectation. In general. So the Airtel cellular service needs to concentrate more on customer delight through its service. satisfaction is a function perceived performance and expectations. the customer is highly satisfied or delighted.pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product's perceived performance in relation to has expectations. not just a relational preference. satisfaction is a function perceived performance and expectations. satisfaction is a person's feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product's perceived performance in relation to has expectations. High satisfaction or delight creates emotional bond with the brand. As this definition makes clear.

ChapterII .

the following parameters were identified as the objectives of the study. coverage. To identify and analyze the level of customer satisfaction with regard to the price. To rate Airtel in relation to the TATA CELLULAR. clarity and the billing system.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY As. To make suggestions to improve the marked ability of the AIRTEL in relation to TATA CELLURLAR. 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) . To know and identify the awareness if corridor facility of the Airtel. HUTCH & BSNL. particularly the sales promotional methods and the advertisement strategies for promoting the Airtel. To identify different promotional methods. 1) To make a profile of mobile users with regard to their occupation. To study and understand the source of awareness of a mobile along with the package that a customer is connected to. BSNL & HUTCH which are the major competitors. income and other demographic factors. the customer satisfaction is a complex aspect with varied dimensions. so as to device the marketing strategies in accordance with the competitive structure.

but as the days passed. As several other players also offering cellular services to public. basic telephone services were being. Basic Telephone service though faster in communicating but it has no mobility. Airtel services are one among them catering to the needs of public. People communicate with each other for want of information. Government giving permission’s to put cellular operations to offer cellular service in India. As people like businessman. cellular phone service wide acceptance and utility among public. With the rapid development of technology. This is not possible with basic telephone services. Among this Telephone has wide utility of communication at a faster rate. people were scattered. Many players entered in to market. or to exchange ideas. Telephones etc. people use to live together and communication process was easy. These services have become part of people and are extensively used to achieve communication objective. This can be had in many forms utilizing various media. hence cellular phones in to picture. In India. now a time has come to understand the customer's views and opinion. their satisfaction level towards the services offered by Airtel services. executive always travel in connection with their work. We can have communication either through personally and if they are a part we are utilizing various services like Postal. . In olden days.NEED FOR THE STUDY Communication is an integral part of human life. need arises for them to be in touch regularly at every time.

etc. ChiSquare Test. It guides us in conducting the research scientifically. In general the application of research methodology is wider than that of research methodology. The research methodology adapted for the present study has been systematic and was done in accordance to the objectives set which has been detailed as below: RESEARCH – DEFINITION Research is a process in which the researcher wishes to find out the end result for a given problem and thus the solution helps in future course of action. It consists of different steps that the generally adopted by the researcher to study the research problem along with logic behind them. It is necessary for the researcher to develop certain tests Weighted Average Method. for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure”. We must inform why we are using a particular method. According to Redman and Mory research is defined as a "Systemized effort to lin new knowledge. .METHODOLOGY Introduction:Research Methodology is a method to solve the research problems systematically." RESEARCH – DESIGN Research design is the specification of methods and procedures for acquiring the information needed to structure or to solve problem Research design is defined as “A research design is the arrangement of conditions.

Secondary Data: Secondary data consists of information that already exists somewhere. COLLECTION OF DATA THROUGH QUESTIONNAIRES This method of data collection is quite popular. 1. Primary Data: Primary data consists of original information collected for specific purpose. The secondary data for this study collected from various books. A questionnaire consists of a number of questions printed or typed in a definite order on a form or set of . which includes a structured questionnaire to be given to the respondents. In this method a questionnaire is sent (usually bye post) to the persons concerned with a request to answer the questions and return the questionnaire. research workers.SOURCES OF DATA The two main sources of data for the present study have been primary data and secondary data. company websites. The respondents would be guided by the interviewer to fill the questionnaire. The questions were structured and direct as to make viewers understand easily. 2. and from company brochures. having been collected for specific purpose in the study. DATA COLLECTION METHOD: The methodology adopted to collect the primary data was Interview schedule. private and public organizations and even by governments. It is being adopted by private individuals. particularly in case of big enquires. without revealing the purpose for which the study is being conducted to the respondents. The primary data for this research study was collected through a direct survey with the viewers guided by a structured questionnaire.

The respondents have to answer the questions on their own. it is always advisable to conduct 'pilot study' (Pilot Survey) for testing the questionnaires. to certain questions. There is inbuilt inflexibility because of the difficulty of to no-response is often indeterminate. who are not easily approachable. The merits claimed on behalf of this method are as follows: 1) It is free from the bias of the interviewer. Respondents. In a big enquiry.forms. answers are in Respondents have adequate time to give well thought out answers. 2) 3) 4) amending the approach once quest there is also the possibility of ambiguous replies or omission of replies altogether. Before using this method. The main demerits of this system can also be listed here: 1) Low rate of return of the duly filled in questionnaires. Pilot survey is in fact the . 5) It is difficult to know whether willing respondents are truly representative. the significance of pilot survey is felt very much. interpretation of omissions is difficult. 4) Large samples can be made use of and thus the results can be made more dependable and reliable. The control over questionnaire may be lost once it is given. The questionnaire is given to respondents who are expected to read and understand the questions and write down the reply in the space meant for the purpose in the questionnaire itself. 2) 3) reached conveniently. can also be respondent's own words. bias due It can be used only when respondents are educated and cooperating.

brings to the light the weakness (if any) of the questionnaires and of the survey techniques. being conducted by experts. The term questionnaire refers to a self-administered process whereby the respondent himself read the questions and records his answer without the assistance of an interviewer. From the experience gained in this way. improvement can be effected. .replica and rehearsal of the main survey. Such a survey.

After tabulation of data. Hence the results attained by this study may not be universally applicable. 2) Due to the Time constraint and Cost involved. .STATISTICAL TOOLS Statistical tools are to obtain finding and average information in logical sequence from the data collected.square test − Interval estimation − Weighted average method 1) The survey is limited to Twin Cities (Hyderabad and Secunderabad) only. − Percentage analysis − Charts − Chi . researcher used the following Quantitative techniques. the sample size The data is collected from the opinion of the customers and any is limited to 280 respondents. 3) bias in their opinion will have an impact on the findings of the study.


emission or reception of signals. dialing simply meant that there were ringing codes. microwave. very soon however. this was no longer practicable and telephone exchanges were created. Brown to pick up the phone.. wire. images.. optical. first run by operators and later automatically. In earlier times. TELEPHONE NUMBERS / DIALING When telephones were introduced. Three short rings for example asked Mr. . symbols. Telephone numbers need to be prefix-free. radio. cable. Telephone. and various forms of semaphore were used for the same purpose. or some combination of these. and Television. Compared with the furious pace of development today. because the phone related to the other number would start to ring before the end of the sequence. Telecommunication is the transmission. known by all telephone users within a certain area. which is derived from the Greek word “Tele” means “far off” at present such communication is carried out with the aid of electronic equipment such as the Radio. water. or other electromagnetic system. it may seem odd that mobile wireless hasn't progressed further in the last 60 years. or data. communication satellite. one or more receivers. and a channel or means of communication such as the air. Telegraph.INDUSTRY PROFILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS MEANING: Telecommunications refers to long-distance Communication. light beacons. Digital wireless and cellular roots go back to the 1940s when commercial mobile telephony began. The physical equipment for a telecommunications system includes a transmitter. drums. sounds or information over wire. however. This means that one number may never be the first part of another one. pictures. The information that is transmitted can be in the form of voice. or a combination of these. smoke signals.

delaying that technology in America by perhaps 10 years.Where are our video watch phones? There were many reasons for this delay but the most important ones were technology. Whose regulations and unresponsiveness constituted the most significant factors hindering radio-telephone development. and federal regulation. Their products enabled several first commercial cellular telephone systems. their technology equal to whatever America was producing . Mexico city. where governments could regulate their state run telephone companies less. cautiousness. although not first with a working cellular radio. and in most cases later than the United States. In Europe and Japan. mobile wireless came no sooner. did equip some of the first car mounted mobile telephone services. especially with cellular radio. moved hesitatingly and at times with disinterest toward wireless. starting in Bahrain. the wireless revolution began only after low cost microprocessors and digital switching became available. As the loading coil and vacuum tube made possible the early telephone network. through. Japanese manufacturers. . producers of the finest landline telephone system in the world. The Bell System. Anything AT&T produced had to work reliably with the rest of their network and it had to make economic sense. Frequency availability was in turn controlled by the Federal Communications Commission. something not possible for them with the few customers permitted by the limited frequencies available at the time. Tokyo.

The content was a quotation of the bible and said: "what hath God wrought55. Robinson. This alphabet is valid until . In his studio at New York University he needed about six years to finish this invention and received a patent for it in 1938. an American gentleman. Morse found a fair customer. The first inspector was Friedrich Clemens Gerke who improved the Morse code. They said that the wire would remove the electricity from the air so it would not rain and there would be only crop failures. The first message from Washington to Baltimore The 24 of May in 1844 was a very important day in the history of the United States: the first telegraph line was opened twelve years after Samuel Morse got the idea on board the "sully. So the meaning is writing at a distance.THE HISTORY OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS The word telegraphy comes from Greek “Tele” means distant and “graphic” to write. Beginning this day preparations were to expand the lines to Philadelphia. who sent it back at once. Gerke cleared it up and fixed that three points result in one line. Boston and to other cities and areas. the collaborator of Samuel Morse. Mr. The next year. The American version still comprised signs with different length. The "Hannoversche Staaatsbahn'Nvas the first in this country that used the Morse Telegraph. brought the Morse Telegraph to Europe in 1847. The message reached Alfred Lewis Vail. the telegraph line between Hamburg and Cuxhaven was opened. Most people were enthusiastic about this invention but not everyone. England and France were not interested in it. in Baltimore. He had the idea for the concept when he returned to America from Italy on board the "sully”. In Germany. Farmers destroyed lines in South Kentucky in 1849. The inventor of the telegraph himself sat in the High Court of justice in Washington and sent the first message out the Baltimore & Ohio railway station in Baltimore where many illustrious people were waiting. It's a possibility to send news over a long distance. The inventor of the first electric telegraph was Samuel Finely Breese Morse a North inventor and painter. New York.

toughness and endurance were bought. The one form Sanramento arrived at 8clock in the morning. On 3rd of April the first rider named Henry Wallace left St Joseph. satellite communications. The pony express existed only for one and a half year then it was dead. Anyway he made rules for the distance between the signs and sign groups. Every rider had to ride sixty miles at top speed. Telecommunications is a fascinating. especially chosen for fleetness. They had to shoot very well. fast paced industry that influences every aspect of our daily life like normal voice phone calls. connectivity to the Internet. preferably orphans. The pony express was born. Missouri and after 10 days 3210 kilometers the last rider reached Sacramento. and cable TV. fax transmissions. because it was a dangerous. The name was registered as Western union Telegraph & Co in 1856. The reason was the completion of the transcontinental telegraph line between. For this job they needed brave young men. .today. Hiram Sibley's company: In 1851 Hiram Sibley founded a company with a group of businesspeople that built the telegraph line in the Midwest. adventurous life. surfing the web. video conferencing. The Pony Express While the lines were spreading slowly through the whole country the very spectacular express rider service came into existence in April 1860. Each day except Sunday. a messenger left StJopesh at noon. He had to do this distance in six hours with six different ponies. be excellent riders and to nave no fear of Indian attacks. He discovered a system that the most used letters got the shortest signs so that they could be transmitted very fast. California. Six hundred broncos. high speed data communications.

come here. and introducing completely new ones . This creates opportunities for developing existing services further. In 1876 . Baltimore to Washington in 1844. No. Bell speaks the first complete sentence transmitted by variable resistance transmitter . The telecommunication industry is often referred to as an "enabling industry". New technology is constantly being developed and finds its applications in the technical systems that make up a telecommunications network.for the benefit of customers and society as a whole.Alexander Graham Bell files his patent application. 174. The field of telecommunication is no doubt one of the most exciting occupational fields that modern society has to offer. In the current day scenario. That is. ..March 10th.. "Mr. I want you!". The world's first two way long distance telephone conversation over an outdoor wire (borrowed telegraph line) takes place between Cambridge port and Boston. Wireless technologies . First telephone patent (U. it creates opportunities for societal development in the broadest sense.. there is lot of Tele-communications technologies evolved and used by people all over the world.S..It started with first public demonstration of Morse's electric telegraph. Massachusetts between Bell and Watson. Watson.465) allowed and issued to Bell on March 7th.

He got the golden Medal of Honor at the exhibition of industry of industry in Paris in 1855. Telegraphy became more and more popular form day to day. TDMA. from Boston to New York and the other way around at the same time).g.The Austrian physicist Julius Wilhelm Gintl was the father of the two batteries. Anyway the rates for the lies were very high. The two-way communication The progress in Europe went on. GPRS and latest technology 3G growing at a fast pace promising high speed data communications. Improvements were introduced. Sometimes there was no more possibility to install new lines. While the Americans filled their country with lines. UMTS. The first essential step however was the invention to use one line for different telegrams at the same time and to send signs in both directions (e. too. CDMA. .are like GSM. Gintl's method was called the method of compensation. It was necessary to use the lies better. there were important inventions in Austria and Germany.

VI .Chapter .

Bharti Broadband etc. .P.99 million mobile and 354. 2003. Established in 1985. In 1996. Bharti Telnet. and HUTCH of less than 50.000 fixed line customers. It has 866 towers in A.34 million total customers nearly 2. which is worth of Rs. where Reach Tele Communications stands arouse union. Airtel took over sky cell. Bharti global. Bharti had approximately 3. Bharti foundation. As of February 28. first Indian company to provide comprehensive telecom service outside India in Seychelles and first private sector service provide to launch National Long Distance Services in India.P. customer relations for problems solving. 55. Airtel has its presence in 15 circles in India.000 customers. which covers 65Kms. The company is owned and governed by Bharti group of companies. activations and is also dealing with sub-dealers. first private basic telephone service provider in the country.9000 cores. Airtel has the largest customer base which crossed 2 lakhs when compared to BSNL. which has 1. It was several of companies like Bharti health care. Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit. The Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti group is Mr. Bharti enterprises. Bharti Telescopic.000 customers. and Bharti ventures limited. ranging from being the first Mobile service in Delhi. Sky cell was launched and in 2000. An overview Bharti Enterprises has been at the forefront of technology and has eased telecommunications with its world-class products and services. Airtel has 28 connects in A. Sunil Bharti Mittal. It provides various services like bill payments. each costs 1 Crore rupees and made a proposal for doubling that in near future.COMPANY PROFILE OF AIRTEL The name of the company is Bharti mobinet limited.

The company through its subsidiaries also provides fixed-line.99 million mobile and 3. it is also the first telecom company to export its products to the USA.34 million customers as of February 28. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone instrument. Delhi. Mumbai. with a focus on mobile service. Karnataka.54. Punjab. 2003 consisting of approximately 2. Madhya Pradesh circle. Delhi . Bharti has recently launched national long distance services by offering data transmission service and voice transmission and terminating on most of Indian's mobile networks.000 fixed-line customers. Internet service and network solutions. Himachal Pradesh. Bharti Tele-venture was the first private sector operator to provide fixed-line service in India when it commenced providing services in the Madhya Pradesh & . it also has a fixed-line Operations in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The company is also implementing a submarine cable project connecting Chennai-Singapore for providing international brand width. Maharashtra circle. Chennai. Haryana. Karnataka. Tamilnadu and Uttar Pradesh (west) circle. The company seeks to capitalize on the growth opportunities that it believes are available in the Indian market and consolidate its position to be an integrated telecommunications service provider. The company has also commenced offering national and international long distance services. In addition.Its services sector businesses include mobile operations in Andhra Pradesh. Kolkata. Tamil Nadu and nationwide broadband and distance networks. Haryana. service for calls originating About Bharti: Bharti Tele-ventures is Indian's leading private sector providing of telecommunications service based on an aggregate of approximately 3. Bharti Enterprises also manufactures and exports telephone terminals and phones. The company today offers mobile service in fifteen out of 22circles in India. VSAT. Kerala.

according to the COAL. Bharti Tele-ventures mobile services Vision: Bharti Tele-ventures vision for its business is “To make mobile communications a way of life and be the customers first choice”. . Mission: The mission is to meet the mobile communication needs of the customer through: 1) Error free service 2) Innovative products and services and 3) Cost efficiency. 2004. Delhi. Future Prospects of Cellular Industry: The Indian mobile market. Strategic objective: The company's strategic objective is to consolidate its leadership position among the mobile service providers in India. Today. SingTel and Warburg Pincus are its leading the other partners includes leading international financial investments such as International Finance Corporation.BTVL recently launched its fixed-line service in the license areas Haryana.76 Million subscribers as of February 28. Asian Infrastructure Fund Group and New York Life Insurance. Tamilnadu and Karnataka and thus because the first private sector service provider to provide fixed-line services in all its licensed areas.Chhattisgarh circle in June 1998.2 million subscribers as March 31. Bharti Tele-Ventures has always believed in creating storing partnerships with its joint venture partners. 1999 to approximately 11. has increased from Approximately 1.

Bharti Tele-ventures believe that the demand for mobile services in India will continue to grow rapidly as a result of the following factors: 1) Lower tariffs and handset prices over time. through its subsidiary have the licenses to provide GSM services in fifteen out of the twenty-two telecom circles in India. 2004. 3) Greater economic growth and continued development of Indian's economy. Airtel Milestones Air Tel has to its credit some of the most significant milestones in the history of the Indian cellular industry. is significantly lower than the average mobile penetration rate in other Asian and international markets. The number of mobile subscribers in India is exerted to show rapid growth over next four years. Bharti Tele-ventures. which collectively covered only 56%of Indian's land mass. approximately 92% of India's total mobile subscriber market resided in the company's fifteen mobile circles. and Greater variety and usage of value added services.Despite this rapid growth . a non-profit association in Indian . By 2006 it is projected at 50 million by COAI and 44 million by Gartner. 2004 Bharti Cellular launched cellular services Airtel in Delhi. As of February 28.1999 to Bharti Cellular for our Delhi mobile operations from the institute of Directors. at approximately 1. 2005. 4) Higher quality mobile networks and services. 2005 Air Tel becomes the first cellular services in Himachal Pradesh Golden Peacock National Training Award . 2) Growth in pre-paid customer category. It purposes to consolidate all its subsidiaries providing mobile services under Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL).14% as of February 28.the mobile penetration rate in India.

Madhya Pradesh. covering 20 of the 22 licensed areas. for four consecutive years (2005 to 2006) for brand excellence. Six Million Customers November 2007. Airtel is largest player in the cellular horizon today and has consistently leaded the market through its innovative products and services. Bharti acquires the cellular services operations of JT Mobile in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Seven Million Customers — July 2009. the cellular services provider in" magazine with analytical inputs from research Frost & Sullivan.both organic as well as by way of acquisitions. Tamilnadu and Kerala. Mumbai. Awards and Recognitions − Bharti was recognized as one of the "Leading Lights of Telecom" in Asia in November 2001 in the Asian edition of the "tele. . Bharti Cellular entered into license agreements to provide cellular license bidding process. Bharti Mobitel launches Airtel in Kolkata in December. Seven Million Customers — July 2009. Maharashtra.committed to improving the competitiveness of Indian business by focusing on development of business leaders. network quality. Haryana. 2006 The Technical award from Information Communications world. 2007 Bharti Cellular acquired a 100% equity interest in Bharti MobiTel (formerly Spice Cell). Gujarat. Today: Largest Mobile footprint in India. an international business magazine. 2009 Roll out services in the eight new circles following the fourth cellular license bidding ttjiis includes the mobile circles of UP(west). for the best human resources and training practices. customer service and value added service in our Delhi mobile circle. Proven track record of managing growth .

profit association in India committed to improving the competitiveness of Indian business by focusing on development of business leaders for the best human resources and training practices: and Ascent . − Golden Peacock National Training Award -1990 to Bharti Cellular for our Delhi mobile operations from the institute of Directors. − Mr. Mr.− The leading telecommunications services provider in Indian in a survey of Indian companies conducted by Business World in association with Indian Marketing Bureau in September 2001: − The Techies award from Information Communications World an international business magazine for four consecutive years (1997 to 2000) for brand excellences network quality costumer services and value added service in our Delhi Mobil circle. Mr. a non. − .Akhil Gupta (Joint Managing Director) was adjudged as the Chief Financial Officer for year 2001 for mergers & Acquisitions activities by EIU.Sunil Bharti Mittal was awarded the "Dataquest IT man of the year 2002".Times of India and Sideshow pass award in 1999 from the Asia − Pacific HRD conclave to Bharti Cellular for corporate excellence in the category of most innovative human resource practices.Sunil Bharti Mittal was selected the "CEO of the year 2002" by world HRD Congress.Sunil Bharti Mittal (chairman and Group Managing Director) was honored as "One of the Top Entrepreneurs Worldwide" for the year 200 and "Stars of Asia" for the year 2001 by international business magazine.Sunil Bharti Mittal was selected as the "Businessman of the year 2002" by Business India. Mr. − − Mr. Business Week.

VENTURES MOBILITY INFOTEL ENTERPRISES Bharti cellular limited Bharti Infotel Limited Fixed-Line Long Distance. Group data & Broadband AndhraPradesh Chennai Delhi NCR .Gujarat Haryana Himachal Pradesh Karnataka Kerala Kolkata Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh Maharashtra & Goa Mumbai Punjab Delhi National Long Distance Haryana International long Distance Madhya Pradesh Karnataka Chattisgarh Tamilnadu Internet VSAT Network Solution Tamilnadu & Pondicherry Strong strategic and financial partners .Bharti Tele-Ventures BHARTI TELE .

Existing foreign shareholder have acquired directed and in directed equity interests in the company for a total consideration exceeding US$. First off the block to launch fixed-line services in all the four circles of Delhi. covering 15 of the 22 licensed areas. the Asia. Bharti Televentures other partners include leading international financial investors such as Warburg pincus. Haryana. 3) First and Largest private telecommunication services company offering Fixed-line services in India.Bharti Tele-venture's existing shareholders have acquired direct and indirect equity interests in the company for total consideration exceeding US$. 4) 5) 6) P r o d u c t p r o f ile o f A ir te l The Airtel has been offering two types of schemes: 1) 2) pre-paid scheme post-paid scheme Pre-paid scheme: . SingTel is one of Bharti Tele-venture's key strategic partners and its position as one of Asia's leading telecommunications service provider gives the company access to valuable knowledge in implementing telecommunications projects and to its international expertise and managerial resources. International Finance Corporation.1 billion. 1) Largest Mobile footprint in India. 1 billion. Infrastructure Fund group and New York Life Insurance. 2) Proven track records of managing growth & acquisitions. First private telecommunications company to launch long distance services. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 6. The largest private sector integrated telecommunications services group in Indian in terms of the number of customers.

Those are: Youtopia Value Life 1) 2)Smart Life 3) 4)Value Max 5)Standard TRAI plan Pre-paid connection (Airtel Magic) Airtel magic is ready-to-use. Highlights of pre-paid connection (Airtel Magic) − − − − Wide Availability Instant Connectivity No Bills Total cost control . it gives crystal clear communication across the all cities. There are various plans that are offered under postpaid scheme. Rs.299 plan. It comes preactivated with STD/ISD calling facility (depending upon the plan purchased). it has three plans to opt for. Backed by Airtel. no-hassle cellular connection.It is a widely accepted scheme by the most of the new subscribers. the leading cellular operator on India. Those are: a) Rs. Under pre-paid scheme. 499 plan c) Post-paid scheme: It is used by most of the bulk users whose airtime usage is more and is also used by most of the corporate & business people. 1029 plan b) Rs.

Value Added services 1) Voice Based Services: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 2) Voice mail Fax service .call hold. Call conference Dial-In service Cricket contest on 646 Text Based Services: (a) LUVM8Language SMS Text Message Information Service Email-Send and receive M-banking M. medical shops. telecom booths etc. general stores.panchangam Ring tones & Logos Net2mobile SMS chat (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) .− − Convenient Recharge Minimal documentation No rentals No deposits STD/ISD facility Remote Messaging Service (SMS) Free caller Line Identification (CLIP) Call waiting . call conference − − − − − − Available in over 2500 stores including departmental stores.

(i) (j) (k) (l) (m) Scheduler Group Messaging Cricket contest Play back contest Contests 2 win contest 3) Call management services: (a) (b) Call Line Identification (CLI) Cell Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) Call Wait Call Hold Call Divert (c) (d) (e) 4) Fax and data services: (a) (b) Fax Facility Data Facility 5) Others: (a) (b) (c) (d) STD7ISD Smart roam South roam All India roaming .


28% of users are 26-30yeares.8 12.1 10. 31-35 years near about 12% and remains are above 36 years of the total respondents.0 100 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that more than 45% of users are 20-25 years. CHART-1 .7 7.2 27.TABLE-01 Age of the customers Age 20-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 Above 40 Total No of responds 124 78 34 30 14 280 % of responds 44.

4 A0 b o v e 40 N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .2 25 6 .140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2 0 .3 30 1 .3 35 6 .

OCCUPATION OF THE CUSTOMER TABLE-02 Occupations Students Business Professionals Govt. employees Others Total' Number of responds 148 58 09 38 27 280 % of responds 52.8 20.78 3.24 13.53 9.65 100

INTERPRETATION: More than 50% of mobile users are students or with business men are 21 %and gout employees are 14% and the rest constitute professionals and other of the total Respondents


160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0
den Bus ts Pro iness f Gov ession t. em als ploy ees Oth er s Stu

Num ber of re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s

INCOME OF THE CUSTOMER TABLE-03 Income 5,000-10,000 10,000-15,000 15,000-20000 Above 20,000 Total respondents 98 89 54 39 280 %of respondents 35 31.78 19.28 13.94 100

INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows the income level of respondents, 35% of respondent's income is 5000-10000 More than 31% of respondents income is 1000015000,20% ofrespondentincomeis 15000-20000 and above 20000 respondents are 14% The average income of the mobile phone user per month is found to be 61:30.


120 100 80 60 40 20 0 5 , 0 0 10 0- , 0 0 0 -, 0 0 0 15 1 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 02 0 0 0 A0 b o v e 15 2 0 ,0 0 0 re s p o n d e n ts % o f re s p o n d e n ts

09 0. .NUMBER OF CELLULAR CONNECTION IN YOUR FAMILY TABLE-04 Number of cellular One Two Three Four and above Number of responds 210 38 27 5 % of responds 75 13.017 INTERPRETATION: More than 75% of the respondents are using one mobile phone 38% of respondents are two mobiles and remaining respondents are using 32% of mobile phones.75 0.

CHART-4 250 200 150 100 50 0 O ne Tw o T h re e Num ber of re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .

.28 40.. and remaining 16 % of respondents are using for prestige. 20%of respondents are for good mobility.DID YOU PREFER CELLULAR SERVICE TABLE-05 contents .72 100 INTERPRETATION: About 40% of respondents are using mobile phones for better communication and 24% of users are using for good features. M obility Prestige Features Better communication Total No of responds 56 42 68 114 280 % of responds 20 15 24.. .

.CHART-5 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 ility Pre stig e Fea ture s N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Mob Bet ter c omm unic at ion . . .

.ARE YOU CUSTOMER OF AIRTEL TABLE-06 Contents Yes NO No of responds 280 0 % of responds 100 0 INTERPRETATION: In my survey I prefer for judgemental sampling so all respondents are Airtel customers only.

CHART-06 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Y es NO N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s HOW LONG HAVE BEEN THE CUSTOMER OF AIRTEL .

40% of respondents are using before 6 months back.1y e a r 6 m y e a rCHART-07 .98 100 100 80 60 40 20 0 N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s < 6 m o n t h s o n t h>s 1.02 29. No of responds 112 86 82 280 % of responds 40 30.l year and remaining 30% of respondents are using more than one year. and above 30%of respondents are using 6months.TABLE-07 Contents <6 months 6 months-1 year >1 year Total INTERPRETATION: 120 This TABLE show that respondents are using the connection of Airtel.


93 27.5 100 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that Advertisement is a major source of awareness for majority of respondents are come to know about the Airtel.5 17. 24% of respondents are seeing hoodiesand more than 17% of respondents are reading news papers.HOW DID YOU COME TO KNOW ABOUT AIRTEL TA BLE-08 contents Newspapers Televisions Hooding Magazines Word of mouth Total No of responds 49 38 67 77 49 280 %of responds 17.5 13.57 23. In these respondents more then 27% of respondents are seeing magazines. .

CHART-08 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 ons Ho Ma oding Wo gazi rd o nes fm out h N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Ne wsp ape rs Tel evi si .

. Among these about 25% of respondents are highly satisfied 35% of respondents are satisfied and 20% of respondents are not satisfied.26 20 100 INRERPRETATION: Above 60% of the Airtel users are satisfied with the customer care of the mobile connection.64 35.1 20.ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH CUSTOMERCARE TABLE-09 contents Highly satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied No idea Total No of responds 69 98 57 56 280 % of responds 24.

CHART-09 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 d No t sa tisfi ed No ide a fied Sa tisf ie N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Hig hl ys atis .

WHAT DO YOU FELL ABOUT THE NETWORK COVERAGE TABLE -10 contents Highly satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied Need to improve Total No of responds 78 96 48 58 280 %of responds 27. 17% of respondents are not satisfied and 21%of respondents are gave the suggestion the network need to improve about the coverage. In this 28% of respondents are highly satisfied.8 34. . 34% of respondents are satisfied.2 17.7 100 INTERPRETATION: A majority of 80% of the Airtel users is satisfied with its coverage range.3 20.

CHART-10 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 d No t sa tisfi Ne ed ed to i mp rov e isfie N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Hig hly sat is fied Sat .

00 12.53 30.35 100 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Wid e Go od cus to me r ffs Cle ar s ign als CHART-11 era ge cov car Lese s tari .16 30.REASON FOR PREFERING AIRTEL TABLE-11 Contents Wide coverage Good customer care Less tariffs Clear signals Total INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows the preferring for Airtel in this 60% of respondents are preferring for good customer care and clear signals. 27% of respondents are 90 prefer for wide 0 8 coverage and 12% of respondents are prefer for less tariff plans. No of responds 76 84 35 85 280 % of responds 27.

42 30. 30% of respondents are highways.73 100 INTERPRETATION: The respondents are giving satiations for network improves in different areas.SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT IN ALL WORK TABLE-12 Contents Urban area Rural area Costal area Highways Total No of responds 49 99 46 86 280 % of responds 17.35 16.5 35. more then 35%of respondents are rural areas. 16% of respondents are costal areas .

CHART-12 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Urb an are a Ru ral are a Co sta l ar ea Hig hw ays N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .

WEATHER YOU SATISFYED IN TERMS OF CLARITY TABLE-13 Contents Highly satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied Need to improve Total No of responds 42 82 57 99 280 % of responds 15. 29% of respondents are satisfied and 35% of frespondents gave the satiation need to improve the signals.3 35. % o f re s p o n d s fied Sat isfie d Not s Nee atisfied d to i mp rov e CHART-13 Hig hly sati s .50 100 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that how the respondents are satisfied about the clarity of the signals. 15% of respondents are highly satisfied about the clarity of the N o o re s p o n d s voice.0 29.2 20.

08 100 INTERPRETATION: Though the majority of 40% Airtel users are aware of the billing system.ARE YOU SATISFACTION TO THE BILLING SYSTEM TABLE-14 contents Highly satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied Need to improve Total No of responds 38 54 73 115 280 % of responds 13.28 26.57 19.20% of respondents are satisfied but important 26% of respondents are not satisfied about the billing system.14%of respondents are highly satisfied about the billing system.07 41. .

CHART-14 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Not fied s Nee atisfied d to imp rov e N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Hig hly sati s fied Sat is .

9 31.10 INTERPRETATION: The data in the table shows that out of total 280 respondents 68% of respondents are using prepaid connections and remaining 31% respondents are using. 250 200 150 100 50 0 P re -p a id P o s t – p a id N o o f r e s p o n do sf r e s p o n d s % CHART-15 .TABLE – 15 THE MODE OF PACKAGE BEING USE PRESENTLY Contents Pre-paid Post – paid No of responds 193 87 % of responds 68.


5 100 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows the type of recharge cards used by the respondents.WHAT TYPE OF PREPAID CARD ARE YOU USING TABLE-16 contents 299 499 1080 3020 total No of responds 83 87 20 3 193 % of responds 43.8 1. In this 100%most of all respondents are using 43% of using 299 package 45%of respondents are using 499 package 10% of respondents are using 1080 in the pre-paid package. .5 44 10.

CHART-16 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 1 2 3 4 c o n te n ts N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .

0 100 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that the respondents how many times they recharge in a month.26% of responds are recharge twice in a month only 4% of responds are recharge thrice in a month.5 25.HOW OFTEN DO YOU RECHARGE YOUR SIM CARD IN A MONTH TABLE-17 "Contents Once Twice Thrice or more Total No of responds 138 49 6 193 % of responds 71. more than 71% of respondents are recharge once in a month . .4 4.

CHART-17 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 O n c e T w ic e T h ric e o r m o re N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .

PAID TABLE-18 contents Yes • < • No Total No of responds 72 121 193 % of responds 30.ARE YOU INTERSETED IN POST.paid or not in that more than 69% of respondents are not interested for post-paid connections and 30% of respondents are interested in post-paid connection .6 69.4 100 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that respondents are interested in post.

CHART-18 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Y es • <• No N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .

42 100 .9 1. and 2% respondents are belongs to the value max.3 22. 41% respondents are smart life 23% of respondents are value life. INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that the respondents are belongs to which plan.4 48. No of responds 23 36 24 4 100 % of responds 26. hear 26% of respondents are belongs to youth opia.IF POST PAID WHAT PLAN YOU BELONGS TO TABLE-19 contents Youth opia Smart life Value life Value max Total .

CHART-19 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Y o u t h m a rVt a l u eV a l u e 'S o p i a l i fe l i fe m a x N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .

7 17.44 100 INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that the respondents are selected different types pf packages with that packages how much they satisfied in that 79%of respondents are satisfied and 17% of respondents are not satisfied with the selected packages and finally 4% of respondents are sufficient.5 51. .WHETHER YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE SELECTED PACKAGE? TABLE-20 contents Highly satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied sufficient Total No of responds 24 45 15 3 100 % of responds 27.24 15.

CHART-21 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 d ent fied suf ici N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s Hig hly sati s Not sati s fied Sat isfie .

hear 83% of respondents are receiving the post paid bills properly.TABLE-22 Contents Yes No No of responds 72 15 % of responds 82.7 17.3 This TABLE shows that the post paid customers are receiving the bills properly or not . 17% of respondents are not receiving not properly. .

CHART-22 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 N o o f r e s p o n d s% o f r e s p o n d s Y es No .

5 22.44 100 .74% of respondents are 500-1000.HOW MUCH AMOUNT YOU ARE PAYING THE BILL TABLE-23 contents 500-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 2000 above Total INTERPRETATION: This TABLE shows that respondents are paying the bill per month. 1500-2000 are paying the bill only 10% No of responds 64 11 09 03 87 % of responds 79.are paying only 13%. 1000-1500/.6 10.3 3.

1 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 -2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 2 0 0 0a b o ve N o o f re s p o n d s % o f re s p o n d s .CHART-23 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 5 0 0 .

.5 32.5 100 This (able shows that more than 67% of respondents are aware of the schemes and 33% of respondents are not aware of the schemes are introduce the Airtel.ARE YOU AWARE OF THE SCHEME TABLE-24 contents Yes No Total No of responds 189 91 280 % of responds 67.

CHART-24 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 No of responds % of responds Yes No .

CHART-25 .4 41.58% of respondents are know about the schemes and 42% of respondents are don't know about the package offered by Airtel.ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH SCHEM AND PACKAGE OFFERED BY AIRTEL TABLE-25 Contents Yes No Total INTERPRETATION: No of responds 163 117 280 % of responds 58.78 100 This TABLE shows that percentage of the respondents are satisfied about the schemes and packages are offered by Airtel.

180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 N o o f r e s p o n d%s o f r e s p o n d s Y es No .

3 R ank 1 INTERPRETATION: The data shows about the ratings given by the customers for the different facilities.7 3 96 72 48 34 730 73. Majority of the customers have responded positively and rated highest for full talk time whereas remain facilities was rated second while airtime facility and sms facility were rated consecutively.TABLE -25 Rank the following schemes which are offered by you Schemes Full talk time Roaming facility Airtime facility Sms facility 23 31 39 157 420 42. .0 4 53 49 100 48 607 60.0 2 1 78 2 98 3 63 4 11 T otal 743 WA 74.

CHART-25 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 es Tot al WA Ran k 1 2 3 4 S e rie s 1 S e rie s 2 S e rie s 3 S e rie s 4 S e rie s 5 S e rie s 6 S e rie s 7 S e rie s 8 Sch em .


Most of the respondents have only one cell connection in their family. it is found that most of the respondents are Airtel customers. better communication. The respondents whose income range lies between Rs. More than half of the pre-paid plan respondents are using Rs. A major portion of the post-paid customers are using smart life plan.FINDINGS: The following finding work elucidated from the accumulated and analyzed data. and prestige wide coverage. Major portions of the respondents are aware of Airtel through word of mouth. Most of the respondent are satisfied wither the customer − − − − . The number of subscribers of post-paid scheme is less than the number of subscribers of pre-paid scheme of the total respondents. A major portion of mobile users belongs to the age group of 20-30 years.During the study. − Most respondents analyze for male subscribers. Most of the pre-paid respondents are not interested in conversion from pre-paid scheme to post paid scheme. Most of the respondents are the subscribers of Airtel for a period of 6months to one year. Television. A very few portion of the respondents are using the other cellular services. − Major portions of the respondents are going for the cellular service to avail the benefits of mobility.5000/. − Businessmen and students occupy major portion of the respondents. Major portion of the pre-paid respondents are recharging their SIM cards once in a month.10000/-founcl to be more interested to opt for cellular service. features. .320 plan.

Most of the respondents scope that the network coverage should be improved in rural areas. Most of the respondents of post-paid are satisfied with this Most of the respondents of port-paid plan are paying the bill amount of Rs. − Most of the respondent are satisfied wither the Network coverage. 1001-1200. − .

The promotional activities should also attract the people whose income range lies between 5. − Out-going charges should be lowered.000 15. − Network should be improved in Rural Areas and Highways. − The company should also concentrate on Female subscribers.SUGGESTIONS Airtel should come up with the attractive and convinced packages especially female customers and the captured this particular segment. − − − − Try to concrete more on Post-Paid cards. The Company should try to balance the quality as well as price of the products so As to remain as the Market Leader. so these Charges should be lowered or it should be paid by the Company itself. Provide various customer friendly schemes so as to attract more number of customers. − Value Added Services should be provided free. . − As (ho major portion of the cellular subscribers are from the age group of 20 30 Years. − AOL {Andhra on Local) facility should be continued. − Provide more information about Value Added Services. The promotional activities should match the expectations of 20-30Years age group. − Advertising should be improved in Newspapers and Hoardings. − Respondent’s a i r not satisfied with ADC (Access Deficit Charges).000. − Roaming charges should be lowered. More information should be provided to the customers so as to attract new customers.

the application is more. that the most of the respondents prefer the cellular services because of many attributes associated with it. Apart from these findings. that the most of the respondents prefer the cellular services because of many attributes associated with it. the application is more. It was found from the study conducted. it can increase its market share.Activation charges should be lowered. In the cellular industry. In the cellular industry. It was found from the study conducted. which had been found out by the researcher. The Company wanted certain information with regard to types and usage of cellular service. day-today usage of the cellular service has become widely spread and in every corner. the customer satisfaction of Airtel subscribers studied analytically and relevant recommendations were given under suggestions. daytoday usage of the cellular service has become widely spread and in every corner. The ideal way to communicate faster is to go for cellular service. and these were shown in the findings. . The company should concentrate on increasing the volume of the number of the subscribers. The researcher hopes that if the company takes note of various findings and implement the suggestions. It can ultimately retain its market share even competing with TATA & RELIANCE of CDMA Technology too. The future world depends on communication network. .iamai.No 1 2 3 4 Author Name Philip Kotler S.D.D.Sharma David J Luck/ Title of the Book Marketing Management Essentials of Marketing Research Marketing Research Business Statistics & Operations Research Edition/Year Millenium Edition/2000 1995 Millenium Edition/2000 7th Edition/ 1996 Ronald S Rubin Dr S P Gupta / Dr 5 6 7 P K Gupta / Dr H C Saxena Manmohan S P Gupta & M P Gupta Elementary Statistics Business Statistics First Edition /1 997 1995 1997 Web Links: www.Chunawalla Books: www.

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