Mercy constantly surrounds me when I am in your presence Heavenly Father. The atmosphere is unknown to my natural existence. The King of Glory is here in the mist of my praise in worship. Fatherµ I begin by exalting your name in praise to you. Jehovah again I stand with love in my heart for humanity. Knowing I am kept in the palms of my Heavenly Father·s hands. With overwhelming Grace you have shown me all the days of my well being. Jehovah as time is rapidly moving into the New Year open my spiritual eyes upon the glory of your love. Jehovah your love is greater than the sand of grain throughout the world. The life that is granted to me belongs to Jehovah. The deepest oceans belong to Jehovah. The universe you created is a grasp of your infinite power Jehovah. With Mercy and Grace Jehovah you carried my sins to a rugged cross. Without your total forgivingness Jehovah; I will be lost again. In a world wrapped up and tied down in sin, Jehovah I have been found. Your silent whisper speaks to my natural ears Jehovah. Your Holy Spirit guides my spirit into obedience Jehovah. I appreciate the blessing upon my life this day Jehovah. Restore humanity with your precious love Jehovah. One day without you, Jehovah. Is a thousand days without the presence of true love Jehovah! Written: By Darryl l Jenkins All Copy Rights Reserved 2010

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