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Left and Right Extremism Can Only Lead to Disaster

Left and Right Extremism Can Only Lead to Disaster

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Published by Jesse Mathewson

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Published by: Jesse Mathewson on Oct 02, 2010
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Left and Right Extremism can only lead to disaster

Cochise County ± A recent comment from an Arizona native, JB has led me to wonder if it is possible that the truth ever gets through with some people, she stated two very interesting yet false ideas, ³You ARE practicing a religion, but you don't seem to know it«Are you a Socialist? I guess that would fit with Atheism.´ So there you have it folks, from the mouth of a Palin worshipping, Beck following, Christine (I am a lying cheat) O¶Donnell praising Hard Right Conservative, Jesse Mathewson is a Socialist because he believes ONLY fiscal conservatism matters, and not social conservatism or any other personal side of things. A simple question must be asked now, why is the Hard Right and the Hard Left not working in better harmony? After all it is quite apparent that while some from the Left are labeling those like me as Conservative ³Tea Baggers´ and more, while those from the Right are labeling those like me as Socialists we are obviously getting under their skin. If they work together they can instill better government control for the things they want controlled, like your medical care, and your body not to mention the quest for complete domination of your mind. For all those liberty minded individuals who have been preparing for a Zombie incursion, this is likely as close as you will get after all what is a zombie but a brain dead Democrat or Republican«they moan and groan and walk dragging their intellect on the ground behind them. Is my saying this about both extremes wrong, I mean freedom means they should have the right, correct? Sure, they have the right to their personal extremist beliefs; they do not have the right to legislate those to me or each other. I have the right as a free minded individual to write this about them, after all it is my personal belief and I am not legislating, I am simply voicing my concerns. Freedom of speech and press right, or is it simply whichever side has the best lobbyists.

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