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Students practice vocabulary related to hobbies and share own experiences about unusual ones..

Level: English 2

Class type Adults

Aim  Recycling vocabulary related to hobbies

 Writing about hobbies

Lesson focus Scanning, writing

Time Aprox. 60 minutes

Assumed knowledge Basic browser skills

Material/Preparation Handout
Workstation with internet access

Web site(s) CNN quiz

Unusual hobbies

Dictionaries: (Information web based site)
Word reference:
Google images:

Procedure 1. Students differentiate between hobbies and jobs.

2. Students take a quiz to review the collation of “do”, “go” and “play”
3. Students go to the unusual hobby site and scan a text.
4. Students organize main points found in the text.
5. Students discuss how unusual the hobby the read about is.
6. Students write about unusual hobbies and post their compositions on the net.

Follow up/Syllabus fit Look Ahead 1. Unit 9. Spare time. Page 66

Students write about unusual hobbies

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