Summary of Ratio Formula

Current Ratio Quick Ratio Operating Margin ROCE RONW Material Cost Ratio Employee Cost Ratio Manuf Cost Ratio Admin Cost Ratio Selling Cost Ratio Value-Added Ratio Long Term Debt : Equity Ratio (DER) Total Liabilities : Equity Proprietary Ratio Asset Cover Ratio Interest Cover Ratio DSCR DSCR (post tax) Dividend Cover Total Asset Turnover Fixed Asset Turnover Net Current Assets Turnover Receivables Turnover Average Collection Period (in Days) Inventory Turnover Earnings Per Share (EPS), Rs. Diluted EPS Cash EPS Book Value Per Share PE Ratio Cost of Equity = ke

(Inventories + Receivables + Cash & Bank + Advances Given) / (Current Liabilities + Loans maturing within 365 days) (Receivables + Cash & Bank) / (Current Liabilities + Loans maturing within 365 days) PBDIT / Sales or PBIT / Sales PBIT / Total Capital Employed PAT / Net Worth. Same as Return on Equity (RoE) Material Costs / Sales Employee Costs / Sales Manufacturing Costs / Sales Admin Costs / Sales Selling Costs / Sales Value Added / Sales Long Term Debt / Equity (Long Term + Short Term Debt + Current Liabilities) / Equity Total Assets / Equity Tangible Fixed Assets / Long Term Debt PBDIT / Interest PBDIT / (Interest + Principal) PBDIT – Taxes / [Interest + (Principal/(1-t)] PAT / Proposed Dividends Sales / Total Assets Sales / Fixed Assets Sales / Net Current Assets Sales / Receivables Receivables / Sales X 365 (Sales – PBIT) / Average Inventories PAT / Number of Shares taken on a weighted basis PAT / Number of Shares including potential shares on conversion (PAT + Depreciation + Amortization) / Number of Shares Net Worth / Number of Shares Market Price Per Share / Earnings Per Share EPS / Price or 1/PE x 100

P/BV or P/B P/S Dividend Payout Retention Ratio Dividend Yield Bonus Ratio EVA EVA Per Share

Market Price / Book Value Market Capitalization / Sales DPS / EPS Retained Earning Per Share = REPS / EPS or 1 – Payout Ratio DPS / market Price per share Bonus Shares / Paid Up Share Capital (PAT + Interest) – Cost of Capital EVA / Number of Shares

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