Christmas Traditions

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A Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas

It is decorated with Christmas lights

And colourful ornaments.

An angel or a star is often placed at the top of the tree.

Before electricity Christmas trees were lit with candles.

Groups of people often sing carols in the streets to raise money for charity.

Many people also decorate garden trees or house walls with coloured electric lights.

Christmas greeting cards are sent to friends and relatives.

Another tradition is to have a Christmas crib at home.

The Three Wise Men are not included in the nativity scene until January 6, Three King's Day.

People give and receive presents.

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas is a character associated with bringing gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Children hang Christmas stockings so that Santa can fill them with small gifts.

Many people bake gingerbread men for Christmas.

Candy canes represent Jesus. The shape of the "J" is for Jesus, or the shepherd's staff. The white color symbolizes purity, while the red stripes indicate blood.

Wreaths are placed on doors or hallways as a symbol of eternity.

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