A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while watching video games. These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by taking the following precautions: • Play in a well-lit room. • Do not play when you are drowsy or fatigued. If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.
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fasastudio. click Install. Please make contact at your earliest convenience. and terrains included in this game. (A) You must find a sponsor to underwrite your company and provide guidance during your initial your application for membership in the MRBC is approved. Help text is displayed in the ComStar Information Network box in the lower part of the screen. click Training on the Main Menu. the need for experienced BattleMech® pilots will likely increase in the Lyran sector. You’ll be given the option to place an icon on your desktop. refer to the Readme file on MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Disc 2. weapons. As you pass the mouse pointer over any screen feature. see the Specs. double-click the icon to start the game. INFO ON THE WEB To learn more about MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries or other games developed by FASA Studio™. 7912 MERCENARY REVIEW AND BONDING COMMISSION (MRBC) APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP PREBATTLE CHECKLIST INSTALLING AND LAUNCHING THE GAME Insert Microsoft® MechWarrior® 4: Mercenaries video game Disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive. WOLF’S DRAGOONS NORTHWIND HIGHLANDERS KELL HOUNDS GRAY DEATH LEGION POSTSCRIPT: Given recent events (to wit. You are authorized to proceed under the following condition(s): 1. You are hereby granted an interim license to do business as a MechWarrior mercenary company with the same privileges afforded a full member. or for other pertinent information.. CONGRATULATIONS. and then follow the instructions on the screen. GETTING HELP ROLLOVER TEXT Help is provided for most user interface screens in the form of rollover text. we provide you with the following names of mercenary regiments that have expressed interest in sponsoring you. For subsequent play. When the Setup screen appears.INCOMING MESSAGE DATE: TO: FROM: SUBJ: 17 DECEMBER 3064 MERCENARY COMMAND APPLICANT NO. (B) As a courtesy. 2 3 . vehicles. TRANSMISSION OVER. the Federated Commonwealth Civil War). TUTORIAL To learn how to play MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. visit http://www.. EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS For further details on BattleMechs. If Setup does not begin automatically.pdf file in the Goodies folder on MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Disc 2.

ROSTER Create a pilot profile and select a mercenary sponsor for your unit. so you can compare the benefits and consequences of selecting one over another. Once you have aligned a pilot with a sponsor. When creating a new profile. you create new pilot profiles and company names or edit existing ones. Victory and defeat have no effect on other scenarios.OPERATIONAL SCREENS ROSTER On the Roster screen. 4 5 . CAMPAIGN Become part of the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries story. A brief description of each is provided. and multiplayer play. controller. audio. MECHLAB Customize your ’Mech®. What happens to you on the battlefield affects future missions. MAIN MENU TRAINING Learn how to play MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. or Gray Death Legion. INSTANT ACTION Play individual scenarios. that pilot maintains the association with that sponsor for the duration of the game. OPTIONS Edit game settings for graphics. Kell Hounds. Northwind Highlanders. you must choose from one of four sponsors: Wolf’s Dragoons. MULTIPLAYER Engage others in online combat.

UNIT STATS Track your statistics. Before you commit to action. and so on. which ranks mercenary units’ capabilities and professionalism. C-Bills earned. STAR SYSTEMS Seek work as a mercenary in various planetary systems. The fee is automatically deducted from your account when you launch the campaign. For more on that opportunity. Each system has its own campaign—problems that could use talent like yours. such as ’Mech kills. MRBC RATING Check your rating in the MRBC’s system. see “Solaris VII Orbital View.” page 11. One system in particular offers you the chance to earn money by entertaining the masses. check the readout on the left side for an overview of each campaign. you’ll have to pay a jump fee. If you need to travel to a different system than you’re in.OPERATIONAL SCREENS COMMAND CENTER The Command Center shows your account balance and the status of your reputation. 6 7 . NEWS Read up on current events. You never know what you might learn.

PILOT SELECTION It is your task to select pilots from the duty roster and assign each a ’Mech. A lance is a unit of up to four ’Mechs.OPERATIONAL SCREENS ORBITAL VIEW Each planetary system has its own set of troubles. DROP WEIGHT The combined tonnage of your lances cannot exceed the total weight of the drop. In some. you’ll need a pilot who is qualified as a lance commander. Most missions let you deploy a primary lance. MISSION BRIEFING Mission goals and objectives are displayed in the ComStar Information Network box. 8 9 . Check the ComStar Information Network box at lower left for details. DROP FEE You pay a drop fee for each mission undertaken. The Orbital View screen provides summaries of the missions within a given star system. To learn about current events. MISSION VIEW The Mission View screen provides mission briefings and lets you select pilots for your primary and secondary lances. and the Mission Map shows key locations such as drop points and navigation (or nav) points. Before jumping in. you can also deploy a secondary lance. read up on mission particulars. check the news feed at upper left. to do so.

OPERATIONAL SCREENS FREE MARKET In the Free Market. To sell off your chassis or weapons. drag items from the Market Items list to the Transaction window. Prize money is based on weight class. and the most prestigious of them all. the Coliseum. and then click Buy/Hire. Get rid of a deadweight pilot. You’ll have to work your way up to the assault class. The heavier the competition. the Jungle. you can hire and fire personnel and buy and sell ’Mech chassis and weapons. or if you just like fighting for the sake of fighting and don’t mind thousands of rabid fans cheering you—or jeering you—you’re going to like Solaris VII. drag items from your Current Inventory list to the Transaction window. the more C-Bills you can earn. and then click Sell/Fire. 10 11 . your account is credited or debited accordingly. PERSONNEL To acquire the services of a pilot. SOLARIS VII ORBITAL VIEW Solaris VII is not a mission so much as an opportunity—an opportunity for you to make some serious C-Bills fast. or make a few quick C-Bills by selling materiel. EQUIPMENT To acquire new chassis or weapons. Competition begins with the light ’Mech class. Choose among three arenas: the Factory. Ever thought of yourself as the gladiator type? If you’re in need of cash. and then click Sell/Fire. drag that pilot’s icon from your Current Inventory personnel list to the Transaction window. and then click Buy/Hire. drag that pilot’s icon from the Market Items personnel list to the Transaction window at center. To dismiss a pilot. When a transaction is finalized.

Your personal stats for a particular venue and for your Solaris games so far are also listed. House Davion. Dedicating victories can boost your approval rating in the eyes of your chosen group. Also—and perhaps most important to a fledgling mercenary struggling for acclaim—you can use the Victory Dedicated To list to dedicate your victories to either House Steiner. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Lancemate damage indicator Mission objectives Compass Nav point indicator Weapon/weapon group status Enemy fire direction indicator Pitch indicator Targeting reticle Weapon in range indicator 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Target direction indicator Torso twist indicator Target damage indicator Heat gauge Coolant gauge Radar Speed indicator Field of vision Your damage indicator 12 13 . such as the prize money the upcoming game pays and the game entry fee. you’re transported to that arena. Here you’ll find information posted. or nobody. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 The heads-up display (HUD) is the most important feature of your ’Mech cockpit.OPERATIONAL SCREENS UNDERSTANDING THE COCKPIT 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 7 10 8 11 SOLARIS VII MISSION VIEW When you’ve chosen an arena on Solaris VII. The HUD provides real-time combat information superimposed over your windshield so you can read it without taking your eyes off the battlefield.

MOVEMENT WEAPONS AND TARGETING Fire weapon/group ENTER Toggle single/group fire \ Switch to next weapon ] or P Switch to previous weapon [ Weapon group 1 INSERT Weapon group 2 HOME Weapon group 3 PAGE UP Weapon group 4 DELETE Weapon group 5 END Weapon group 6 PAGE DOWN Target next enemy E Target nearest enemy SHIFT+E Target previous enemy CTRL+E Select unit in reticle Q Select next friendly W Select nearest friendly SHIFT+W Select previous friendly CTRL+W Select previous nav point CTRL+N Set damage diagram PERIOD (.UNDER STANDING THE COCKPIT 1 Or control your ’Mech using the following keyboard commands. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Fire group 1 weapons Hat button (change view) Fire group 2 weapons Zoom reticle window Fire group 3 weapons Use Jump Jets Switch to next nav point Target enemy in reticle Target next enemy 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Pitch torso down Turn right Pitch torso up Turn left Forward/reverse throttle Use SHIFT functionality Twist torso left Twist torso right Call up lancemates 1–3 Call up primary lance Call up lancemates 4–7 Call up secondary lance Call up both lances F1–F3 F4 F5–F8 F9 F10 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 LANCEMATES CALLED UP Attack my target Defend my target Form up on me Hold fire Go to my nav point Stop Shut down Attack nearest threat Repair at nearest bay 14 15 .) diagram to bars Activate mouse CTRL+\ Throttle up = Throttle down MINUS (–) Turn left Keypad 4 Turn right Keypad 6 Pitch up Keypad 2 Pitch down Keypad 8 Twist torso left Keypad 7 Twist torso right Keypad 9 Toggle BACKSPACE forward/reverse Reverse MINUS (–) Use Jump Jets J Switch to next nav point N Center legs to torso SPACEBAR Center torso SHIFT+SPACEBAR Throttle 0–100% 1–0 2 3 4 10 6 8 7 9 16 13 12 5 11 17 14 15 LANCEMATE CONTROL You can control a ’Mech by joystick. see the back cover. For information on basic game commands.) to bar format Set enemy damage COMMA (.

And there’s Solaris VII. But whatever prizes a Solaris jock wins. The strife began with Victor Davion’s call to arms against his sister. MODEM Games are played among computers using modems. After securing the required sponsorship from a full-fledged mercenary regiment—Wolf’s Dragoons. Surely there’s a walk-on part in this war for a budding mercenary entrepreneur like you. You determine the map and the ’Mechs to engage. you itch for real-world fighting. WAVE Fend off waves of attackers. TRAINING Take a refresher course in basic combat skills. following the assassination of their brother Arthur. where ’Mechs slug it out for fame and fortune in front of throngs of rabid fans. INSTANT ACTION Click Instant Action on the Main Menu and then choose one of the following three action types. There are numerous planetary systems where battles rage. Victory or defeat has no impact on other missions. you must establish a connection. or Gray Death Legion—your company has ample opportunity to make a name for itself. CABLE Games are played over a cable Internet service connection. Join an existing game or host one of your own. In this or click Multiplayer on the Main Menu. MULTIPLAYER Up to 16 players can engage in one-on-one or team combat. Kell Hounds. The following types are available. and the political backdrop is the civil war between the Federated Commonwealth and the Lyran Alliance. LAN Games are played over a Local Area Network (LAN). XDSL Games are played over a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). 16 17 . refer to the following. The MRBC has just authorized your new company for mercenary work.msn. Lyran Archon Katrina Steiner. MISSION PLAY Play any individual mission of the campaign. For details. CONNECTION TYPES Before you can join or host a go to the Microsoft® MSN® Games site at www. Northwind Highlanders. To connect to a multiplayer game. ISDN Games are played over an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).FINDING SOME ACTION CAMPAIGN The year is now 3066. talented MechWarriors like yourself are in hot demand. the entertainment capital of the universe.

Note that a chat room must be selected before you can converse. The size of your ’Mech determines your bonus—lighter chassis score more points per kill and damage inflicted than heavier chassis. You get points for kills. select a connection from the list. and then click Join. choose your ’Mech. and then click Connect. the game starts. MISSION PLAY (TEAM) Each of two teams in a structured conflict receives a set of mission objectives. click Launch.FINDING SOME ACTION TO HOST YOUR OWN GAME 1 In the Multiplayer screen. set game options. 3 In the Game Lobby. and then click Host. 18 19 . If you need to remove a player from the game. You get penalized for shooting your lancemates. click Zone Chat and then follow the instructions on the screen. TO JOIN AN EXISTING GAME 1 In the Multiplayer screen. Your game is then advertised online (unless you choose otherwise). When you’re ready. Play continues until a team meets its objectives. mission. You can also add computer players (or bots) by clicking Add Bot. 2 In the Host Setup screen. and then click Kick Out. MULTIPLAYER GAME TYPES The following describes the multiplayer games available and the scoring for each. You get points for killing the enemy and destroying enemy weapons and components. click his or her status button. 2 In the Server Browser screen. BATTLE (TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL) Kill or be killed. 3 In the Game Lobby. If you want to chat with other online players before joining a game. When all players who have joined are ready. 4 When all players are ready to play. DESTRUCTION (TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL) Kill your opponent as many times as you can in a given time frame. click Ready or click the status box next to your ’Mech to change status from standby to ready. select a connection from the list. select an available game from the list. and so on. and then click Start. a time limit elapses. choose your ’Mech and (if required) a team. or all players from one team are destroyed.

Note your enemy’s armor. Smoke or fire pouring from a ’Mech chassis indicates serious damage. weapons. The Specs. If your ’Mech becomes hot enough to begin shutting down. you become an easier target.pdf file to compare your ’Mech to those of your opponents. many missiles require line-of-sight targeting to lock onto you. and its speed drops. Or switch your radar to passive so it receives signals but does not transmit (press CTRL+R to toggle radar between active and passive). and weapon ranges. F5–F8). 20 21 . You can also evaluate damage visually. PERFORM FIELD REPAIRS You can perform field repairs on your ’Mech by simply entering the nearest repair bay. USE YOUR LANCEMATES You’re in command—let your subordinates take the brunt of an assault. If you have persistent heat problems. Seize upon any vulnerability. and a destroyed limb is blackened out. jump into a lake or river. Or use the terrain to hide. Crouching makes you a smaller target and harder to hit. Then use keys F1–F9 to order them to attack. your primary or secondary lance as a whole (F4 or F9). To lessen an enemy’s ability to see you. For example. consider crouching (press C to crouch and again to stand). you’ll have a few seconds to override shutdown (SHIFT+O). Note that any item that has been completely destroyed cannot be repaired. ASSESS ENEMY VULNERABILITY When you place your HUD reticle over a targeted ’Mech (press E to cycle through targets). your ’Mech powers up on its own. power down (press S to shut down and power up). USE YOUR SENSORS All ’Mechs carry battle awareness sensors that detect ’Mech power signatures and radar signals. Always pivot to fire. STAY COOL If your ’Mech overheats.pdf file is in the Goodies folder on MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Disc 2. or perform a coolant flush (press F). CROUCH OR HIDE If you must stop. you see an assessment of its damage. or the Specs. When repairs are complete. Call up your lancemates individually (F1–F3. fall back.BATTLE STRATEGIES KNOW YOUR ENEMY Study “BattleMech Specifications. move on. radar. or both lances at once (F10). and try circular sweeps around your opponent. it shuts down and you lose movement. until you’ve cooled off. avoid attacking straight on. a seriously damaged limb flashes red. Also. and so on. and so on. the HUD. A ’Mech with serious leg damage limps. consider adding more heat sinks.” page 23. and then choose a ’Mech that counters well. Although you are still visible on an enemy’s HUD. stop firing your weapons. To prevent overheating. KEEP MOVING When you slow down or stop.

SELF-DESTRUCT If the situation has become completely hopeless— your weapons are gone. RAMMING If you’re out of ammo or your weapons have failed. For example. Be careful. armor types.pdf file in the Goodies folder on MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Disc 2. The amount of damage inflicted increases with the velocity of the impact. it can be difficult to maintain a visual lock on air vehicles from inside your cockpit. see the Specs. maximum speeds. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE FOLLOWING TABLES AC BAP CSMRM CSTRK ECM ER FF IFF IS KPH LAMS LBX Lg LRM Med MG MRM Narc PPC R RAC Ref Sm SRM Autocannon Beagle Active Probe Clan Streak Medium-Range Missile Clan Streak Short-Range Missile Electronic Countermeasures Extended Range Ferro Fibrous (armor) Identification of Friend or Foe Inner Sphere Kilometers per Hour Laser Anti-Missile System Luxor Ballistic (ballistic weapon) Large Long-Range Missile Medium Machine Gun Medium-Range Missile Narc Beacon (targeting beacon) Particle Projection Cannon Reactive (armor) Rotary Autocannon Laser Reflective (armor) Small Short-Range Missile 22 23 . is an offensive maneuver where you and your lancemates encircle an enemy to attack while blocking its escape. and terrains. not to shoot a friendly ’Mech on the other side of the enemy. Press CTRL+Z to self-destruct.” as it’s commonly referred to by MechWarriors. and so on. vehicles. it can inflict tremendous damage. For additional details on ’Mechs and specifications on weapons. a different viewpoint can improve your chances on the battlefield. Although this is a difficult maneuver to execute. you have no hope of winning—there’s always the coward’s way out. try jumping into the air and landing on your opponent. DEATH FROM ABOVE If your ’Mech has Jump Jets. CIRCLE OF DEATH The “Circle of Death. including weapon configurations. BATTLEMECH SPECIFICATIONS Following are default equipment specifications for the ’Mechs available in the game. though. Press V to toggle views between the cockpit (default) and outside your ’Mech.BATTLE STRATEGIES CHANGE VIEWS At times. you can always try ramming your enemy.

MRM 20.5 Ref 9. Med Laser. AC 10 Lg Laser.5 FF 4.0 FF 6.0 97 85 102 40 55 40 No No Yes None None None CSTRK 6 (4) Med Pulse Laser (2).BATTLEMECH SPECIFICATIONS NAME CLASS ARMOR TYPE. Sm X-Pulse Laser (2).0 FF 6. LRM 5.0 FF 8. LRM 10.5 Ref 10. MG Array (3) Med Laser (5). ER Med Laser. Clan LRM 10 (2) Med Pulse Laser (2).5 FF 4. MG Array * Microsoft® MechWarrior® 4: Clan ‘Mech Pak required 24 25 . SRM 6.0 97 132 130 102 83 100 125 100 35 20 30 35 35 35 30 35 Yes No Yes No No No No No BAP None None None None ECM. BAP ECM None ER Lg Laser. Sm Pulse Laser (2). Lg X-Pulse Laser MEDIUM ’MECHS (40–55 TONS) ARCTIC WOLF* BUSHWACKER CHIMERA Clan Inner Sphere Inner Sphere FF 8. Narc ER Lg Laser. Clan LRM 10 (2) Sm Laser (2). ER Sm Laser. ER Med Laser. LRM 10 (2) ER PPC (2) Sm Laser.5 FF 5. MG Array Med X-Pulse Laser. TONS MAX SPEED (KPH) GROSS TONS JUMP JETS COMPONENTS WEAPONS LIGHT ’MECHS (25–35 TONS) COUGAR FLEA OSIRIS OWENS PUMA RAVEN ULLER WOLFHOUND Clan Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Clan Inner Sphere Clan Inner Sphere FF 4.5 FF 7. LRM 15.

BATTLEMECH SPECIFICATIONS NAME CLASS ARMOR TYPE. TONS MAX SPEED (KPH) GROSS TONS JUMP JETS COMPONENTS WEAPONS Medium ’Mechs continued HELLHOUND HELLSPAWN HUNCHBACK** RYOKEN SHADOW CAT UZIEL Clan Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Clan Clan Inner Sphere FF 8. Clan LRM 15 (2). ER Sm Laser. LRM 10.0 R 12. LRM 10.0 FF 8. ER Med Laser (2). Clan LBX AC 10 (2) Med Laser.0 FF 13. LBX AC 20 ER Lg Laser (2).0 98 106 98 85 102 95 50 45 50 55 45 50 No Yes No No Yes Yes None ECM ECM. Clan MG Array (2) PPC (2). Clan LBX AC 10 Med Pulse Laser (3). CSTRK 6. PPC (2) Lg Laser. Med Laser. AC 5.5 81 75 76 86 85 60 75 65 65 60 No No Yes No No None None BAP Enhanced Optics None Med Laser (2).0 FF 9.5 FF 8. MG Array Lg Laser (2). CSTRK 6.5 FF 8.5 FF 8. Heavy Gauss Rifle CAULDRON-BORN* Clan DRAGON** Inner Sphere ** Microsoft® MechWarrior® 4: Inner Sphere ‘Mech Pak required * Clan ‘Mech Pak required 26 27 .5 FF 12. MG Array (2) HEAVY ’MECHS (60–75 TONS) ARGUS BLACK KNIGHT CATAPULT Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Ref 12. Clan LRM 15 (2) ER Lg Laser.5 FF 9. Sm Pulse Laser. SRM 6 (2) Med Laser (2). Ultra AC 5 (2). SRM 6. SRM 6. IFF Jammer BAP None None ER Lg Laser (2). LRM 20 (2) ER Med Laser (2). ER Med Pulse Laser (3).

ER PPC (2) Med Pulse Laser (3). Clan MG Array (2) Lg Laser (2).5 FF 11. PPC (2). ER Med Pulse Laser (2).0 FF 13. CSTRK 6. Clan LRM 15.0 FF 15. Clan Ultra AC 20 28 29 .5 FF 18.BATTLEMECH SPECIFICATIONS NAME Heavy ’Mechs continued CLASS ARMOR TYPE.0 83 80 73 75 85 80 65 75 70 75 70 60 No No No Yes Yes No ECM. LAMS. MRM 20. ER PPC.5 R 12. Clan LRM 20 (2).5 Ref 14. LRM 15. ER Sm Pulse Laser.0 FF 14. Clan MG Array (2) ER Lg Laser (3). PPC (3). Clan Ultra AC 5 (2). ER Med Laser (2). IFF Jammer None None None ECM Sm Laser (3). SRM 4 ER Lg Laser (4). Med Laser (3). Gauss Rifle Med Laser (2).0 FF 10. LBX AC 20 ER Med Laser (4). Clan LRM 20 (2) ASSAULT ’MECHS (80+ TONS) ATLAS AWESOME DAISHI FAFNIR GLADIATOR Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Clan Inner Sphere Clan FF 18. Clan Ultra AC 5 (2) ER Med Pulse Laser (4). Clan LRM 10.0 51 70 51 53 57 100 80 100 100 95 No No No No Yes ECM. TONS MAX SPEED (KPH) GROSS TONS JUMP JETS COMPONENTS WEAPONS LOKI MAD CAT NOVA CAT THANATOS THOR VULTURE Clan Clan Clan Inner Sphere Clan Clan FF 9. Clan LBX AC 10 (2) ER Lg Laser (2). ER Med Pulse Laser (4).0 FF 18. Heavy Gauss Rifle (2) ER Lg Laser. LAMS None None ECM None None ER Med Laser (4).

CSMRM 40 (2).5 FF 13.0 FF 16. Light Gauss Rifle (2) Med Pulse Laser (2). Clan LRM 20. Med Pulse Laser (2). Gauss Rifle. Clan LRM 15.0 FF 18. LBX AC 20 Lg Laser (2). LRM 10. Clan Ultra AC 5 Med Laser (4). Sm Laser. Clan LBX AC 20 Med Laser (3).BATTLEMECH SPECIFICATIONS NAME CLASS ARMOR TYPE. TONS MAX SPEED (KPH) GROSS TONS JUMP JETS COMPONENTS WEAPONS Assault ’Mechs continued HAUPTMANN HIGHLANDER** KODIAK* LONGBOW MAD CAT MARK II MASAKARI* MAULER SUNDER TEMPLAR VICTOR ZEUS** Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Clan Inner Sphere Clan Clan Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Inner Sphere Inner Sphere FF 18. LRM 15 (2). Heavy Gauss Rifle ** IS ‘Mech Pak required * Clan ‘Mech Pak required 30 31 . Med Laser (2). Clan Gauss Rifle (2) ER PPC (2). LAMS Lg Laser (2). LRM 15. SRM 4.0 FF 16. Heavy Gauss Rifle ER Med Laser (4).0 FF 15. Ultra AC 2 (4) Lg Laser (4). Gauss Rifle.5 58 62 52 69 68 77 65 69 69 72 70 95 90 100 85 90 85 90 90 85 80 80 No Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No No LAMS LAMS None BAP.0 FF 13. Heavy Gauss Rifle Lg Laser.0 FF 16. LRM 10 (2). Clan LRM 10 (2). LRM 20 (2) ER Med Laser (4). LBX AC 20 Lg X-Pulse Laser (2).5 FF 15. LRM 15.5 R 13. LAMS None Enhanced Optics None None LAMS LAMS BAP.5 FF 13.

red is energy weapons. usually explosive. A repair fee is deducted from your account. REPAIRING CHASSIS After each successful mission. NOTE In the chassis listing. Each hardpoint is color-coded to indicate the weapon type it accepts: Green indicates missiles. select it from the chassis list. After your next successful mission. and white means it is an Omni hardpoint (capable of holding any weapon type). In the MechLab. • Energy weapons emit highly amplified beams of electromagnetic radiation. and head where weapons are mounted. click New. Damaged ’Mechs appear as yellow. (Not all weapons fit onto all chassis. must undergo repair before they can be used. often self-guided explosive projectiles. select an existing chassis. 32 33 . and then click Repair. but if you think you can do a better job. and so on. and crippled chassis are upgraded to damaged status. and create a variant by naming your new ’Mech type in the Name box and clicking Create. WEAPONS Your ’Mechs can carry the following types of weapons. components.WORKING IN THE MECHLAB MODIFYING CHASSIS Modify your ’Mechs by swapping out weapons. CHASSIS To create a custom chassis. arms. Also. The following explanations should help you make the right equipment choices. Default configurations have been tested for the kinds of missions you’ll be sent on. To repair a ’Mech. ’Mechs you salvage in the field that have no armaments must be rearmed in the MechLab.) • Missile systems launch self-propelled. including those you salvaged from the battlefield. Then customize the variant. and crippled ‘Mechs are red. damaged ’Mechs. armor. • Ballistic weapons shoot free-falling shells. customize. damaged chassis are ready to use. yellow is ballistic weapons. you repair and modify your ’Mechs. Each ’Mech chassis has hardpoints on its torso. the names of ’Mechs that are ready for use are displayed in white.

a targeting system. DIRECTOR Tom Henderson Ken Grey MANUAL Ginny Baldwin • Melanie Henry • Robert Sillence • USER TESTING Bill Fulton Eric Schuh Ben Babcock • Steve Kastner Michael Ahn Jon Kimmich EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Joe “Excalibur” Minton PROGRAMMERS ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMER ARTISTS Adam Saunders Aaron “Pogoli” Horne John “Vice Monger” Scully Bryant Johnson David “Darktoad” Silverman David White Michael “Loki” Richard Sean Wang VICE PRESIDENT CEO Joe Minton PRODUCT SUPPORT PRODUCT PLANNERS MARKETING CHAIRMAN Lester Humphreys FASA STUDIO. • Reflective: Most effective against energy weapons. • BAP. increases your sensor range and effectiveness. • Enhanced Optics augment the HUD zoom reticle by increasing the zoom window size. or other sources. and to Pete “Von” Mayberry for all his help. enemy weapons. • IFF Jammer makes your ’Mech appear as a neutral unit in an enemy’s HUD. COMPONENTS Augment ’Mech chassis with the following components. Jr. Lucky” Adan Jacky Chan Jerry “Splotch” Edsall Marco D’Amico Lief Thompson Greg Ward Michael “Mickster” Ivory Travis Penglase Jason Shirley Julien Chergui Kevin Young Eilis O’Hagan Ji Young Kim Kyoung Ho Han PLAYTESTING TEST MANAGER James Mayo ASSOCIATE PROGRAM MANAGER Michael Turner • Erik “Who’s Your Daddy” Hawley TEST TEAM BATTLETECH GURU ADDITIONAL PLAYTESTING Eric Marcoullier Michael “Michelangelo” Pohoreski Tim Duzmal (Test Lead) Prodipto “Death Sheep” Roy Jeffrey “DryHeaves” Kafer Todd “phoxx” Cody • Nathan “Mars” Edson • Prodipto “Death Sheep” Roy A special thanks to all FASA Studio for creating the original MechWarrior 4: Vengeance and assisting with MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. INC. CREDITS CYBERLORE STUDIOS. • Ferro Fibrous: The standard armor. DIRECTOR PROGRAMMING DEPT.) • ECM decreases enemy sensor range and effectiveness. (Not all components fit on all chassis. which provides good general protection. • Reactive: Most effective against ballistic weapons.WORKING IN THE MECHLAB ARMOR Protect your ’Mech with the following chassis platings. PROJECT LEAD AND LEAD DESIGNER David “Praetorian” Fifield MIS SUPPORT Jonathan Wonson CYBERLORE MANAGEMENT TEAM HUMAN RESOURCES AND OFFICE MANAGER Clarinda Merripen Seth Spaulding Matt Kimmel LEAD PROGRAMMER LEAD ARTIST PRODUCER Seth “Smokin’ Wreck” Spaulding Jon “Morphius” Clark Chris “Buzzcut” Tohline Pete “Walking_Target” Stephens • Bruce “Wiley” Carr. ENGINE UPGRADE Upgrading your engine increases the top speed of your ’Mech. • Volt • ArtSource • Modis • Siemens Business Services 34 35 . MICROSOFT CORPORATION STUDIO MANAGER Dave Luehmann Darren Trencher Lisa Krost Michelle Jacob LEGAL DESIGNERS Corey “Freeze” Navage Ferret “Ferret” Baudoin EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. HEAT SINKS Add heat sinks to help dissipate heat generated from your weapons. • Adam “azero” Maloy • Howie “Lance Commander Howie” Catlin • TEST TEAM (CONTINUED) ART DEPT. DIRECTOR DESIGN DEPT. • Jump Jets let a ’Mech achieve flight for brief periods of time. BATTLETECH® LINE tj wagner (PAINGOD) Andrew Brown Heinz Schuller Hubert Cheng Jeff Koontz LOCALIZATION SOUND ENGINEER Jack “SaucyJack” Cameron PROGRAM MANAGER ART DIRECTOR DEVELOPMENT MANAGER John “Undead” Yovin CONTENT MANAGER Charles “Walrus” Lane ADDITIONAL CONTENT MANAGER Cara “Clever Trousers” McCormick DEVELOPMENT MARKETING Jay “Dr. Use this ability to traverse difficult terrain or evade enemy targeting. • Advanced Gyro dampens the concussive effects of enemy weapons. • LAMS automatically shoots down a percentage of incoming enemy missiles.

codes. BATTLEMECH. and (905) 568-9641 in Canada. submit your issue at http://support. visit http://microsoft. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. and conditions. TTY USERS: Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services are available at (425) 635-4948 in Washington State.. visit http:// support. (800) 892-5234 in the U. terms. or cheats. which are subject to change without notice. CONDITIONS: Microsoft support services are subject to then-current MECHWARRIOR: DARK AGE. LLC IN THE UNITED STATES AND/OR OTHER COUNTRIES.S. In Canada. PHONE SUPPORT: For support in the U. visit http://microsoft. • For your product’s general support policy. visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base at ’MECH. WORLDWIDE: Support outside the U. visit http://microsoft.asp. try the following: • For articles targeted at specific PATENT onlinesr. In Canada. RANGE ATTACK AND THE ©2002 WIZKIDS. THE MECHWARRIOR LOGO. call (425) 637-9308. LLC.S. To get started. EACH UNIT IS HIGHLY DETAILED. and Canada may vary.asp. PAINTED AND READY TO PLAY RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! HEAT DIAL PRIMARY DAMAGE SECONDARY DAMAGE SPEED DEFENSE THE FIRST SCIENCE FICTION COLLECTABLE MINIATURES GAME. These numbers are for technical issues only—do not use them to request game MECHWARRIOR. call (905) 568-3503 (toll charges may apply). WIZKIDS LOGO ARE TRADEMARKS AND/OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF WIZKIDS.. ASSEMBLED. For regional contact details. MECHWARRIOR: DARKAGE CAPTURES THE DEPTH OF THE BATTLETECH UNIVERSE IN A SOPHISTICATED FAST-PLAYING GAME SYSTEM THAT EMPHASIZES ARMY DESIGN AND COMBINED ARMS TACTICS.TECHNICAL SUPPORT OPTIONS For all of our support offerings. COMBAT VEHICLES AND ’MECHS. 36 .com/support/. BATTLETECH. • To work with a Microsoft Support Professional over the MECH WARRIOR: DARKAGE PLACES YOU IN COMMAND OF MORE THAN 116 DIFFERENT INFANTRY — POWERED ARMOR.