To PIO (Asst.

Commissioner of Police), Traffic (South east), Sadiq Nagar New Delhi Sub: APPLICATION for information under R.T.I. ACT 2005 Sir Kindly provide me the following information in context to round-about/ circle near ‘F’ block (Opp. Eros cinema), Jangpura Extension, Delhi:
1. Whether the round-about/circle in front of ‘F’ and ‘G’ 2. 3.


5. 6.

Block (near Eros cinema) is one-way or two-way? Which Authority was involved in designing this roundabout/ circle? Please provide name of the responsible officials with designation for managing above-mentioned round-about/ circle. Which authority is responsible for affixing traffic signage at the above block? Kindly provide the name of the officer concerned. How many accidents have occurred at or near this roundabout/ circle in last three years as per official records? Please provide the name and address of the concerned appellate authority.

I have enclosed the requisite Postal Order of Rs. 10/- number _______________ dated ________________. Yours sincerely Manoj Kumar Sonkar Advocate, Delhi Office address ‘Prabodh’

com Mob. III floor. 9015824154. 9718924179 .38. Hauz Khas Village New Delhi-110016 Email-id: shyam. No.sonkar@gmail.

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