Janice Mirikitani


whom she thinks has extremely high expectations for her. the voice in the     poem. She gives her reasons on why she is going to commit suicide. The girl feels that by dying will be the perfect apology to her parents for not being the perfect person or daughter. This girl believes in perfection and believes that if she can't get a perfect grade. then there is no point in living. Janice Mirikitani's "Suicide Note". The committed suicide because her grades were not high enough. shows the reader what it is like to get into the mind of someone who wants to kill themselves. She apologizes to her parents. a female voice. .

not smart enough in her suicide note. not pretty enough. . the college student apologizes to her parents for being not good enough. Overcome with pressure to succeed. the girl committed suicide because she could not attain a 4.0 grade point average.Theme  High expectations are not always attainable.

 the subject of death and family. . this young girl welcomes it and writes a note as an apology to her parents. Instead of fighting against death.

Tone The tone of this poem is sad and depressing .

I ve worked very hard This use of I represents first person usage .Point Of View  First person Ex: I apologize for disappointing you.

Literary Devices  Metaphor Lines 35-40: She compares herself to a sparrow waiting to fly on winds not strong enough  Simile line 11: comparing a son's wide shoulder to the spreading of the sunset's rays  Symbol Many symbols are used. . One example would be the use of glaciers in line 25 to represent her failures.

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