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What is Guru Chandal Yoga?

aWhen the rahu planets or ketu planets conjuction situated on horosocop with Jup
iter planest or(guru)then the creat of most important bad yoga who is called gur
u cnandal yog when ceart this yoga on horoscop any person then he face many probl
em in his life like that s mental problem,wealth and health effective,it s depand on
where is house cerat yoga in horosocop.example that when the creat on kundali 1
0 th hosue then he preson face many problem is service,his respect effected,who s
person doing any works but not getting complete sucees his father health and wea
lth is also effected so guru chandal yog is effected educatione and children pro
blem his preson wife and friends give him deceive many times his wholwe life .wh
en is creat 5 th house and 4 th house creat then mother will be effected of evil
effet health and mental depress,gives many helalth problem, whole life it s give
evil effect those preson who is born guru chandal yoga.

Remedy of Guru Chandal Yoga?

If you face the guru chandal yoga problem then u have to do most guruchandal yog
a shanti yagya anushantan by maa dhoomavati and maa chinnmasta tantra sadhak as
soon as poosiable not any pandit becoz it s will be not effected the poojen of pan
dit.after the yagya anushantan u wore on guruchandal yoga mukti sidh kavach on u
r neck and worship the maa dhoomavati and maa chinnmasta sidh yantra everday wit
hout any break.when u have to do above process then u see soonley improvement in
ur life and be happy.but before doing above yagya anushatan ur trust is importa
nt us any sadhak.
Dhoomavati --There is a narration regarding goddess Dhoomavati that once goddess
Parvati being tormented by great hunger requested Lord Shiva to satisfy her hun
ger. But Lord Shiva did not respond. When he did not respond even after her repe
ated request than she swallowed Lord Shiva himself. Smoke came out from her appe
arance. Lord Shiva told her that from now onwards her enchanting appearance of B
hagta would be known as 'Dhooma or Dhoomavati'. Goddess Dhoomavati's appearance
resembles that of an old woman terrifying, always tormented by great thirst and
hunger and is considered to posses' great powers. Ketu maharaaj (Ketu planets) l
ong time done a hard sdahana of maa Dhoomavati and got a shakti and grace of maa
shakti due this Ketu maharaaj planet godess of maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya shakti,h
e is always respect and obeyed of maa dhaaomavati maa shakti,and maa dhoomavati
mahavidhya have been completley contraliing on Ketu Maharaaj planets.who is worshi
p of maa Dhoomavati mahavidhya shakti everyday so Ketu maharaaj always pleased hi
m and give him grace.

CHHINNMASTA --The tale about the manifestation of goddess Chhinnamasta is as fol

lows, Once, goddess Bhagwati-Bhawani, went to have a bath in the river Mandakini
, with her two companion Jaya and Vijaya. After having their bath all of them be
came hungry. The complexion of goddess Bhagawati turned dark because of sheer hu
nger. Jaya and Vijaya asked for something to eat. Goddess Bhagawati told both of
them to wait for some time. After sometime they demanded for food again. They w
ere again told by goddess Bhagawati to wait. Unable to control their hunger Jaya
and Vijaya said very politely to Bhagawati that "Mother, give food to her hungr
y children as soon as it is demanded." Bhagavati was very pleased by their innoc
ence, she severed her head by her own hand and held the severed head in her left
hand, three streams of blood started to ooze out from the neck.
All of them, satisfied their hunger by drinking the blood from the three streams
of blood respectively. She is called Chhinnamasta because of her severed head.
Goddess Chhinnamasta is a symbol of the perception of secrecy. She stands on the
seat of white lotus. In her navel 'Yoni Chakra' is situated. The directions its
elf are her apparel. Her two companions symbolize the two qualities of TARA (dar
k) and Raja (medium). She is alive even though her head is severed from her body
. This severed head is symbolic of introverted nature of accomplishment.
Rahu maharaaj (Rahu planets) long time done a hard sdahana of maa Chhinnamasta i
and got a shakti and grace of maa shakti due this Rahu maharaaj planet godess o
f maa Chhinnamasta mahavidhya shakti,he is always respect and obeyed of maa Chhinn
amasta maa shakti,and maa Chhinnamasta mahavidhya have been completley contralii
ng on Rahu maharaaj planets.who is worship of maa Chhinnamasta mahavidhya shakti e
veryday so Rahu maharaaj always pleased him and give him grace.

Know everything about Guru Chandala yoga

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S N Rao
In vedic astrology Guru Chandala yoga is formed when Guru (Jupiter) is in conjun
ction with Rahu. What is the significance of this yoga ? Whether it is good or b
ad ? Before analyzing the yoga it has be clearly understood that Jupiter transit
s a sign in one year. Similarly Rahu transits a sign in roughly 1 ½ years. The con
junction between Jupiter and Rahu will take place every 7- 8 years. The conjunct
ion will last for around one year which means that all persons born during the y
ear will have Guru Chandala yoga.
In vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is known as Guru which means the teacher.
Jupiter is considered a Brahmin and teacher of god. He knows the Vedas and is c
onsidered as an expert in all forms of knowledge. In the ancient times the teach
ings of Vedas were imparted in gurukul. The teachings included wisdom, devotion,
compassion, spirituality and religious beliefs. The morals and culture in the V
edas were explained to the students so that he can proceed in life and become a
righteous person by providing spiritual wisdom and makes the individual walk tow
ards the path of enlightenment. Jupiter also signifies growth, knowledge, wealth
and religion.
According to Vedic astrology Rahu is known to be moh-maya (entrapment of our sou
l by illusion). It is known to be the head of a serpent. It is highly intelligen
t and poisonous. It shows our desires and the reason for our very existence in t
his planet. It is known to contain all the virtues and vices through which we ar
e stuck with. It is the very opposite of Ketu which shows liberation of our soul
. Rahu gives illusions of this world. It is highly materialistic and gives the d
esires of this world. It provides material riches to the native and creates ambi
tion to achieve more but it does not give happiness. Rahu does not have a nature
of its own. It takes on the qualities of the planet it is with or the sign it o
ccupies and gives the results accordingly.
When both Jupiter and Rahu occupy the same sign then it is called Guru chandala
yoga. The qualities of Jupiter and Rahu get mixed together and create an impact
in the life of the individual. It makes the individual depraved and inclined to
immoral and unethical behavior. The good or bad results will depend on whether J
upiter is a benefic / malefic in the birth chart. It will give results based on
which house the yoga occurs. Planets associated with or aspecting this combinati
on also modify the results.
If Guru Chandala yoga is found in First house then the native will be very ambit
ious and self centred. This postion will give the native a desire to succeed in
the material world. It gives wealth and riches to the native. This position also
gives knowledge and makes the native learned and respected. But this position w
ill give a suspicious nature and many vices to the native like lack of gratitude
, selfishness, to portray others in the negative light. There will be a desire t
o live in solitude.
If Guru Chandala yoga is found in the Second house and Jupiter is a benefic plan
et then the native will amass a lot of wealth. He will be very extravagant and w
ill be successful. If Jupiter is malefic then this position gives distress, ment
al stress and suffer losses. The native will become a pauper.
If this combination occurs in the 3rd house then the native is poisonous in his
speech. He will be very peculiar in his thoughts. He will never think twice to b
etray others and climb the ladder of opportunity. If Jupiter is malefic then the
native spreads a lot of hatred around him. These individuals are very courageou
s and are successful in the fields where courage is required.
If this combination is in the 4th house then the native will be deceitful and cu
nning. He will have good ability in convincing others. There will be chaos in th
e domestic life. The native may own more than one house. However the native is s
uccessful in the field of education and earns wealth.
If the combination is in the 5th house then the native is very unfortunate in ma
tters regarding religion, progeny. There will be trouble in having children. Ene
mity with children, even death of children is indicated. But if Jupiter is benef
ic and Mercury is with this combination then the native is very learned.
This combination in the 6th house will give success to the native. He will amass
a lot of wealth. However the health of the native will always be dicey. The nat
ive is likely to suffer from diseases of the intestine and also diseases which a
re not easily detected. These natives are very critical of their religion and ma
y change their religious beliefs during their life time.
This combination in the 7th house will bring chaos in the married life of the in
dividual. Many secret clandestine affairs by the partner is indicated due to the
se combination. The native may not get a pious partner. However if Jupiter is be
nefic and receives benefic aspects then the life of the native is inclined to sp
irituality and religious activities.
This combination in the 8th house will bring destruction and an unexpected end t
o the life of the native. The native is likely to suffer from accidents. Benefic
s aspecting this combination gives mysterious and occult knowledge.
This combination is worst if it occurs in the 9th house. The native may be an il
legitimate child. The native is averse at the very thought of religion and princ
iples. The native would derive satisfaction from breaking all norms and religiou
s beliefs. Such natives spread wrong beliefs and principles about religion. The
means and methods adopted to achieve success is questionable. But if Jupiter is
in own house as benefics aspect this combination then the native is learned, pio
us and respected for his knowledge.
This combination in the 10th house makes the native successful in achieving what
ever he desires. However the means and methods adopted to achieve success is que
In the 11th house the native becomes very wealthy and Rich. However this is not
good for begetting children.
This combination in the 12th house makes the native very unfortunate. He will be
foolish and disrespected by others. He is likely to be punished for wrong doing
s. A secluded life is indicated. However if Jupiter is benefic and benefic plane
ts aspect this combination then the native can be very active in religious matte
rs. He may work in temples and religious ashrams.
The psychology of natives with Guru Chandala yoga is inheritant in the birth cha
rt. The natives will have lack of gratitude. They do not like to take initiative
s and need the support to perform their activities. They however do not acknowle
dge the support of their mentors after achieving success. They are not able to t
hink straight and often surprise you with their decisions. They are very selfish
and do not admire others. These qualities will be activated during the Dasha /
Antardasha of Jupiter or Rahu.
To remove the ill effects of Guru Chandala yoga the following remedies are recom
Worshipping lord Maha Vishnu
Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam
Wear Eleven Mukhi Rudrasha bead
Donate yellow items like cloth, turmeric, yellow gems, yellow sweets, honey etc
to Brahmins / teachers
Chanting Brihaspati mantra