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BioStar V1 31 Administrator Guide

BioStar V1 31 Administrator Guide

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Published by Shibil Jaleel

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Published by: Shibil Jaleel on Oct 03, 2010
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BioStar allows administrators to build custom access groups by combining
permissions for timezones and doors. With this capability, BioStar provides
customizable, scheduled access control.

1. About the BioStar System

Copyright © 2010, Suprema Inc. On the web: www.supremainc.com


BioStar supports up to 128 timezones that consist of a seven day schedule, plus
two holiday schedules. Each day in a timezone can include as many as five
distinct time periods.
In total, BioStar supports up to 128 access groups that can be transferred to all
connected devices. For more information about access groups, see section 3.7.

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