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BioStar V1 31 Administrator Guide

BioStar V1 31 Administrator Guide

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Published by Shibil Jaleel

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Published by: Shibil Jaleel on Oct 03, 2010
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The BioStar system gives administrators complete control of various zones (not
available in the free version). Zones can be created with devices connected via
Ethernet or RS485 and can include a master device and up to 65 member devices.
In addition, individual devices can be included in up to four zones.
BioStar supports zones for increased access control, such as anti-passback and
entrance limit zones, as well as zones that provide control for alarm or fire alarm
outputs and actions. BioStar also allows administrators to synchronize time,

1. About the BioStar System

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event logs, and user data for all devices in a specified zone. For more information
about zone management, see section 3.4.

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