I. GRAMMAR (300 SENTENCES) 1. Is Susan ........... home? a. in b. at c. on d. under --> b 2. "Do the children go to school every day?" "....................." a. Yes, they go. b. Yes, they do. c. They go. d. No, they don't go. --> b 3. What ............ now? a. is the time b. does the time c. is time d. is it --> a 4. They always go to school ............. bicycle. a. with b. in c. on d. by --> d 5. What color ........... his new car? a. have b. is c. does d. are --> b 6. Are there many students in Room 12? - "..................................................." a. Yes there are. b. Yes, they are. c. Some are. d. No they aren't. --> a 7. You should do your ................. before going to class. a. home work b. homework c. homeworks d. housework

--> b 8. Mr. Pike ............ us English. a. teach b. teaches c. teaching d. to teach --> b 9. Tom and ............. are going to the birthday party together. a. I b. me c. my d. mine --> a 10. Our English lessons are ............... long. a. many b. much c. a lot of d. very --> d 11. Bangkok is ............ capital of Thailand. a. a b. one c. the d. an --> c 12. Are you free ............ Saturday? a. on b. at c. in d. into a 13. There are .............. girls in our class. a. no b. not c. none d. none of --> a 14. Let ............ go for a walk. a. we b. us c. you d. our --> b 15. What is your name? - .......... name is Linda. a. Your

b. His c. My d. Her --> c 16. What's ............. name? - His name is Henry. a. his b. her c. your d. my --> a 17. I'm a pupil. - I'm a ................, too. a. teacher b. pupil c. student d. doctor --> b 18. Is this your pencil? No, it isn't. It is .......... pencil. a. his b. my c. your d. hers --> a 19. Are these your coats? Yes they are ............. a. their coats b. ours c. our coats d. yours --> b 20. Are your free ............ Friday evening? a. in b. at c. on d. from --> c 21. There are six pencils ........... the box. a. in b. at c. on d. into --> a 22. Where is your mother? She's .......... the kitchen. a. in

b. on c. into d. at --> a 23. How many pictures are there ........... the wall? a. in b. on c. into d. at --> b 24. Are you .............. Vietnam? - Yes, I am. a. to b. on c. into d. from --> d 25. I'm cleaning the floor. Can your help ............? a. I b. me c. my d. mine --> b 26. What are you doing? - ............. are planting some trees. a. we b. us c. our d. ours --> a 27. Mary is doing her homework and ........... brother is helping her. a. she b. hers c. her d. she's --> c 28. Jane's books are on the floor. Please, put ........... on the table. a. they b. them c. their d. theirs --> b 29. Please put this pencil in the box. - I'm putting ......... in the box. a. it b. its c. them

d. they --> a 30. When's ............ birthday? a. his b. he c. him d. he's --> a 31. Whose bicycle is it? It's ............. a. he b. her c. hers d. she --> c 32. How old is .............? a. she b. her c. hers d. his --> a 33. There are .......... eggs on the table. a. some b. any c. many d. much --> a 34. Is there .......... cheese on the table? a. some b. any c. many d. much --> b 35. How .............. cakes does she want? a. some b. any c. many d. much --> c 36. Peter doesn't want ............. eggs, but he wants some soup. a. some b. any c. many d. much --> b 37. There is ............ milk in the glass. a. some

an b. parents are workers. a c.... They want .b.. engineer.. coffee.. her c. much --> a 41. meat do you want? a...... How ...... a... a... coffee in the cup. they --> b 44.... a..... There isn't . pencil.. . a......... many d. some b... some b.. color is pretty. I --> c 43.. much --> d 39... much --> b 40.. a... It's . many d. This is my new shirt.. any c... . We b. hers --> b 42.. but they don't want any bread. a...... He is .. They c. any c. the d.... much --> a 38.... its c... many d.... no article --> a ...... it b. it isn't. our d...Oh.. some b... Is this your pencil? No.. ...... Our d.. any c.... many d. my b.. their d..... any c.....

.. Your sister is a student and his sister is a student. My mother is 32 and my father is 43. an d. and --> a 48. an d...... a c.. ink pot.... a. also c. but d. an d.... a.. the b.. a c... a c......... my father...... I am . a. a........ a....... taller d.... short b. the b. teacher..... no article --> c 51...... the b.. a.. an d..... .... the b..... My brother is 6. too --> d 46. a.. no article --> b 50.... doctors.. My mother is younger . as c...... a .. We are both .......... a.....68 m .. eraser....... That is .. both b... a c.. no article --> d 52. the b... and d..... shorter --> b 47..45..... My uncle is .. than b...... This is ..... tall c..... no article --> b 49. good engineer..

.. a.... an d..... at b.. the b. between --> c 59...... an d. a c... a... on d.. over c. at b... They are ... opposite --> c 60.. My family's picture is .. a.. in --> c 58... no article --> a 56. on d........ the b.... . same class. no article --> d 54. good pupil.... the b.......... a c........... the table.. a.. an d... Hoa is .. a. That is a bag. We are in . no article --> b 55.... Your book is . the desk. the b.. on d.. the desk...... a... a c.. the wall. no article --> c 53. Lan and Lien are ... My pens and pencils are .... a c.. no article --> a 57. an d.. It is on ...... an d.... at b..c. table. a... tall. over c. over c..

.... at b... I d..... Tom is not my teacher but he is a friend of .. a... mine / your b. at b. No ink is . on d....It's .. a...... the park...? .. work...... yours / mine --> b 67.... into --> a 61.. Mary's / Her b....... We are .. The cat is .. on d.. opposite --> d 65.. . a. at b. not mine.... over c... on d. my / your d.. between d..a. mine --> d 66........ sister. at b... the dog and the mouse..... me b....... at b..... in c.. a.... a.... between d. His house is ... in c... mine / yours c. in c.. a.... name is Anne. Who is that? It's .... over --> b 62. a.. Is that ruler yours or.. over c.. over --> a 63....... Mary / Her ......... my c. the pot. in --> c 64..

. today.. well --> b 75. book b.. short b............... How are you? I am ............... me / mine c...It is . His wife is also ... a... Who is that? .. fine c... Mary's / She --> a 68.. fat --> a 72......... Nam is 1.. . thin c. are very kind to us... sad d.. me --> b 74.. It is . good friends... His brother is 1. our / Their d. our / Them c.. He is a friend of ...... Tom and Paul are .. That book is not mine.... Mary / Hers d.. The teacher is speaking.... ruler d..... our / They b. friend. hear b... your --> c 73...... my / mine b.. a. Pike c... tall d. work d..... a. a. Mr. she c.7 m tall.. ours / They --> a 70. to her. her b.. yours / my --> c 69..c..... This is John........... listen c. a.. a........ a. hers d.4 m tall. His brother is . mine / my d. blue b. .... talk --> b 71. I think.. We must . What is the weather like today? It's . thanks....

not b.. Our / Theirs b. is very nice ... a.... It / It's b.. to school.... going ... a. a... Let us ..... classroom is over there.. well d.... are c... is b............ sad --> c 76.... theirs / Theirs --> d 80... and --> b 77. their / Theirs b. tail is very long and nice...... look at that cat... . The Bakers ...... .. .. doctors.. ...... His / He's b. English. It's / Its d. Our / Their d... It / It --> b 78... were --> b 82... This is our classroom.... house is big but . It / Its c. Oh. They are ..... theirs / Them c. both c...a.. a. are in the desk.. These books are not . ... My father is a doctor.. big c. a... theirs / Their d. was d. Ours / Theirs --> a 81... His / He --> d 79. He's / His d.. isn't in the classroom now. a.. These are Bob and Boom. ... eleven b.. His / His c.. go b.. not Bob's.. or d. is small. too........ a... Ours / Their c... Lan's father is a doctor.

the weather like today? a.... very hot yesterday. My daughter is a teacher.... is c.. was d.. a. to go --> a 83. What .. are going to do --> a 84. is c.. were d. What ..... are b... a. is / working --> c 86. a.They . They . goes d. your parents? a........... was --> d 89.............. are / doing d.. too. the Bakers . Where are Kate and Jane? .............. is c.. are b... isn't b..... How .. English exercises in the classroom... was --> b 88... both teachers.... are b.c..... My wife is a teacher.... were --> a 87..... a... was ... are c.. are / working c.. at the moment? a.. It ....... are b... is / doing b.... were d. Tom and Mary are pupils but Ann . are going d.... aren't --> a 85. were d. is c... are doing b......... is doing c. is d................

..... reading c...... ringing --> b 95. both d.. brown --> d 96.. color b. There are .. desk b.... picture --> c 93. a. are new... teaching d......... How many . Your .. are there on the ceiling? a.. What's your sister doing? She's . blouse c......... not .. box --> b 92. wall c. What ..... The ..... a.... singing b.. trousers d... maps c...? a. engineer c... name d.--> a 90... is it? It's half past six.... architect b. shoes are Peter's........ boys in our class.... lights d. time c.......... shirt b.. a. blouse c... Hung........ brothers --> d 91. chairs d. a book. a. a...... no b.... bus b.. room --> a 94.... clock b.... Ben and Jim are .. hat --> c 97.. How many erasers are there on her . student d. a...........

.... at d. we play c.. Are there many students in Room 513? a. Yes.......c. a... in b. England c. we c... home? a...... there are d... past d.. Let's play football.. Is Susan . . none d. there aren't --> c 102.... they aren't c...... they are b. a.. into --> a . lets b.... in English d... on c.... Her birthday is .... go for a walk? a... one. you d. Pupils are learning ... into --> b 99. a.. Shall .. pass c......... English b... No...... Yes. let's --> d 104... at c.Yes.. us b. No.. no of --> a 98.. in England --> a 103... on --> c 101. It is a quarter .. a. November.. . let us do d.. on b.......... in d.......... me --> b 100.. over b.

short c..... long and big d. in spring d..105. in autumn --> b 111.... raincoat. Dickson is very tall and big..... He needs ... Does b... in winter b............ in summer c.... in 1990 b..... in October d. Do c.. ............ let's not c... a.... The weather is hot in Vietnam . George is short. a. in May 20th --> b 109. Mr... on May 20th c........ I am doing my homework............. a. watching c... a. a. long and small --> c 112. am not --> c 108. Must --> a 110.............. .. can c.... When's your birthday? . listening to c...... a.... a. My young brother can sing but I ....... Baker want a new raincoat? a......No..... Can d.. the radio...... can't d. we don't d.... large size b.. hearing to --> c 106... let's --> b 107. Let's go out to play now....It's .... a large size .. He needs a .... all right b. ..... Mr. aren't b... Maria is . looking b.

on c. a..... Mary .... tell d...... I never ..... a.. Excuse me! ........ their milk c..... do you need.. Annette? a... all are correct --> d 119.. milk for them --> a 117.. Do d... the kitchen..... ... Are c. into --> d 118... me the way to Ho Tay lake.. at home on Sundays.. a. a small size d. Which --> a 115... at d.. you speak English? a. Where d... a medium size c. shows c. to the seaside this summer.. You ....... milk them d...b. are going b..... don't stay d..... a.... told --> b 116........ What b.. all are correct --> a .. stay b.. will go d... Take these dishes and bowls . stays c. When c. That man brings . them milk b.... in b... Does b. a.. a big size --> c 113. every morning........ gives b. Is --> c 114..... are going to go c....

. in/ in c.... will sing --> a 121........... in / with b. in / under --> d 126. in the next room............ the housework..... in / on d.... Listen! My sister .. are doing --> b 122...... the zoo . a. a.. some flowers for her... sing c.... is / will buy b.. would you like to go .. on / in d.... Are you free .. is going to sing d.. a. is doing d. autumn.. Paul? No.. is / buy d. She always gets a lot of presents . but I am afraid not because I have a lot of exercises to do...... I ... morning exercises everyday. a............. on / on b........ will be / will buy d....... summer and cool .......... the desk. at / to --> c 127. ..... at / in --> c 124... on / of c..........I'd love to. at / in b. Tomorrow . Nam is learning English .... does c.... a.... do b... no word / with d.... a.. August the third. will be / buy --> a 123..... us on Sunday. one / in c. a.. .. It's often warm ........ in / in d... today..120... at / on c.. is singing b. in / on b......... my friend's birthday. his room and his dog is . Her birthday is .. her birthday. Bob.. I am very busy . Your son ..... in / at --> a 125.

to / with c.. a c.. a..... engineer.... Rebecca is English but she isn't ..... There is .. England... Thailand. from / to d. a. from / from --> d 130. I am going to see you at half .. a... an d...... a... seven.. Thanks .. from / in b. a c... What is .. Look . an c... ringing.... a d. from / for c. of / to b...... an ....... for / from d.... for / at b. Count . Lan but Lan isn't here.a. no word / with --> b 128. some --> c 134.. one --> b 133.. with / to b... He is looking ... to / to --> c 132.... that strange man.. of / over --> c 129..pot on the desk. the b.. ink .... for / to c.. a..... please. at / for c. one hundred.. on / to b.. She comes to Vietnam ... to / to d... the b... color of your pen? a..... to / on c........ after / at --> b 131.. a.. Tom is . at / at d. the b..... one . for / past d..

. please... a c. teacher...... Listen to . go b... any --> a 135..... a c. don't go --> a 142... Please... no article --> a 136... Kate and Mary are going to .. Pike ...... My parents are always at . to school on Sundays.... the b. a. a d... an b.d. no article --> d 137.... goes c. a... the b... Don't talk in class.. a c.. a.. the b.. an d. weather like in winter in your country? a. a.. After dinner. the c.. an d. What's ... is having . no article --> a 140. an d. and Mr. I never . a..... box.. the b. dinner at the moment. an b. no article --> c 141. put these pencils in .... went d.. I always wash .. a c. a. no article --> a 138.. an d.. home on Sundays... a c............ cinema. dishes. a. no article --> b 139. the d........ Mrs.

don't --> b 146. a.... He ... There . any sugar in the jar. is d.. a. isn't b.... are having c. do / have c.. are --> a 149.. Mrs.... doesn't teaches --> b ..... am --> a 148. is wanting b. doesn't want c.... he .. a. Mary ..b.... aren't c...... bread and butter....... didn't want --> b 144........ do want d.. teaches c.. teaching b.. be c.. is / having d. a.. lunch? a... I need a book but she .......... Doesn't / working c... in the garden now? a.... are b.. What time ....... four seasons in a year...... are eating d. the Pikes ...... There ..... Do / work --> c 147. .. Are / working d... does / have b.... needn't b... teach d.... Is / working b.. needs not d.. doesn't c... a. me English. is d.. eggs...... b & c are correct --> d 143. does / has --> a 145.

. in the rainy season. "It's very painful! . do volunteer work b..... Our’s --> b 154... for too long....... I don't have ... a.. are having d. I've worked for a long time in my garden.... because b............. Our b. is ................. rains --> b 151...... A lot of passengers who ... for bending d.. money a.. a. a. raining d. aren't working d..... has --> c 152... much b....... can't help themselves --> c 155....... for c. have limited incomes c. a. We have much . a.. by d... in the ship crash are still suffering from shock...... having b..... The woman has hurt her back .. a few --> a 153......... a..... rainy b. no d...... is having c.. rain c........ lunch a... to bend b............... Many retirers feel useless because they . is the best football team in our school. .. owing to you bend --> b 157......... We d.." the woman said. by bending c.. as soon as --> a 156.. Ours c... many c.. The Bakers ...150...

. She regretted .. "How many ships ..b.. not having learnt d. in charge of a car is the conductor. there in our merchant fleet?" Mr Pike asked me......... meet b.. a...... are c........ are c.... have been working c...... what b... were --> d 158...... The doctor showed the patient . the woman and asked him for his advice. I . how to ride a bicycle when she was young... If I had taken your advice.. a...... had been d.. had worked d... has been working b. when d......... why c.. a. meeting c.. was d....... I ..... have been c. a better life.... had been b... The person who .... he met --> b 164.... in this garage as a car mechanic for 15 years. was d.. a. a.. how --> d 163. a... shall have c. The doctor told his friend all about ... not to learn b. a.......... b & c are correct --> d 162....... worked --> b 160..... would have . to meet d. is b...... not learning c........ to do some exercises. were --> a 161... are --> d 159.. will have b.

would have had --> d 165.. They wanted to know why they ..... The film lasted three hours with ... a... should do d.. broken c. requested d............ an interval b. basement d. a. serviced d. a... rubbed b. low -->b 168.... a............ to go c...... to going --> c 166.........d.. That's why prices keep .. Firemen rescued several people from the ... When the electricity failed.. He filled in the necessary forms and .. top c..... struck d. rented -->c 171...... stopped b. for the job.. going d. started --> c 169.. an interruption . appealed b. up. scratched c.. floor of the blazing building... he ... have to do --> c 167... a stop d. applied --> d 170. a.. high b..... a... did b..... a pause c......... She is traveling to work by train today because her car is being .. a match to find the candles.. of 15 minutes between part one and part two. go b...... We have got high inflation......... it for her while she could do it by herself. asked c. have done c... a....

Manageable --> b ......... . matched --> b 175....... who stole five million pounds from a bank. cover d.. Manager d. John Jameson is a famous . some -->a 173. a. Despite d......... It took Michael a long time to find a pair of shoes that ..... small d..... He was wearing a heavy overcoat to .... fitted c...--> a 172...... him.... why c. I'm very busy at the moment so it may take a .. his absence. liked b......... criminally d.. a... few c...... ... a. himself against the cold.. In spite of c....... time to answer your letters..... a.... a... protect c.. agreed d.. little b. a. criminality --> b 178.. Even --> a 176.... Although b... your own business can cause a lot of financial worries...... for b... wrap --> b 174. of d.. criminal c.. a. conceal b. Managing c.... the traffic was bad. crime b.. I arrived on time. He was unwilling to explain the reason . that --> a 177.... Manage b...

. surprisingly --> d 183.. Mr..... surprised c.... cheap. slept c........... and Mrs. unsuccessfully b. a.... a.. this morning. imperfect --> b 181...... perfectly c..... appointment d. a. surprise b.. His promotion to manager was a popular ………………………………. appointed c. The surgeons tried their best to save his life.... The air is naturally . a...... perfect b. appointee --> c 182.179.. a. friendly c.... childish / child d... what you are saying.... unsuccessful -->d 180.... but unfortunately the operation was . overslept d. by foreign matter such as plant pollens and dust.... appoint b.... A holiday in America can be ............ a. couple but they are very kind to their neighbors' .... friendship d... child / children b... and was late for school...... children / children c. I understand ... successful c... sleep b. a..... I ..... surprising d...... childless / children --> d 186.. friendless --> a 184............... My colleagues are very pleasant. unfriendly b...... Brown are a . oversleep --> c 185.. ..... but the manager was a little ... perfection d................ successfulness d....

. his success in the final examination.. pollution d.. contamination d.. to --> a 192. for d. of c....... polluted c. a.. of c.. contaminating --> a 187. other friends? a..... my intention. a & b are correct --> d 190. a........ atmosphere in some industrial regions is called "smog".... They were furious ......... with b.. a word derived from "smoke" and "fog"..... contaminated b. This chemical is harmful ... for .... I was angry .. about b... of c. a & b are correct --> b 191... with b.. for d.a..... myself for making such a stupid mistake. for d. contaminate c.. to --> a 193.. pollutant --> b 188....... pollute b.... of c.. a... with b..... of c. a... with b.. He is confident .. The form-master was suspicious ............... us. me for not telling them the truth. Why are you always jealous .. to --> b 189.......... a.. a. The heavily ......... of c.. about b. on d.... on d.

.... These days everybody is aware . with / for b.. Are you still upset ... Scientists and engineers have invented filters and other methods of removing . to --> d 194.. in b.. from industrial wastes.. a... pollution d........ for / to c.... polluted c.....d. about b..... with . It was quite out of character.... at d... a. We were surprised ....... the class. the danger of smoking.. to / for d... a... at d........ on d...... The monitor is responsible ...... We're short ... of c.. for --> b 197..... a...... on d.. There aren't enough people to do the work that has to be done.. b & c are correct --> c 196..... the smell in this room.. about b.. staff in our office at the moment.. with --> b 199.... about b. with c... on d.. I'm sorry .. what I said to you yesterday? a. about b. a. pollute b.. of c......... pollutants --> d 200. our form-master . of c......... for --> a 198. with / to --> c 195... the way he behaves. a..... of c...... It's just been painted........

..... with b.... of b.............. same with b..........--> a 201..... same about --> b 206.. our country... of --> d 205. for / on b. a........ a.. You like chocolate... on c.... a........ on c...... and me too c....... to --> a 203.. same as c....... and I too d..... a..... and I do either b. to --> d 202.. I must advise you to give up smoking... for / in --> a 204.. I felt sorry . each other....... same like d.. To c... Two things are very alike. on d..... .... As b. the children when they went ..... about d...... a doctor. him to leave without saying a word. She's quite nice but I wouldn't like to be married ............... Please find a bill for $50 for the advice ... with b...... ...... a.. a. so you say they are the .... to c. a..... We are always proud ... holiday.... Like d...... her. about / on c.... about / in d... It rained every day and they had to spend most of the time indoor........... about d.... a. It wasn't polite .. gave you .. and so do I --> d 207.. Else --> a 208.

.. demand b.... giving her all that advice? a.. like c... a lot of other people.. I do. disagree with b. repairing. In contrast with --> b 212.. require d.. a. other b................. a........... we managed to survive the recession.... How much should I charge .. by b....... a. another --> c 214. as if --> d 210.. A lot of houses in our neighborhood ..... a... for --> d 215........ Contrary to b. In contrast to c.... a........... She said ......... which gave you d. owing to d. differ with d. use --> b . . what I gave you c..... more well d. On the contrary with d.b. more good than c.. differ from c...... more well than --> a 211... because of c. a. try something ...... she meant him much. differ by --> a 213.... You play tennis ...... better than b. just say so... I gave you --> d 209... though b....... like as if d....... If you . else d. more c... me... If you don't like this one. need c..

...... thought --> b 219............ knowledge b.... a. a... a. to be over a thousand years old... cautious b. childhood c. mind d. I see we've ............ Who will ... skill d..................216.. take care of b. You are grown up but you are still . She is . Oh........ memory c..... described b.. behavior...... quality c.... turned out --> c 218.. Do you mind drinking tea? a.. done without b..... When someone is old he is in his second . I have a very bad ... anxious c......... gone off c..... told d. imagination b... worried d..... child b.. said c.... childish d..... mentioned --> b 222......... dear... I didn't realize you were a foreigner. coffee......... a.... nervous --> b 221. Your ............ take track of c... childlike / childish .. a... I don't like your .... speech --> c 217... childlike --> b 220. take advantage of d. of English is very good..... for names... a. Jean's cat while she is away? a. childish / childlike b. run out of d. to leave as soon as possible....... get in touch with --> a 223. The coins are ..

... pay attention to c. gets in touch with --> c 227.. these robberies.... takes track of c. you on this sofa. pay attention to b...... Sit here with us.. a.... every new girl he meets.....c. ought d. put an eye on c................ It is up to the police to . the rice so that it won't boil over... . takes care of b...... the building..... take advantage of d........ must --> c 225..... a.... childish / a child d.. pay attention to c.. keep track of c.......... set fire to b... put an end to d.. Do you . a.. keep an eye to b... Put an eye on c...... should b.. childlike / a child --> a 224... keep an eye to b.. Put an end to --> b 226...... get in touch with --> c 229.. make room for d.. No one knows who . the long distance telephone calls which you make in your office each month? a... pay attention to d. a. Set fire to b... John . a....... We can move over and ........ put an end to .... to send my old lover a gift on her birthday?" Peter asked.... a. falls in love with d.. Pay attention to d. "Do you think I . had better c.. get in touch with --> c 230... get in touch with --> b 228...

........ other c.... I can't see him today.. put an end to --> c 234......... day......... the other --> a 236... others b..... others d...--> a 231... take track of c..... a... the next d. Bill and . One of them greeted me and .... didn't.. . a. the other --> d 232. the next d. I think.. don't.. It was last Friday. John came to see me . a....... another c.... He will .... day... another b......... the other --> c 237. girls are in the front room. other / others c... the other --> d 233..... others / another b.. Jane and . a... We spent the night in a small village and continued our journey . the other / the other --> d . the next / the next d..... I'll have to see him . others d.. Some people like to have the windows open all the time........ another b..... a special sale to get some new shirts.. keep an eye on b.... take advantage of d... the next d. the other --> c 235. a.. I met two strangers on the way to work.... boys are playing in the yard. other b.. day. another b.... a. a. other c.... another c... other c......

...... I've been trying to ... go with . went off --> c 239..... pollute b. pollutant --> c 241...... my trousers? a.. when he was only 24 years old......... went on c.... a... childhood c. a.. went over b... a. children b... . The bomb ... gone over b... went over b.. childbirth --> c 242......... An ever-growing proportion of this . a. Keep an eye on d. polluted c...... Does this jacket ....... went off --> d 244.... Pay attention to --> d 243... a. No one really believed it when the news came through that the "Titanic" had .. consists of unburned hydrocarbon gases from the exhausts of automobiles........ went out d. Take track of c.. childbed d..... get in touch with --> d 240. went on c.. gone down d. pollution d.when he rang the bell.... a.. gone off --> c 245.. gone on c..... to the cinema last night... him all day. take track of c... a... fall in love with b..... policeman directing the traffic........ She .... His wife died in ............. take advantage of d. went out d... Take care of b.. on her maiden voyage...............238.....

Take a map with you .. since d.. a.... go ahead d.. go over c. go on d... I couldn't unlock it . Pauline. they walked out.... Peter? a....... about his new car all the time... go off --> a 249. a.. although --> a 251............ I had the wrong key.... you lose your way. goes over b. go out d.. so --> d 252... it. a... a...... in case b... goes off --> b 247... because d. this work with me some time... a. We have permission to ..... goes on c.... go off --> a 246. He . The play was very boring ........ go off --> b 250. so that c.. since d.... because b. go with b.... so that c. Do you think you could . go through with c. go ahead d.. although b. with the plan... goes out d.... a.... you might as well .b.. I know you find the course boring.. so . go off --> a 248. go ahead b.. go on c.... but since you've started it... so c. go through with c... go over b.....

since d..... He hasn't written to us .... but if it ........... She'll only do the job ... I never take an umbrella . as long as b... in case c..... repaired . a... overlooking d. he left.. although b... a great success.. a. a...... It rained....... after c......... rained / would be --> c 259..... He got a new alarm clock . overlooked --> c 260...... he'd get up on time...... I hope they ...... to overlook c....... had rained / would have been c.. overlook b.. it's raining heavily.... since d............ you pay her more.. because --> a 254. before b. if d. a..... unless --> d 258. by the time d.... which spoiled our picnic..... so --> b 255.. a... hadn't rained / would have been d.... so that c. a.... it .. a... a.. whenever c... didn't rain / would be b.. while --> c 257. if d. when b..... I live in a pleasant room ... although b.. he hated heights. as soon as --> b 256.......... He agreed to go climbing .. the garden.. this road by the time we come back next summer....... since c.--> a 253.

.... a.. again. her father.... receive b..... gone out b.... will have repaired --> d 261. I see the price of bread has .... have b... has c. a. let off --> d 266. have c.. everyone says how alike they are! a... takes after b.. will repair c. gone ahead c. went up b.. had --> b 262. with a warning...lifting but since this was his first offence he was . a. the Nobel Peace Prize. falls out d..... a. There was a power cut and all the lights .... lets off -> a 267.. Borlaug was the first agricultural scientist to . takes off c. will have d.. The book is divided into five parts and each of these .. put up ...... go up b...... put up c........ The building of the new bridge will ....... go out d.......... three sections..... go ahead --> d 264.. He was caught shop . a... would repair d.... take d... fallen out d.. a. gone out d. accept --> a 263.... gone up b. She ...... fallen out --> a 265. put up c.....b.. Norman E.. as planned...........

.... unsuccessful --> c 273.. inadequacy --> c 272. let off --> b 271..... put me up --> d 270... gone out b...... You look upset. job. Have you and Inger .. go grey c.... success d.. temporize c. a. temporality b....... Sven. a...... to one that was a wheat exporter. enthusiast --> a 274.... length c. Mexico changed from a country with a wheat . succeed b..... went ahead --> c 268.c...... Paul.... went out d..... gone grey c.. fallen out d. temporal . fall out d. successful c... Children made their hair ... do you think you could .... enthusiasm c. fall me out d. me .............. I'm looking for a .. welcome when I finally arrived.. I got a very .. a... temporary d....... a................. let me off b.... go out b... enthusiastically d.......... again? a. in Hollywood.... go me out c......... shortage d.. lack b..... for the night? It's a bit too late to go home now.. enthusiastic b..... a.. let off --> c 269.. a.... Charlie Chaplin was not an instant .

... less c.. all came from . the other --> b 278. many b. few d.. different d.. Very ..... fastly d........ very rapidly b. many / few b... discovered c. creased d. fun... The rulers of Viet Nam's last imperial line... for c.... people knew about it. same b... a.. much c. made --> a 277...... the telephone? a. little --> a 282. In 1829.... in a rapid manner c...... words.. family... a..... it travels .... few b.... much d.. I never thought Shakespeare could be so . with great speed --> a 279. and do ........ invented b. You should say .. to b.... Morse sailed . a..--> c 275. Was it Bell who .... a. in d. a... much / little c..... He is a man of ............ few / many d..... at --> a 276... When a body enters the earth's atmosphere............. Europe to study classic art in Italy.... ..... little / much --> d 281........... some --> b 280. Thank you for bringing me along. the Nguyen Dynasty.. a...... the same c....

..... Many / little d........ apologise c. few --> d 283......" a.. but . less b.. little / much --> a 288. less --> c 286...... few b..... In 1927 Charlie Chaplin received a public .... knowledge of the matter.. computers this year than last year.... apologize b.... we were .. apologizer --> c 284... Few / Fewer --> a 285..... a. fewer d........ many / few b.... She has very .....a.... There has been ..... little c.. a.... The forces were unequal.. fewer d. little c... demand for computers this year than last year... few b... some d. a.... they were . less c. many c. from Hollywood in the form of a special Oscar.. fewer .. much b....... a.. a..... few b. ...... many --> b 287.. Many / few b.. little c...... much / little c............ apology d.... many --> c 289.... Much / little c............ few / much d... a. heard about the book.. We have imported .... read it.. "Do you know English?" "Just .. little d............

employee d. has gone up again.. employable d. since I must find work soon. He works as an ... electrician d. a.... employees --> d 292. direct b. economy b.. electronic --> c 295...... directly c.. employed c. economic d.... direction d.. than the one I had before....... She studied ...... economy b....... Last December the boss gave all his .. a bonus... I've been ...... directed --> c 293..... electricity c.... for a local firm.. Always make sure your luggage has . economical c... employ b... a.... economics --> d 297..... a cartel c.. economics --> b 294.... a card b.. electric .. The price of . a................ My new car is more . electric b. economic d. Are you sure we're going in the right ... a.. unemployable --> a 296... more --> d 290. on it when you travel.. unemployed b....... a traveling-bag --> c 291.. a..d. employable c...? a........ at university.... a label d..... a............ a... economical c.

. employer c.. economy b.... a. directed --> b 300. I wish my mother gives me presents more often. was so angry at her attitude that he fired her. She looked .... electronic --> b 298.... a.b. directly c. pleasing d. is c.. of --> c 4.... a. higher d. direction d. FIND THE MISTAKES (300 SENTENCES) 1. at me as she said it. employ b. The little boy b. The teacher was pleasing with the result of your examination. employing --> b 299.. was c. What is the higher mountain in the world? a.. The little boy didn't know how lacing his shoes. a. economic --> c II.. more often --> b 3.. wish b.. electrician d.... direct b..... economically d. in --> c 2. me d.. gives c.... employers d... Her ..... as possible. a. The b. electricity c. a. economical c.. On my salary we have to live as . didn't ............ What b...

To turn b. was d. were c. for d. are b. live c. buying c. for d. in --> d 10. a. between --> b 6. lacing --> d 5. saying --> b 11. don't c. borrow d. a. a. would rather b. I was surprised at what I saw. Why don't you borrow books in the local lending library? a. No one have solved such a difficult problem. at --> a 7. in --> d 12. I would rather live on a farm than to live in a city. what d. on d. The students suggested buying flowers for the teachers in the Teachers' Day. is b. admit b. Why b. on c. a. . He had to admit that there were something in what mother kept saying. can slip d. To turn on the light. a. how d. a. all --> c 9. The students b. and c. quite so c. The school library is free and open for all the pupils and teaching staff. to live --> d 8.c. You are quite so thin that you can slip between the bars.

were c. they discussed what to do at the weekend. a. are c. not d. will --> c 15. a.a. During their meat. the d. Thank you very much of the present that you sent me. meat c. If you write the essay careful. During b. solved c. There wasn't some directory in the telephone box from which I was phoning. that --> c 18. careful d. in d. a. from --> b 19. at --> b 14. Ordinary b. you will get good mark. much c. write c. such d. The man b. to do d. The girl who were injured in the accident is now in hospital. Ordinary Americans are friendly and not afraid to show its feelings. If b. The man who I was waiting for didn't turn up. was d. for . a. its --> d 16. of d. a. a. wasn't b. some c. have b. who b. who c. a. is --> b 17. difficult --> a 13. very b.

keep --> d 24. a. it --> d 25. beautiful d. English --> c 27. used c. The workers are building a new bridge which is 150 meters in high. them d. She behaves as if she was a baby. It's no use asking them keep quiet. one another --> d 22. to read d. This text is too long for me to read it. make-up c. have b. My father doesn't know speak English. is b. a. which d. a. themselves --> c 21. Women wear make-up to beautiful themselves. so --> d 26. a. doing d. a new bridge c.--> b 20. long c. behaves b. as if . speak d. asking c. a. no use b. high --> d 23. I can't get used to doing so difficult exercises. doesn't c. because c. can't b. a. a. building b. Mai and Lan have a row because they have misunderstood one another. a. misunderstood d. My b. wear b.

telling d. has b. is b. but c. a. The course is good. a. was doing d. to eat too much and never going out is unhealthy. me b. You wanted me to tell you about what I was doing here and how was my life. was d. more hard d. But now they are started by electricity. This house is often broken off and a lot of things are taken away. but more hard than I thought. was --> d 29. My father has a mechanic to repair his motorbike monthly. monthly --> c . much d. broken c. are --> b 33. thought --> c 30. off d. about c. to tell b. Sleeping b. used b. But now d.c. a. a c. a. a --> c 28. a. a. fillings --> c 32. These engines used being started by hand. check up c. Sleeping all day. never --> b 31. to repair d. is b. a. to eat c. The dentist gave me a check up and then telling me I needed two fillings. away --> c 34. being c.

yesterday --> b 40. Ha Dong is the town where I am born and grew up. for d. on --> d 38. to d. ago d. the girl b. now c. made b. on the eleventh century AD. They visited America about a thousand years ago. that c. The woman tells them close their eyes tightly and cover them with their hands. am d. a. a. but --> c 41. to pay c. that b. She is the girl about that I talked to you yesterday. The lesson that we are learning now is very interested but difficult.35. thousand c. She made me to pay for the damage I had done. tightly d. with --> b 37. is b. grew --> c 39. always b. a. where c. close c. a. a. had done --> b . both --> a 36. a. interested d. wise c. tells b. visited b. a. who d. There always is one wise woman who is both feared and respected by her people.

I don't feel as tired after a train journey so I do after a car journey. me b. When you are late for class. If it will rain this afternoon. a. before b. a. English b. are called --> d 46. tired c. a. to make c. situated d. If . go c. on --> a 45. go to kindergartens.42. English children start school in six and finish at sixteen. He warned me to make an eye on my luggage as that place was full of thieves. so d. that b. full --> b 43. grew c. When b. on d. to d. Some children. a. a. The child ran fastly to get to school. for c. officially d. start c. should d. a. in d. The village that I was born and grew up is situated on the Red River. school --> b 49. fastly c. at --> c 47. we will have to cancel our picnic. you should apologize for your teacher. don't b. after --> c 48. before going to school. for --> d 44. a. officially are called nursery schools. a. child b.

dominoes c. of . that b. always c. are d. The peel were actually 52 meters long. Sun weather can always be depended on in southern countries. He is very weak to lift this suitcase. Each year more and more people try setting new and unusual records. Someone else put 49. and c. cancel --> b 50. Sun b. at c. knocking --> d 55. else b. in d. in --> a 52. to d. a. this --> a 51. people c. actually d. on d. Why did all the customers at the Red Lion have to pay of their beer that week? a. did b. a. a. a.b. long --> b 56. were c. seems --> a 53. setting d. very b. will d. a. The man that wife and family are away seems very lonely. have to d. more and more b. The b. a. unusual --> c 54. weak c.999 dominoes in a line and knocking them all down. will rain c.

He had so a difficult exercise that he couldn't do it. is c. they had been sold the table he wanted. at b. Friends advised her to stop doing the housework because her old age. possible d. around --> a 61. Although she is 103 but she still does a lot of work in the flat. heavy b. but d. her b. If b. a. enters d. it c. a.--> d 57. a. in d. a. because --> d 63. . five-days c. regularly b. for --> b 62. make b. zone --> b 59. celebrated c. May Day regularly is celebrated in many countries around the world. to --> c 58. had been sold d. wasn't c. a lot of --> c 64. a. a. If airplane ticket wasn't expensive. wanted --> c 60. could fly d. housework d. a. your ship enters a different time zone everyday. to stop c. Although b. furniture c. The heavy rain made it possible for us to have our picnic. When he arrived at the furniture shop. If you make a five-days trip across the Atlantic Ocean. I could fly to Singapore for my holidays.

on d. a. larger c. 1890 --> b 71. The first May Day celebrated in England in 1890. It is a beautiful building of two towers and a very big clock called Big Ben. it --> b 65. called --> b 67. mean . very d. little d. of --> b 66. The international working class made the one of May their day of solidarity. of --> c 69. put c. of c. man's c. a. one d.a. made c. a. ago b. first b. with b. a. working b. is b. in d. were c. a. celebrated c. Many hundred years ago there were many villages and little towns in England. It is the larger city in Europe with a population of over eight million. so c. in d. difficult d. Television is one of man's important mean of communication. They usually took a tree back with them and put it on the centre of the village. beautiful b. of --> c 70. in --> c 68. a. a. had b. is b.

any --> c 74.d. is a Japanese from Hokkaido. in --> a 73. Poverty desert countries in Africa can grow guayule. as d. A Tokyo newspaper . a. Though TV. to make --> a 78. a. is b. rubber b. Junko Tabei. communication --> c 72. in d. a. make c. home viewers can see and learn about people. must d. TV provides many more entertainment programs as any other kind. a. Around the age of sixteen you must make one of the biggest decision of your life. a. places and things in faraway lands. decision --> d 77. was d. from c. was the first woman to make this difficult climb. many b. entertainment c. grow --> a 75. company c. a. Poverty b. had organized . of c. a. learn c. Tokyo b. about d. a great deal of --> d 76. Around b.television company had organized the climb in 1975. a lot of d. The rubber farms will make a lot of money and give jobs to a great deal of people. countries c. Though b.

called --> c 85.d. and b. England is a small town of 1. widowers. David was a bravery man to go on this adventure by himself. In b. bravery c. was b. quick --> d 81. a. a. a. Her family were patriots who supported the American Revolutional. himself --> b 83. of c. walked c. The noise on the roof of the trailer woke Bill and Fred up very quick. Biddenden. of c.Adams walked through northern Canada to the North Pole with himself. hundred --> c 84. a. and others living on small incomes take part with a ceremony called Chulkurst Charity. old people. a. widows. with a history of nine hundred years. living c. a. at d. with d.500 person. patriots c. person d. on d. woke d. Bill and Fred was students at a university and they were friends. is b. Each Easter Monday. to d. who d. were --> b 80. a. were b. The b. old b. In April 1984. with --> d 82. David Hempleman . in --> c 79. was c. Revolutional .

During the Revolutionary War. has had much than ten million employees working for it without pay. The city of Lufkin. has had c. taken c. asked d. asked for sick leave.--> d 86. wives c. would b. These employers have not taken vacations. escaping --> d 91. having --> a 89. a. a. would b. a. a. did not d. much d. if that c. The women were indignant and decided that they themselves would do one more effort to drive off the enemy. to --> c 90. employers b. to make d. for --> c 92. a. a. She would be killed if that she did not betray the patriots in the area. decided . a. Texas. eat b. whom d. The worms eat the waste and turn it into clean fertilizer whom the city then sells to farmers. were b. in --> b 87. The women would spend their time to make bread and bullets for the soldiers. American patriot wives and children frequently had to take refuge in forts escaping attacks. their c. take d. into c. city b. During b. working --> c 88. or complained about having to work long hours.

where d. men d. to drive --> c 93. to arrive d. to prevent b. developed c. do d. to buy --> a 98. Japanese b. allowed c. a. She adopted a fifteen-years-old Sikkimese boy to travel with her. in c. wife c. a. She traveled to villages and religious centers. much --> d 97. equipments --> d 99. a. who c. David was a young man who working in an office in a big city. drive --> a 94. The Japanese first developed fake food in the 1920s to introduce people to unfamiliar West dishes. a. in d. a. adopted b. in d. an --> c 96. a. was b. men b. working d.c. West --> d 95. religious c. to have b. with only an interpreter and a few men to carry her camping equipments. The delay to prevent the surrender and allowed time for reinforcements to arrive and drive off the enemy. traveled b. A rich men and his wife went in a shop to buy a bracelet. He decided to have a holiday in a beautiful place in the mountains where there were much streams. a. fifteen-years-old .

did not b. They are very pleasant to travel by steamer down the Thames from Westminster to Tower Bridge. to travel d. a. saw c. didn't d. I can spend quite a long time in Westminster Abbey and learn of all the interesting things there. a. of d. to run d. streets --> c 104. with --> b 100. lately --> d 102. I didn't have time to visit all the place I wanted to see. One b. kitchen --> c 101. by d. was . a. time b. One day b. She did not want to go back to the shops because it was very lately. The last time I went to London. down --> a 106. to c.c. got b. a. were d. I soon got to know where were the main streets. pleasant c. there --> c 105. One day a fame singer was invited by a rich lady to her house. to go c. where c. place --> d 103. One day a lady saw a mouse to run across her kitchen floor. a. a. in c. a. because d. They are b. quite b. fame c.

shot b. the man who served the most short term. a. a. presidents c. after --> b 109. one b. a. a. He doesn't much like the work. during c. William H. a. driving d. of d. Abraham Lincoln was one of four presidents who was assassinated. doesn't . to --> b 108. the most short c. a. upstairs d. that d. she starts on the housework. coming c. with --> c 112. getting b. was asked b. the singer was asked coming upstairs to the lady's guests. After getting her six-year-old daughter ready and driving her to the school. a. James A. much b. but he enjoyed the relationships with the other workers. Garfield was shot during his first year in office by a man to that he wouldn't give a job. six-year-old c. She finds housework bored and doesn't like to stay at home all day. the school --> d 113. enjoyed d. to --> b 107. At ten o'clock. but c.d. died of pneumonia several weeks after his inauguration. wouldn't --> c 111. finds b.Harrison. who b. who d. bored c. was --> d 110.

strong c. to increase b. Along in jogging and swimming. scientific --> d 117. stronger --> b 120. one d. A b. investigating c. a. so d. in b. of --> a 119. about --> c 116. and stayed with a farmer. for --> a 115. a. Several members of his family did a great deal to encourage him in the field of scientific. eventually d. The artist was very pleased and thanked the farmer for saying so kind things about the paintings.d. Several b. A artist went to a beautiful part of the country for a holiday. to encourage c. dealt b. a. giving d. It can help to increase your strong and energy. a. pleased b. in d. beautiful d. to stay --> b 114. . his studies eventually led to the invention of the multiple telegraph and his greatest invention . Doing too much too quickly can damage muscles that aren't used to work. invention --> b 118. to c. giving you more efficient muscles and a stronger heart. saying c. a. cycling is one of the best all-round forms of exercise. cycling c.the telephone. a. While he dealt with the deaf and investigating the science of acoustics.

there will be more traffic accidents. to work --> d 121. a. accidents --> c 126. Doing b.a. a. Coffee and tea is favorite hot drinks of people in all parts of the world. Transport b. ask --> a 122. and . quickly c. talk to your doctor and ask his or her advice. more --> d 127. a. The Transport Department organizes road safety campaigns every year in order that reduce traffic accidents. about c. talk d. safety c. die --> d 125. some d. If b. If everyone takes care when crossing the road. teeth --> c 124. a. begins b. to cover d. a. at d. in order that d. The decay begins in a little crack in the enamel to cover of the tooth. takes c. of --> c 123. aren't d. a little c. cause b. a. should b. We should eat food that is good at our teeth and our body. crossing d. is c. but c. had b. a. If you had any doubts about taking up cycling for health reasons. Some accidents cause injuries but some lead to die.

In England school children do not go to school on Saturdays with Sundays. about c. Schools b. In some places. school c. our --> c 133. are not c. drinks d. a c. is c. In . without cream or sugar. a. In b. a. season --> c 132. Richard leaves at home at about half past eight. a. under --> a 131. In the United States. a. people almost use never sugar in their tea. children b. which c. which more coffee is used than in any other nation. in --> b 128. a. Oriental b. at b. a. on d. never --> d 130. so d. many people drink their coffee " black". where tea is the national drink. a.b. with d. doesn't b. from d. any d. He doesn't buy a ticket every day so he has a season ticket. Japan and other Oriental countries. winter begins in November and ending in March or April. almost d. with --> d 134. In China. where c. without --> b 129. with his schoolbag under his arm. Schools in England are not the same from in our country.

They went often for walks together in the streets when the weather was fine. childs c. going d. while d. see b. a.b. playing --> b 136. nobody c. There is a prison in iceland which allows its prisoners going out without any guards to work everyday. a. in c. Mary and her husband wanted to give the old lady to a nice birthday present. often b. allows c. a. in d. One day their mother took them in their aunt's house to play while she went to the big city to buy some new clothes. In England nobody under the age of eighteen are allowed to drink in a public bar. Paris --> c 138. gentlemen b. . In b. in c. are d. when d. is b. a. a. was --> a 139. took b. some --> b 137. Two old gentlemen lived in a quite street in Paris. together c. You can see a lot of childs running and jumping in the snow or playing with snowballs. or --> c 135. a. ending d. to drink --> c 140. begins c. quite d. to work --> c 141.

building c. playing c. has d. he c. rather d. Most of the building in this town are rather unattractive. of b. strongly c. because d. is b. to give c. a. fans --> b 143. a. a.a. a. If he doesn't understand the lesson. nice --> c 142. expansion b. She has a strongly determination to be a teacher. but --> b 146. her b. in --> b 144. police b. such c. his father often explains it for him. a. understand b. often d. a. He is such famous that he has a great many fans. this . in --> b 148. a. The expansion of this factory will to create more employment to local people. determination d. but this church is an exception. to d. their d. has b. The government are trying playing down their involvement in the affair. be --> b 147. are b. for --> d 145. The police caught he because he was involved in a robbery. his c.

She presented reward for the return of her lost bracelet. as d. presented b. striking c. a. There is a chill striking me when I go alone in night.c. interested b. them --> c 154. for c. a. a. successful --> d 153. I encountered a friend I haven't seen for a long times. in --> d 150. He is not very sanguine about his chances of successful. completely d. is b. for d. of --> b . lost --> a 155. a. is b. a. a. She admires Korean actresses in so far as she wears as them. about d. of c. haven't c. admires b. actresses c. conclusion --> d 152. It is possible to infer two completely opposite conclusion from this set of facts. when d. to infer c. This morning. of d. a. local --> c 149. conservation d. sanguine c. very b. to create d. encountered b. We are interested of the conservation of forests. times --> d 151.

are b. that d. on c. enrichs b. have b. We have searched for some of the books to which you need. Put b. years c. untapped --> b 157. every night --> a 158. a. last --> c 160. is b. convenience --> c 163. knowledge c. otherwise . He enrichs his knowledge by listening to the radio every night. a. it b. otherwise the juice would spill. reference c. Reforming b.156. I found it hardly to keep my concentration with such a noise going on. difficulty --> d 161. I keep my reference books near in my desk for convenience. system c. concentration d. for d. any c. for c. Put the cap back on the bottle. a. Reforming the education system will be a difficulty process. a. a. a. hardly c. to which --> d 159. near in d. keep b. a. a. listening d. I think there are any resources that we have left untapped. books d. It is many years for Mount Vesuvius last erupted. will d. such --> b 162.

The country air are fresh. would --> d 164. of d. You need attach a label to each piece with luggage. responsible c. a. country b. a little c. having b. a. safe --> d 165. was --> b 170. David --> d 168. The train he got on has an accident but he was unharmed. with --> d 171. a. a. parents --> a 169. a. has c. are c. a c. a. to d. but d. moreover d.d. moreover. need b. I always make a point of checking that all the windows are shut after I go out. to be c. to celebrate d. checking c. it is not polluted. polluted --> b 166. We are having a little get-together to celebrate David promotion. after --> d 167. You should wear conspicuous clothes when to walk at night. he b. pilots b. old b. all d. for d. All pilots are responsible for their passengers' safe. a. make b. She is enough old to be independent of her parents. .

certain c. tomorrow --> c 175. She can look back on her career with greatly satisfaction. on c. a. handy c. The b. in --> c 178. was tooting c. I feel a certain apprehension with my interview tomorrow. me d. a. a. to d. as d. a. with d. well b. What was she said convinced me that I was mistaken. The driver was tooting his horn as he reached the bend. remark d. at --> c 172. trait d. said c. with d. a.a. was b. One of his less attractive trait is criticizing his wife in public. feel b. greatly --> d 174. less c. wear b. when c. She made a few conventional remark about the weather. the --> c 173. look b. in --> a 177. to walk d. A well tool-box is a handy thing to have in the house. reached . made b. a. mistaken --> a 176. a. conventional c. of b.

She had real psyched herself up for the big match. I live in Elgol. Try b. well --> b 183.--> b 179. come c. There are a school for young children in Elgol. a. a. had b. was c. of --> b 184. up b. man's needs were few and he could supply their all. real c. a. for --> b 181. I pick up the school children that live along my route and took them to the school in Broadford. When life was simple. box d. woman b. a. on d. their --> d 182. in d. that c. for b. Try to more positive in dealing with the problem. The woman who come in does not know the man well. few d. . a. a. is c. a. I stop for passengers and empty the five post box along the road. live b. know d. along --> c 185. took d. and c. is a small village on the south-west coast of the island. herself d. When b. to c. with --> b 180. but the older children have to travel into the town. to --> c 186.

More oftenly the children have fallen through a glass door or window and are badly hurt. lives --> c 190. Stories are the goodest way of teaching moral lessons to young people. Sometimes b. a 80-year-old retired teacher. older --> a 187. have c. is the oldest storyteller in the country. finishing --> d 188. oldest d. a. to --> a 189. Sometimes it takes me about three hours finishing my round. drinks d. I talk about the Tower of London. hours d. and then of the lives of people in England today. Sun Jingxiu. oftenly b. a. a. for c. moral d. doesn't b. a. that c. through d. of d. a b. in --> a 191. a. in d. badly --> a . are b.a. the b. retired c. a. and c. teaching c. be --> a 192. goodest b. Small children doesn't understand that hot water and hot drinks can be dangerous. me c.

a. years --> b 198. something b.193. was c. cold and rain. there was very few bus shelters until about thirty years ago. in --> c 197. woman b. reflects c. The two young woman are watching people dancing. are --> b . until d. Most people no longer wears the kinds of clothes that protect them from the wind. from --> b 199. telling --> d 196. build c. waiting d. watching c. to find c. a. Most b. which d. Most of them were build in the nineteenth century and some are very grand. In towns. a. nineteenth d. a. a. of b. dark b. wears c. were d. In b. so that d. spent b. a. I wanted something fresh to eat while I were in Britain. and waiting for an invitation to join in. many --> d 195. that d. to eat c. to join --> a 194. a. I spent an hour trying to find a phone so that I could ring you telling you I'd be a little late this morning. Her dark dress reflects a view of life which is many less optimistic.

most d. Communication b. to show c. Words are the main things we using in communicating what we want to say. a. Communication will be impossible if everyone made up his own language. to persuade c. well b. were b. to follow --> b 207. with --> d 201. a. is d. Written language without of punctuation is not easy to follow. also d. We use volume and pitch emphasizing words and make meanings clear.200. a. They may nod her head to show that they have understood or shake it to indicate disagreement. with c. a. are b. his --> b 202. can --> c 203. The more words you know. if d. a. a. a. more b. disagreement --> a 206. will c. using d. Written b. to drink d. use . what --> c 204. a. As well as talking with our voices we can also talking with our bodies. her b. instead with beer or spirits. of c. They were intended to persuade people to drink water. know c. the most ideas you can express. things c. have d. talking --> d 205.

All the parks are beautiful kept and are for the use and enjoyment of the people. manners c. for d. money --> b 212. beautiful c. There always is nearly a crowd at the door of the theatre asking for returned tickets. dressed c. The division between the roles of the mother and the father is no longer very clearly. A father can change the baby. make --> b 210. is b. enjoyment --> b 214. who c. dressed the children or make the dinner. a. and --> c 211. table b. clearly --> d 209. A dad is the person who you ask for pocket money. a. the d. those --> c 213. no longer d. All b. a. and c. a. emphasizing d. roles c. person b. change b. . a. A father is the person who provides us for money to feed and clothe ourselves. make --> c 208. for d. for d. who c. is d.b. a. between b. The table manners you have in a restaurant is very different from those you have at home.

furnitures d. difficulties . for d. Many b. You may be surprised seeing that there are no bedrooms. in --> c 219. Many houses have no other furnitures in their rooms.a. was b. If you ever go into a house in Japan. in d. One b. at d. be b. who c. to learn --> c 217. a. asking --> a 215. One of the greatest difficulties for foreign students in American universities are the lecture system. ever b. crowd c. you must remembering to take off your shoes. a. a. in --> a 216. a. paintings d. a b. into c. a. off --> c 218. remembering d. You will see a bowl of flowers or a long silk paintings on one of the walls. are c. no c. of c. China teams are famous for their skill in table tennis. a. always b. no --> b 221. China b. a. seeing c. walls --> c 220. There was once a foreigner who went in England to learn English. that d.

She worked very hard and became a famous chemist and physicists. to read c. good c. It is not easy to take good notes from a lecture on a foreign language.c. Jim was having dinner at a restaurant when Henry was coming in. when d. whole --> c 224. first b. is b. to learn c. of --> c 226. to bring --> b 225. when d. a. was coming --> d 228. in d. hard d. from d. a. hard c. understand b. a. a. on --> d 223. Marie learnt to read and write in the age of four. physicists --> d 227. at c. more d. was having b. very b. not whole sentences. early b. a. a. are --> d 222. was --> b . learnt b. Her mother died early with her father tried hard to bring up the four children. to speak c. for d. with c. became d. The first skill to learn is how to write only the more important words. a. He could understand algebra and to speak French when he was six.

English is the native or official language on one-fifths of the land area of the world. a. a. Some b. that d. don't c. easy and cheap. myself b. millions of butterflies cover the trees and ground like a carpet. on --> b 235. to find --> c 234. more than d. a. native --> b 231. official c. On the wintering places. a. flies c. taught c. without --> a 233. of . a. On b. wintering c. If b. in c. If you don't know London very good. even though d. Many b. it is very difficult to find the bus you want. school classes taught in English even though the native language is not English. good d. is b. the c. and without many stops. There are such many cars and buses in London that one can not drive along the roads quickly. of --> c 230. Some butterflies flies more than 3000 kilometers on their journey to the south. a. rapidity d. Many universities. I myself prefer the underground as it is rapidity. cheap --> c 232. a.229. one-fifths d. such b.

strength d. has breakfast at eight o'clock. like --> a 236. gets c. a. and starts works at half past nine. works --> d 241. at b. In b. a.d. starts d. that --> d 237. hunt c. but the American people say any English words not like people do in England. a. much c. same c.West are prepared to fight the oil pollution which is threatening local beaches. also --> b 240. has d. any d. It is certainly true that the average woman has weaker muscles that the average man. Most of the words are the same in American and in British English. Holiday towns and fishing villages in the South . has d. When men lived in caves and hunt animals for food. Jim gets up at half past seven everyday. a. . do --> c 239. a. usually b. strength of body was the most important thing. In Canada much people speak English because they also came from England many years ago. on --> d 242. certainly b. average c. Peter usually gets up at eleven o'clock and has breakfast on lunchtime. has c. lived b. most --> b 238. Most b. a. because d.

Brunei is one of the smallest but most rich countries in the world. is --> d 246. covers b. local --> b 243. was b. in --> a 249. tankers --> c 244. disappearance c. which c. which d. million c. in Brazil. who is one of the biggest oil tankers in the world. If the destruction of the forest continues at the same rate. which are carrying detergents. covers five million square kilometers . rescued b.a. there would be nothing left by the year 2005. left --> c 248. a. The Amazon forest. of d.P Titan". a. a. carrying d. Helicopters rescued both crews. fishing b. Scientists says that the disappearance of the trees is already causing changes in the climate.an area as bigger as the whole of Europe excluding Russia. . who d. a. says b. excluding --> c 247. prepared c. and nobody dies in the collision. a. If b. is spraying the oil. would d. Hundreds of small boats. dies d. between c. Yesterday there was a collision in the English Channel between the "S. a. bigger d. both c. and a Dutch cargo ship. of b. continues c. in --> c 245.

a. is b. dissolve c. fell d. give c. that c. in d. this --> c 252.a. to be --> d 255. most rich d. isn't --> a 251. with --> b 253. little d. calling c. a. Factory chimneys give out smoke that containing sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. a. Factory b. in d. them b. in --> c 250. a. Most them think that Brunei is in the Middle East but it isn't. When it rains. beauty b. smallest c. and --> c 254. In 1980 the Sultan met an air hostess calling Mariam Bell and fell in love with her. Acid rain has harmed aquatic life by to turn many lakes into lifeless bodies of water. be c. these acids dissolve in the rain and make it to be acidic. a. a. it b. And the beauty is that there are so little people to share all this money. has harmed . worst d. met b. a. containing d. of --> b 256. Acid rain is believed be the worst pollution problem of all. that c. one b.

At the intersection for Broad Street and Park Avenue. No one b. into d. hundred d. twenty-first --> a 261. in over one hundred and sixty countries. Car exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and lead which are high poisonous. a. were b. lake --> d 258. possible c. a. drunk c. a. contain c. certainly b. was --> b 263. into --> b 262. green d. into d. for c. When we have guests to our house. a. large d. we should be very polite to their. It is certainly that Coca-Cola will be drunk far into the twenty-first century. exhaust b. which d. No one were hurt. At b. Kim had the green light and drove into the intersection. to turn c. It is not possible to do this on a large enough scale to save all the lake. high --> d 259. to .6 billion gallons were sold every year. a. is b. were c. in c. countries --> a 260. of --> b 257.b. 1. a. When b. but the damage to Kim's car was heavy. a. to d.

coming for --> c 265. a. to be c. in c. born b. should d. around --> b 268. as c.c. take d. was two of America's unusual literary figures. A Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez and separates the continents of Africa and Asia. a. separates d. a. of --> a 267. two d. The Americans tend to be informal while they're being received company or coming for a social engagement. did --> d 266. Women don't usually shake hands as they are introduced to each other but men did. to d. Walt Whitman. figures --> c . Ships sailing in Europe to Asia once had to take the route around the Southern tip of Africa. born in New York in 1819. yet --> b 269. hadn't been d. their --> d 264. don't b. sailing b. a. connects c. tend b. driven c. being received d. She has taken the driven test three times. a. but she hadn't been able to pass the test yet. A b. has taken b. a. in c.

a. No b. inventing b. a. successfully c. became c. a. wounded --> a 271. on b. a. achieving d. Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very richness man. No awards was presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II. a. In 1821. would --> c 274. many b. presented d. a. the anniversary of Nobel's death. was c. caring d.270. had felt b. death c. after b. to be c. Although many believed the "talking leaf" to be the gift from the Great Spirit but Sequoyah refused to accept that theory. was . Every year on December 10. a. but d. very d. richness --> d 275. to accept --> c 273. the awards are presented for the winners. freely c. has given b. He has given freely of his time by caring for the wounded during the Civil War. he had successfully developing a written language that would enable thousands of Indians to read and write. He had felt that it was necessary achieving a new poetic form in order to communicate his views. communicate --> c 272. for --> d 276. after twelve years of work. After inventing dynamite. developing d.

Body language transmits ideas or thoughts by certain actions. improvement c. a. a. Elizabeth Blackwell was born on England in 1821 and emigrated to New York City when she was ten years old. a. inhabited c. an b. importance c. Franklin initiated many improvement in the city of Philadelphia. who c. after b. in --> b 281. early d. the --> b 279. decides d. use d. In 1849. a. a. humans b. either intentionally nor unintentionally. who was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century. a. in d. she decides to further her education in Paris. Franklin played an importance role in the early history of the United States. transmits . She decided that she wanted to become a doctor. wanted b. at --> b 277. on c. for d. to --> b 280. in d. variety --> d 283. Ever since humans have inhabited the earth. from d. city --> b 278. further --> c 282. after graduation from medical school. from c. a. initiated b. was b.c. they have made use of variety forms of communication.

a. complete b. side d. to transfer b. remember that you must to obtain the permission before leaving the university where you are currently studying. to sign c. where --> b 289. her name d.b. seeking d. He was a favorite contributor to many leading magazines. to take --> c 285. believed b. joined b. the most d. at d. You must complete the form I -538. favorite b. advertising c. she seeking a human child to take its place. to obtain c. a. houses --> c 286. In 1925. one of the most large publishing houses in New York. became --> c 287. either d. when c. nor --> d 284. If you are planning to transfer. It is believed that when a she-wolf loses her litter. a. currently --> b . certain c. and her name became a household word. leaving d. quiet c. leading c. he joined the advertising department of Doubleday Page and Company. a. a. We were sitting quiet by the side of a lake when we had an unpleasant surprise. unpleasant --> b 288. have it to sign by the foreign student advisor at the school where you are currently studying. sitting b. a.

birth c. women c. With b. there is a newly disease to worry about. It is a well idea to encourage your husband and children to learn to cook a few simple meals while you are away. a. were b. in --> d 296. to learn d. professional d. giving d. In some countries in Europe. are c. attempted d. when c. of d. a. Is driving a car more dangerous than to fly in a modern plane? a. homework --> c 295. driving b. dangerous c. With increasing development and use of computer technology. in b. invention b. necessity --> d 291. Five prisoners were injured when they attempted to escape in the prison last night. use d. well b. teachers are allowed giving children some homework only at weekends. As more women in the United States moved up the professional ladder. newly --> d 294. than . a. a. communications --> c 293. The invention of the electric telegraph gave birth of the communications industry. development c.290. to encourage c. a. a. meals --> a 292. more are finding it necessity to make business trips alone. As b.

. of d. by Thien Thu mountain. Employers often require that candidates have not only a degree .. next to d. The driver asked the passengers not to get off the bus while it was moved. The mausoleum is .. to fly --> d 297.. feeding c. to write b... near of c.. while d.. fed d.d. a window so that they will get enough light... experience b.. moved --> d 600 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE B I. so d. . two towering columns and a vast expanse of water...... I'd like to write applying for the post of accountant in your company. fluently --> b 299...... applying c.. happy b.. time --> c 300. GRAMMAR (300 SENTENCES) 1....... I have five years of experience like an accountant and can speak English fluently.. speak d. asked b.... near to b. a... nearly --> c 3. a.. feed b. a. I feel very happy to get your letter after so a long time... a. to get c. a.. a. in --> b 298. to get c. like c. feeds --> c 2. Put plants ....

... Clipper ships were the swiftest sailing ships that ………………….. did service in the Navy as an officer --> b 5.. but more two years experience --> c 4. there are where --> a 9. very high temperatures and pressures... Professional people expect .. Richard Nixon had been a lawyer and ... Farmers look forward to .. that you would call them c. the Navy had him as an officer d. you to call them b..... have participated in the county fairs --> a 10. but two years experience b. Sedimentary rocks are formed below the surface of the earth . no real communication has taken place. also two years experience c.. every summer... what said the other person b.. ..... participate in the county fairs c..... served in the Navy as an officer b. If one of the participants in a conversation wonders . The salary of a bus driver is much higher ...... a.. before he entered politics....... there are c. where there are b..a... when it is necessary to cancel an appointment...... an officer in the Navy c.... where are there d. your calling them d.. be participating in the county fairs d..... what was the other person saying --> b 6. a... a....... what did the other person say d.. in comparison with the salary of a teacher b. to sea and the most beautiful.. than that of a teacher d...... a... a. but also two-year experience d..... what the other person said c.... participating in the county fairs b... a. to compare as a teacher --> c 7..... than a teacher c. that you are calling them --> a 8.

The crime rate has continued to rise in American cities despite efforts on the part of both government and private citizens to curb . when b.. glory c. what d.. No one has been able to satisfactorily explain how or ………………. a. The ships had their days of …………………. for painting d. gloriously b 12.. glorious b. he ……………… to London to study with Benjamin West for four years. …………………. its d. it --> d 15. has gone b.. ever were putted c 11. painted c. storing c 13.. a. went d 16.. glorify d. Earl was one of the first American artists …………………. . to paint d 14.. a. him c. which b 17. them b. ever were put b. the Moon sporadically sparks. Tea loses its flavor quickly …………………… in the hold of a vessel.a. stored c. painting b.. consists of two bundles of fibers.. a. why c.. were ever putted c. when stored d. In 1778. landscapes.. were ever put d.. The basic fiber-optics system is called a fiberscope. when storing b.. in the 1840s and 1850s. a. had gone c. a.. would go d..

what a 18.. inaccessible d 19...... Because from d. Chromosomes while they are --> c 24... Sanford Meisner ... .. where d. Such was b... John Cage became a leading figure in avant-garde music. Chromosomes b... who founded and directed c... a...a.. the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. were conducting b.... gene-bearing bodies within the nuclei of living organisms. It is estimated that --> d 23.. Abner Doubleday. accessibly b....... heart and other areas that were formerly ………………. in which c.. in both the United States and Europe well before the Second World War.... being conducted --> c 22........ Chromosomes are d. a.... a.. have been conducted c... . had been conducted d.... his highly individual conceptions of music and chaos... a.. Physicians can look into the lungs... billions and billions of stars exist in the vast space beyond our Milky Way galaxy.... That the estimate d. ... accessible d.. Experiments in the sonic imaging of moving objects . ... Due to c. founding and directing b..... That is estimated b. An estimate that c.. That --> b 20..... was credited with the invention of baseball in .. founded and directed d. which b. a. to them. Chromosomes that are c........ in finding and directing --> c 21. access c...... a..

. is attacking c. in where they are --> b 29... they are b. Antonio Gaudi.. being a farmer --> b 30...... which became a Union army general c. architect of Barcelona's Holy Family Church.. had been a farmer c... photosynthesis were to stop... who ... who were a Union army general d. only a tiny fraction of the total image.. to transmit c 27. a.... If d. on completion of b.. who become a Union army general b... America's first globe maker was James Wilson... has attracted d.. However c....... For b. Each fiber in the bundle ……………..... where are d. Napoleon . transmit b..... farming d. where they are c. Although --> c 26.. completing of d.. . a. a.... the structure... attacked b.. died before seeing . a.. a....... a... a Union army general --> d 25. a. the completion of c... This is the factory .1839... a farmer had been b..... attacking --> a ...... life would disappear from the planet Earth relatively quickly.... at work. their completing of --> b 28... transmitted c..... the West Indian island of Santo Domingo in 1801........ and blacksmith in his earlier life...... transmits d.......

lie --> b 35.. made blacksmiths.... that lies b. --> d 32. coopers..... but also attitudes .............. c.. The earth spins on its axis and ..... On Mercator's maps...... . c.... lies c......... a.. cultivated c... needing d.... a.. on the environment for the gratification of its needs. in school for students' future adjustment to society. the far northern and southern polar regions are ... Each organism to depend b.. making blacksmiths.... .... Not only knowledge and skills.... a. a. needed c.... needs --> d 37... and cobblers virtually extinct. a. 56 minutes and 4. More living people --> a 36.. make blacksmiths. greatly exaggerate in area.. need b....09 seconds for one complete rotation... Modern industrial methods have supplanted individual crafts. b.. greatly exaggerated in area... d. b.... making them blacksmiths. which need to be cultivated d.. --> a 34..... More people living c..... a.... a.. where lies d... when cultivated b. d... Many organisms can depend .31... need to be cultivated --> d 33... 23 hours.. exaggerating greatly in area.. More people live b. in Shanghai than in any other city in China. . Every organism depends c..... On the slope of Long's Peak in Colorado ............. All organisms depending d. It has more people d.. great exaggeration in area. stone carvers........ the ruin of a gigantic tree..

. It is earth's gravity that ... was designed c. Generally speaking..C.. the most satisfying one b....... foot of d.. a. While designing Washington. a. more than satisfying one d. direct physical experience of --> d 41.... education d.C.. b. foot in b........ expectations perhaps .... D.... With new technology...... a.... Of Charles Dickens' many novels... given --> a 42... Children learn primarily by .... within b...... a..... directly physical experience d..... people should have .. much education b........ a..... D... giving d.. Washington..C... feet in c..... the nation's capital remained in Philadelphia.... people their weight.. experience direct c... the more satisfying than --> a 39. While Washington... was being designed d. as much education c. in d.. .... give c. the world around them... D..... feet of b 44... cameras can take pictures of underwater valleys .... a. as their desires will allow. designed --> c 40. Pennsylvania.--> b 38.. to many readers.. length can move as fast as most ships.C.. color. for education --> b 43. D.... by --> c .. a. gives b... for c.... Washington.......... A dolphin six ........ experiencing directly of b. most satisfying one c.

did the founder Dr. The Earth is b..... That the --> a 48.. who was the founder c. Dr.... a... Mary Mcleod Bethune... can cultivate --> a 51... actress's life is in many ways unlike that of other women.. the founder was Dr. As the d. a. Being the Earth --> a 46......... About 20 miles from Boston... and representing b..... An b... there is c. a little town named Concord that has a rich history.. for cultivating b... a........ equally b....... Warmth..... ..... of Bethune Cookman College.. as cultivating d... between them........ a variable is a symbol .. for cultivate c... Mary Mcleod Bethune d.45..... that represents d..... .... where is --> b 49. represents that --> c 47. and oxygen are three necessary requirements ..... .... The Earth being c.. That the Earth is d.. a.. An advisor to both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman. a.. a...... a. most seedlings. equal c..... In mathematics. they are equal d... . has b. Dr... moisture... They share the housework …. some element of a set. the fifth largest among the nine planets that make up our solar system. there are d.... Mary Mcleod Bethune was the founder b.. represents c. A c....... Mary Mcleod Bethune --> a 50. and equal --> a ....

.. tractors owned by farmers c...... Extra fiber is one's helpful diet c.... for ---> b 53. one of the sea giants d... . that of all human beings d. Tuna......... can be giants of the sea c........ held in their trunks --> d 59. A well-known large natural lake is Lake Tahoe..... Total weight of all the ants in the world is much greater than .. is the sea giant b... a. having tractors farmers d. ... all human beings is that c. straddles the California-Nevada border.. Before . since d..... Extra fiber in one's diet is helpful b. three times the previous record. in their trunks holding c. Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" ....... they used horse-drawn wooden carts.52..... .. the sea of the giant --> c 55....... farmers had tractors --> d 54.. Helpful one's diet is extra fiber d... a... with --> c 56. the participants are not careful........ that b. if d. $39.. Physical fitness exercises can cause injuries .. which c... to all human beings b.. Elephants scratch themselves with sticks ..... a..9 million... hold in their trunks d.. for overall health... ... a. farmers have had tractors b......................... a....000 pounds. may weigh up to 1. One's diet is helpful in extra fiber --> a 58.. to c.. a. and b..... holding in their trunks b... is of all human beings --> c 57..... a...

. ..... a.. being the great Central Valley d. use their tails in a way similar to a hand. of people moving to a new social class.......... Because the b...... It is gravity . Protection of wolves d.. a.... .. Jealous of wolves c.. results of millions ...... to pull d. a forklift toils all day long in a warehouse lifting great weights.. a......... red. a. they howl..... Wolves jealously protect --> d 65.... to the spider monkey d.. occasionally found c........ once sold for b.. With the c. have occasionally been found d.. great Central Valley b. like the spider monkey b. the great Central Valley c... The growth of two-income families in the United States ... strength of 70 horses.. have occasionally found --> c 62. . what pulls --> b 64............ The --> b 66.....a..... for once sold --> a 60.... objects toward the earth. a.. occasionally to find b.... Some monkeys... Some d. spider monkey likes c. Between the California Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada ... the monkey likes the spider --> a 61... that pulls c... Wolves protectively jealous b. for sale once c...... their territories but rather than fight. pull b... has resulted in millions b.. Black... selling for once d. a.... lies the great Central Valley --> d 63....... and even bright pink diamonds .... a......

.. a. that the c............. The strongest dump trucks work in rock quarries. who was appointed b.. problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs. a.. is one of the youngest college presidents in history. has been appointed c...c. Each mediocre book we read means one less great book that we would otherwise have a chance ........ she was 19 months old . the --> d 70... One of the biggest b.... The biggest one c.. reading d.... which they move --> c 72..... they move c............. Of the biggest one d. to head Wellesley College at age 27. that is appointed d. there is a d.... that they move b.. a. a.... where they move d....... Helen Keller lost both her sight and hearing after a severe illness . that b. a.... it is educational... to enjoy as c........ read c.... a. a. Alice Freeman.. Most accidents in the home can be prevented by .. to read them b. to read --> d 69. ... of her age in 19 months b.. resulting in millions --> a 67............ enjoyable b.. ... as enjoyable d. as enjoyable as --> d 68...... There are the biggest --> a 71. . Using a globe can be .... is appointed --> a 73... elimination of hazards.. millions of results d. tons of rocks and soil at one time......

.. and have a society somewhat like human beings.... is no way to tell the exact number of heroin addicts in the United States.. which do they affect --> b 77.. It is only recently that ballets have been based on themes . a.... that can affect people c.. brand-name products effective c.... ...... is reflecting d. ants live in colonies..... reflected --> a 76.. effective as brand-name products --> d 79. a... a. Each --> b 80...c. There c... Generic medications are just as .. Studies of ant life show that b.. American life.. go to war. reflecting b.... more copper --> b 75..... reflects c........ What d. Ernest Hemingway is .. a. and much less expensive. That is studied d... Poison oak generates irritating poisons ..... of modern fiction... one of the molders .... when she was 19 months old d. it is frequently used for high-tension power transmission.. keep farms..... a. brand-name products as effective d. That the studies of ant life --> a 78.... what can effect people d... a.... Studies of ant life that c. Because aluminum is lighter and cheaper . they can affect people b..... when 19 months old she was --> c 74.... a..... for copper d. than copper c.. effectively brand-name products b. . as copper b. carry off slaves. It b... even if people merely brush against the plants.

b. the molders one c. who is one of the molders d. the molders who is the one --> a 81. ............. occasions for congratulations. a. Birthdays that usually considered b. Usually considering birthdays c. Birthdays are usually considered d. That considered birthdays usually --> c 82. Forty-niners ............. to California for gold in 1848. a. rushed b. are rushed c. have rushed d. rushing --> a 83. In order for people to work together effectively, they need ............. each other's needs. a. to be sensitive to b. is sensitive for c. sensitivity d. sensitive --> a 84. It is good form to use the name of the person .............. a. who are greeting b. you are greeting c. which you are greeting d. greeting for you --> b 85. ............. the promotion of health and to helping people avoid injury and disease. a. To commit the Red Cross b. The Red Cross to commit c. Committed to the Red Cross is d. The Red Cross is committed to --> d 86. People usually can get a sufficient amount of the calcium their bodies ............. from the food they consume. a. need b. needs c. needing d. to need --> a 87. It is possible ............. may assist some trees in saving water in the winter. a. the leaves are lost b. when leaves have lost

c. that the loss of leaves d. to lose leaves --> c 88. Hollywood, the heart of America's motion picture industry, ............. of Los Angeles a century ago. a. was only a quiet suburb b. only quiet suburb was c. quiet suburb only was d. suburb was quiet only --> a 89. Kitchen appliances called blenders became ............. in the 1930s, when Stephen J. Poplawski developed a machine that excelled at making his favorite drink. a. establish b. establishing c. established d. which establish --> c 90. Built at the beginning of the century, the Library of Congress houses one of the largest ............. collections of books in the world. a. and fine b. and finest c. or finest d. yet fine --> b 91. In the preparation of fibrous material for production uses, stiff woody fibers from plants ............. fibers from animal sources. a. the most heat the b. need more heat than c. than more heat needed d. need the more heat than --> b 92. Partnership is an association of two or more individuals who ............. together to develop a business. a. worked b. they work c. work d. working --> c 93. Chosen as the nation's capital at the end of the American Civil War, ............. a city of over a million people. a. Washington, D.C., is now b. for Washington, D.C., c. to Washington, D.C., d. now in Washington, D.C., --> a

94. Within an area of only 100 miles, Death Valley sinks to 282 feet below sea level while Mount Whitney ............. to a height of 14,494 feet. a. soaring b. soar c. soared d. soars -> d 95. The cosmopolitan flavor of San Francisco is enhanced by ............. shops and restaurants. a. an ethnic b. its many ethnic c. its ethnicity d. ethnicity --> b 96. ............. that increasing numbers of compact-disc players will be bought by consumers in the years to come. a. They are anticipated b. In anticipation c. Anticipating d. It is anticipated --> d 97. Birds all over the world ............. in distances up to thousands of miles. a. migrating b. migrated c. migrate d. are migrated --> c 98. Cellulose, which ............. for making paper, can be found in all plants. a. is used b. uses c. are used d. is using --> a 99. ............. , human beings have relatively constant body temperature. a. Alike all mammal b. Alike all mammals c. Like all mammals d. Like all mammal --> c 100. So far there is no vaccine ............. in sight for the common cold. a. or curing b. has cured c. or cure d. having cured --> c

101. The Louisiana Territory, an area ............. the size of France, was bought by the United States from France for $15,000,000 in 1803. a. than more four times b. more than four times c. four times than more d. is four times more than --> b 102. Despite claims that filters and low-tar tobacco make smoking somewhat safer, in fact they only marginally reduce, ............. eliminate the hazards. a. none b. no c. not d. nor --> c 103. ............. many of the designs for the new capital were considered lost forever, Benjamin Banneker helped reproduce the original plans. a. When b. During c. If as d. How --> a 104. Few natural elements exist in ............. that they are rarely seen in their natural environments. a. such small quantities b. so small quantities c. very small quantities d. small quantity --> a 105. Generally speaking, every person ............. the potential to be a teacher, to some extent. a. has b. to have c. having d. have --> a 106. ............. business, a merger is a combination of two or more corporations under one management. a. The b. At c. On d. In --> d 107. ............. of commodities by air began in the 1920s at the same time as airmail service. a. The shipping b. A ship

c. The shipped d. To ship --> a 108. Jan Malzeliger's invention, the shoe-lasting machine, ............. production but it also cut the cost of shoe production by half. a. not only increased b. not increased only c. increased only d. only have increased --> a 109. It can sometimes ............. a home. a. to take months to sell b. take several months to sell c. selling takes several months d. to sell taking several months --> b 110. Jellyfish are probably ............. on Earth. a. most numerous predators b. the most numerous predators c. most numerous of predators d. the most predators --> b 111. In the United States ............. is the most concentrated is New Orleans. a. French influence the city b. the city where French influence c. where the city influences French d. where the French influence the city --> b 112. A log grabber has a long arm ............., which stretches out to pick up logs. a. calls a jib b. calling a jib c. a jib called d. called a jib --> d 113. A home computer ............. an opportunity for convenient and efficient work at home. a. provides b. to be providing c. which provides d. providing it --> a 114. Eli Whitney's milling machine remained unchanged for a century and a half because ............. was so efficient. a. it b. he c. of

... a.... a.... a. flying c. Once an offending allergen has been identified ..... to sleep the desire b.. Some of the rainwater from clouds evaporates before .. it is possible for the doctor to give specific desensitizing injections. which d.. the ground reaches --> a 116.... a.. fly b.... a... capabilities. Even --> b 121. means of b.. reaching the ground b.. of the means by d. by means of c.... there is a close correlation between stress and illness... how b. Some psychologists believe b. has remained important for 4. .. .000 years... wears people out and is worse than the lack of sleep itself..d.. is one of mankind's first inventions.. Although dissimilar in almost every other respect.... That d. about --> c 120.. the desire to sleep c.... by means --> b 117. the desire to sleep who --> b 118. a. ..... when c... Believed some psychologists .. a. The wheel...... reach the ground d...... children master the basics......... is flying --> b 119. birds and insects have both evolved efficient . The b... to reach the ground c..... its --> a 115.. to desire sleep is d... advanced development becomes easier.. Once c. Sometimes . tests...... to fly d.

. Parsley. Some psychologists to believe d. is often used in soups and sauces.. much b.. people there are more --> c 127. prolificity --> a 128. ---> a 123.. Perspiration increases ... An herb is inexpensive parsley... of times.. I've been to the theater . for --> a 124.. prolificacy d...... sharply. vigorous exercise or hot weather.... to drop b... than sound --> d 125. the drop may still be temporary..c.. drops --> d 126.... than sound is b.... a. that there are more people d.. more people that are c.... dropping c. collecting art today than ever before.... a..... a.... Some psychologists believing --> a 122. have dropped d..... few ... sound d.. there are that more people b.. does sound c.......... Inexpensive parsley. prolifically c.. an inexpensive herb. when c...... Parsley is an inexpensive herb c... Studies indicate .. during b. poet who would pen a verse or two at a moment's notice. Thieu Tri was a . a. at the time d.. a. prolific b....... b... herb d... Even if the unemployment rate .... Goddard developed the first rocket to fly faster ... a. ....... a.. most of d. a little c..

--> d 129. But ............... of the plays I've seen are modern. a. a few of b. a little c. most d. many --> c 130. When I studied Shakespeare, I thought his plays were ............... boring. a. a great deal of b. few c. much d. many --> c 131. .................. of Shakespeare's plays are about history. a. A few of b. Many c. Much d. A little --> b 132. They spent ............. time studying Victorian literature. a. few b. many c. a large number of d. much --> d 133. .................. popular expressions in our language have interesting background. a. Little b. Many c. A large number d. Much --> b 134. At the beginning everybody spoke English very quickly and I couldn't understand ........... But after ................. days, it is easier and .................. things I had learnt came back to me. a. much / a few / many b. a lot / little / a lot c. much / much / a great number d. many / a few / many --> a 135. They ................. in New York next week. a. arrive b. will arrive c. has arrived d. have arrived --> b

136. This is the best performance of Hamlet that I ............. in years. a. had seen b. saw c. have seen d. see --> c 137. They .......... that you are going to be late. a. will know b. know c. knew d. have known --> b 138. The people that I ................. here have been very friendly. a. to meet b. meet c. have met d. had met --> b 139. The plug has come out of the ....................... a. sock b. socket c. socking d. soccer --> b 140. She says that she .......... the bill next week. a. pays b. will pay c. has paid d. is paying --> b 141. That is the best book that I ......... on that subject. a. had read b. read c. have read d. am reading --> c 142. Yesterday I met the woman who ............... us with the work next month. a. will help b. helps c. has helped d. is helping --> a 143. That ........... the best movie that I had seen for a long time. a. will be b. has been c. is

d. was --> d 144. He said that he .............. me there at 4.30 this afternoon. a. would meet b. met c. will meet d. meets --> a 145. Maxwell .......... three dollars for the tie he bought at Macy's. a. had paid b. paid c. pays d. would pay --> b 146. The salesman was telling me that he ......... ten cars last week. a. sold b. had sold c. would sell d. has sold --> b 147. Did Bob say that he ............. from Princeton in 1951? a. would graduate b. graduates c. has graduated d. had graduated --> d 148. We bought a used car that had belonged to an old couple who used the car only when they ............ shopping. a. go b. went c. are going d. has gone --> b 149. The man who will replace Mr. Stuart ............... yesterday. a. arrives b. will arrive c. arrived d. has arrived --> c 150. We thought that they .............. to Arizona yesterday. a. would move b. moved c. will move d. had moved --> b 151. We'll wait until she..................

a. arrive b. arrives c. will arrive d. shall arrive --> b 152. Call Jack as soon as you ............. in town. a. get b. gets c. will get d. shall get --> a 153. He knows he has ……………. when he is asked to appear on TV. a. arrived b. arrives c. will arrive d. shall arrive --> a 154. I'll think about your suggestion while I .......... for you. a. am waiting b. will wait c. wait d. waits --> a 155. Before Jack leaves New York, he ............ several new plays. a. see b. saw c. has seen d. had seen --> c 156. They will be very happy when they ............... the news. a. hear b. will hear c. heard d. has heard --> a 157. I always .......... better after I have rested a while. a. feel b. feels c. will feel d. has felt --> a 158. We will have learned many new words before we ................ through this course. a. have got b. got c. get

d. will get --> c 159. It is two o'clock, and I .................. my homework yet. a. haven't finished b. didn't finish c. hadn't finished d. don't finish --> a 160. We usually go out to dinner when we ................ late. a. work b. worked c. has worked d. had worked --> a 161. She will be ready when he ..................... here. a. get b. gets c. has got d. will get --> b 162. The child always cries when his mother ........... out of the house. a. go b. goes c. will go d. has gone --> b 163. They often listen to the radio while they ............ in their car. a. is traveling b. travel c. will travel d. has traveled --> b 164. We saw several old friends while we ........... in Baltimore. a. are b. were c. has been d. will be --> b 166. Raymond ............ two new shirts when he was downtown today. a. buy b. bought c. had bought d. has bought --> b 167. After we had had breakfast, we ............ the house. a. leave

had fallen --> b 171.. a..... I'll return the books to the library if I ....... had c........ a. each statement carefully... rained c.... has fallen d. It .... has been --> a 174. rains b. had read --> d 172. have b. when I got up this morning. fall b...... rang c. was c.. has told d. has left --> b 168..b... He signed the contract after he ... tell b.... was raining --> d 170.. told c. will have d. rings b.. Jim had just turned out the lights when the doorbell . tired. am b. would have --> a . had rained d.. a.. be d... had rung --> b 173... a...... left c.... has rung d. I had heard the news before you ..... a....... read c... reads b............ time.. had left d. had told --> b 169. fell c. has read d..... me about it...... Mary was not feeling well when she .... I work so hard that I . down yesterday... a... a.

could see c. can't see d... tired.. Use the paint-brush as I . a holiday..... Everywhere I . was c.... goes c...... is b. would have . had gone --> c 176.... a.... We shall come and see you if we .. a. has been d... We couldn't play the match because the frog .... am b. have b.... you yesterday.... couldn't see --> a 179. showed c........175. has been --> b 177. I worked so hard that I . Don't handle those cups and saucers as if they .... made of iron..... looked c. a. will be --> c 182.. a.. I am standing where I ... has showed --> b 180. a....... the game.. be c... be d. a. were c... a.. had showed d.. a.. went d....... had been --> b 178.. too thick.. look b. Richard left dirty footmarks wherever he .... was d. can see b...... show b.... are b.............. has looked d.. there were dirty footmarks.. go b.... will have c. will look --> b 181.....

He enjoys ... smoke b... I can't remember ... Now. Certainly..... go c... for a walk now. work ... I don't feel like . to parties. going d...... a & c are correct --> c 186.. c & d are correct --> c 184..... a.. a......... learn b... It's worth . try writing --> b 190.. go out b.. a. a.. a. a & c are correct --> d 187...... with some friends.... trying to write c... I'm sorry.... smokes d. go b.d... going out d. try to write b.. to learn c....... meet b..... smoking --> d 185.... to go out c. her last week. English. I often avoid .... I'm interested in .... a lot.. to go b.. a..... to meet c...... to smoke c... to meeting --> c 188.... b & c are correct --> c 189. a. meeting d................ Their mother often suggests . learning d......... I think she is accustomed . eight hours a day... going d.... has had --> a 183. trying writing d....... to go c........... the thesis. Well.... a....

.. has make --> c 197.. made c... a... made in d.... me sleepy. to tell c........ It is very difficult . made --> a 192....... telling d.. a... There were signs everywhere ....... Each of these sounds .. tell c. The fabric is . warn motorists to slow c. There are so many signs along that road ..... to telling --> b 194.... a...b... is b..... warning motorists to slow b........ made from c.. in d. tell b..... a. warn motorists slowing d. with --> b 195.. makes d......... telling d.. to warn motorists slowing --> a 196.. working d. are c..... people to keep out of the grass in the park. was .... to telling --> c 193.. to working --> d 191.. He is agreeable ……………… to Nam’s proposal.... down because that road is very slippery. made of b. Either Minh or his friends …………… going to the beach today.. a...... to work c. to tell b. a material which catch fire easily.. a twin from the other.. about b.. to c.... a.... make b. a.

...... are standing --> c 201.... contains c........ an air conditioner.. stand b. whistle c... stands c.... have red --> a 199....... are playing --> b 205.. are containing --> b 202... have to --> c 203. a. play b.. is containing d. whistles b. on the left hand side of the road.... Everyone in the class .... Each of the girls .... He often ………… his dog when he comes home. a.. has red d.... One of the golf clubs .. have c.. is playing d.. has read b... ... a..... in the corner of the room at this moment. a.. were --> b 198.. a. plays c.. the piano... are answering --> b 204... the novel... Everyone of the clerks ......... contain b.... answers c.... has b. a....... is standing d.. Each of his assistants ....d. has to d.. are whistling --> a 200. I wonder why the English . is answering d. is whistling d.. a... the telephone.... One of the rooms ... have read c. punch the time clock... answer b.....

is b..... The founders of the American nature . is / is b. he . a.... A horse ......... no rule about the movement of traffic before the Pope came to visit Paris.... are c.... had driven --> a 206. has been d.... said c. makes .. He . a.... had said --> b 207.... has reversed d......... has been d. a.. a... were --> c 209. was c.. always mounted from the left... has driven d.... reverse b.. reversed c..... had been --> b 210. There . There ... drove c. was / was c... a.. are / is d... Thus a custom . a. was c... was d.......... drive b... a..... is b........ the custom after the Revolution.. legal to drive on the right. were / was --> a 211............. had been --> a 208.. it the law of the land... When Bonaparte came along. is b.. say b.... born.... the custom was grounded in good sense... only one place in the whole of England where it ..a... had reversed --> b 212.... has said d.

. has came d... lost c. I ... and now it's dirty again......... have never seen d.. came c. have just finished d... have b.. has lost d. They .. The king just ... a ghost in my life... a.... will come --> a .......... had had --> d 218. had lost --> b 215. a. have had d. never saw c.. had c. I .. have been reassured --> b 219. just finished c.... never see b. had just finished --> c 216...... Many people .... had come --> b 214....... their jobs because of the firm's collapse.. lose b.... a. was reassured c.. I will wait until you .... He waked up and down until he .. had made --> b 213...... a....... just finish b.. back.. by the returning warmth..... cleaning the floor. here yesterday.. a. has been reassured d...... had never seen --> c 217... a. came c... come b. has made d..... a. made c.b...... comes b.. dinner before coming here. has come d. is reassured b..........

......... We always take out umbrellas with us when it . would finish d. take b.. had played --> c 224... had got --> b 223. has got d. has taken d......... a. a.. I sat near the window whenever I . got c.. began c..... has risen --> c 225. begins b. to smoke.. The sun . rise b.. finishes b.. finished c.............. When will you start the trip? . there.. get b....... in the east.the piano since she was a child...220. had taken --> b 222. rose c.... played c... a bus. How long are you going to stay here? ......... She . has begun d. .. has played d.. will finish --> a 227. took c...I'm going to stay here till my brother . rises d.. his exams.... has rained d... How long do you want me to heat the oil? ....... It was raining hard when I . our tickets.... a..We'll leave as soon as we ...Heat it till it ... rains b.. had begun --> a 226.... a..... a. a.... rained c... plays b...... a. had rained --> a 221.

.. get b. this book.What did he say before he left for Paris? . a. come / fine b.. to a square with a statue in the middle... has taken d. If you have a message for him... will take --> a 231...Yes.. and my teacher says that when I ... English fluently.. ......Is your father at home? ........Please tell me how to get to the post office? . will give / gets --> d 232....By the time you . got c.Oh. will get d.. a. . speak b..... would get --> a 228.. I shall be able to speak it quite fluently.... will come / find d. have taken b.......No.. will give / get d.. will read c. home....... a. a. will speak --> a 229........ five courses.. I only have a few pages left.... give / gets b...a.Well. took c. when we . give / will get c..He said he would give me a ring as soon as he ....... he is away on business..... I . come / will find c..... . read b...Go till you . have read d.. Paris. ...... ....... will come / will find --> b 233. reaches . .. spoke c.... had read --> c 230.. .. it on your right...Are you taking English courses? .....I'm learning English. a........ ... we may find a good job. your meal will get cold... then turn left and you . a. it to him as soon as he . has spoken d..

give .... Tell us what .. a.. has talked / saw --> b 240. had happened d.... had been / have to c.. had already left / got c.... were / had to --> c 235..I have been working here for five years... sold out.. will be working c.. to the store yesterday.. had already left / had got --> b 239.... here for fifteen years..... The druggist ....... has been working --> a 236... is talking / see b....I was........... Mr.. in Chicago tomorrow. Mr...... has worked d. would reach --> b 234. work b.. When I . reached c.. Harris your message when I see him tomorrow.. I'll be able to get some pension... will send / arrive b... you a telegram as soon as we . him this morning.........How long have you been working in this firm? . a....b.. already left / had got d. happen b.... Carlson .. a. send / arrive --> a 238.. I . to another man when I . has happened --> b 237... We ....... the tickets .. already left / got b. . a..... would send / arrived c. a... was talking / saw c... had talked / saw d... happened c........I thought you were going to the concert. So I ... ... to you yesterday? a.... was / had to b..... But when I got there.......... will send / will arrive d.. will reach d..... for home when we . go back home....... a. had been / had to d..... ..

... will come / will bring b. a.. received b. will receive -->b 246..... has moved --> c 243....... moved d......... he will take the driver's name... crosses --> c 245.. crossed / were racing --> d 244... receive d..... As I . moves b... the Atlantic by the time the news reaches him. had received c.... would give --> c 241. two cars . If we . the news sooner.. If a policeman .. give b... When George ..... this afternoon.... move c.... comes / brings d... The Andersons .. crossed / raced b.. Mr...... a..... will be crossing d... a.. would see d. the street......... will come / brings --> b 242. cross b..... Brink ........ by me at full speed yesterday.. sees -->d .... we would have written to John. are crossing c. a.. comes / will bring c..... a. will see c.. see b. gave d. would give --> d 247. crossed / had raced d....b.. an accident. crossed / was racing c.. he ... will give d... his friends... Ellen the information if they had it. a.. I'm sure they ....... gave c...... into their new apartment last week. will give c. a...

a millionaire? a. tomorrow if you . would do d..... a decision without . to make / to know b. a.. it unless he had your permission.. he wouldn't lose his good job..... would not believe c. all the facts........ would not have believed d. If Carl ...... to make / knowing c. Fred ............. We are going to buy the furniture if we . the instruction.248..... a. What ........ wouldn't have done --> b 254.... making / to know . would not do c. wouldn't understand -->a 252. that job even if the manager offers it to me........ a..... will borrow d. I was reluctant .. a. weren't c.......... some money...... will not accept c... would not have believe -->c 253. would you do / were --> d 250. are you going to do / are b. I .. wouldn't be --> b 251.... a.. borrowed c........ hadn't understood d.. will not do b. will you do / was d..... were you doing to do / was c..... wasn't b. a.... I ....... it unless I had seen it with my own eyes... a... didn't understand c.. If you ........ didn't accept -->b 255.. would not accept d.................. will not believe b. would borrow -->a 249... hadn't been d......... read them again.. don't understand b...... borrow b.... don't accept b. so careless.........

a... stolen d.................. he's a very . b & c are correct --> b 257..... so travelling on the road is difficult. behave b.... The country is very . After we ..... The man was accused of ... to steal b... behaviorism -->c 262. service...... a... has tasted --> b 259................ mountain b..... a...... John's . reliable --> d 263....... mountainous --> d 260... improved at his new school.... private property... reliance d....... speed .. The company is very efficient and gives a . such a delicious meal like this.... a. a............ has been completing d... we went to the cinema.. person. has completed c. had completed --> d 258.. rely b.. behavioral c. attendance d..... attendant c. None of us .... a. attender --> c 261... tastes c. Jim always does what he says.. all our exercises. stealing c.. reliably c....... making / knowing -->b 256.............. a. behavior d.. attend b.. mountain-side d... completed b.... taste b. mountain-high c. tasted d. a... The teacher streaked the need for regular .....d.

has been so poor.... attendance d.... Most people ...... attendee --> c 266. was d. faithful c............... shall attend --> a 270..... here last night....b.... speeding c.... faithfulness -->b 265. That's why I got lost.... Since ......... I had no map....... The weather will be better with .... showers. a. would have attended b..... the Union meeting if they had had longer notice of it... pets.... Dogs are very . attend b. nation c.. faith b... the class has to be closed.... speedy d. native d.. have / will be b. costume in your country? a... were .. all right.. a.. national b.. a map.... nationality -->a 267....... will attend d. are c. occasion b. had had / would have been d.... occasional c.. The boy with his dog .... Do you have a . had / would be c. occasionally d.. a. If I .. I . a & b are correct --> c 269... would attend c. occasionality --> b 268....... is b.......... a.... speediness --> c 264.. a. a.... faithfully d.. attendant c...

has c.. their crops.... were --> b 272.. a & c are correct --> d 274... He's got a lot of books . Each of the boy ...... attracted c..... a reason --> d 276........ a...... to believe that he is not prepared for his future work. who is responsible for . rotate b... rotating d. for read --> b 273. was d. read b. This company offers a lot of .. caring of c.. build b. reason b... to rotate c.. attractive b........ a. a... In your office..... take care of b......... I heard the door .... open b........ The farmers need . reasonable c. a......... taking care of --> d 275. A new road is being ..... opening d... in my village... have b.... a... to open c... reasonably d. a.. the mail? a... jobs...... won a prize.. attract --> a 277.. to read c..... attraction d.. reading d. taking of d....... a.......--> c 271. There is .... a & b are correct --> d 278. built ..

. this fertilizer to their fields.... bored with b.c.. doing the same thing every day... a. reasonable c... are used to be b... to this kind of job? a.. a reason --> b 282....... are used to being c. American women .... preferential c.... applying c... Which would you . to build d.... prefer d..... become b.... attractive b.. reason b... attracted c.. Well.... building --> b 279.. like --> a ..... to applying --> d 281....... unpleasant to breathe. tea or coffee? a. attract --> b 283.. a. a.... independent....... attraction d. apply b.... became d...... They are ... has become --> b 280..... fond of c.... Now farmers are accustomed .. is used to be --> b 284.... the air ....... preferable --> c 285. a.... becomes c. is used to being d...... When the wastes are poured into the atmosphere... preference b...... I think that the prices here are .. reasonably d... Do you feel ........ to apply d...... afraid of d.... a.

a. is feeding the lions. will tell you if you need glasses......... nurse b. a....... The .. journalist . barber d....... wanted to write an article about me in the paper.... sells very good meat.. agent b...286. a.... assistant c... baker b. manager b..... optician --> d 293...... If my tooth doesn't stop hurting.... writer d.. attract --> a 292. actor b. pianist c.... I'll go and see my ... attraction d... She is an .......... the ... musician c.. surgeon d.... attractive b..... dentist c.... jockey --> b 289... conductor d. That . postman d.... porter --> c 290. keeper b. dentist c.. a... butcher --> d 288..... engineer --> a 291. Not many buses have a .......... where the washing powder is.... dentist b.. You usually pay the driver. attracted c.. a. a............. a. architect d......... Ask the shop . After your eye test... Look! The ... a...... conductor --> b 287.. girl... farmer c.... doctor c..

attraction d...... a... engineer --> a 295... work --> c 300.... strong c.... right when he said that the man was guilty. reasonably d.. reason b... He was ....... Another word for "entire" is .. injury c.. Another word for "damage" is . announcer --> c 294. a reason --> c 298.. He got drunk after drinking some ……………. buy c. strong d. I hope the ............. mechanic b. powerful --> b 296. surgeon d.. destroy --> c 299.......... a.... destruction d. a........ borrow b. attracted c. attractive b............... a. FIND THE MISTAKES (300 SENTENCES ) .d. attract --> c 297... drink.. hire d......... “To employ” means to . a.. a. reporter c.. clever d..... a. can repair our car quickly.. part c... wound b....... of the moon for the earth causes the tides.... The .... reasonable c.... rich b......... whole b........ completed --> a II..

It is believed for that the man escaped in a stolen car. was b. will be b. Although b. Thanks in Laura’s support.1. I was able to finish the project. finish --> b 4. passing d. Nobody whom was at the meeting will say anything to the press. on c. Not many of the person in Britain speak a single word of my language. a. Nobody b. in fact d. it. in c. to --> b 3. Here is the key. driving --> b 7. a. single d. will d. calmly c. is --> a 6. front d. Although the dog appeared harmless. Thanks b. The fox was unsuccessful on reaching the grapes. a. a. a. of --> b 5. a. Keeping b. I will be sure you didn’t lock the front door. Keeping calmly is the secret of passing your driving test. didn’t c. reaching d. was d. in fact. a. harmless c. a. was quite dangerous. many b. It is . the --> b 8. whom c. quite --> c 2. person c.

wore b. it b. annoys --> a 13. a. a. when c. a. other d. would d. Brian! It really annoys me. The critics were strong impressed by her performance. some d. a. to c. I think you should tolerant of other people’s weaknesses. a. across --> a 12. Sarah wore dark glasses so to that no one would recognize her. performance --> b 11. in --> b 9. I do wishes you would stop biting your nails. by d. should tolerant c. are c. They had to be dismantle the vehicle to get them across the gorge. wishes b. strong c. think b. must --> b 10. biting d. to get d. be b. paper --> d 15. weaknesses --> b . a. escaped d. I must congratulate you. for c. I think that you are drawn up some excellent plans.b. would c. think b. vehicle c. critics b. a. I found it when I was looking through some old paper. was looking d. her --> b 14.

He very much surprised me when he said he was loving me. living b. words --> b 19. although c. My friend was crazy although he was informed of the news of his mother’s death. very much b. much d. Throughout his speech. a. crazy b. within --> b 17. equality d. speech c. a. a.16. earnest b. The old man is expecting with pleasure the visit of his grandchildrens. a. grandchildrens --> d 22. the boys were deeply attention. a. was loving --> d 20. expecting c. a. said d. death --> b 23. with --> c 18. The soldier leaped into the water so soon as the ship touched the shore. pleasure d. The cost of living has increasing so much that he finds it difficult to live within his income. am b. Throughout b. deeply d. I am sure he shan’t fail to keep his words. old b. Uncle Ho’s earnest desire was that our country might progress at equality rate with other countries in the world. to keep d. a. informed d. me c. increasing c. might c. attention --> d 21. . shan’t c.

fondness b.a. can’t --> c 26. a. how --> b 29. a. people b. Winning b. Winning that prize have made him very conceited. are promising . for c. in c. but c. don’t d. he hasn’t successed. a. is c. Although b. a. loves c. him d. Although he is industrious. a. proficiency --> c 25. so c. a. Her handwriting is so badly that I can’t read. he loves dismantling things to see how they worked. conceited --> b 28. badly d. a. so soon as d. When he was a child. are moving b. into c. His fondness for the game increase with his proficiency. have c. successed --> d 27. to see d. on --> d 30. increase d. When b. leaped b. handwriting b. industrious d. touched --> c 24. We are moving to Bristol next week but we are promising to stay in contact with you. English people in general don’t like complaining on public.

I expect you will be surprised to get a letter from my. It is very bored. any --> a 38. an c. such c. would c. hard b. Last Wednesday I had an accident when I was driving to the work. a. a.d. A child run out in front of my car. started d. the --> d 36. I will pick you up. a. into --> b 37. It was hard not to start laughing when she started to singing. had d. a. were --> b 34. a. had b. with --> c 31. laughing c. when d. this d. a. infecting c. If b. behind d. More b. singing --> d 32. bored b. will c. my --> d 35. a. expect b. . out b. with d. and I would be pleased to see you if you had any spare time. It is pointless to have that old typewriter repair. If you will go to the party with us. More people are infecting with HIV this year than they were 5 years ago. and I had to stop such suddenly that the car behind crashed into me. will go c. will pick --> b 33. to get d.

than d. bank --> b 42. If you don’t want Sally to be angry with you. journey b. was c. a. a. be . The train journey from London to Bristol take two hours. open --> b 44. suggested --> d 43. pointless b. to leave d. a. I suggested you apologise. a. was b. a. have c. don’t c. a. a. meaningfully --> d 41. The b. hours --> c 45. to be d. The sea was so rough that the ferry can’t sail. for b. take d. can’t --> d 40. as c. that d. needn’t b. If b. to see d. George is not nearly as energetic than he used to be. nearly b.a. careful c. repair --> d 39. He lives for the others and he finds his life meaningfully. finds d. that d. You needn’t to make an appointment to see the bank manager. to make c. It was careful of you to leave the window open last night. others c. to c.

typing d. Its lack of irregular verbs makes Esperanto an unique language. If only b. between d. a. bears c. exam --> c 48. Perhaps b. enough d. a. might pass d. a. If only you had tried harder. Perhaps no one will ever know what did happened that fateful night. She was dismissed because her typing was poorly. which b. difference c. Its b. France b. to --> a 51. an --> d 53.--> c 46. He can speak France well enough to go to the conference. Karajan was the first person recognizing her extraordinary musical gift. was b. well c. with --> d 50. a. ever . The man in which painting bears a strong resemblance to my uncle. first c. had tried c. poorly --> d 49. She doesn’t know the difference between margarine with butter. dismissed c. was b. a. recognizing d. a. strong d. a. doesn’t b. to --> a 47. musical --> c 52. a. verbs c. makes d. you might pass the exam.

and this led to his ill. this year’s d. insurance c. Alan worked too hard at the office.c. more c. In the event. ill --> d . persuasive d. was b. He speaks more persuasive than his brother does. In b. worked b. let d. He forgotten about the gun until he got home. of c. hard c. a. speaks b. be --> d 58. a. champion --> d 56. a. technology d. in --> b 55. had done b. parents c. to go --> d 57. If he had done his homework. a. There was another revolutionary in microchip technology in 1971. stands b. forgotten b. gun c. a. did d. No one stands a chance of beating Mansell in this year’s champion. got --> a 60. took d. revolutionary c. the extra insurance we took out wasn’t be necessary. that --> c 54. until d. a. this d. does --> c 59. his parents might have let him to go to the party. a.

at d. things went to wrong. complete c. It takes a ship approximately eight hours to complete the trip through the canal and cost an average of fifteen thousands dollars. myself c. You can eat as much as you like at the newly lunch-bar. a. a. a. in c. but you are wrong. haven’t b. things d. Immediately b. dislike d. a. Immediately after his arrival. thousands --> d 65. noisy --> d 67. for --> c 62. jolly d. I haven’t enjoyed myself so many for years. use b. through d. a. is c. much c. eat b.61. approximately b. There have been an increase in road-accidents in the last few years. prefer b. arrival c. a. to --> d 63. my d. a. a. My parents prefer to live in the countryside because they dislike the noisy and traffic of the city. many d. You think that fat people is always jolly. newly --> d 64. wrong --> b 66. of --> c 68. I have to use the public telephone because my is out of order. public c. that b. have .

correct --> b 74. smoking d. When b. few --> a 69. Thank you very much for your letter who arrived a few days ago. anything d. this --> c 70. increase c. for c. to try c. sorry b.b. When the boy was twelve. was c. a. you b. Everyone b. of d. road-accidents d. produce d. a. been --> b . a. a. of b. such d. his father died of a dangerous diseases. when c. for --> a 72. It began to rain when the manager had got out of the office this morning. a few --> c 75. with --> d 73. that c. who d. to c. a. Everyone but to Jane failed to produce the correct answer. began b. diseases --> d 71. a. It’s a waste of time to try and explain anything with Tony. a b. Most of doctors agree that smoking is bad for your health. had got d. a. I’m sorry I haven’t wrote for such a long time but I’ve been very busy. wrote c.

It was in very bad conditional and it needed a lot of work. an c. a. hour-warming d. be b. I think you should be tolerant of other people’ weaknesses.76. a. a. very --> b 78. Please be give me a ring and let me know if you can make it. and d. comes c. making c. needed d. Everyone who comes to this city notice the beauty of its architecture. has b. Tina has an habit of upsetting people unintentionally. to give c. We have finished most of the it now and it looks very nice. notice d. of d. a. in b. who b. let c. have b. more --> b 81. in --> d 79. a. a lot of --> b 77. the c. a. a. be . think b. to buy d. I was reluctant making a promise to buy more goods from the same company. unintentionally --> b 83. make --> a 80. conditional c. finished b. reluctant b. Peter and I have decided to give an hour-warming in May 3rd. its --> c 82. a. know d.

since --> d 89. The b. be b. boy’s --> b 86. The meeting was be rearranged shortly before it had been due to take place. were c. precisely d. a. problem b. The Minister gave no precisely figures about the casualties. before d. a. to --> a 85. only c. about c. a. casualties --> c 87. theatre audiences d. different . shows c. shortly c. They’ve been arguing about the motor-way extension since years. Every b. The new musical has been delighted theatre audiences throughout the country. beginning --> a 90. of d. I am afraid our problem are only just beginning. Recent research shows that we use for the left and right hemispheres of our brain for different mental functions. a. a. to find d. Every possible effort were made by the orphanage to find the boy’s parents. a. throughout the country --> b 88. extension d. just d. has been delighted c. no c. a. for d. The new musical b. Recent b. people’ --> d 84. been b.c.

thought b. wait b. I thought it was a beautiful color. Our present financial problems will soon been a thing of the past. much --> d 94. . a. People no longer smoke so much cigarettes as they used to. only b. problems c. just before they died in that terrible train accident. terrible --> b 93. over c. Tibbs only since last week. but I don't like it any much. I spoke to Colonel and Mrs. When b. Cheques should only be accept with proof of identity. been d. If we wait long. The first thing we notice about this people is that their needs were not at all supernatural. finally d. financial b. thought c. is d. a. to b. We have been thought the matter over and have finally come to a decision. will get c. of --> c 92. just d. a. to --> a 96. thing b. we will get what we do want. a. identity --> b 98. a d. When I bought it. since c. this c. do --> d 95. accept c. a. a. at all --> b 97.--> c 91. of d. what d. a.

a. Your friends are taken in his fantastic story of having get to the Pole alone. understand c. get d. fantastic c. into c. a. has gone b. His shop has gone into business after making heavy losses. astronauts b. so much c. to --> c 101. alone --> c 105. any --> c 102. a. It's not necessary to have any previous experience to apply in the job. She was one of five astronauts on the space shuttle "Challenger". that d. on c. The successful of our local theatre has put our city on the map. in --> c 104. losses --> b 103. as d. are b. would b. no longer b. in --> d 100. events d. a. a. It would not be surprising if some form of memory of such an important events should survive to this day. making d. to have b. that completed a successful six-day voyage in space in June 1983. leaving d. local . experience d. successful b.a. memory c. She gave me to understand she would leaving any day. gave b. any c. used to --> b 99. a. a.

I wear thickness glasses because I didn’t take proper care of my eyesight when I was young. on d. thickness b. has put d. skinny c. a. for b.c. proper c. it’s me. who is also my classmate. me --> a 108. a. My name is Fang Yaorong and I would be 12 on the first of June this year. a. continuously d. Every morning. is known --> d 112. a. a. in c. Water on the earth is being recycled continuously in a process is known as the hydrologic cycle. Primary --> a 111. of --> a 109. on --> a 106. I attend for school in the morning at Ghim Moth Primary School. eyesight d. when --> a 110. walked . is being recycled c. a. would b. at d. more b. If you see ever a tall and skinny Chinese boy with a mole on his chin. ever b. a. mole d. the earth b. I walked to school with my neighbor John. the more it brings to home to me how relevant history is for us today. be c. about c. to d. The more I read about history. for --> c 107.

the old city d. since 95 percent of the earth's water is in the ocean and are too salty for human beings or plants. to c. neighbor d. for d. also --> a 113. the most scenic --> c 117. said be the most scenic in the country. Dent station is situated on the Seatle to Carliste railway line. over --> c 116. be d. models c. is situated b. We have never stayed in such the expensive hotel before. a. was b. A fire has destroyed most of the old city of London in the 1600s. Chemicals liked sulfuric acid and soda were manufactured long before man began to understand the nature of the atom. Most of the models were given for me over the years. This groundwater is extremely important to life on earth. The manager was very astounding when they told him about the robbery. a. a. the d. were c. long d. have b. are d. extremely b. astounding . for --> c 114. has destroyed c. never c. liked b. before --> c 118. Most b. a. in --> b 119. with c. a. A b.b. railway line c. a. a. began --> a 115.

c. when d. about --> b 120. Winners were greatly honored by having olive wreaths placed on their heads and having poems singing about their deeds. a. honored b. having c. placed d. singing --> d 121. A country can’t be prosperously if it’s not quite independent. a. A b. prosperously c. quite d. independent --> b 122. They went on smoking all through during the meal. a. went on b. smoking c. during d. meal --> c 123. These new machine have put an end to queuing. a. These b. machine c. an d. to --> b 124. The instructions say you just add boiling waters to the soup powder. a. instructions b. just c. boiling d. waters --> d 125. The house seemed to have been unoccupying for several months. a. seemed b. been c. unoccupying d. for --> c 126. You must drive more slowly than in town. a. must b. more c. slowly d. than --> d

127. Be sure to say goodbye to your grandmother before you will leave. a. to say b. to c. before d. will leave --> d 128. The rate of inflation has fallen steadily during recently months. a. inflation b. fallen c. steadily d. recently --> d 129. Most people consider that stealing was wrong. a. Most b. that c. stealing d. was --> d 130. Dickens’s last novel was unfinished when he had died. a. Dickens’s b. last c. unfinished d. had died --> d 131. Please would you to send me further details, of the job advertised? a. Please b. to send c. further d. advertised --> b 132. Children learn a lot about how to behave in a situation as this. a. about b. to behave c. in d. as --> d 133. I write to his almost every day. a. write b. to c. his d. almost --> c 134. Even though I admire his courage, I think he has been foolish. a. Even though b. admire c. think

d. has been --> d 135. We would get the job finished much quicker if everyone worked as hardly as everyone else. a. would get b. much quicker c. as hardly as d. everyone else --> c 136. One of the patients in a local hospital has one typhoid. a. patients b. in c. local d. one --> d 137. I think cycling is preferable with walking. a. cycling b. preferable c. with d. walking --> c 138. He said he disapproved of people which smoked. a. said b. disapproved c. of d. which --> d 139. You can’t possible expect me to have supper ready by 8 o’clock. a. possible b. expect c. to have d. ready --> a 140. I had been looking for this book for months and at last I have found it. a. had been b. for c. at last d. have found --> a 141. I am writing to tell you how much I had enjoyed the few hours I spent with you and your family yesterday evening. a. am writing b. how much c. had enjoyed d. spent --> c

142. I have been in England for the beginning of October and this was my first invitation to dinner with an English family. a. have been b. for c. was d. with --> b 143. I found the conversational most interesting and was glad to practise my English. a. found b. conversational c. interesting d. glad --> b 144. I would also like congratulating you on your excellent cooking. a. also b. congratulating c. on d. cooking --> b 145. I was very gratefully for all the helpful information you gave me about the courses in English. a. very b. gratefully c. information d. about --> b 146. I hope to find a suitable school within the next few day. a. to find b. suitable c. within d. day --> d 147. The English courses will not be too hard to me to study. a. courses b. will not c. too d. to --> d 148. Would please you give my best wishes to your husband and children? a. please b. give c. best d. to --> a 149. Thank you again with an extremely pleasant evening.

a. Thank b. with c. extremely d. pleasant --> b 150. A house in that district will cost you at less $200,000. a. in b. district c. will cost d. at less --> d 151. Although both his legs were broken on the crash, he managed to get out of the car before it exploded. a. were b. on c. to get d. exploded --> b 152. The patient recovered more rapidly than expecting. a. recovered b. rapidly c. than d. expecting --> d 153. As soon as the ship arrived safe at the airport, the victims were taken to hospital. a. As soon as b. safe c. were taken d. hospital --> b 154. We would put out to sea if the weather is good. a. would b. out c. to d. if --> a 155. Do not blame me if the tin-opener is break. a. Do not b. blame c. if d. is break --> d 156. Please check in damage before signing the delivery note. a. in b. damage

do not panic. More than 1. annoyed --> b 163. that b. educational d. If things go wrong. promotion d. is --> b 158. promised b. things b. marathon --> b 162. granted d. that . You can use it as length as you like. 1. can use b. until c. celebrated b. James. a. in d. as length as c.000 runner participated in this year’s Manchester marathon. signing d. you like d. children c.c.000 runner c. took b. wherever you do. More than b. The way he took everything she does for granted really annoyed her. a. would c. a. wherever d. and it will not wear out. a. a. John did not celebrated a party until he received the offer of promotion in writing. delivery --> a 157. The fact that every children has the same educational opportunities is essential. wear out --> b 160. a. does c. The personnel promised him that she would not tell anyone that he has been in prison. writing --> a 159. a. go c. panic --> c 161.

I realised that I had left my book in the room. that d. a. what c. wrote b. have lost --> b 166. People whose live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. times b. we would all fly off it. has been --> d 164. received d. If b. traveling c. a. In my arrival home. had left --> a 165. realised d. have finished c. really b. of --> b . by d. whose b. experiences --> a 168. stones --> a 167. to spin c. If the earth suddenly stopped to spin. off --> b 170. I wrote to him last week but so far I received no reply to my letter. a. He spent most of his times traveling around the world and now he is writing about his experiences.d. arrival c. a. a. My father is going to be really angry what he finds out that I have lost the car key. to --> c 169. In b. so far c. This building will have finished by the end of 2000. is writing d. glass c. will b. a. shouldn’t d. a. would d.

an toothache --> d 176. until d. went b. be moved d. had bought c. My father is tired of living in the city although he wants to live in a quiet village. a. like --> a 177. Jeremy invents frequently ridiculous stories like that. Never b. although d. the patient would have died. heard b. Although Bob didn’t speak Dutch. We had no sooner left the house when it began to rain. didn’t speak c. a. because c. a. stories d. had b. Without . got --> c 172. tired b. a. settling --> d 178. a. frequently b. She went to the dentist because she got an toothache. ridiculous c. to live --> c 175. a. began --> c 173. when d. a. got d. a. Never to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. he decided settling in Amsterdam. no sooner c. what --> b 174. Without for this treatment. of c.171. to put c. decided d. I heard that you had bought that house and be moved there before you got your promotion. Although b.

are b. I can’t describe people as well as you could. a. John asked Oliver if she could remember what she had put the camera. but only about six of them are major language of the world. confidently c. didn’t given b. if c. really --> c 183. was scared b. to tell c. describe b. would have died --> b 179. has become b. a. a. asked b. The farmers are simply trying to fatten the animals in order that obtain a higher price on the market.b. Jack has become confidently as a result of his success. his success --> b 185. as d. people c. There are about 3. six of them d. I was scared to tell him what me really thought. on --> c 180. living languages c. a. to fatten c. simply b. He didn’t given any reason for his strange behavior that day. language --> d 184. what --> d 181. a.000 living languages in the world today. as well as d. could --> d 182. me d. in order that d. any reason c. a. for c. patient d. a. strange . could d.

about d. had lost b. on c. A lot of b. to contact d. A lot of things keep stopping me for walking. a. directed . recently c. throughout d. There’s b.d. a. walking --> c 188. criticism d. Some improvement have recently been made in the bus service in this town. improvement b. musical b. with --> d 192. before --> c 187. for d. that day --> a 186. a. in --> a 191. stopping c. has d. The new musical has taken theatre audiences throughout the country with storm. believe b. that c. I had lost his phone number so I couldn’t to contact him before. audiences c. a. computer --> b 190. finally --> c 189. quiet c. a. She couldn't believe that she has finally found her brother. The invention of the transistor on 1948 brought about a revolution in computer development. a. invention b. a. been d. so c. There’s quiet a lot of criticism directed at the police nowadays.

has b. As the teacher talked to us. good c. that c. finally c. commands d. a. a. talked c. accepting --> d 198. for b. position c. I am very glad that you have chosen for me. that c. As b. pretended d. unable d. a. very b. As pay and conditions are gooder there I am turning down your offer. found d. have chosen d. bent over --> b 196. conditions b. spoken --> c 194. was --> a 195.--> b 193. for --> d 197. take up b. a. a. time . another d. gooder c. a. down --> b 200. soon --> a 199. afraid b. I am afraid that I am unable accepting the offer. there d. where b. I pretended to drop a pencil and bent over. I shall be take up a similar position with another company soon. Her reaction where she finally found her brother was one of disbelief. a. She has a good commands of spoken English. a. Thank you for the time what you gave to my application.

what d. destroy b. a. made c. was caused --> a 204. to fill --> b 202. to kill --> b 205.c. not to playing d. to keep d. at once --> a 207. from c. smoking d. were moved b. It is be important that your brother should stop smoking at once. that c. be important b. a. would find c. sure b. The destroy of the old city London in 1600s was caused by a fire. The rough sea b. in d. to --> c 201. be unable d. I am sure you would find a suitable applicant to fill the vacancy. with tears c. in the street --> c . to sail --> c 203. a. borrow b. The policeman ordered the children not to playing football in the street. city c. The spectators were moved with tears when they saw the Prince to kill himself. You can borrow the book from him if you promise to keep it cleanly. suitable d. ordered b. when d. a. The rough sea made the ferry be unable to sail. a. cleanly --> d 206. the children c. a. a.

am b. point --> d 213. on d.208. a. to climb that mountain c. something d. so --> d 214. will be done d. reaching d. . a. next year --> c 209. most all b. a. wrong b. Another attempt b. for d. If the atmosphere is polluted. Another attempt to climb that mountain will be done next year. On b. giving d. to read c. be done --> d 215. is polluted b. energy c. may be --> c 211. of c. Lastly you seem to suggest doing nothing in of case the scientists are wrong. more d. was b. It’s wrong of you giving her a chance to talk. with c. On the contrary we need to make the public more aware of so danger. a. on the authorities c. a. the solar energy that reaching the earth may be dangerous. a. to make c. I was very interested to read your article for global warming in the newspaper. We most all put pressure on the authorities if we want something be done. I am afraid I don’t agree with you on a number of point. a. in --> c 212. to talk --> c 210.

at least d. to make c. into c. to suggest c. on --> b 219. will find --> d 217. in of case --> d 216. a bit d. a. under --> a 218. on the tube --> a 222. There are a ban on smoking on the tube. if they are right. on c. Lastly b. both ends d. Julia has to work very hard to make both ends to meet. I will not able to go to the art exhibit with you tonight because I am a bit under the weather. When NASA decided to put a woman into space. that --> c 221. it will be too late by the time we will find out. Well.a. I may not have my problem to solve but at least I know I am on the right track. a. are b. to meet --> d 220. may not b. to solve c. will be c. He cannot come to terms with the fact that he would never race again. a. will not able b. a. if b. to put b. nothing d. none of the Sally's friends were surprised that they chose Sally. very hard b. a. come . a. by the time d. to go c. the d. smoking d. a.

playing --> c 228. minister’s b. would --> d 223. The café b. on --> c 227. The last day of the holiday will ended in disaster. That dress has only the most slight mark on it. to get up b. a. as well as d. with d. a. of the holiday c. in a mess c. The minister’s popular suffered as a result of the scandal. a. decide d. will ended d. were b. when --> c 224. only c. People in Spain are very friendly with visitors and we weren't able to speak Spanish when we stayed there. a. The last day b.b. with c. have to d. up --> c 225. a. a. in disaster --> c 226. The café was in a mess and we have to do it up. a. and d. My decision to get up and dance coincided with the band’s decide to stop playing. They were just as well as we had expected. That b. the most slight d. as . with c. to c. just c. had expected --> c 229. popular c. are b.

help c 236. pleased c. final c 237. Most stories will accept a credit card instead by cash. is d. a. will accept c. The teacher agreed introducing the new methods. Mandy is exciting about going to Greece on holiday. a. Harry’s parents b. cash c 232. forgive . on a 235. against d. about c. Local residents said they are against the new traffic scheme. a. a. a. on c. Our opinions b. for d. I would like to thank your brother of his help. exciting b. agreed c. identical c 233. Most b.d. of b 230. would like b. to thank c. Harry’s parents were not pleased for his failure in the final examination. to d. are c. a. Please forgive me for broke your camera. a. The teacher b. introducing d. of d. traffic b 234. Local b. the new methods c 231. instead by d. Our opinions on the subject is identical. a.

a. so we won’t join for you. are busy b. fly a plane c 239. would be b.b. to able to d. We are busy. won’t d. He lost his money simple because he wasn’t careful. careful b 243. be annoying d 240. your camera c 238. if c. a. Don’t shout all the time. so c. lost b. simple c. going d. nice c. so c. not c. I regrets not going to university. to a 241. We didn’t hurry. alone c 242. because d. broke d. a. it’s so be annoying! a. all the time c. me c. It would be nice to able to fly a plane. a. the train c 244. will call b. so d. miss d. a. for d . so we miss the train. Don’t shout b. regrets b. don’t left d. I will call the police if you don’t left me alone. hurry b. a.

was --> b 252. I will tell you my news when I will see you tomorrow. I think you would have succeeded now. moving d 250. a. a. a. a. The boy b. I wouldn’t have been able to moving the table. If you had done as I told you. will phone b. since d. to listen d. While b. am b. there c 251. regret b. While Diana watched her favorite television program. a. think d. choose c. didn’t c. Without Jack’s help. favorite d. arrived d. when . Jack’s help c. Without b. to you b 247. my c. as c. as soon as c. to c 249. too poor c. watched c. wouldn’t have been d. I will phone you as soon as I arrived there. had done b. going d. a. a. started c 248. there was a power cut. a. I regret I didn’t choose English since I started secondary school. I am afraid I didn’t have time to listen to you.245. will tell b. The boy is too poor going to school. would have succeeded d 246.

Our b. like d 258. Our new teacher gave an interesting lecture at Spain history. You can’t withdraw any money unless you don’t show us your identity card. a. such c. . any c. a. is b. She has so many money that she can buy whatever she wants to. a. interesting d. a. such b. The scientist b. the day before c 260. so many c. don’t show d. There are such many places of interest in London that Jane can’t decide where to go first. can’t d. who c. a.d. a. has b. interest c. wanted b. a. He wanted to know if had I seen Mary the day before. She decided to go to bed because the television program was bored. boring d. where --> a 254. can’t withdraw b. gave c. has been trying d. whatever b 257. It is such a boring book that nobody like it. can buy d. had d. identity c 256. at --> d 255. if c. to stop c 259. The scientist wanted to know who has been trying to stop the experiment. will see --> d 253.

the best d 265. a. clearly a 262. before b 264. amusing d. John has visited Hawaii and Alaska. the most boring d. to go b. had ever heard d 266. I have never had a most amusing song book than this one before. and he assures me that he likes Alaska the best. Give the package to whomever has authority to sign for it. on d. television d. bored d 261. were surprised . this is c. Don't b. at d. that d. most c. was b. assures c. so many c. The children were surprised when the teacher made them to close their books. very b. Don't you think this is the most boring song you had ever heard? a. because c. This fridge is very old to keep things at a proper temperature. a. to keep c.a. temperature a 267. never b. whomever b. has visited b. a. a. a. it a 263. has c. to sign d. There was so many people in front of me that I couldn’t see all the singers on the stage clearly. a.

In my opinion b. were pleased b. to be d. since c. a. a. a. a. him d.b. Jane gave up to smoke because she wanted to save money. badly c. already feels b. to close d 268. a. to save b 273. to watch c. such talented d. I came here so as to I could see you. star . In my opinion that girl is enough beautiful to be a movie star. gave up b. We believe that she already feels very badly about her mistake. to perform d 269. came b. to a 272. made d. didn’t see b. put b. because d. moved d. in c. enough c. a. a. I didn’t see Nancy since she moved to London. about d. you b 274. when c. mistake b 270. We were pleased to have the opportunity to watch such talented dancers to perform a highly new ballet. so as to c. to get c 271. I put the food in the fridge because I wanted him to get cold. could d. to smoke c.

to prevent d. a. to escape d 277. It is a common saying that we do not full value a thing until we lose it. no longer b. not d. it c 276. a. wastes c. common b. no longer b. fence c. will lose b 281. full . seldom b. picked up b. a. working d. with c 280. cigarettes b 278. She no longer wastes time to chatter with her friends. We put up a fence to prevent the rabbit to escape. a. in c. aren’t b. has gone b. so that d. I picked up the vase carefully so as to not break it. late b 279. He seldom come to class late. The new workers aren’t used for the working conditions here. to chatter d. come c. She has gone in a diet so that she will lose weight. didn’t c. put up b. a. They no longer didn’t smoke cigarettes. a.b 275. a. smoke d. to d. carefully c. a. here --> b 282. for c.

study b.c. When b. until d. a --> a 284. any more --> d 286. beautiful d. considering c. more than d. Mary is finally used to cook on electric stove. so that c. which b. any other b 288. down c. is b. She is no longer a beautiful girl any more. had to d. which car broke down. Mary. a. When I heard the telephone ring. is b. I study English so that to improve my knowledge. equal d. talks c. a. to cook d. to improve d. ring c. the goods can be exchanged. I will answer it immediately. a. my knowledge c . lose b 283. finally c. is b. It is not true that the British talks about the weather more than any other nation. will answer d. a. had to take a taxi. When b. be --> b 285. on c 287. a. a. When considering of equal value. immediately c 289. a. a c.

outside c. mother b. showing d. a. was standing b. and d. a. We are going to invite a person who has special skill showing you how to control this machine. Stevens. appeal to all of c 296. so does d 294. a. to get c. The mother smiled happy and took the baby in her arms. with her cousins b. to invite b. Amanda finally managed to get a good job. How much times did Lan and Mai have to do the experiment? a. did Lan and Mai c. A b. do not d. when d. to attend c 297. a. A lunch of soup and sandwiches do not appeal to all of the students. How long . Jane was standing outside a shop when I was seeing her. from c. took d. to control c 293. who c. are planning to attend the festivities. of soup c. are d. happy c. and so does Nancy. along with her cousins from Mexico. have to d. Mrs. was seeing d 291. a. a.290. How much b. in b 292. do a 295. How long is it since they buy the house? a. finally b.

. Nearly d 2. a. GRAMMAR (400 SENTENCES) 1. satisfaction c... Near of c. unsafely d.. . a. a. buy d 298. satisfactory d. every child in the school passed the swimming test.. The captain as well as the passengers ……………. knowing c. be b. We won’t get to the airport in least than 30 minutes... a. lost c 300... satisfied b.. Despite knowing the area well.. a. Despite b. won’t get b.. frightened. The men continued to feel unsafely until he crossed the border.b..... She can look back on her career with great ……………... a. I got be lost... were c . Near to b.... Next to d. is c. be d. men b. to c. been c.. was d. since d. continued c.. in d. least than d 299. crossed c 800 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE C I. satisfactorily b 3.

had taught c. than that of a teacher d. a. are a 7. Ann has got two sisters. are d 5........ at this school before they became interpreters. is d. the same c... ... Each learner of English ……………... have c. were taught b 8. to compare as a teacher c 9. Both of them …………….4. nor fame. brought happiness to everybody. are a 6. A computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance . a misunderstanding. a.. They …………………….. is d. needs b. have c. taught d. canceling d.... married. in comparison with the salary of a teacher b. a.. nor wealth ……………. an appointment. its capacity to store information.. has b.. has b. as well --> c 11... many embarrassing situations occur .. the same as b. In a new culture. is d. to cancel b.. canceled a 10. as well as d.. a good dictionary. a. a. have taught b. a.. Professional people expect you to call them when it is necessary ………………….. Money. a.. The salary of a bus driver is much higher ……………. than a teacher c... cancel c.. need c...

meet b.... prospectively b.. fewer than infrared rays as b.... so is Uranus d....... more frequently as b.. a...... a. that gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill and that the California Gold Rush began... Mount Rushmore can be ..... and . Because in 1848 b. because --> c 12......on adjacent hills..... see b..... I’d like you .... frequently than --> c 16.. a..... meeting d. to meet c. Cold objects emit . a. my family this weekend.... a. a....a.. from more than 100 kilometers away.. been seen d. prospective b 15. as frequently than c... It was in 1848 --> d 14. That in 1848 c.. Frost occurs in valleys and on low grounds ... fewer infrared rays than ... prospects c. so does Uranus b.. Neptune is an extremely cold planet..... hot objects... for b...... a. because of d. In 1848 that it was d.... ..... Uranus so --> c 13........ to meeting --> b 18... of c. prospector d. saw c. more frequently than d. seen --> d 17......... The job has no ……………. so has Uranus c.......

should b 24.. are c. arriving here tonight. in the United States. is b. …………….. and sulfur. charcoal. the conditions for entry into the college. compelled to make a smaller model in order to compete in the market.. care d. therefore. Green. development c. were b. New York city has played a vital role. a. Gunpowder. She has ……………. careful c. a. along with his friends. satisfactory d.c. satisfaction c. in some ways the most effective of all the explosive materials. careless a 21. a mixture of potassium nitrate. luxury car ………. In the relatively short history of industrial ……………. ……………. a. a. satisfied b.. had been c. fewer infrared rays as d. As the demand increases. will d. Mr. carefully b.. as fewer infrared rays --> b 19. developing d. were a 20. you must listen very …………. had d. The statement will be spoken just one time. manufacturers who previously produced only a large. develop b 23. a. was d. in order to understand what the speaker has said. is b. satisfactorily a . are c.. a. developed b. was d 22.

so c. who d. Signor Risponso's fame rested on the breadth of his range. In spite with c.. so as b 31..25.. pictures from the top of the empire state building are two reasons for visiting New York city. to learn a foreign language in a week. You can’t ……………. a description of c. Despite with a 30. any other tenor. ………… rain or snow there are always more than fifty thousand fans at the football games. new objects and concepts. as large as c.. living or dead.. which was . a.. a. Despite of d.. taking b. greater than that of b. high in urban areas that most young people cannot afford to buy them. expect d. take . New words are constantly being invented ……………. as b. For the first time in the history of the country. a. such d.. whose c.. the person …………… was recommended by the president to replace a retiring justice on the supreme court is a woman. expectant b.. expectation c 29. a. a.. to describe b. more greater d. To see the statue of liberty and ……………... they describe d. a. a. broader than the one of --> a 27. describe a 28. expected c... whom c 26. The prices of homes are ……………. which b. Despite b.

may be trigger a 37. than those d. pain. of sitting on the beach all day. whether we thought that the statistics had been presented fairly and accurately. a. attract b. that are dried in the sun. to take d 32. mine d. with d. by a 34. to b. taken d. a. or infections.. attractively c 33. my b 38. I can’t see the ……………. may triggered c.. Henry and ……………. a. both / as well as b. Since infection can cause …………… fever ……………. may be triggered b. I b. as c. it is a good idea to check a patient's temperature. of b. attractive c.c. drugs. both / with d.. both / and d 36. Factoring is the process of finding two or more expressions whose product is equal …………… the given expression. those b. ones c 35. me c. ……………. Schizophrenia. a. stress. a. with . Bricks baked in a kiln are much harder ……………. may trigger d. by genetic predisposition. a. a. They asked us. a behavioral disorder typified by a fundamental break with reality. both / as good as c. They thought that he was guilty ……………… racial discrimination. than do those c. attractiveness d.

was b. be c. Some executives require that the secretary …………….. perfection c 45. satisfactory d. is b. novel b. are a 41. The result of the experiment was ……………. a. a.. perfect b. it on with heavy clothing underneath. is d. try b 40. A number of ……………. he still may not be able to find a drug to which the patient will respond.. novels d. for d. In purchasing a winter coat. about a 39. prospect . a. satisfactorily c 42. been b 44. novelist c. including firemen and policemen who had been laid off from their jobs..c. to try c. for trying b. a. a. was d. satisfaction c.. This law is purely ……………. of trying d. perfectly d. a. perfectible c. a. responsible for writing all reports as well as for balancing the books. were c. Although a doctor may be able to diagnose a problem ………………. satisfied b. submitted their manuscripts under pseudonyms to conceal the fact that they were women. it is very important ……………. novelists d 43. What happened in New York …………… a reaction from city workers.

let b. other ones d. The native people of the Americans are called Indians because when Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492. the nurses will not …………. Although the red cross accepts blood from most donors. needs b. there were over sixty steamboats on the Mississippi river. are c. to go to work because they want to live independently. By 1820. The number of the days in a week ……………. a. prospects c. had been reached d. has reached b.. a.. ……………… made up of electrically charged particles called plasma. need a 48. Most school-leavers have the ……………. a. had reached d 51. want d. the other c. prospector d. the east Indies. seven. he thought that he ……………. each other b 49. need d. has been reached c. leave c. which many c. keenly c. one another b. many of which d. a. is d 47. a. prospective d 46.. many of them b.b. keenness d. a. many that c 50. keen b.. one made up of dust. Most comets have two kinds of tails. you give blood if you have just had a cold. ……………… were quite luxurious. keener c .

twice more than b. to d. a. confirm c. about c.. twice as much as c. occupied (adj) c.. a. because b.. will confirm b. Expect d. a. due to a 57. a. occupied (v) b. as much as twice b . they are cut off from rain-bearing winds by the surrounding mountain ranges. a.. confirms d. It is important that the TOEFL office ……………. Expected c. objections to the plan haven’t happened. a. ……………. that the English settled in Jamestown. That in 1607 c. Deserts are often formed ……………. an applicant's registration. as much twice as d.. Expectant b. age and ……………. in spite of c. In 1607 that it was b. Staying in a hotel costs …………….. at b. occupation d. must confirm b 55. Because in 1607 d. ……………. Please state your name. Many students are so afraid ……………… failing that they deny all invitations. It was in 1607 d 58. occupational c 56. a. Expectation b 53.52. so d. renting a room in a dormitory for a week. of d 54.

chosen c. each of which is controlled by a different employee.59. choose d. the d 64. who was the d. a. they accept b 60. attractive c. that has three sides of equal length . sweetly b. a.. attractively a 61. sweet c. a.. Having …………. all of which have prickly stems.. as he was c. that have three sides of equal length b. Gilbert Stuart is considered by most art critics ……………. two equipment pieces c 65. that he was b. a. Do any of these designs ……………. An equilateral triangle is a triangle ……………. and large flowers. which usually smell …………. two pieces of equipment d. a. the detonator for a nuclear device may be made of ……………. a. they accepting d. When friends insist on ……………. sweetish b 62.. chose b. As a safety measure.. pinnate leaves. greatest portrait painter in the North American colonies. attractiveness d. it makes most Americans uncomfortable. attract b. and three angles of equal size. two equipments b. choice b 63. it has three sides equally long c. expensive gifts. two pieces of equipments c. their accepting c. you? a.. them to accept b. There are twenty species of wild roses in North America. the students were instructed to make either a preliminary outline or a rough draft. sweetness d. the topics for their essays.

His ……………. a. a. ……………. If d 70. Craters and waterless seas that b. the same old to b. a.d. and is ... Craters and waterless seas d. two waves pass a given point simultaneously. determination c. that is b. A child in the first grade tends to be …………….. are found on the surface of the moon. determinant b. fearfulness c. all of the other children in the class. as old like d.. fearlessness b 69. a. to succeed.. the same age as d 71. having three equal length sides in it c 66. with b. When craters and waterless seas c. determine d. they will have no effect on each other's subsequent motion. a. They are c. So that b. determined d 72. the same age than c. in c. about d. Since craters and waterless seas c 68. …………….. fearful b. The bird's egg is such an efficient structure for protecting the embryo inside ……………. a. I’m ……………. that c. difficult for the hatchling to break. fearless d. a. That d. made him cry. of c 67. Some students set confused ……………… having to suffer long and hard years before they attain any level of success.

but the other team played very well. the game. that state university win c. many Americans ……………. His body-guard will keep him safe ……………… the crowded. old a 75. that images have been found near the remains of fires from the last ice age. Neither the mathematics department nor the biology department at state university requires that the students ……………… a thesis in order to graduate with a master's degree. that state university would win d. oldest d.. a bowl of cereal for breakfast every day. such an old c. The most common form of treatment ………………. Unlike most Europeans. of b. People with exceptionally high intelligence quotients may not be the best employees since they become bored ……………… their work unless the job is constantly changing. a. in d. it is b. state university's winning c 74. a. are used to eat c..d. We had hoped ……………. The artistic medium of clay is ……………. a. of a 77. a. are used to eating d. with c. from b. a. on c. use to eat c 76. used to eating b. so old b. state university to win b. of b 79. is d. they are c.. that it is d 73. mass inoculation and chlorination of water sources.. a. are c 78. . to d.

in other. sufficient d 81. prospect b. they drive b. were b 85. his d. prospector d. prospective a 83.a. sufficient enough b. their b. prospects c. more funds are now available from the national science foundation. a. or ……………… taxicabs. a. was d.. Students in the United States often support themselves by babysitting. would write b 80. too sufficient c. The oxygen content of mars is not ……………… to support life as we know it. Although federal support for basic research programs ……………… much less than it was ten years ago. must write b. are b. working in restaurants. a. She viewed the ……………. Located in New York. a. smaller cities. our c. would . will write d. do b. apartments cost more to rent than they …………. her b 84. Those of us who have a family history of heart disease should make yearly appointments with ……………… doctors. enough sufficient d. driving d. is c. a. did c. drive c 82. will d. to drive c. write c. a. of a week alone in the house without much enthusiasm.

accurate statistics may be compiled. determination c. are d. according to the national center for health statistics. were c. a.4 years. Television has little ……………. a. In 1975. such that b 88. fearfulness c. fearful b. for b. with d.. mountaineer reached the top of the Himalaya last week. The main ……………. a. to save energy c. about a 90. the average life expectancy for people born during that year ……………. so b. determined a 89. such d. fearless d. of economics success is our ability to control inflation. A ……………. attraction d. by operating on two batteries instead of four. 72. attract b. is b. attractively c 91. This new model not only saves time but also …………. attractive c. so that c. for me. fearlessness c . was d 92. to c. Who is responsible ……………… the project? a.. The government requires that a census be taken every ten years ……………. determinant b. a.a 86. determine d. save energy d. energy b. saves energy d 87.. a.. a.

cultural b 95. dictionaries would be ……………… to use.. One way to inform the public about factories that pollute the environment is through ……………. a. about b. I was shocked ……………… the news of the crashed plane. Without alphabetical order. raise c. It wasn’t very ……………. risen d. impossibility d. two of which …………… extinct. a. began b. rise a 94. a. The corals can be divided into three groups. a. a. I didn’t enjoy this book on how to succeed in business. beginning . poorly written b. begin d. good written c 96. programs on TV. of d. possibility b. was d. a. possible c. well typed c. agricultural b. at d 99. Traditionally. are c. with c. a. impossible d 98. begun c. Jane Addams had already established full house in Chicago and ……………… her work in the women's suffrage movement when she was awarded the Nobel prize for peace. raised b.93. is b. were b 97. educational c.. the flag is ………………. industrial d. in the morning and taken down at night. well written d.

also can be used c 103. a. Every country ……………. a. attractively b 105. Optical fibers ………………… to deliver laser light. cannot prove d. making a 104. attraction d. The extent to which an individual is a product of either heredity or environment ………………. a. attractive c. to working on one project c 107. Your mistakes in composition are similar ……………… his. work on one project b. is b..b 100. A vacuum will neither conduct heat nor ………………. has d. attract b. make c. cannot be proved c. with b 106. on d. can also be used d. made b. to c. can also used b. prices. to make d.. a. The flag of the original colonies may or may not have been ………… by Betsy Ross during the revolution. working on one project d. but several theories have been proposed. . by b. Often a team of engineers is ………………. also can use c. a. have c 102. a. a national flag. are c. cannot proved b. can be proved b 101. Goods for sale at ……………. on one project work c. a.

. except the rice c. other each one b 114. A great deal of c. and treat for shock. a.a.. each other one d. All the cereal grains ………………. but all was not approved. excepting rice a 110. Many b 112. to take immediate steps c. transmit sound waves b. grow on the prairies and plains of the United States. A large number of b. a. Many of d. a. both a and b are correct d.. a. and so are blue and yellow d 113. whom come from countryside. most c. ………………. the transmission of sound waves a 108. each to the other b. a. and so blue and yellow do d. thought was given. each other c. All of them are freshmen. a. taken steps immediately d. ………………. but rice b. and blue and yellow so b. taking immediate steps b. and too blue and yellow c. prevent infection. is a person who searches for valuable minerals. but for rice d. ……………. take immediate steps d 109. A ……………. a.. Green and magenta are complementary colors located opposite each other on the color wheel. To relieve pain caused by severe burns. most of the a 111. prospect .. sound waves are transmitted d. Double-stars orbit ………………. most of b. transmitting sound waves c. . …………….

a wavy. Oscillatona.b. were b 120. such as d . so d. many people believed that the earth …………… motionless. John F. with b 117. to be assassinated. combine b. gliding motion. such b. breaking the law. was d. a. were c 119. four d. to combine d. is b. Anyone reproducing copyrighted works without permission of the holders of the copyrights …………. the four a 116. the fourth b. prospector d. combining c. prospective c 115. was d. with another element such as hydrogen or oxygen to be useful in agriculture or industry. a. having b. combined d 118.. prospects c. being d. is c. In ancient times and throughout the middle ages. one of the few plants that can move about. are c. fourth c. a. a. are b. a. Nitrogen must be ……………. has c. Supersonic transport …………… the Concorde will probably be widely accepted as soon as problems of noise and atmospheric pollution are resolved. ………………. a. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States and ………………. so as c.

. not b. had not been d. food is as nutritious for a baby as its mother's milk. Civil engineers had better ………… to use steel supports in concrete structures built on unstable geophysical sites. when c. I used to earn ……………. Because ……………. planning b. lot d. it is illegal in most countries. few a 127. has not been a 126. as b. was not c. a. Three dangerous criminals escaped ……………… prison yesterday. determined c 125. your career. The practical and legal implications of euthanasia. were not b. for a 124. the practice of causing the death of a person suffering from an incurable disease. it would soon be exhausted.121. The exam results could ……………. determination c.. a. but then I lost my job. a. a. replenished by plants. for c. from b. a. are so controversial ……………. plan d. many women are returning to the practice of breast feeding. many c. money. If the oxygen supply in the atmosphere …………. none d. out d. a. plans c 123.. a. to plan c.. some b 122. determine d. since . no c. determinant b.. a lot of b.

interesting d 130. Many d. continuing to grow and support itself even when the original supporting tree is ……………. understanding it might help us ……………. fear b. It is essential that cancer …………. be d 132. sight. longer alive. a. interested d. understood d. attractive c. poetry is more enjoyable when it is read aloud. because of their unusual structures. ………. a. a. The battle field was a ……………. members of the echinoderms or spiny skinned animals. been c. to understanding b 129.d. Few b 131. fearlessly d.. life itself.. Starfishes and sea urchins. Most c. attract b. understanding b. a. not . to interest b. no b. a. fearless b 134. A vine climbs from one tree to another. displayed. a. was d. understand c. that d 128. interest c. attractively d 133. Almost b. are particularly ………………. diagnosed and treated as early as possible in order to assure a successful cure. Since lightning was probably significant in the formation of life. is b. Products in this shop were ……………. presented on the shelves. a. attraction d. fearsome c. arranged.

are similar to c. expectancies c. very older b 139. reasonably d 141. They discussed the matter calmly and ……………. in porous rocks. any more d.c. so old b. oils b 140. of b. a. When Franklin Roosevelt decided to run for a fourth term. expects d. that instead direct current d. reasoned c. instead of direct current c. a. a. The lights and appliances in most homes use alternating current ……………. a. expectations d 136. Parents have great ……………. in c. too old c. they are alike b. a. are similar d. reason b. a. the oil b. oil c. on .. the same c 137. reasonable d.. none a 135. The decomposition of microscopic animals at the bottom of the sea results in an accumulation of ……………. The consistency of protoplasm and that of glue ……………. instead direct current b. an oil d. for their children’s future. the opposition said that he was ……………. a. for direct current instead b 138. expectant b. I saw a sample ……………… her work and it was quite impressed. oldest d.

on discussing c 147. Birds d 146. keep them warm . things openly. The bird d. as much as two hundred c.d. must present b. besides money d 148. Research in the work place reveals that people work for many reasons ……………. more than two hundred b. in discussing d. owe much of their success as a group to their unusual powers of migration. a. presented c.S.. to send sensations c. many as two hundred d. ……………. postal service policy for check approval includes a requirement that two pieces of identification ……………. A bird c. a. Seals can ……………. be presented d. The U. a. Nerve impulses ……………. . separate nation states are included in the official lists at any one time. about a 142. send sensations d. money besides c.. because they have a thick layer of blubber under their fur. for discussing c. of discussing b. a. a.. money beside b. for presentation c 143. I believe ……………. be send sensations c 144. beside money d. Although exact statistics vary because of political changes. most that two hundred a 145. ……………. a. That birds b. a. to the brain at a speed of about one hundred yards per second. sending sensations b.

not definite shape b. a. The seed heads of teasel plants raise the nap on coarse tweed cloth …………….. has been . a. the greatest works b 151. would progress d. progressing c 152. efficient d.. a. no definite shape d 150. greatest works c. at c.b.. a.. keep themselves warm c. a. ……………. had progressed c. Find c. was the story that formed the basis for the musical play “my fair lady". “Pygmalion”. the shortage of organ donors has curtailed research. We are all amenable ……………… discipline. Finding d 155. efficiently more c. keep their warm b 149. unknown quantities is the task of algebra. nothing definite shape d. none definite shape c. To found b. Although the scientific community had hoped that the field of transplantation ……………. very interesting. more efficiently b. than do the machine tools invented to replace them. progress b. One of Shaw's ……………. they keep warm d. I read two books but neither book ……………. for c 154. a. to d. most efficient a 153. The find d. greatest work b. the greatest work d. a. with b. Both liquids and gases flow freely from a container because they have …………….

as enough bright d. known as the ecliptic c. Chain restaurants d 161. The yearly path of the sun around the heavens ……………. This table is already ……………. reasoned c.. had been c. I’m late is that I missed the bus. The ……………. a. a. a. guided d. occupational b 158. a. bright enough b. Chains restaurants c. knowing as the ecliptic a 157. guideless a 162. differs c. different than d. reasonable d. were c 156. a. a. guide c.. a. Chain restaurant d. was d. a porpoise in that it has a longer nose. occupation d. to be seen on a clear night with the naked eye.. A baby is under parental ……………. differs from d 159. it is known to be ecliptic d. Chain's restaurants b.. enough brightly c. Uranus is just …………….b. occupied c. …………… like “Macdonalds” and “Kentucky fried chicken” have used franchising to extend their sales internationally. A dolphin ……………. bright as enough . reason b. occupy b. reasonably a 160. is known as the ecliptic b. guidance b. different b.

That most natural time units are not simple multiples of each other ……………. to at least 62°C. As a whole b.a 163. In order for people who spoke different languages to engage in trade ……………. it heated c. On a whole d. The bacteria in milk is destroyed when …………….. infections were simple bacteria d. kind of magnets c. In excess of 80 percent of the UN's budget is used ……………. support b. to support d 167. it is a primary problem b. a. supporting c. The two main ……………. ……………. Before Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. in constructing a calendar. a primary problem is d. The whole a 166. the plow is being displaced by new techniques that protect the land and promise more abundant crops. from simple bacterial infections c.. the economic development of member nations. with each other d 169. it is heated d. it will be heated c 168. a. many people died ……………. a. kinds of magnets b. a primary problem b 165. a. kind magnets . Wholly c. a. a. infected with simple bacteria b. with each another d. it be heated b. the support d. with each to the other c. a. are permanent magnets and electromagnets. is a primary problem c. with each the other b. infecting of simple bacteria b 164. they often developed a simplified language called “pidgin”.

was . The prime rate is the rate of interest that a bank will charge when it ………… money to its best clients. lends d 174. cleaner b 175. in Beacon street in Boston b. about finding a 171. a. borrows c. more cleanest d. a large number of d. ……………. of finding d. doctors do not have a personal physician. a. lent b. a large amount of b. cleanest c. Mathematics is ……………… and serves so many of the sciences that it is a prerequisite for studying every scientific discipline.d. a. in finding c. a hotel room. on finding b. You ought to book in advance. large number of c 172. a. so many variables and because the admission of dissatisfaction may be viewed as a personal failure.. most cleanest b. so an important field b 176. at Beacon street on Boston c 173. such important field b. a. Studies of job satisfaction are unreliable because there ……………. in Beacon street at Boston c. kinds magnets a 170. large amount of c. There are many beautifully preserved historic buildings ……………. You can’t rely ……………. such an important field c. a. According to a recent survey. a. borrowed d. The area where a microchip is manufactured must be the …………… environment possible. such a important field d. on Beacon street in Boston d.

a. were c. a. a. are d 177. in the cultures of people throughout the world. by d. fearless d. a. a.. fearfulness c. Natural gas often occurs together ……………. on d 178.b. builds b. I knew I could rely ……………… them to get the job done. their d . There is no limit to the diversity to be ……………. built c. fearful b. in c. Champlain founded a base at port royal in 1605. The Sloths spend most of …………… time hanging upside down from trees and feeding on leaves and fruit. his c. We were very proud of his ……………. fearlessness d 182. a. finding b. to built d. of d. with b. and …………. with c. a fort at Quebec three years later. petroleum in the minute pores of rocks such as sandstone and limestone. in b. building b 179. along a 180. found c. its b. find d. her d. to find b 181. is d..

composed mostly of cellulose. to c. a.. to reading b. Guided d. reasoned c. reading d. ……………. believe b. Guidance b. to read d 186. for c 188. case for increasing the fees. Cotton fiber. more great c. Guide c. Guideless c 185. greater d. on d. believed d. a. has d. ……………. A barometer is a device with a sealed metal chamber designed ……………… the changes in the pressure of air in the atmosphere.. reasonable . responsibilities than their predecessors did. is c. believer b 184. most great c 189. a. with b. a. The native people in the Americas were referred to as Indians because according to the ………… at the time. a. chemical reactions with oxygen to produce energy. a. Christopher Columbus had reached the East Indies. belief c. Almost all life depends ………. It may be argued that modern presidents have far ……………. have b 187. a. great b. are b. like other vegetable fibers. read c. missile was used in the war between American and Irak.183. reason b. She put a (well-) …………….

. go c 196. occupied (v) b.. a. so well d. Many grasshoppers can produce sounds by ……………. of both light and shade. horseback ride b. to rub c. occupation d. a. upon getting d. The elevator broke down. walk d. stopped functioning c. reasonably b 190. rub b. their hind legs against their wings. bike ride c.d. fell b. occupied (adj) c. use b. a. as well c. occupational d 193. about getting a 195. The girl took a long hike on the first morning at camp. on getting c. a. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was not only a poet and an author but ………. a. a. rubbed d. useless d. It’s an ……………. exploded . I’ve succeeded ……………… hold of the telephone number. rubbing d 191. also b. a. useful c. so a 192. in getting b. advice service. to use a 194. the chairman of the modern language department at Harvard university for more than eighteen years. and we had to walk up to the tenth floor. Some important characteristics of the baroque style were a renewed interest in ornamentation and a powerful ……………….

.d. The examiner must have pleased …………. “Grateful for” means: a. a. a. with helping c 199. came up to c. remains c. thankful for d 203. with c. a. remaining b 201. fed up with b. “Give me some money”. about d. remained d. information d . That’s the ……………. came down to b. to b. came around to d. and ……………. for b. proud of c. with c. The jury isn’t satisfied ……………… his answer. inform b. help d. my performance. came on to b 198. Each of the intelsat satellites …………. remain b. about d. I received. informations d. who report to the president. spread b 197. helping b.. of b 200. give him advice. fond of d. Two little boys approached me and said. informs c. him make decisions. in a fixed position from which they relay radio signals to more than seventy earth stations. a. a.. They informed me about it. The cabinet consists of secretaries of departments. to help c. in b 202. a.

and served dinner. tend b. tendentious d. to cook d. sentenced d 206. to be cooked a 210.204. turning on b. exciting b. given b.. being excited c. tendentiously a 209. a. had stored b 207. Ann hoped ……………… to join the private club. to turn on d.. stores c. . tendency c. want to win c. a. Tom seemed to be indifferent. store b. She said she ………………. Instead of ……………… about the good news.00 p. to six months’ imprisonment. to excite d. wanting to win c 205. a. I finally finished ……………… at 7. a. to be turned on a 211. Some people think that the camel ………………. allowed c. water in its hump. to live longer than men. a.. being cooked c. stored d. wanted to win d. Would you mind not ……………… the radio until I have finished with this phone call? a. being turned on c. Women ……………. sent d. wants to win b. cooking b. She could make important business contracts there.. The thief was ……………. to be excited b 208. this race.m. a.

to invite d. reason b. to lose d. a. tend b. reasoned c. about not getting c. a. Prices continue to show an upward ……………. a. tendentiously b 218. She’s perfectly ……………. inviting b.. in not getting b 214. being done b. being invited c. losing c. to be done c. any sleep. tendency c. It is a thing worth ……………… a.. for not getting b.a. for b. The fact that many students tend ……………… interest in literature. with c. lose b.. do c 216. reasonable d. There are ways ……………… that. tendentious d. done d. to be invited d 212. to be done c. reasonably c 215. doing b. doing d. a. in her demands. from . The tourists complained ……………. to do d 217. being lost c 213. The quality of this photograph is not noticeably different ……………… that one. on not getting d. a. a.

Historians will never agree completely the effects of ……………… the world’s first atomic bomb ……………… the World War II. You should get into the habit of ……………… at least one newspaper daily. She was unable to speak from …………….. to be a good student c. create b. develop d. for b 224. a. affect c. use d. fearsome c. of c 219. to read b. reading c. a. drop / end c 222. fear b. using c. It is very important that you learn how ……………… this tool. to study hard b. fearful d. to use b. on d. drop / to end b. We felt ashamed ……………… his action. fearless a 223. dropping / to end d. to b. how to study effectively d. even help b . a.d. of c. Radioactivity causes cancer and may ……………… future generations. A good student must know ……………… a. read b 220. used a 221. being read d. the way of effectively in study c 225. dropping / to be ended c. a. a. a.

lost d. to b. He returned money to the man who ……………… it. is b. has d. wrong. where b 227. unpower c 230. The film didn’t ……………… to our expectations. powerless d. give c. have lost c. in b 229. a..226. for c. when c. a. Either my answer or yours ……………. that b. a. equal b. a. have a 231. of . a. powerly c. had lost d 232. when c. a. a. a. You were responsible ……………… the error. where a 228. on d. gave a 233. There are three categories ……………… answers you can choose one. that d. He was ……………… to prevent it. equally d. power b. are c. The pilot agreed to land the plane only …………… the hijackers threatened in shoot some of the passengers. We was delighted ……………… you’ve won the first prize in the National mathematics competition. loose b. why d. which b.

a. chance d. cultured c 237. on d. Those fellows seem dull and I want to get ……………… of them quickly. expectant b. a. to c. a. finished b. a. We express our thoughts by means ……………… word. a. confirmed c 240. match b. expectation a 235. when she b. The witness’s account was not ……………… with the facts. about c. awareness. a. reliable c. culturally c. expect d.b. cultural d.. The suggestions above are just some of the ways to increase your ………………. had finished d. culture b. finish c. have finished c 238. rid c. in a 234. My roommates ……………… dinner by the time I got home. expected c. of d 239. in b. a. and she . It was not until she had arrived home ……………… remembered her appointment with the doctor. consistent d. with d.. difficult b 236. Children with ……………. pant b. faces waiting for the pantomime to start. that she c.

He made a speech at a wedding reception. If . Unless c. he studied bad. b. ceremony d. for getting c 242.d. of the place where c. a. of getting d. in getting b. wedding b. a. Minh did not do well in the class because ……………… a.. at c. since c. ……………… you select reverse gear. a. d 244. c. d. Phuong will substitute ……………… the history teacher who is out of town. because of b. the place a 243. about getting c. he failed to study properly. as long as b 246. where that d. He spoke during the ……………… a. a. she b 241. of where b. he was a badly student. consequently d. The people at the party were worried about Jane because no one was aware ……………… she had gone. Mr. Let’s ask our teacher how to solve this problem ……………… we can’t agree on the answer. us all way to our hometown?. Is this car capable ……………. In spite of b. a. for d. he was not good studywise. from b. party d 245. with c 247. the car goes backwards. marriage c.

My grandparents gave me some beautiful ………………… when I finished high school. due to a 251.. ring a . fruit c. gone d. Whenever c. cookies d. so that b. Did they ……………. ……………… I get angry and upset. to Polihale Beach when they were in Hawaii? a. therefore d. For b 249. Therefore d. For c 248. jewelry b. A ……………. money c. basket of fruit d. a. Until b. fearless d. piece of jewelry d.d... go b. gloves b. Do you think …………. a. fearlessness a 250. necklace c. A small fish needs camouflage to hide itself ……………… its enemies cannot find it. is a good gift? a. a. fearfulness c. a. I wouldn’t give a ……………… to a young child for his birthday. railway accident happened 3 days ago. a. chocolates b 254. money c 252. so c. went c. I try to take ten deep breaths. flowers b. to go a 253. fearful b.

255. A comedy is a movie …………….. you laugh. a. who makes b. who make c. that makes d. in that makes c 256. If you cross your eyes, they …………….. that way. a. are staying b. stayed c. wouldn’t stay d. won’t stay d 257. Andrew is very good …………….. jokes. a. for telling b. in telling c. at telling d. about telling c 258. We plan to investigate the possibility ……………… spending a week at the seashore. a. in b. of c. on d. for b 259. What will happen if you …………….. to a lot of loud music? a. have listened b. are listening c. listen d. listened c 260. Huge areas have been …………….. because of the nuclear accident. a. evacuated b. transmitted c. restrained d. disturbed a 261. He was a very unpopular man in the village. Nobody …………….. him. a. quarrelled b. hated c. liked d. objected c 262. The country was in total …………….. as all of the political factions attempted to gain control after the revolution. a. confusion

b. confustion c. confusment d. confusian a 263. In order to make a good …………….. at a job interview, you should prepare well for the interview. a. impressment b. impressian c. impresstion d. impression d 264. What someone says to you can create amusing problems. a. inunderstanding b. misunderstanding c. ununderstanding d. ilunderstanding b 265. If television programs were not violent, they would not …………….. in increased violence in the viewers. a. contribute b. result c. give d. conclude b 266. A few of the passengers were trying to get some sleep, but …………….. of them were reading. a. almost b. all most c. most d. mostly c 267. A lot of the passengers were traveling home to …………….. Christmas with their families. a. last b. hold c. keep d. spend d 268. Designing …………….. for actors to wear requires a lot of creativity. a. scripts b. sets c. costumes d. kinds c 269. The three men were found guilty …………….. fraud. a. with

b. for c. of d. by c 270. Every house in the street …………….. the same. a. is b. are c. has d. have a 271. What is she so nervous ………………? a. about b. for c. to d. with a 272. Such …………….. statements are likely to provoke strong opposition. a. tend b. tendency c. tendentious d. tendentiously c 273. The man was found guilty …………….. from his employer. a. of stealing b. for stealing c. in stealing d. with stealing a 274. She went on her work with an air of …………….. a. determinant b. determination c. determine d. determined b 275. He …………….. that if we started at dawn, we would be there by noon. a. reason b. reasoned c. reasonable d. reasonably b 276. The patient is getting on …………….. a. satisfied b. satisfaction c. satisfactory d. satisfactorily d

277. My brother and my sister …………….. engineers. a. is b. are c. has d. have b 278. He did not look at straight to his father’s eyes. He answered …………….. a. fearful b. fearfully c. fearless d. fearlessly b 279. The earth, ………………. is the fifth largest planet in the solar system, is the third planet from the sun. a. who b. whom c. which d. that c 280. They took part in school’s activities …………….. a. keen b. keenly c. keenness d. keener b 281. She went to meet him with an air of …………….. a. expectant b. expectancy c. expect d. expectation b 282. Alexander Graham Bell …………….. the telephone by the time I was born. a. had already invented b. has already finished c. already finished d. already finish a 283. The army …………….. the enemy’s capital. a. occupied (v) b. occupied (adj) c. occupation d. occupational a 284. People objected ……………. to wait so long. a. with having b. to having

c. for having d. about having b 285. - Is April twenty-first the day ……………..? - No, the twenty-second. a. you’ll arrive then b. when you arrive c. on that you’ll arrive d. when you’ll arrive on b 286. The severe drought …………….. occurred last summer ruined the corn crop. a. that is b. which it c. it d. that d 287. Florida, …………….. the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year. a. is b. known as c. is known as d. that is known as b 288. The new shopping mall is gigantic. It’s advertised as a place …………….. you can find just about anything you might want to buy. a. where b. which c. in where d. in that a 289. Lola’s marriage has been arranged by her family. She is marrying to a man …………….. a. that she hardly knows him b. whom she hardly knows c. whose she hardly knows d. she hardly knows him b 290. People who exercise frequently have greater physical endurance than those …………….. a. who doesn’t b. that doesn’t c. which don’t d. who don’t d 291. Is this the address to …………….. you want the package sent? a. where

We engaged a ……………. whom c 292. never has spent c. a. that c. Until then. I ……………. guidance b. never had spent b. By the time the fire fighters arrived. among whom she lived d. moving everything. so I ……………. the air conditioner. guided d. a. had turned on b.. to show us the way across the mountains. had burned d 297. guideless b 296. guide c.. The suit cost me more than a week’s salary. the building ……………. That book is by a famous anthropologist. for two years.b. already finish b 294. turned on d. where she lived among them c 293. a. It’s about the people in Samoa ……………. would turn on c 295. a. was burned d. turn on c.. The apartment was hot when I got home.. By the time Jason arrived to help. burned b. we ……………. had already finished c. had never spent d. to the ground. which d. that she lived among them c. has already finished b. already finished d. a.. so much on one outfit. had been burned c.. The farmer’s barn caught fire during the night. a. has never spent c . that she lived b.

was stung c 299.. a. imanswered d. Obviously. a. Sophie is very keen ……………. I …………….. in that c. I had flown in an air plane for fairly long distances before. sting c. he had never designed a home like the one we wanted. When I saw that Mike was having trouble. a. you could do some more research in order to have answers. were helping c.. help c 303. but never as long as when I went to Australia last June. It was a lot of fun..298. a. unanswered c. had never been b. about going d. stung d. I hadn’t seen that there was a hornet in it. helped d. to art college. a. that b. never were d. Prior to that time.. were never a 304. in going b. a. . He was very appreciative. My wife and I went to Disneyland when we visited Los Angeles last spring. was helping b. Last year I experienced ………….. had stung b. we ……………. who a 302. Yesterday a hornet ……………. iranswered b 301. on going d 300. inanswered b. in which d. If any of your questions are still ……………. at going c. were never been c. We were not happy with the plans …………….. him. me under my arm. to such a big amusement park. That really hurt! When I put on my shirt after working in the garden. the architect showed us for our new house.

mentioning d. to hear / cutting b. try to sell c. how tedious can long plane trips be c. hearing / to cut c. a. to hit b. saying / to listen to d. how long plane trips can be tedious d. him say the grass needed ………… yesterday. to wait / accepting c 309.. mention b. to ask / to avoid d. a. trying selling . hitting d. meeting me. I advise you ……………… before deciding …………… the job. to mention c. a. mentioned b 306. I remember ……………. hearing / cutting d. hits c 307. stolen goods. We regret ………………. how can tedious long plane trips be b. to say / to listen to b. how tedious long plane trips can be d 305. hit c.. to try to sell b. that the lecture was very dull and wasn’t worth …………………. to hear / to cut c 308. waiting / to accept c. to ask / avoiding a 311. I don’t want you ……………… my arriving late. it with a hammer. a. I couldn’t resist ………… him why he was trying ………. saying / listening to c.a. try ……………. a. asking / to avoid b. The police suspect him of ………………. asking / avoiding c. a. a. to wait / to accept d. waiting / accepting b. to say / listening to b 310.. If you can’t unscrew the lid.

had run d 315. I had made five million pounds before things ……………. a furniture a 314. a. would begin b 318. 37-year-old Timothy Lindlaw is now designing ……………. have begun b. had made d.. had decided b. trying to sell d 312. has made b. he started his second business in a small garage. to call his new company “Office-Fit” and was already very successful. have quarrelled b 317. Peace in the area was elusive as the wind.. slow in coming c.. After he ……………. quarrelled d. a. furniture b. a.d. a... easy b. with the workers of his company. some furnitures d. used to make c. a. quarrelling c. he suddenly dismissed them. would make c 316. near c 313. began c. a. has decided . runs c. He said that he ……………. begin d.. for offices. a highly successful computer business for two years. furnitures c. a. After ……………. to go wrong. quarrel b. decided d. was running d. difficult to catch d. He ……………. his first million pounds by the time he was thirty. has run b. was deciding c.

injured d 325. had visited c. possible b.. spectators c. possibly c. happening d. of coming in time in small. They hope that their plan will be a ……………. at Newton crossroads yesterday morning. Several ……………. a. emergency b 324. Most of the passengers were found to be suffering from severe ……………. would telephone c. possibility d. helped to pull people out of the wreckage. event b. success d 320. The ……………. a. audience d. There was a nasty ……………. a. accident c.. supporters a 326. Did they say they …………… me? a. had been visited b. knocked down d.. a. bystanders b.. surprise b.. succeed b. successful c. visited b 321. a. has been visiting d. wounded c... A bus overturned. impossible c 323.a 319. shock . succession d. pained b. a. have telephoned d. a. We asked him what countries he ……………. and some of the passengers were badly ……………. will telephone b. had telephoned b 322.

. brought b 333. caused c. pretty a 331. rewards b. prepared c. What led you to leave your job and make this trip? a. although fortunately there was no one in the car. forgotten b. It is believed that the injured passengers have the right to claim …………… a. put d. told b. it. viewers d. judges b 329. boring .c. planned d. hit b. nervousness b 327. I have designed the kitchen so that my son can’t reach everything. suspects b. prizes c. The bus had crashed into a brand new car and had completely ……………. worry d. wrecked d. compensation d 330. well c. In the end we had so little time together that our marriage was breaking up. witnesses c. a. a. a. repaired b. knocked c. shorten c. beautifully d.. as possible. coming to an end d. a. refund d. nice b.. crashed c 328. a. altered c 332. on me. The police took the names and addresses of as many ……………. This hat looks …………….

huge crowd d. soc a 336. so d. ……………. large c 341. gloves c. they are finishing c 339. a. a. She’s just bought a pair of silk tights. finish c. A multitude of people attended. select group c.c 334. By the end of next year. a. but c 338. pantyhose b. a. they are going to b. will finish b. a. The news of the President’s death astonished the world. cruised a 335. socks d. find the bicycle. they would d. that c. alerted b. rushed c. The yacht had set out for France despite the warning. they ……………. a. a. it wasn’t difficult for the police to catch the thieves. embarrassed . small number b. announced b 340. The car was easy to recognize. they shall c 337. the new stadium. will have finished d.. astounded c. They never expected that ……………... a. because b. heard d. aimed d. He’s just arrived to find his wife in tears. they are will c. left b.

People have a ……………. Mental d. Manual c. a. ceremony d 343. . d 347. a. its decision was reached at... panicky c. Alfred has not …………… a.. put away d. they have reached a decision. memorize b. ever lived alone before c. c. invest c. it has reached a decision. save b. a. hardly live alone before d. Routine b. confused c 342. for special occasions. hide b 346. a funeral and a graduation.. festival d. reconsider c. The committee has met and ……………. ……………. meal b.. work is the work which is done the same way all the time. he will be teaching a class. b 348.. crying d. lived lonelinessly in previous time. People ……………. means to help someone remember. a. Office a 344. To ……………. he will have teaching a class. suggest c 345.b. c. their money because they want their money to grow in value. such as a wedding. never before lived alone b. remind d. a. of he will teach a class. b. Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because ……………. d. a. dance c. b. he must to teach a class.

d. crime d. He had studied hard. sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery d 354. she was lacking in amount of sugar. with more carefulness the problem could be studied. a. its decision reached. a. d. however. California is as well c 352. She wanted to serve some coffee to her guests. saving c. and …………… a. A …………… is an object that help you remember a place you have visited. she did not have much sugar. also California b. a. c. there was not a great amount of the sugar. b. a. b. After the funeral. the members study the problem more carefully. c. private area a 355. the police try to catch him.. sent faithfully to the cemetery flowers d. the members studied more carefully the problem. c 353. b. The land and the house that you own are your ………………. souvenir c. property b. He must have to study hard last night.. a. a. The chairman requested that ………. …………. ……………………. sent faithfully flowers to the cemetery b. d 351. a 349. He should study last night.. so does California d. sent to the cemetery faithfully flowers c. a. Florida relies heavily on income from fruit crops. He must have studied hard last night. d. mistake . the problem was more carefulnessly studied. she had not many sugar. in Britain. c 350. the residents of the apartment building …………. note b 356. memory b. John’s score on the test is the highest in class. California too c. personal belongings d.d. If someone commits a ……………. c.

denying b. courageous d. napped d. hunting a 360. large c. The irate crowded edged closer to the police barricades. busy day d. be bad for c. nice b 362. angry d 359. a. She has a full schedule. friendly d. Carol dozed off while we watched the ballet. a. calm b. left b. divorce c. went away c. a. crime d. kill d. working day b. a. a. patient b. obstinate c. news c. programme of work c. misunderstanding c 357. a. a.b. She’s very stubborn. information b. There is gainsaying the validity of her remarks. Radioactivity causes cancer and may affect future generations. assisting d. examination a 358. pollute b . withdrew c 361. The book contained a lot of ………… about how little petrol the car used. fact d. agreeing with c. harm b. project b 363.

a. To give everything c. “To give up” means: a. costly d. cost c. “To call up” is to ………… a. accepted b 366. We invited them …………. provided that b. To surrender . It must be ……………… more than that. bombed b. She offered a silly excuse. To give all b. shall have taught c. left (because of danger) d. telephone d 371. considered d. surrender c. shall teach b 369.. a.364. I wouldn’t eat fish …………… I was extremely hungry. teach b. for attending c. a. attacked c 365. The soldiers evacuated out of the area as the enemy advanced. to attend b. a. visit d. a. a. I …………… this class for ten years. criticize b. took b. attend a 370. will teach d. worth b. providing that c 368. the meeting next week. gave c. unless d. When I leave school next week. attending d. protected c. expensive a 367. or c.

ask for a room b 374. agreed with his thought. a.. wants a 377. makes c. is b. a. also two years experience c. hasn’t b. a. complain d.d. None of us ………. Today the noise and smoke of factories …………… the environment polluted. isn’t d. but two years experience b. but more two years experience c 376. have c . Employers often require that candidates have not only a degree ………………. leave it c. were c 378. allowed to participate this game. register it b. Children under the age of eight …………. haven’t c. want d. corrected c. The teacher crossed out several words in my composition. a. has d. To give a part of c 372. To check out of a hotel is to ……………. are c. was b. Neither oil nor coal …………. make b. added d. used to produce electricity. are c. is d.. emphasized b. aren’t d 375. a. but also two-year experience d. a. a. cancelled b 373..

a number of c. Most of b. to class late. some b.. ……………. begin d. begins b 383.. Many d. comes c. attempts to find a political solution to that country problem. Much c. have b 380. a great deal of d. With his father's guidance. a. the richest and most expensive farmland in the country.. some of c. has d. Most the d.. a. people have a perfect place from their childhood that brings back lovely feelings. ……………. begun b. a.379. A little b.. needs c 381. a. officials expect increases on the funding for higher education. Mozart ……………. Not only these boys but also that girl ……………. a. began c. a. were d. Most many b 382. Neither of these documents ………….. the number of b. Since 1969 there have been ……………. some for b 385. The area has ……………. a. need c. come b. a large amount of b . Little c 384. Most c. translated into English. was b. playing the clavier at the age of three and composing at the age of five. both a and b are correct d.

. to enforce the laws b. Most . Little of a 390. a. Few c 387.The FDA was set up in 1940 ………………. very a 388. is seldom pure. many c. Too …………….. A great deal of d. Several c. much b. shops are closed on Saturday afternoon. Many of b. a. much b. Much d. Besides rain. Many b. our products are sold overseas.. water of nature d. a. a.386. A great deal of b 391. enforced the laws a 393. natural water c. Most the b. ……………. ……………. water naturally b. A lots c. time on gaining the independence. fruit is grown in this area. enforcing laws d. a. a. little b 389. screws have come loose. factors are involved in getting a good job.. Much of c. many c. They had spent so ……………. A lot of d. a. A little b. that maintain standards for the sale of food and drugs. ……………. to enforcing laws c. …………….. ………………. the nature's water b 392. a lot d. both a and b are correct d.. a. I’ll have to tighten them.

The understanding b. Most our b 394. long / full of detail c. electricity depends on a knowledge of atoms and the subatomic particles of which they are composed. For understanding c 396. make b. have d. had b 397. short / clear b. a lot of d 399. money for a new house.. ……………. Frank Lloyd Wright has been acclaimed by colleagues as …………. If England had not imposed a tax on tea two hundred and twenty years ago. a.. short / lengthy a 400. a. Scientific fish farming. the greater . a little c.. Most of d. do d 398. a. much b. There are ……………. has existed for more than 4000 years. To understand c.c. of all modern architects. the United States have remained part of the British commonwealth? a. and …………….. a large number of d. a. …………….. would c. Understanding d. many d. does d. will b. little c 395. known as aquaculture. a.. I paid ……………. A good summary should be ……………. long / exciting d. a number of c. makes c. organizations to help the deaf and the blind. a. many b. but scientists who …………… research in this field are only recently providing the kind of information that growers need to increase production.

we must wait until the next meeting to vote. and he often cooks really delicious meals. a. how to deal with d. Sandra has not rarely missed a play or concert since she was seventeen years old. a. the greatest c.b. for --> d 5. than c. particularly b. a. a. FIND THE MISTAKES (400 SENTENCES ) 1. The progress made in space travel for the early 1960s is remarkable. has c. The governor has not decided how to deal with the new problems already. fond of c. made c. be found c. a. David is particularly fond of cooking. really --> d 4. a. to vote --> a 3. progress a. since d. The main b. in --> c 2. Because there are less members present tonight than there were last night. was seventeen years old --> a 6. not rarely b. were d. a play c. The main office of the factory can be found in Maple Street in New York City. The b. less b. in d. the more great d. often cooks d. already --> d . the most great b II. in space d.

told the man c. during c. not study enough b. was hitting b. that one d. The company representative sold to the manager a sewing machine for forty dollars. a. The professor had already give the homework assignment when he had remembered that Monday was a holiday. the homework assignment b. by b. and that one probably isn’t neither. had remembered c. The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week. the man d. The taxi driver told the man to don’t allow his disobedient son to hang out the window. for --> b 13. a c. was --> b 9. a. There was b. neither --> d 11. to the manager c. There was a very interesting news on the radio this morning about the earthquake in Italy. a. a. a. a. to support c. last --> a 12. sudden d. about --> b 8. on the d.7. The company b. Monday d. the man will cry out in pain. This table is not study enough to support a television. taxi driver b. to don’t allow . will cry out --> d 10. a. sewing d. Having been beaten by the police for striking an officer. for striking an officer c.

wasn’t it? a. must relay its --> a 18. scissors c. in c.d. on time c. The price of crude oil used to be a great deal lower than now. These televisions are quite popular in Europe. an b. pays his bills b. increase d. are --> c 15. in d. great c. upset b. is b. it d. and his brother does too. does too --> d 16. price of b. quite b. had to do d. a. many homeworks --> d 19. new regulations c. informations b. it must relay its decision to the students and faculty. Jim was upset last night because he had to do too many homeworks. in rent for --> a . There is some scissors in the desk drawer in the bedroom if you need them. in --> a 20. to hang out --> c 14. because c. a. When an university formulates new regulations. lower d. but those ones are not. about c. his d. a. those ones d. The Board of Realtors doesn’t have any informations about the increase in rent for this area. wasn’t it --> d 17. a. Harvey seldom pays his bills on time. a. a.

They are planning on attending the convention next month. how to operate --> a 26. The fire began in the fifth floor of the hotel. that --> b 23. a. since c. has yet to learn d. in b. attending c. last week a new sports car b. this d. a. There were b. enough intelligent b. the burning d. however. because d. to pass c. a. Mrs. didn’t send b. next d. a. Anderson bought last week a new sports car. but it soon spread to adjacent floors. much c. George is not enough intelligent to pass this economics class without help. planning on b. is now living d. soon spread --> a 25. She wishes that we didn’t send her the candy yesterday because she’s on a diet. in --> b 24. and so I am.21. but he is now living in Detroil. in b. economics --> a 22. a. her the candy c. fifth c. There were so much people trying to leave the burning building that the police had a great deal of trouble controlling them. on --> a 27. of d. so I am --> d . however c. a. she has yet to learn how to operate the manual gearshift. a. John lived in New York since 1960 to 1975.

The artist tried stimulate interest in painting by talking his students to the museums. a. they allowed their neighbors use their barbecue grill. his or her name d. Before b. to complete d. myself c. their neighbors d. were c.28. before coming --> b 33. Today was such beautiful day that I couldn’t bring myself to complete all my chores. use --> d 30. my chores --> a 29. a. to d. stimulate b. report c. that b. is called . went c. Before she moved here. been c. common disease c. Nancy said that she went to the supermarket before coming home. of the b. interest in c. such beautiful b. a. a. usually --> a 32. by talking d. to the --> a 31. are b. of the d. since --> d 34. a. a. a. While b. Mumps are a very common disease which usually affects children. Arlene had been president of the organization since four years. Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name is called. While they were away at the beach. which d.

easily understood -> b 40. Rudolph Nureyev has become one of the greatest dancer that the ballet world has ever known. The chemistry instructor explained the experiment in such of a way that it was easily understood. He has less friends in his classes now than he had last year. My brother is in California on vacation. are traveling to the Olympic Games. Professor Duncan teaches both anthropology as well as sociology each fall. with c. delivering -> b 39. are --> d 36. such of a way c. I certainly appreciate him telling us about the delay in delivering the materials because we had planned to begin work tomorrow. a. each fall --> b 37. together with his coach and several relatives. was d. ever known -> c 41. certainly b. a. a. his c. a. a. me repair my car -> c 38. was d. a. dancer d. greatest c. telling us d. in b. but I wish he was here so that he could help me repair my car.--> b 35. has become b. a. anthropology d. than . athlete b. both c. in b. him c. The athlete. his coach d. on c. less b. teaches b.

last year -> a 42. when . science c. Keith is one of the most intelligent boys of the science class. most c. a. had missed c. a. have b. of the -> b 43. Several people have apparent tried to change the man’s mind. a. took d. for justice c. a. The influence of the nation’s literature. rural areas c. a. was b. science -> c 48. The girls were sorry to had missed the singers when they arrived at the airport. a. a. The town we visited was a four-days journey from our hotel. of d. Many b. laborers -> a 46.d. and science have captured widespread attention. nation’s b. The leader emphasized the need for justice and equality between his people. apparent c. the need b. composed of d. widespread -> c 44. so we took the train instead of the bus. art. but he refuses to listen. between d. have d. to listen -> b 47. the b. the man’s mind d. people -> c 45. four-days c. were sorry b. Many of the population in the rural areas is composed of manual laborers.

to write b. worst c. one d. the worst he danced before the large audience. a. for so long -> a 53. The officials object to them wearing long dresses for the inaugural dance at the country club. as well as -> b 50.d. a. knows b. tried b. a. because c. talking d. He knows to repair the carburetor without talking the whole car apart. lived b. a. retyping b. She must retyping the report before she hands it in to the director of financing. a c. after having c. arrived at -> b 49. months d. for the hospital --> a 55. danced d. leave d. a. wearing d. at the country club --> b 52. apart --> c 54. The harder he tried. to b. a. large -> b 51. before c. a. Janet is finally used to cook on an electric stove after having a gas one for so long. he lived in a igloo in the winter months as well as in the spring. When Keith visited Alaska. them c. cook b. the c. Stuart stopped to write his letter because he had to leave for the hospital. hands it in .

their d. their --> c 61. and the children’s clothing is advertised at reduced prices this weekend. did Rich and Jennifer have to c. her cousins from c. a. in the c. They are going to have to leave soon. students b. a. skirts. forward spending d. shoes. children’s clothing b. with b. is advertised c. along with her cousins from New Mexico. been expecting --> a 57. to attend --> c 59. just bought . own --> c 58. a. and so do we. prices --> b 62. so do --> d 60. to have to c. a. are planning to attend the festivities. at d. obtained the results d. a. Dresses. students b. All the students are looking forward spending their free time relaxing in the sun this summer. are d. Stevens. much b.d. her sister b. to the --> a 56. Mary and her sister just bought two new winters coats at the clearance sale. How much times did Rich and Jennifer have to do the experiment before they obtained the results they had been expecting. Mrs. are b. are c. a. leave soon d. Each of the students in the accounting class has to type their own research paper this semester. a.

heat c. as the only d. their c. of the company --> b 66. do d. follow d. Mr. think b. appeal to all of --> c 64. A b. The new technique calls for heat the mixture before applying it to the wood. more carefully if d. Some of us have to study their lessons more carefully if we expect to pass this examination. winters --> d 63. she has the highest grades. a. have to b. it to the wood --> b 69. a. are trying c. a. This instructor advised the students for the procedures to follow in writing the term paper. distributed . Although both of them are trying to get the scholarship. two new d. a.c. of c. and the crew b. highest --> d 68. Peters used to think of hisself as the only president of the company. calls b. applying d. to get d. The pilot and the crew distributed the life preservers between the twenty frantic passengers. in writing --> a 67. for b. a. of them b. a. a. procedures c. hisself c. to pass --> b 65. A lunch of soup and sandwiches do not appeal to all of the students.

either c. There are a large amount of furniture in the storeroom to the left of the library entrance. was badly d. A liter is one of the metric measurements. a. between d. to go on vacation c. the Coast Guard encountered severe squalls at sea. in the office c. of furniture c. a. A b. was offered d. is b. to be repaired --> d 72. the . the first of --> a 74. aren’t they --> d 73. The president refuses to accept either of the four new proposals made by the contractors. after d. are b. We thought he is planning to go on vacation after the first of the month. in the storeroom d. new proposals d.c. dollars c. made by --> b 76. While searching b. measurements d. a. While searching for the wreckage of a unidentified aircraft. a. a. aren’t they? a. equipment b. The equipment in the office was badly in need of to be repaired. a. one of the c. A b. to accept b. A five-thousand-dollars reward was offered for the capture of the escaped criminals. for the capture of --> b 71. to the left of --> a 75. frantic passengers --> c 70.

espoused d. was guarding b. to negotiate c. The need for a well-rounded education was an idea espoused by the Greeks in time of Socrates. the most common form b. so difficult for b. severe squalls at sea --> c 77. in time of --> d 82. a. Louis Braille designed a form of communication enabling people to convey and preserve their thoughts to incorporate a series of dots which were read by the finger tips. enabling b. for b. a. humans make use of many others systems and techniques to express their thoughts and feelings. a. existence c. they used a universal understood form of sign language. a. to incorporate d. Since it was so difficult for American Indians to negotiate a peace treaty or declare war in their native language. theirselves c. by the . a. personnel b.c. in their native language d. a d. were read --> c 80. others systems d. Writers and media personnel sell theirselves best by the impression given in their verbal expression. to express --> c 81. well-rounded education c. the director worried that someone would try to steal them. would try to d. treasures in c. Although a number of police officers was guarding the priceless treasures in the museum. steal --> a 78. to convey c. a. While verbalization is the most common form of language in existence. universal --> d 79.

surviving -> d 84. a. as d. Stephen Crane’s story is a clinical portrayal of man as an animal trapped by the fear and hunger. a c. In the spirit b. a. are causing many problems in our large. expression --> b 83. never b. industrial cities today. a. Engineers succeeded on putting more and more components on each silicon chip. author’s d. are c. of man as an animal d. a. Because of . that author’s work portrays man’s struggle for surviving. Stephen Crane’s story b. For a long time. a.d. many d. the fear -> d 85. this officials have been known throughout the country as political bosses and law enforcers. in -> a 88. on -> b 86. a. a. in our large -> b 89. with b. together with littering. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments. the air force dropped food and medical supplies close the city. this b. to play d. naturalist c. succeeded b. In the spirit of the naturalist writers. Because of the severe snow storm and the road blocks. more and more d. law enforcers -> a 87. have been known c. an c. on c. Air pollution.

received with mixed emotions d. helped her d. test b. and down. a. were b. smoking has c. the other -> b 93. last night c. as well as d. become irritable -> a 94. we c. close the city -> d 90. forward -> b 91. They asked me what did happen last night. the c. a. were c. Angie’s bilingual ability and previous experience were the qualities that which helped her get the job over all the other candidates. but I was unable to tell them. to fly c. of both governments -> b 92. caused him to gain d. up. Joel b. that which c. not to open d. a. The news of the president’s treaty negotiations with the foreign government were received with mixed emotions by the citizens of both governments. dropped food d. what did happen b. unable to d. told us to do so -> b . tell them -> a 95. a. a.b. Hummingbirds are the only birds capable to fly backward as well as forward. a. the only birds b. Joel giving up smoking has caused him to gain weight and become irritable with his acquaintances. The test administrator ordered we not to open our books until he told us to do so. The b.

yours gave you -> c 100. a. since d. Spain became involved in foreign wars with several other European countries and could not find the means of finance the battles that ensued. After studying all the new materials. had to deliver d. all of chapter c. all the new . a. After studying b. had been living c. a. yet -> b 102. a. suppose b. have c. the student was able to rise his test score by twenty-five points. I would of attended the meeting of the planning committee last week. at a convention -> a 98. became involved in foreign c. of the planning c. would of b. girls b. In the sixteenth b. before moving to -> c 97. Our new neighbors had been living in Arizona since ten years before moving to their present house. a. answer d. than d. a. but I had to deliver a speech at a convention. Our new b. several other d. We are suppose to read all of chapter seven and answer the questions for tomorrow’s class. Neither of the girls have turned in the term papers to the instructor yet. our b. In the sixteenth century. a. for tomorrow’s class -> a 99.96. to the d. gave us c. of finance -> d 101. The explanation that our instructor gave us was different than the one yours gave you.

c. They said that the man jumped off of the bridge and plunged into the freezing water. The first truly success helicopter was designed by the German engineer Heinrich Focke. could he have . that b. goes c. I suggest that he goes to the doctor as soon as he returns from talking the exam. a. Mr. a. during d. She is looking forward to go to Europe after she finishes her studies at the university. a. that b. the winter months -> a 108. first b. The book that you see laying on the table belongs to the teacher. rise -> d 103. looking b. plunged into -> c 107. at the -> b 106. German -> b 109. was designed d. see c. jogging b. to the doctor d. crisp morning c. a. that b. a. success c. was able d. laying d. Anderson used to jogging in the crisp morning air during the winter months. a. of d. a. finishes d. belongs to -> c 104. but now he has stopped. go c. returns from -> b 105. jumped c. I do not know where could he have gone so early in the morning.

The people tried of defending their village. despite d. Having lost the election. forced d. Because of b. a. postponing c. a. gone c. are c.b. of defending b. but they were finally forced to retreat. The congressman. to enter d. are preparing to enter the convention hall within the next few minutes. to retreat -> a 111. Having lost b. the governor sent the National Guard to assist in the clean-up operation. of sanitation b. a. considering b. Because of the torrential rains had devastated the area. cause of d. in the -> a 110. a. within the next -> b 114. accompanied by secret service agents and aides. are c. so early d. Lack of sanitation in restaurants are a major cause of disease in some areas of the country. in some areas of -> b . had devastated d. supporting c. a. to assist in -> a 115. the presidential candidate intends supporting the opposition despite the objections of his staff. by b. the objections of -> b 113. their c. because -> d 112. the following week d. a. The professor was considering postponing the examination until the following week because the students’ confusion. torrential c.

a. The decision to withdraw all support from the activities of the athletes are causing an uproar among the athletes’ fans. more carefully c. they would have realized that the second was better as the first. the office . a.116. has been c. Because b. to the famine -> b 120. a. is a major b. so he went to a dental surgeon to see about having them pull. a. John’s wisdom teeth were troubling him. to see about c. a. as the first -> d 117. the manager had a party. all support c. Had the committee members considered the alternatives more carefully. had worked c. are causing d. Malnutrition is a major cause of death in those countries where the cultivation of rice have been impeded by recurrent drought. Underutilized b. Had the committee members b. a. in those countries c. them d. by recurrent drought -> c 118. among -> c 119. a. Underutilized species of fish has been proposed as a solution to the famine in many underdeveloped countries. to withdraw b. Hardly he had entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. Because the residents had worked so diligent to renovate the old building. pull -> d 122. were troubling b. diligent d. to renovate -> c 121. have d. Hardly he had b. second was d. as d.

and many other foods. a d. a. a. many other foods -> b 126. to a good university -> b 124. a. The lion has long been a symbol of strength. regularly d. had b. a. a. and it is very cruel. and working at an extra job. it is very cruel -> d 128. living -> b 129. anothers c. are extremely b. a. hopes to be d. without c. . a d. with each other -> b 125. forgotten his -> a 123. The b. two cars. the d. The teacher told the students to don’t discuss the take-home exam with each other. All the scouts got theirselves ready for the long camping trip by spending their weekends living in the open. Some bacteria are extremely harmful. to change c. discuss d. Most Americans would not be happy without a color television. told b. crackers. All b. but anothers are regularly used in producing cheeses. Nobody had known before the presentation that Sue and her sister will receive the awards for outstanding scholarship.c. working at -> d 127. Most b. power. that he had d. Sury had better to change her study habits if she hopes to be admitted to a good university. to don’t c. long c. theirselves c.

a. the other d. Bob always turns in all of his assignments on time. last c. Until b. a. will receive d. Before we returned from swimming in the river near the camp. hurried c. of d. did not have -> b 133. one . several novel -> d 131. a. around --> b 134. the c. back d. a biography and several novel. for him c. has been hoped b. Patrick was very late getting home last night. she hurried to her next class on the other side of the campus and did not have time to talk. a. but his boss is reluctant to give him one. getting home b. someone had stole our clothes. a. When I last saw Janet. had known b. He has been hoped for a raise for the last four months. had stole c. on -> b 132. and unfortunately for him. has written b. Before we returned b. a biography d. books of poetry c. Alice Walker has written books of poetry and short stories. Until his last class at the university in 1978.a. a. to give d. the -> c 130. turns c. last b. the dog barking woke everyone up. and we had to walk back with our towels around us. dog d. up --> c 135.

people seldom lack of most of them. are b. a. their d. The Nobel Prize winner. in a . in --> c 137.--> a 136. Would you like to come and staying with us while you’re in town. or d.Daniel’s anthropology class should get their books as soon as possible. realized c. a. a. accompanied by her husband and children. opposite --> b 138. know c. a. are staying in Sweden until after the presentation. Neither of the scout leaders know how to trap wild animals or how to prepare them for mounting. you’re in town --> c 142. has been driving d. in d. staying d. Would you like b. by b. The b. for mounting --> b 140. come c. Since vitamins are contained in a wide variety of foods. after --> b 139. The Department of Foreign Languages are not located in the new building opposite the old one. are c. After driving b. Those of you who signed up for Dr. as possible --> c 141. he suddenly realized that he has been driving in the wrong direction. of the b. a. for c. a. Those of b. are c. until d. a. After driving for twenty miles.

as --> c 146. Despite b. those d. those c. to solve --> a 144. Because b. Despite the metric system is used throughout the world. a. Some gorillas beat their chests as an express of high spirits.c. former vice-president of General Motors. a.000. a. experiment b. has to d. commonly --> a 147. Charles Kettering. lack of --> d 143. Psychological experiment indicate that people remember more math problems that they cannot solve than those they are able to solve. a. The sun is a huge fiery globe at a average distance of 93. dreaded disease --> a . Before becoming successful. express d. is still d. so poor c. beat b. a. Because Walter Reed’s efforts and those of the people who worked with him. is used c. variety of d. successful b. solve c. fiery globe c. from --> c 145. it is still not commonly used in the United States.000 miles from the Earth. a d. a. was so poor that he has to use the hayloft of a barn as a laboratory. human beings no longer fear the dreaded disease of yellow fever. no longer d. high --> c 148. as c. a b.

welding. Fishing b. shelves b. color .149. effects c. a. drilling. ability b. and measure. Fishing have been found to contain a particular type of fat that may help lower blood cholesterol levels. contributed greatly c. publishing in 1982. Industrial b. in 1982 --> c 155. Industrial lasers are most often used for cutting. The average adult get two to five colds each year. a. colds --> b 151. that d. measure --> d 154. for her novel c. closest --> a 150. a. Benjamin Franklin’s ability to learn from observation and experience contributed greatly to him success in public life. Psychologists at the University of Kansas has studied the effects of the color of a room on people’s behavior. get c. The b. The continental shelves is the shallow area of the ocean floor that is closest to the continents. to d. a. most often c. for d. levels --> a 152. to contain c. has studied b. a. ocean floor d. a. Alice Walker is probably best known for her novel The Color Purple. in --> c 153. him d. probably b. of c. a. publishing d.

likely c. was elected d. a. a. reveal c. another --> d 158. philosophy c. guests d. copper is one of the earliest know metals. drudgery. Mined b.d.000 years ago. the illustrious French philosophy. on people’s --> a 156. Certain b. Many b. joy of black life d. by push --> d 159. Computers have made access to information instantly available just by push a few buttons. During wedding ceremonies in the United States. Certain pollens are more likely to cause an allergic reaction than another. ceremonies c. instantly available d. The novel b. a. the b. guests are usually silence. which was his home town. ago c. a. Many of the early word of T. the d. Mined over 2. a. know --> d 160. isolation --> a 161. and joy of black life in rural Georgia. silence . rural Georgia --> b 162. expresses c. access c. During b. an allergic d. was elected mayor of Bordeaux.S Eliot expresses the anguish and barrenness of modern life and the isolation of the individual. The novel reveal the horror. Montaigne. which was --> b 157. a. a. have b. barrenness d.

How the Earth is in the shadow of the moon. a.--> d 163. original c. Some research suggests what there is a link between the body’s calcium balance and tooth decay. Rock music was original a mixture of country music and rhythm and blues. her . a. the d. we see an eclipse of the sun. her b. a. into c. in a book --> d 167. were c. a. country music d. An increasing number of office works use computer programs as daily routine. link between d. a. Louisa May Alcott infused her own life into the character of Jo in a book Little Women. seeing d. of c. a. works d. and --> b 166. in the shadow c. called c. research b. The children’s television program called Sesame Street was seeing in 84 countries in 1989. a. daily --> c 169. of d. in --> c 165. Traveling ballet companies were uncommon before her Augusta Maywood formed the first traveling troupe. How b. Rock music b. increasing b. Traveling b. The children’s b. and --> b 168. what c. an --> a 164.

their d. but they can also be services to people. a. To putting b. The b. Earwax lubricates b. Before creating the telegraph. insects --> c 174. Moby-Dick is a novel that telling the story of a ship captain’s single-minded hatred of a huge while whale. such d. be --> b 172. single-minded d. many --> c 171. Samuel Morse made their living as a painter. telling c. while others migrate horizontal. goods b. a. of --> b 173. creating b. but d. ordinary c. made c. a. on . from deep c. a. make b. horizontal --> d 176. foreign c. The virtues of ordinary life is the focus of many poems. is d. to c.d. a. while d. To putting a large amount of information on a map. Some jellyfish make daily journeys from deep water to the surface and back. Economic goods often consist to material items. a. a variety of symbols must be used. a. as --> c 175. traveling --> c 170. Earwax lubricates and protects the ear from foreign matter such water and insects. novel b.

and fats b. a. a. Smoking b. In spite modern medical technology. Not single alphabet has ever perfectly represented the sounds of any of Earth’s natural languages. Not b. must be protected b. the c. prevent d. Before b. sounds d. of death --> c 179. many diseases caused by viruses are still not curable. perfectly c. a. Carbohydrates and fats are two essential sources of energy for animal grow. any of --> a 180. Before the nineteenth century it was rarely to find organized systems of adult education. By passing sunlight through a prism. spectrum of --> c 183. a. from d.c. it c. grow --> d 182. Smoking is the number one prevent cause of death in the United States. a. a. is separate d. it c. the light is separate into a spectrum of colors. for d. rarely d. variety d. through c. By passing b. must be used --> a 177. The ozone layer must be protected because it shields the Earth from excessive ultraviolet radiate. sources c. radiate --> d 181. . systems --> c 178.

undergo d. The b. small towns b. The masterpiece A Christmas Carol wrote by Charles Dickens in 1843. populated densely --> d 186. and jack rabbits seems to exist quite happily in the desert. many c. to complete c. the 365-mile waterway which it connects Albany and Buffalo in New York State. and ceramist. engraver. People who live in small towns often seem more warm and friendly than people who live in populated densely areas. Species like snakes. Though b. he also became a fine sculptor. seem c. squirrels. In spite b. not --> a 184. the --> b . by viruses d. a. by d. considering c. It b. like b. a. lizards. It took eight years to complete the Erie Canal. quite happily d. a. painting d. who d. a. Though Pablo Picasso was primarily a painting. a.a. coyotes. wrote c. under b. in --> b 189. which it connects --> d 187. fine --> c 185. Every candidate under considering for a federal job must undergo a thorough medical examination. a. the 365-mile d. medical --> b 188. seems to c. primarily c.

differ b. bridges b. and --> b 195. a. pair . a. eighteenth-century novelists --> b 194. by --> c 193. When children get their first pair of glasses. their --> c 196. hundreds c. that required --> c 192. has appeared d. strict as d. commonly used d. hundreds of families pioneer moved west in their covered wagons. photocopy machines were regarded strict as business and professional office equipment that required a lot of expensive servicing.190. Before bridges were built. a. about d. The disposable camera. a single-use camera preloaded with print film. they are often surprise to see that trees and flowers have sharp clear outlines. a. families pioneer d. were built c. Until b. narratively structure c. In the b. Until recently. were d. were regarded c. People in the world differ in his beliefs about the cause of sickness and health. has become --> c 191. a. and has become very popular. has appeared in the late 1980s. a. a b. Telling a story through letters was a narratively structure commonly used by eighteenth-century novelists. all transport across major rivers in the United States were by ferryboat. preloaded with c. When b. his c. Telling a story b. In the 1840s. a.

a. is held together by gravitational attraction. danger --> d 198. where b. A galaxy. In b. she d. geographic remarkable d. a. without c. medical d. surprise d. achievements --> c 199. broken apart . Even on the most careful prepared trip. a. have --> c 197. uncultivated b. by --> a 203. Even b. In 1931 Jane Adams was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient for she humanitarian achievements. diversity --> c 201. Many b. Many people say that California is a state of geographic remarkable diversity. a. trip d. will sometimes --> b 200. is d. height --> d 202. was c. tea plant c. The indiscriminate and continual use of any drug without medical supervision can be danger. problems will sometimes develop. a. careful c. where may include billions of stars. An uncultivated tea plant might grow about 30 feet height. use of b. a. of c.c. about d. a. Rocks can be broken apart by water that seeps into the cracks and freeze in low temperatures. a state c.

once b. Canada. Diamond itself is the only material hard enough to cut and polishes diamonds. freeze d. auctions b. the flowing of the maple sap is one of the first sign of spring. In b. for d. lived on c. run c. a. hard enough d. their c. Some fish use their sense of smell as a guide when return to a spawning site. only c. that c. a.b. polishes --> d . the value of --> c 208. itself b. fish b. a. because d. Archaeological evidence reveals that Native Americans lived on the East Coast of the United States 13 centuries before. as d. Alexander Graham Bell was once a teacher who run a school for the deaf in Massachusetts. a. temperatures --> c 204. a. reveals that b. before --> d 209. the flowing c. sign --> d 207. In Quebec. a. Antique auctions are getting more and more popular in the United States because increasing public awareness of the value of investing in antiques. more and more c. in --> b 205. return --> d 206. is d. of the d.

rocket research --> b 216. a. As Ingrid Bergman lived a life of courage. to controlling c. to have d. food accessible d. The best b. by making c. sites b. The Earth depends the sun for its heating.210. The change from day to night results the rotation of the Earth. but too much cholesterol can cause heart problems. supporter d. Cholesterol help the body by making hormones and building cell walls. an c. a. The best way to eliminate a pest is to controlling the food accessible to it. die --> d 212. a. a. sun for d. The famous aviator Chales Lindbergh was a early supporter of rocket research. a c. a. heating --> b 215. famous aviator b. to c. Residents in some sites can call an electrical inspector to have the wiring in their house is checked. she d. it --> b 214. a. the Earth --> c 211. she also approached die with courage. is checked --> d 213. can cause --> a . a. results d. change b. The b. a life c. depends c. help b. As b. too much d.

217. moving c. An X-ray microscope enables a person to see on solid materials such as metal and bone. Before the invention of the printing press. countries --> b 221. other d. approximately d. fully d. has b. as c. a. a. books have been all printed by hand. millions --> c 223. spreads c. by --> c 222. a. a. As the Asian economic miracle spreads throughout the Pacific. The surface of the tongue covered with tiny taste buds. a. have been d. Before b. the b. a. its b. the printing c. enables b. bone --> b 220. feet --> a 219. tiny . Luther Burand was a pioneer in the process of graft immature plants onto fully mature plants. such as d. is d. a. covered c. wage increases everywhere is affecting millions of consumers. a pioneer b. on c. graft c. As b. The United States has a younger population as most other major industrial countries. dragonflies can see moving insects approximately 18 feet away. With its compound eyes. plants --> b 218.

alone working --> d 229. is c. asked that women be given a fairly chance. a. all over d. fairly --> d 228. Whereas b. visit --> b 226. Cosmic distance is measured on light-years. be d. Margaret Fuller. planet call Mars has two small ones. results --> c 230. Whereas Earth has one moon. years --> c 225. a. a. in computer b. a. buds --> b 224. No longer is scientific discovery a matter of one person alone working. by d. scientific b. ones --> c 227. a. A million of tourists from all over the world visit New York every day. through her literature. No b. is c. consists of c. of c. through b.d. into c. unit --> a . collect data. A b. on d. All data in computer are changed into electronic pulses by an input unit. and testing results. Cosmic b. that c. The scientific method consists of forming hypotheses. has c. collect d. An ardent feminist. a. matter of d. call d. a.

a. behaviors --> a 236. went into c. caused by c. learned d. in d. is d. a. taught d. pounds . make c. is b. Dislike the gorilla. with --> a 233. a. school --> a 232. link --> d 237. The basic law of addition. division c.231. a. Knowledges b. across b. Dislike b. subtraction. a. law b. A fiber-optic cable across the Pacific went into service in April 1989. won c. link the United States and Japan. insights into c. largely b. Knowledges about cultures provides insights into the learned behaviors of groups. of c. the make adult chimpanzee weighs under 200 pounds. a. The famous Jim Thorpe won both the pentathlon or decathlon in the 1912 Olympic Games. multiplication and division are taught to all elementary school students. who d. The famous b. for who antibiotics are ineffective. Acute pharyngitis pain is most often caused by a viral infection. A largely percentage of Canadian export business is with the United States. a. are ineffective --> c 235. or d. under d. in --> c 234.

Among the world’s 44 richest countries there has been not war since 1945. Before b. One and more sentences related to the same topic form a paragraph. equipments c. also d. used d. richest c. a. form --> a 243. exaggeration c. Caricature. there d. a. and b. not --> d 241. for c. times --> a 244.--> a 238. Mirrors done of shiny metal were used by the Egyptians in ancient times. a type of comic exaggeration. in d. in --> c 242. common d. a. to drag --> b 239. they used horses and ropes to drag lops. also wrote more serious concerts. George Gershwin not only composed popular songs for musicals. same d. is common used in political cartoons. a. a. Among the b. more serious --> c 240. treasures . a. Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are one of America’s national treasures. Before lumberjacks and mechanical equipments. were used c. related to c. type of b. composed b. done b. are b. of c. a. national d.

Plants absorb water and nutrients and anchoring themselves in the soil with their roots. carefully --> c 249. the strange noise frightened him. Charlie Chaplin produced 62 short silent comedy films in four years. To understand the directions. a. a dream c. The young girl dreamed a dream that she was being carried away by monsters. to close d. was being carried . direct c. a. The children were surprised when the teacher had them to close their books unexpectedly. the soil d. his d. they must be read d. when c. their roots --> b 248. they must be read carefully. his b. a. dreamed b. liquids --> c 247. Sitting alone in his room. unexpectedly --> c 250. the strange noise frightened him --> d 251. the c. those d. that young babies b.--> a 245. a. a. absorb water b. To understand b. a. were surprised b. anchoring themselves c. in c. smell c. Sitting b. a. short silent d. In his early days as a direct. Some studies show that young babies prefer the smell of milk to those of other liquids. in four --> b 246.

at less d. The Joneses have visited Hawaii and Alaska. I saw many furniture in it. a. will be located --> d 257. assure d. although he didn’t have much chance of success. the best --> d 259. saltier --> c 258. nearly d. think b. and they assure me that they like Alaska the best. the capital of the U. across --> d 253. but c. although c. a. no c. by --> b 252. a. much --> a 255. It had been a long winter. This refrigerator is very old to keep things at a proper temperature. We can think of no reason about such strange behavior.d. the d. have visited b. When b. The b. to try b. didn’t have d.S will be located in New York city. but at last it was nearly across. From b. into c. to c. many d. a. a. about d. in c. Alan kept to try. and c. When I moved into my new flat. behavior --> c 254. . a. From 1785 to 1790. in it --> c 256. The water in the Great Salt Lake is at less four times saltier than seawater. a. had been b.

a. to keep c. Entering b. three c. had not . a --> a 260. Mimosa Hotel is only 2 km from the most beautifully beaches. we saw an old temple. a. After visiting the museum he had not very much time left. When only a child my father took me to the circus. three of the most influential were Robert Owen. Charles Fourier. saw d. the c. to b. influential d. a. and John Humphrey Noyes. only 2 km c. Entering into the room. a. a. a. I found the light quite dazzling. and --> a 264. at d. visiting b. Mimosa Hotel b. Going to the hill. the --> c 262. into c. Between b. very b. we c. finally b. beautifully --> d 266. a. quite d. only c. an --> a 263. Diana and me. me d. turned --> c 261. a. When b. my father took me d. dazzling --> b 265. He finally noticed that it was we. Between the communitarian philosophers. who always turned in the reports on time. from d.

When I entered the room. Before b. had gone c. a. a. . went d. to seeing --> a 272. to talk b. on --> b 268. a. entered b. had been watching d. to c. Please promise not telling anybody my secret. a. a. anybody --> c 270. Maria had never complained about have a handicap. young d. I look forward to seeing her next week. by c. Mr. since d. didn’t remember b. look d. bring c. a. about d. Lee didn’t remember bring his passport when he went to the consulate. bought --> a 269. to stand on --> d 273. and Maria hasn’t neither. wrote b. telling d. saw c. complained c. promise b.c. not c. left --> b 267. had b. I saw my young son to stand on the kitchen table. She never wrote a letter by hand since she bought a word processor. Before they had gone out they had been watching the news on T. I enjoy to talk to her on the phone. to --> b 274.V. very d. a. George has not completed the assignment yet. have --> d 271.

rushed off c. your --> c 279. When you come after class this afternoon. A short time b. yet d. her --> b 277. last c. A short time before her operation last month. He was drink a cup of coffee when the telephone rang. after c. hasn’t neither --> d 275. a. a. the assignment c. went to bed --> a 276. himself c. discussed d. several letters d. rang --> a 278. a. Lucky rushed off to her office for a meeting with her accountant. lives overseas --> c 280. When b. when d. she sold her bicycle. dreams d. Mrs. a. After she had bought himself a new automobile. . eaten b. a. he wrote several letters and went to bed. to her d. was drink b. we discussed the possibility of your writing a research paper. she sold d. has not b. with --> a 281. After John eaten dinner.a. ate b. a. The teacher repeated the assignment again for the students. had bought b. After she had dressed and ate breakfast. a cup c. Carlyle dreams of her daughter who lives overseas. since they had difficulty understanding what to do after he had explained it the first time. he wrote c.

a. a. to shoot d. The statement will be spoken just one time. idea little c. The company has little money that it can’t hardly operate anymore. start d. The professor is thinking to go to the conference on environment next month. a. a. Someone was showed the child how to use the telephone. The pilot agreed to land the plane only when the hijackers threatened to shoot some of the passenger. again c. next month --> b 284. you must listen very careful in order to understand what the speaker has said. to land b. that it d. a. The search party had idea little where start looking. was showed b. the child c. only c. since they d. careful d. had explained --> b 282. will be spoken b. had b. little c. has said --> c 285. Police have to break the meeting up yesterday. to use d. is b. have to . must listen c. looking --> b 288. on environment d. passenger --> d 286. the --> a 287. has b. therefore. to go c. can’t hardly --> b 283. a. The b.a. a.

minutes --> c 291. up --> a 289. related for c. a. reach --> b 294. answer d. Linh didn’t lose any time in applying for the teaching position on math. a. the d. all of chapter c. Because the committee was anxious to attend the celebration. to d. those d. to reading d. break c. that c. The b. the president dispensed to reading the minutes. My teacher said we should write another composition for tomorrow related for our experience at last week’s workshop. suppose b. a. this one is the more picturesque. a.b. should write b. We are suppose to read all of chapter seven and answer the question for tomorrow’s class. The b. . see c. Because the committee was anxious b. The customer was interested see one of those new pocket cameras with the built-in flash. the built-in --> b 292. me d. Of the two landscape b. Of the two landscape that you have shown me. for tomorrow’s class --> a 290. a. a. week’s --> b 293. the c. The jury be trying to reach a decision. the more --> a 295. at d. be c.

teenagers b. couldn’t sleep --> b 300. a. getting a job or the army. Teachers whom do not spend enough time on class preparation often have difficulty in explaining new lessons. at --> c 301. going to d. were married b. in applying c. a. whom b. Get on the bus outside the station.a. class preparation d. get them off d. at least d. a. When teenagers finish high school. You could at least give me a chance to run. to return c. Helen. a. they have several choices. The hotel was such very noise that they couldn’t sleep. such very noise c. a. the teaching d. The hotel b. We were married for twenty-five years. we decided to return to the cabin and wait for the storm to subsiding. When the roads became too slippery. wait for d. explaining new lessons --> a 299. on math --> d 296. enough time c. outside c. too slippery b. going to college. and get them off at Park street. a. Get on b. lose b. twenty-five years c. subsiding --> d 297. chance to run --> a . the army --> d 298. that d. several choices c.

might be overcome --> c 306. be found c. a. Their room had such a very unpleasant view that it makes them feel quite miserable. it makes --> d 303. a. a. very unpleasant view d. Because it was a long time since I knew him. for a moment d. We are going to stop here for a moment to get some petrols. is c. petrols --> d 307. in order to d. she talks c. in --> c . a. so d. are going to stop b. remember him --> a 305. a. sure if d. I don’t know why she talks in so a loud voice. American colonists b. a loud voice --> c 304. instead to --> d 308.302. a long time c. The main b. was b. One way b. American colonists used an extensive system of barter in order to a lack of money and credit might be overcome. in d. The main office of the factory can be found in Mapple Street in New York city. using infinitive d. I am not sure if I will remember him. a. Their room b. extensive system c. a. One way to save words is by using infinitive phrase instead to clauses. I don’t know b. here c. such c.

If a small child plays with matches. What should you do if you’ve finish to use your calculator? a. always interesting c. a. to use d. Is b. a. plays with d. is completely d. to you --> d 311. It is generally a best idea to place the thesis statement at or near the end of the introductory paragraph. were d. especially if it is a country that is completely different to your own. and sulfur. place c. different to --> d 315. charcoal. Gunpowder. a. your calculator --> c 314. introductory paragraph --> a . Not smoking and drinking alcohol are the most important things you can do talking care of your health. should b. he or she might get burnt. Travelling to b. if c. Travelling to a foreign country is always interesting. important things c. your health --> c 312. were a mixture of potassium nitrate. Is finish a job you have started very important to you? a. might --> d 310. finish c. talking care d.309. in b. Not smoking and drinking b. have started d. of --> c 313. If b. in some ways the most effective of all the explosive materials. small child c. at or near d. a. a. all the c. best idea b.

Janet is finally used to cook on electric stove. She refused to tell us why was she crying. a. do --> a 323. on --> c 321. to cook d. so do --> d 322. a. There are many similarities and differences among life in the country and life in the city. a. My friends are still talking about the day while I fell in the river. John found himself in a room where was very large and dark. is b. are b. There are b. himself b. a. How much b.316. to have to c. and so do we. for school --> a 320. among d. are b. have to d. because c. fell in --> c 318. to write b. How much times did Rich and Jennifer have to do the experiment. life --> c 317. did Rich and Jennifer c. Stuart stopped to write his letter because he had to leave for school. while d. They are going to have to leave soon. a. a. similarities and differences c. where c. leave d. a. finally c. refused b. a. talking about c. dark --> b 319. leave soon d. to tell . large d.

of --> a 329. was offered c. along with her cousins from Mexico. a. a. of soup c. from c. A five thousands dollars reward was offered for the capture of the escaped criminals. are planning to attend the festivities. us d. appeal to all of --> c 325. the d. A b. Stevens. a. carburetor c. in the sun --> c 327.c. talking d. developing . whomever b. was she crying --> d 324. it --> a 330. knows b. a. He knows to repair the carburetor without talking the whole car apart. a. a. Mrs. students b. apart --> c 328. five thousands dollars b. Give the package to whomever has authority to sign for it. to spend d. are d. do not d. has c. a. to sign d. All students are looking forward to spend their free time relaxing in the sun this summer. In the relatively short history of industrial developing in the United States. with her cousins b. relatively b. to attend --> c 326. are c. New York City has played a vital role. A lunch of soup and sandwiches do not appeal to all of the students.

to close --> d 333. already feels b. As the demand increases. such talented d. made d. of --> b 336. bad marks c. Now that b. Your friend always is getting bad marks because he plays computer games too much. Now that the newspaper arrived we can see the scores of the football match. a. is c. when c. too much --> a 335. manufacturers who previously produced only a large. a. badly c. were pleased b. a. can see d. plays d. We were pleased to have the opportunity to watch such talented dancers to perform a highly new ballet. The children were surprised when the teacher made them to close their books. a. to make d. a. . were surprised b. to perform --> d 334. arrived c. a. always is b. luxury car is compelled to make a smaller model in order to compete in the market. to compete --> b 332. has played --> b 331. We believe that she already feels very badly about her mistake. in d. mistake --> b 337. about d. to watch c.c. As b. I didn’t see Jim since he moved to London.

In my opinion that girl is enough beautiful to be a movie star. which b. better d. mistaken . a. moved d. in his c. to be d. In my opinion b. of waiting d. knew how b. any --> d 340. Extreme patriots always believe that their country is better than any countries. Jim’s counselor recommended that he should take a foreign language in his freshman year instead of waiting until the following year. entering c. Marcy said that she knew how the procedures for doing the Experiment. Extreme b. since c. a. a. but when we began to work in the laboratory. Visitors are not permitted entering the park after dark because of the lack of security and lighting. a. a. Visitors b. he should take b. to replace c. she found that she was mistaken. the --> a 342. didn’t see b. found that d. to work c. to --> a 338. the person which was recommended by the president to replace a retiring justice on the Supreme Court is a woman. a. is --> a 339.a. enough c. on d. For the first time in the history of the country. because of d. of --> b 343. star --> b 341. their c.

so b.--> a 344. allowing him d. so that c. costs c. sport b. We wish today was Sunday so that we could spend the day in the country communing with nature. many times c. friend Joe --> d 348. a. must have called b. to the committee --> a 345. us b. to sob d. practicing --> b 350. spending c. the frightened c. time d. should have d. to rewrite b. Standing among so many strangers the frightened child began to sob uncontrollable. a. was b. Paul did so well in his speech today that he should have rehearsed it many times the past week. uncontrollable --> d 347. a. much more d. but she arrived home too late to call her. Jack’s professor had him to rewrite his thesis many times before allowing him to present it to the committee. a. a. in the --> a 346. Our Spanish professor would like us spending more time in the laboratory practicing our pronunciation. arrived . the past week --> c 349. Standing among b. Sally must have called her sister last night. could spend d. a. Max’s new sport car costs much more than his friend Joe. that c. a.

completely d. . too late d. to protect c. at which b. disappearing d. The common notion that fish is an excellent food improving brain is not supported by any scientific information. simply d. disruptive -->d 357. Did you use to crying so much every night when you were a baby? a. too c. Did you use to b. a. was d. Europe and Asia are simply vast geography divisions of a larger land mass. vary d. begin to need c. a form --> c 356. a. It has been known for the last two centuries that lightning was a form of electricity. a. Generally regarded as distinct continents. geography -->d 353. a. as c.c. specific b. It has b. a. The average age at which people begin to need eyeglasses vary considerably. crying c. every night d. her --> a 351. the last c. The intention of environmentalists is to protect the disappearing spotted owl with the least disruptive to the lumber industry. is b. Generally b. submerge --> b 354. The specific gravity of the water in the great Salt Lake is too great that one cannot sink or completely submerge in it. considerably -->c 352. were --> b 355.

scientific -->b 358. is believed d. specific c. Not only b. homework d. going --> b 359.a. a. statistical d. designed b. is c. to decide d. supported d. but . larger d. a. but c. a. cities --> d 364. that b. The first step of scientific research is to decide how gather data. Caffeine in coffee is relative harmless if people drink it moderately. a. is b. relative c. Even though she hated the food. Even though b. scientific b. to --> b 360. is larger than any other cities in the United States. His sister told him finish his homework before going to the movies. with --> b 363. a. a. it d. which is one of the largest cities in the world. Not only cigarettes but alcohol is believed to be harmful to one’s health. but her father forced her to eat it. told b. gather --> d 361. SPSSX is a computer program designed specific for statistical analysis with a large amount of data. a. cities c. improving c. New York City. in b. finish c. moderately --> b 362.

should d. Cotton b.c. If you try to concentrate on one subject for too long. a. might fed-up --> d 371. It was really surprise b. to d. made of --> b 366. a. a. where c. It was really surprise that those children survived the fire that destroyed all the houses. was afraid b. This diamond necklace is worth. burns c. worth c. When b. Cotton used to rank first between Alabama's crops. the flowers from d. It is made of glass. It d. Mary was afraid that the English teacher would be angry to her because she left her English exercise book at home. “The shop cross the road is where I bought the flowers from. rank . those c. When you get burns. on c. you might fed-up and not really learn anything. a. try to concentrate b. left --> c 370. to eat --> b 365. warmly --> d 367. a. forced d. cross the road b. a. survived d. the --> a 369. you should ease the pain with warmly water packs. but it represents only a fraction of the agricultural production now. diamond b.” said Mary. would be angry c. for d. said --> a 368. a.

although they live in salt water when most of their adult lives. Because b. a. their d. Drug addiction has resulted of many destroyed careers. a. the United States begin to realize the true value of the Louisiana territory. Americans annually import more than $3 billion worthy of Italian clothing. strong claws c. is c 376. has b. Because of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. jewelry. the true value d. about d.birds use their bills as needles. a. although c. Fountain pens first became commercial available about a hundred years ago. a. Salmon lay their eggs and die in freshwater. of c. a. To building their nests. territory --> b 378. begin c. With its strong claws and its many protruding tooth a gopher is an excellent digger. ago --> b 375. when d. represents --> c 372. With b. lay b. protruding tooth d. adult lives --> c 373. . nests c. between d. building b. a. destroyed d. tailor . as --> a 374. and shoes. expulsions --> b 377.c. first b. and expulsions from school or college. commercial c.

worthy d. like many other male fish. create d. which isn't really a fish. more c. he had broad interests. are more color than females. There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with those of another. biting --> c 383. a. the c. another --> c 381. and a practical view of life. In b. does c. the --> a 380. her life c. When b. of --> b 384. a. persistence d. mechanical skills. of comparing c. he c.a. those d. are d. like c. When rhinos take mud baths. she b. . a. Akuce Ganuktibm. clothing --> c 379. a. welfare d. There are b. no bones. it has no brain. persistence. a. as an b. Americans b. the mud create a barrier to biting insects. a. to --> b 385. Male b. she spent her life working with the health and welfare of the families of workers. as an inventor. In the stock market. always d. Male guppies. color --> d 382. the fluctuations in Standard and Poor 's 500 Index does not always conform to Dow Jones Averages. and no face. A jellyfish. Benjamin Franklin.

Despite of rain or snow there are always more than fifty thousand fans at the OSU football games. afford to --> b 391. The prices of homes are as high in urban areas that most young people cannot afford to buy them. The most visible remind of the close relationship between the United States and France is the famous Statue of Liberty. thousand c. a. which --> a 388. is d. a. a. a. going traveling b. going traveling. of -> b 389. for d. a. at --> a 390. which stands in New York harbor. and television have lain the groundwork for modern global life styles. so c. between c. it d. are b. styles --> a 387. To see the Statue of Liberty and taking pictures from the top of the Empire State Building are two reasons for visiting New York City. out d. taking . remind b. that d. are c. a. as c. isn't b. bones --> c 386. A prism is used to refract white light so it spreads out in a continuous spectrum of colors. a c. International trade. Despite of b. have lain c. to refract b.a.

are b. to paint --> a 396.b. a. have d. whose d. a. to continue c. sweetly --> d 393. she might never have begun to paint. a. visiting --> a 392. Having chose b. and large flowers. the students d. all of c. having been able b. a. a. it is a good idea to check a patient's temperature. from c. to check --> c . can cause c. for c. Since infection can cause both fever as well as pain. Since b. finding c. pinnate leaves. the students were instructed to make either a preliminary outline or a rough draft. might never have begun d. Factoring is the process of finding two or more expressions whose product is equal as the given expression. which usually smell sweetly. is b. all of which have prickly stems. as well as d. There are twenty species of wild roses in North America. as --> d 395. are d. Having chose the topics for their essays. either --> a 394. Grandma Moses having been able to continue farming.

Henry and I. a. including d. stressful. Henry and I b. In b. may be triggered d. stressful --> d 398. for trying c. happened b. drugs. What happened in New York were a reaction from city workers.397. a behavioral disorder typified by a fundamental break with reality. with c. whether we thought that the statistics had been presented fairly and accurately. a. had been laid --> b . it is very important for trying it on with heavy clothing underneath. a. underneath --> d 400. including firemen and policemen who had been laid off from their jobs. Schizophrenia. a. They asked us. may be triggered by genetic predisposition. or infections. typified b. thought c. had been presented d. on d. In purchasing a winter coat. were c. accurately --> a 399.

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