Prepared by: Don Shipe Tarrant County HD 97 Area Leader and Stephanie Klick Tarrant County Republican Party Chair


Only 2 things are needed to win any election
1. Identify your supporters and 2. Get them to the polls

How do I get started ?
Apply for access to Voter Vault with TCGOP Headquarters 817595-0303 or ask your Area Leader or Headquarters to email your Precinct list.

If you have access to Voter Vault, sort a walk list for your precinct sorting for all voters except 4 s and 5 s which are Democrats. Preview the file. Print a master copy by street in precinct walk order. NEVER ALPHABETHICALLY

Use the list to identify Block Captain prospects. Anyone under the Party column who is a 1 (Strong Republican) or 2 (Weak Republican) Study each block and select the best person to ask to be a Block Captain.

‡Call them and ask them: ‡To help support the conservative effort in the neighborhood. ‡All that is required is 45 minutes of their time, to deliver a letter from the Precinct Chairman to the targeted voters on their block.

Count the number of letters needed for each block. There may be more than one entry for some addresses but only print and deliver one letter per address.

Sample Letter
In addition to your recommendation for the most Conservative candidates, your written communication with your voters should include: Where and when they will be voting on election Day and information about early voting dates, times and the nearest location.

The Weekend before Early voting
y Have Block Captains hand deliver to the list of voters

you will provide to them on their block
y Skip known Democrat households- Since elections are

about turnout, we do not want to turn out their voters.

Voter Vault

Party Column Key
0. Undecided/ unknown 1. Strong Republican 2. Weak Republican 3. Independent 4. Weak Democrat 5. Strong Democrat 6. Newly registered & unknown

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