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Analyzing and Understanding Customer Needs:For understanding the customer need a survey was conducted which consists

of the following needs of a customer:
• • • • • • • •

Need for comfort Need for performance Need for safety Need for low fuel cost Need for distinctive styling Need for passenger capacity Need for low initial costs Need for low maintenance cost

After understanding and analyzing all these needs of a customer Toyota thought that a car can be made that can best serve all of them…. decisive action to resolve the concern to the satisfaction of the customer. As well as they know that it is a dynamic world so they change their model time to time so that a fresh and more modified car can be given to the customers to make them satisfied.so they decided to launch a corolla. so as the Toyota does: . we mean clarifying the attributes of a given product (that is the features of Toyota corolla) or defining a user (that is the particular customer segment) or market segment. Product Positioning:By product positioning. As Toyota assure four basic guarantees to all their customers: The right to receive their money’s worth in product and services. • The right to a courteous hearing when they voice a concern. • The right to a thorough explanation. As company adopt a three-stage development plan. followed by quick. • • The right to be able to register their dissatisfaction when they feel they have received improper treatment.

and. . As Toyota corolla is a lower D segment car. SEGMENTATION:- it means the splitting up of the total market into segments of more homogeneous subgroups. It is a 9th generation car which competes with Skoda Octavia and Honda civic.• • • Establish a local sales network and launch brand promotions. Build auto parts manufacturing bases. The typical way of approaching marketing strategy is similar to the so-called S-T-P framework: 1. Establish joint ventures (JVs) with local players and produce automobiles.

3. Corolla is a lower D segment car.2. Also for those who are brand conscious. or anybody who is a high business class person. KOLKATTA . so they particularly targeted to the executive persons such as CEO’s. MD’s. POSITIONING– exactly how the company should present the product to the target market(s) so its perception is most advantageous relative to competition. TARGETING:- The selection of which one(s) of these subgroups the company should market its product to.

CHENNAI DELHI MUMBAI Product Positioning involves using the marketing mix (the 4Ps) to present the product to the selected target market(s) so that it is perceived in the most favorable way relative to preferences and competition. .

.Product Competitors Differentiation From In India. the biggest competitors of Toyota corolla are Skoda Octavia and Honda civic.

we came to the following result. PER ORMANCE F civic 25% corolla 45% skoda 30% .400 Performance Maximum Speed (kmph) 0-100kmph (seconds) 100kmph-0 Braking (meters) 80kmph-0 Braking (meters) 175 13.1 208 9. 13.7 49. in terms of performance come first. 12.6 40.77.413 Rs.40. 13.9 As per the serve conducted from the customers of Toyota. which we call a 10th generation car. Skoda Octavia and Honda civic is given below: Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.9 TDI Toyota Corolla Altis 1. which shows that corolla.8V L Honda Civic 1.8 28. so a comparison between Toyota corolla.6 21 180 10.35.300 Rs.8V MT Price Rs.As Toyota has launches the new modal of corolla that is corolla altis.

9 TDI Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V MT safety Anti-Lock Braking System . we came to the following result.9 TDI Toyota Corolla Altis 1. L URY UX 25% 35% corolla skoda civic 40% Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.8V L Honda Civic 1.Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.8V MT Luxury Air Conditioner Power Windows Power Steering Power Seats As per the serve conducted from the customers of Toyota.8V L Honda Civic 1. that on the basis of luxury all cars of this segment that is the lower D segment are almost equivalent.

As all the company provide best safety features from their point of view. S ETY AF corolla skoda civic 30% 60% 10% Skoda Octavia Elegance 1. we came to the following result.8V MT Aesthetics Seating Capacity (person) No of Doors AM/FM Radio CD Player 5 5 5 4 5 4 .8V L Honda Civic 1.Air-Bags (Driver | Passenger) Child Safety Locks Front Fog Lights Defogger (Rear) | | | As per the serve conducted from the customers of Toyota.9 TDI Toyota Corolla Altis 1. that corolla is much more safe care on the basis of its safety feature.

08 ABS with EBD 1750 1450 2700 170 10. AES ETICS TH corolla skoda civic 30% 35% 35% Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.As per the serve conducted from the customers of Toyota.32 ABS. in the mind of customers.94 Hydraulic dual circuit braking system with diagonal interconnection.8V L Honda Civic 1. vacuum assisted Disc brakes. EBD and BA Front Brakes Ventilated Disc Ventilated Discs .9 TDI Toyota Corolla Altis 1. with hollow brake wheels and single/piston floating 1760 1480 2600 176 9. and come to know that on the basis of aesthetics all 3 cars are sharing equal positions. we came to the following result.8V MT Product Quality Overall Width (mm) Overall Height (mm) Wheel Base (mm) Ground Clearance (mm) Mileage Overall (km/liter) Brake Type 1731 1455 2512 134 13.

that the quality of Skoda Octavia is much better than the corolla PROD TQUAL UC ITY civic 20% corolla 35% skoda 45% .caliper As per the serve conducted from the customers of Toyota. we came to the following result.

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