One of the great things about being a precinct chair is being able to support a candidate that you believe

in. During the last few days I have received a large volume of phone calls from precinct chairman and voters complaining about an orange postcard mailed by the Enlow campaign. In many cases, if the precinct chairman had not endorsed Paul Enlow, the card was from another precinct chair in the county that had endorsed him. These post cards left voters with the false impression that the person whose name was on the card was their precinct chair. This mailing has created a lot of ill will amongst precinct chairs. If this occurred in your precinct do not assume that the person whose name was used had any involvement in the mailing. I have spoken to many whose names were used and, all denied approval or any knowledge that these were mailed outside their precincts. Additionally, most felt it was inappropriate to meddle in someone else’s precinct. Based on the phone calls I have received this is occurring all over the county. If this was done in your precinct you were likely not included in the distribution list. To determine if this occurred in your precinct, I encourage you to ask your Republican voter’s if they received such a card. To avoid this in the future insist on approving not only what is sent out by candidates in your name, but also who it will is distributed to.