<> To: Cc:,, sivashankari@sierratec.

Dear THIYAGARAJAN K, Your Salary details for the Month of August 2010. Working days for the Month Total loss of pay days Actual Basic Salary Total loss of pay 26 0 6300.00 0.00

EARNINGS BASIC SALARY HRA (60% OF BASIC) FLEXIBLE BENEFIT PLAN Individual Perf. Upto 5% of CT Companys Perf. Upto 5% of CTC Earnings Total DEDUCTIONS PERF. INCENTIVE ACCUMULATION Deductions Total Net Salary 1800.00 1800.00 16200.00 6300.00 3780.00 6120.00 900.00 900.00 18000.00

Total Cost to Company (CTC) -


Your salary has been credited to your account. Regards Rema K Giridhar "This mail is system generated, in case of any discrepancies, please report."

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