ELT METHODOLOGY (II) WEEK 1- Between The Lines Teaching Reading


While learning about teaching reading, we flicked through how we read and what the strategies we use. Thus, we saw the rights and wrongs. Later, we talked about the reading materials used in the language classrooms. (e.g.: dialogues, reading passages, short stories, the vocabularies under the pictures, the sentences to learn the grammar, authentic materials etc. ). After that, we mention how we choose the reading texts, according to what? The answer is their concern to the life and the needs. In additionally, we said that reading should have a real purpose ( e.g.: to get information, to get pleasure, to complete a task etc.). As talking these, we complete a table what is reading or not. In pursuit of this, we answered another table called which reading strategies are effective? , which is so successful for showing us our mistakes we do in reading. Now, I have new information in my pocket how I should read. There are lots of strategies for reading. The important thing is to teach students the best and the most effective ones for their learning.

I suppose I need to focus more on my reading strategies. Just because the better I am good at this skill, the better I teach