ELT METHODOLOGY (II) WEEK 1- Teaching Language Skills Teaching Vocabulary


First of all, we started to the class by choosing five words we have learnt recently, and we told the class where we saw them, how we learnt them and what strategies we used while learning them. After warming up to the subject :) , we talked about how we teach the vocabulary. The class agreed with authentic materials, pictures, charts, role-play, music, games, presenting vocabulary and matching (word-picture or word-the meaning) etc. While teaching vocabulary, it is as important as its usage to teach parts of speech. In addition, we discussed that if we say I know a word, what does it mean? Knowing a word means to know its part of speech, the meaning of it, its pronunciation, its usage in a context, its register (formal/informal or polite/impolite), its spelling and its collocations. And then we talked about how we control they learn the word or not. We covered some strategies of teaching vocabulary and which one is the best one and which one is the worst. And we highlighted the importance of dictionary training. At this week, I learnt how I learn the vocabulary first :) and how I teach. I like the activity which is trying to teach vocabularies :) I laugh so much telling, demonstrating and acting a word. Who knows how much the students will enjoy :) . Thus, they will never forget the words they learn laughing :)) . I like demonstrating and telling about the words like a secret most ;)


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