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The Full eBook of Seduction Patterns

The Full eBook of Seduction Patterns

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Published by: flashdarling on Oct 04, 2010
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I was thinking about our conversation the other day and you know I can
really relate to how you are feeling. You see … I know there's a part
of you that doesn't want to think about love right now. You really
shouldn't do that.. now with me .. that's OK. I mean when find yourself
thinking about a breakup you remember those sad feelings and maybe you
think about all the guys who ever hurt you, al the guys who ever used
you or made you feel upset, let down or really cheated. I mean, you
think about the fear of trusting and it just really hurts … and I would
hate for you to feel really horrible about that. On the other hand I
know there's another part of you that really loves to feel that special
sense of connection with someone (point). The part that loves that
feeling of excitement of knowing you're with someone who makes the world
and life seem like an adventure where a person can feel really
appreciated. So as you push that hurtful part aside, and only think
about it from this joyful one, doesn't make sense that we just go and
enjoy each others company for a little bit.

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