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The Full eBook of Seduction Patterns

The Full eBook of Seduction Patterns

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Published by: flashdarling on Oct 04, 2010
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DATE ADI just want to say and i hope you don't find this too intrusive if youwere to meet a manwith the heart of a, SERIOUS ROMANTIC and the soul of a poet how wouldyou feel? I inviteyou to notice that well...have you ever felt an, INSTANTANEOUSCONNECTION with someone?like maybe as you were there, SEEING HIM in, YOUR MINE. and you startedto, LISTENINTENTLY like there was a cord of light going from you to him. as thatcord began to,GLOW WITH THE WARMTH of that connection to the point where, you couldimagine a time sixmonths from then and still feeling that sense of, INCREDIBLE CONNECTIONand looking backon that day as the start of it. how surprised would you be to know thatall you need todo is box that person.PERSONAL CONFESSIONThis is a little <pause> hard for me <Name>, can I tell you something Idon't usually tell people? Well, you know when you're with someone whomyou FEEL REAL COMFORTABLE with? ME,...I....Its like when you start totalk about yourself with someone you trust <point to yourself> it juststarts to feel like you're safe and can just talk about anything. Is itthat way with you too?LEFT HERENEWSLETTER BLENDVAGUENESSIDEAL ATTRACTIONUNATTRACTIVE INTO ATTRACTIVEFOLLOW UP IDEAL CONNECTIONSOULMATECONNECTION PATTERNSFALLING IN LOVE PATTERNPRESUPPOSTITIONSCONVINCEBJ PATTERNVACATIONBOYFRIEND DESTROYERQUOTESFASCINATIONSTACKING REALITIESPEAK EXPERIENCE PATTERNVISUALIZATION (SUB MODALITIES)MAPS OF THE WORLD (IDENTITY, CAPABILITIES, POSSIBILITIES, DESERVINGNESS)LOOK FOR PERSONAL TRANCE WORDSVALUE SOLICITATIONPAST HURTAPPROACH A STRANGERINTERNAL VOICEBLAMMO 1 AND 2BACK OUTNEW PATTERNSSLEEPLESSPU LINES (THE MORE THE MORE)OPPORTUNITYWHAT HAPPENS WHEN IN LOVE
SNOWBOARDGETTING OVER ITAFFIRMATIONSWINDOW OF OPPORTUNITYIMAGINATIONCONNECTIONS AGAINFOODGOOD LUCK DAYCHALLENGESPHRASESPERFECT LOVEDIFFERENT ROLESQUALITY QUESTIONSWEATHERFIND YOURSELFSEDUCTION BOOKHYPNOSISCLOSINGSTRIPLEPATTERNS NEWBOYFRIEND IICLOSETAPENEWSLETTER BLENDI was reading this article that was talking about the difference in theway men and women fall in love. And it was saying that men usually feelan attraction right away but women by contrast usually feel a connectionand then BECOME VERY ATTRACTED. I mean you know that kind of specialconnection you sometimes feel ... that mysterious compelling click thattakes place right there (right in the center part of you).... where youreally feel so warm, safe and comfortable and it just lets you know thisperson is going to be so right for you in so many ways and you justslide into that sense of having known them for ever as if is was meantto happen (as if you've always known them) maybe to the point where youpicture this person so big and bright in that special place in your mine(you don't even know why you just have to go deep inside and find allthose values that are so important to you and you just naturally linkthem up with this person such that you find yourself beginning to lookthrough the eyes of attraction ... cause I find when you look throughthe eyes of attraction, look through the eyes of desire, that's when youcan make that connection and really feel that growing bond growing moreand more as you begin to imagine being with this person, in that specialway that two people can feel so wonderful. And as you feel that passiongrowing more and more maybe to a point where you feel yourself justletting go completely as you allow this person to come deep insidereleasing all those feelings that have been building and building upinside you just want to release them in a flood and I find when you dothat now with me I find you just feel so enchanted like you are nowunder a love spell cast upon you such that you can't control yourselfand just find yourself going wild with it feeling a powerful desire forthis person where you feel so warm inside and ready for them to comedeep inside you, that you imagine mmmm how wonderful it will feel youand me together.So this article was saying, that when it's really special that's whenyou can just stop and imagine a time in the future, say years from nowstill feeling that growing attraction and looking back on this moment asbeing the inevitable start of it
You know I was telling my friend about this, and she was saying, whenshe really starts to feel that connection and grow even more attracted,she begins to pay attention in a special way. First, she becomes awareof the rhythm of her breathing the beating of her heart ... and thatsense of growing fascination such that as she continues to BECOME awareof all this, one particular feature of this guys face begins to captureher attention so as she continues to keep looking its like the rest ofthe environment disappears and the entire world becomes this face ..this voice that just wraps itself around her like a pair of powerful butgentle arms .. pulling her in ... deeper ... just allowing that warmthto spread all through her such that you open yourself up completely andallow this person to come inside you so deep releasing all thosefeelings that have been building and building and building you just wantto release those feelings in a flood. I find when I HAVE thoseresponses .. it's like you just let yourself go completely ... and gowild with it ... now that's how I see it so clearly. Now what reallyfascinates me about all this is not just how people connect sopowerfully .. but how people connect with their own needs and wants anddesires .. like think about the difference between compulsion andanticipation.VAGUENESSIsn't interesting how everyone is so different yet in so many ways weare all the same. I mean for example, I don't know what it is you do,when you decide for yourself that you really want to be with someone,and you know it's what you want cause you find yourself imagining it ...you picture it and your mine and you look forward to it for all theright reasons. Reasons that are right to you because you know its whatyou want but I think you know a person can find that when that's what'staking place, wow, what a difference in the way they think and just howreadily you then begin to make time for this special person you are nowconnecting so strongly with. Its a totally different experience itslike you feel almost magnetically drawn to this person you know what Imean? And sometimes I think a person wouldn't even know that that'swhat's taking place until afterwards. And you look back on it as one ofthose amazing memories you treasure/cherish for the rest of your life... now ... with me as I think long and hard about it I think that'sthe process of discovering that a person is being drawn to anotherperson.IDEAL ATTRACTIONYou know, I saw the most interesting show on the discovery channel lastnight. They were interviewing people who make their living designingattractions for amusement parks like magic mountain and Disneyland andUniversal Studios. Wouldn't that be a cool way to make a living?Well, anyway, they were talking about the elements that make up the ideaattraction. (point) They said there are 3 parts to the idealattraction. First, when you EXPERIENCE the ideal attraction, you FEEL AHIGH STATE OF AROUSAL. The idea attraction makes your heart beatfaster, and your breathing gets faster and you just FEEL THAT AMAZINGRUSH ALL OVER.And then they said that another part to an ideal attraction is; it'sfascinating. You just FEEL SO ENTHRALLED that you want to TAKE THISRIDE (point down) multiple times; as soon as you GET OFF you want to GETBACK ON again.

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