I like this week because reading is te my favourite skill. I learned some effective ways to improve my reading. However, ı see that some of the strategies ı used in high school are waste of time. For example; studying translations of words. In reading, there are three stages; prereading, while reading, post reading. We talked about pre-reading. To take students’ interests to reading, wat can we do? We can ask some questions about topic but these questions should appeal to students’ needs. Moreover, purpose is very essential. Students want to know why they are reading that topic. We should decide our aim firstly. Without purpose, students get demotivated. I understand that reading isn’t only giving papers and to wait students’ understanding it. As teachers, we should take their attention to the lesson in a funny way. We provide them some challenges to foster to understand reading passages. I need to focus more on supplying suitable reading passages to students’ interests. Without any preparations, students may lost in a complex reading passage.

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