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Science of Logic

Science of Logic

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Published by: shervink on Oct 04, 2010
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§ 130

Being is the indeterminate immediate; it is free from determinateness in relation to essence and also from any
which it can possess within itself. This reflectionless being is being as it is immediately in its own self alone.

§ 131

Because it is indeterminate being, it lacks all quality; but in itself, the character of indeterminateness attaches
to it only in contrast to what is determinate or qualitative. But determinate being stands in contrast to being in
general, so that the very indeterminateness of the latter constitutes its quality. It will therefore be shown that
the first being is in itself determinate, and therefore, secondly, that it passes over into determinate being −− is
determinate being −− but that this latter as finite being sublates itself and passes over into the infinite relation
of being to its own self, that is, thirdly, into being−for−self.

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