Faktor penderaan isteri

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Dinamika keluarga dan keganasan Kitaran keganasan Pengaruh alkohol dan dadah Latar belakang keluarga Masalah sosial

Corak penderaan isteri
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Penderaan secara fizikal Penderaan secara psikologi dan emosi Penderaan secara seksual Penderaan secara sosial Penderaan secara kewangan

Kesan penderaan terhadap isteri
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The death Injury. Depressed: Will have a problem getting a good job and running. Emotional abuse and also loss of confidence. Fracture family life. The court case that may be associated with divorce and custody children, and also about giving a living Always living in fear and feel ashamed because of the fear diketahiu many of the problems his family. Violence may be dragged into the community or with new friends.

Langkah mengatasi
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Akta Keganasan Rumahtangga 1994 Program kaunseling Kursus keibubapaan

Hasil langkah
a) Knowledge and ability of women and men to prevent gender-based violence increased. b) The ratio of cases of violence against women from a population of women declined. c) self-defense training facility to be part of activities in schools, workplaces and the community. d) Knowledge and skills in addressing gender-based violence in society increases. e) skills of students in institutes of higher education in addressing terrorism. f) A gender-based violence-related curricula are also being developed. g) The level of public awareness on all aspects relating to gender-based violence has also increased. h) Knowledge and women kepupayaan to prevent violence on the rise.


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