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Lead Generation Proposal

Many Salem: New Accounts

Kathy Lodha: Operations Manager
Shawn Chatarjee: Business Development
Helen Tep: Process Manager

Progen Business Services

Lead Generation Team
Sales Department

Submitted to:
«First»«Last»: «Title»


Executive Summary 3

Statement of Project Requirement 4

Objectives 5

Technical Approach
Formulating a Script 6
Generating Rebuttals 7
Call Sessions 8
Campaign Run Evaluation 9

Project Assessment
Quotation for Services 10
Quality Controls 11

References 12

Conclusion 13

Executive Summary

«Company» is an accounting firm located in «Business_Address_City» ,

«Business_Address_State» offering traditional accounting services to small and
medium sized businesses in the local area. «Company» is currently seeking to
facilitate a calling campaign to generate new clients through direct telemarketing. The
object of the campaign is to generate interest in the traditional accounting approach
incorporated by «Company» and his staff in offering low cost, hands on accounting
services to prospective businesses in the immediate area.

The goal of the direct market Lead generation campaign is to achieve the following:

 Cold call a prospect list of businesses in the immediate area

 Introduce the «Company» Firm
 Provide information as to the value proposition offered by «Company»
 Generate Qualified appointments for a personal meeting

Based on internal marketing efforts at «Company» there has been success marketing
clients directly through the telemarketing approach. In utilizing a professional
telemarketing firm to facilitate such a campaign «Company» is looking to utilize
industry best practices and technology available to acheive better more efficient

Statement of Project Requirement
The project will require a minimum of 1 dedicated representative 4 hours daily to
facilitate the calling campaign. The average calls per rep daily would be around 100-150
calls using power dialing technology to facilitate a larger call acquisition rate. These
numbers will fluctuate higher or lower depending on talk times and conversion rates.

The representative would meet the following guidelines:

1. Have extensive experience in phone based sales with a minimum of 1 years
experience in cold calling for financial based services.
2. Neutral English accent with clear speaking voice
3. Rebuttal and cross training
4. Excellent computer and comprehension skills.

In order to facilitate a high conversion rate all representatives will be rigorously trained
as to the selling points of the «Company»programs and services. The training will also
encompass the current promotions, innovations or possibly a special discount for the
telemarketing effort.
Training shall also cover:
1. Services
2. Rates
3. Value proposition
4. About «Company»

In order to facilitate the expedited processing of calls representatives will use Power
dialers to speed up call acquisition. Dialers will clean prospect lists of any busy signals,
voicemails, or disconnected telephone numbers. It will therefore feed only prospects
physically on the phone to the representatives. All calls will be processed through our
advanced Cisco VOIP PBX system. This will allow quick, concise and crystal clear
communications to prospects. Each representative will use noise cancellation headsets
with top of the line Cisco VOIP telephony. Each call will be recorded and available for
review upon request to assure quality control.


New Accounts
The main objective of this campaign is to use a cold prospect list provided to generate
appointments for «Company»to meet with prospects and open a window of opportunity
to acquire new accounts. Representatives will incorporate a 30-60 second captivating
pitch to generate interest and create an environment for open discussion to create a
potential for the creation of a qualified appointment.

The conversions of leads to appointments will mainly depend on the list quality provided,
and with business calls the availability of respondents and capability to bypass
gatekeepers. Based on the assessment of similar campaigns we have determined a
minimum conversion rate based on conservative estimates of 5%. Our conservative
estimates are based on statistical analysis of previous campaigns and are based on a
current list of prospects that fit the service profile. After 2 weeks of campaign
performance this conversion estimate can rise.

The calls generated will brand the «Company» services and strengthen it to many
prospects. For those looking for additional information an email should be provided. It is
in our experience that an email providing well structured information marketing the target
along with a telephone follow up greatly increases conversions and appointment
potential. The email and direct contact information captured can be used for monthly
newsletter campaigns as well as direct marketing efforts in the future leading to
conversions not calculated in our initial numbers.

Technical Approach

Formulating a script
Script formulation will be imperative to a successful campaign. We can formulate the
script completely, although it is recommended for client interaction and approval. In our
experience long sales pitches of more then 3 minutes usually lose a captive prospect and
take to much time to administer causing interaction time to fall short. The scripting needs
to be specific and we encourage our representatives to go off script in the pitch phase to
promote an interactive dialogue leading to a qualified appointment.
Script requirement
• Short precise introduction
• Formulated sales script with fine points
• Large pool of rebuttals
• A emphasis of the traditional «Company» approach
• Use of any market affiliations
• Market segment targeting with multiple market specific scripting
• Website referral during pitch phase for direct visual and vocal presentation when
• Email and follow up when required to increase conversions and awareness

Sales questions and qualifier responses will be documented per lead for market analysis
and insight per segment. Sales qualifiers will be submitted with every lead or declining
prospect in reports to assess prospect list target efficiency and captivation.

Appointment Closure Analysis

As a structured handoff to «Company» will be imperative for go new account closure and
sales cycle continuity an analysis of appointment metrics and closing percentages will be
accounted to synergize both the marketing effort and client acquisition. Script analysis
will be conducted on an as required basis to assure higher client appointment closure and
steady marketing progression.

Generating Rebuttals

With the help of your sales department and training sessions our staff will generate a
rebuttal list and answers to assist customer acquisition. The rebuttal list will cover every
aspect of the sales cycle from call acceptance to sales pitch interaction. The rebuttal list
will be updated throughout the campaign to formulate an intuitive sales representation of
«Company» to prospects leaving no stone unturned or question not prepared for.

Rebuttals Process:
• Sales representative rebuttal list acquired
• Representative rebuttal list created
• Formal answers determined and approved
• Updates to rebuttals send as added to «Company» sales contact for analysis

To insure accurate sales interaction a Knowledgebase will be created incorporating
industry specific terminology to assist representatives with the information they require
in a quick and easy reference. The reference will be updated as required through our
interactive web portal. As new promotions or added information is required by your end
it may be added to this portal so representatives can be aware of any current changes and
or developments.

Mock Call Session

In order to incorporate the right type of representative and preparation criteria, a mock
call session is created with «First» «Last» before campaign launch. The mock call session
provides great insight within a simulated call environment to allow for deeper pitch and
rebuttal analysis. The session helps not only the client attain key points with regards to
performance metrics but also allows the representative selected the opportunity for direct
client interaction and instruction. The session is usually attended by the sales manager
and new accounts executive in a conference call environment within an informal and
collaborative approach of all parties to help facilitate the objective.

Soft Call Session

Once the mock call session is approved by «First» «Last» the next stage is the process of
generating some sample calls to prospects to test the representative, script, rebuttals, and
prospect list in a live environment. This is usually done within a time frame required to
generate enough call recordings for client analysis. Once the soft calls are completed the
recordings are then analyzed by the sales manager and «First» «Last» to access
performance and analyze all factors associated with the campaign. Once the soft call
session is approved by «First» «Last» the campaign goes into the live phase.

Campaign Run Evaluation

As with any marketing campaign the initial first 2 Week launch period will be under
strict evaluation. Each and every aspect of the campaign will be micro analyzed for the
purpose of generating a conversion baseline. Further, all variables in creating the
campaign will be rated for improvement by our internal management as well as your

Evaluation criteria:
• Representative performance
• Call effectiveness
• Sales pitch effectiveness
• Appointment Generation Effectiveness
• Appointment conversions
• Rebuttal Responses
• Reporting structures
• List quality

Target setting
Once all evaluation parameters have been defined targets will be set for each area
identified for improvement. These target areas will be reported daily there after till goals
are reached for each level of improvement. The reports will be provided in any format

Project Assessment

Quotation of Services

Taking into consideration the requirements provided within the preliminary survey and
interview with «First» «Last». We have determined that there will be a requirement for a
minimum of 1 representative to facilitate the goal of the lead generation campaign.
The Lead Generation representatives will work a 5 day shift Monday through Friday for 4
Hours daily.

Table 1: Monthly Service Rate (22 working days monthly 80 Hours Per Lead rep)
Service Type Service # Quantity Price Total
Generation Representatives Unlimited Calls 9823470 1 $600.00 $600.00
Predictive Dialer Service Unlimited Calls 3840 1 $49.00 $49.00
TOTAL $649.00

Set up Fee

The training timeframe for this project will take 7 Business days. The set up fee assessed
to bring this project online would be $199.

Provided Services
-Call Request
-Appointment Setting
-Call follow up
-Prospect List Generation

Quality Controls

To provide our clients with the best quality service we have specific quality controls set
up for each project we contract at no additional charge to our clients.

Project manager
Once an account begins our implementation stage a project manager is assigned for direct
communication with clients. The project manager sits in on training and conducts
evaluations to make sure client’s goals are met.

Process manager
Every one of our accounts is assigned to a process manager that is trained on the project
and conducts periodic checks, listens to calls, monitors performance and interacts directly
with representatives to assure proper supervision.

Back up Representatives
With each representative provided we offer a back up trained to operate in the same skill
level and knowledge. This is done to assure there is no down time.

Client controls
All client inputs are very important and imperative for successful implementation of any
of our projects. We therefore provide detailed reporting for our client’s daily from our
operations department on the process daily accomplishments. As all our calls are
recorded clients can request calls for any communication made at any time to access
representative performance. Our staff encourages client interaction and feedback so we
can better meet goals set.


Xross Motors
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Brooklyn, NY 11234
Kay Steele, President

Cross town Companies

29-27 41st Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
Leon Lipo, Vice President

US Mitigation
140-30 Coombs Street
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
Patricia Whyte, President


Progen Business Services, Inc. was founded with the goal of working and assisting small
businesses. While state-of-the-art technology and global communications have provided
ample benefits to large firms in virtually all industries, many small businesses have been
left behind, as they cannot afford or have limited access to the same products and
services. Our focus as a solutions provider is a dedication to helping small businesses
acquire cutting-edge business hardware, business process outsourcing services, and direct
product sourcing with a scalable and affordable pricing structure. Our partnerships with
today’s leading hardware manufactures along with our offices in the United States,
Canada and India have placed us in a strategic position to facilitate our mission and
achieve better efficiency and increased savings to our many satisfied clients.

We thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and learn about your
business. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Thank you

Progen Business Service

Lead Generation Team