The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA) was founded in 1999 in Ramallah, Palestine as a membership-based organization

for locally registered companies specialized in providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related services. For the past 9 years, PITA has been the leading source for information, knowledge sharing and development in the ICT profession in Palestine and has become the backbone in defending the interests of the ICT sector. Through dedication and transparency, PITA evolved as a strong organization representing 80 major companies from various sub-sectors including hardware distributors, software development firms, office automation vendors, internet service providers, telecommunications companies, ICT consulting and training companies. PITA has a strong and active yearly elected Board of Directors comprised of executives of small and large Palestinian companies. PITA also has a high-caliber managerial team to coordinate daily activities and provide professional services to PITA members and the industry. PITA maintains tight cooperation with various national and international organizations to provide high-quality technical assistance to its members and the ICT sector in general. Further, PITA actively coordinates with local legislative bodies to create an attractive investment environment by upholding intellectual property rights and adopting laws that are vital for the development of the sector. PITA is a professional non profit association for individuals and companies involved in the practice of ICT in Palestine. Our principal roles are:
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Improving - Advancing ICT competencies, practice and concepts of leadership. Promoting - Being an advocate for ICT sector and promoting its importance, efficacy and ethics. Supporting - Being an essential resource for ICT information, education/training and relationship. Representing - defending the ICT sector interests with the government and law makers.

02 -2408479 :‫هﺎﺗﻒ: 8748042-20 ﻓﺎآﺲ‬


‫ص . ب: 0642 رام اﷲ‬

P.O.Box 2460, Ramallah, Palestine, Tel. +970 2 2408478, Fax. +970 2 2408479, Email: website:

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