19th April 2008

SWORN AFFIDAVIT I, the undersigned, NAME do hereby make oath and say that:1. I am a white male of _______________________ . __________ (00) years of age, ID number

2. I am currently one hundred percent (100) of sound mind, character and am in full control of all my faculties , and as such I am fully authorized to depose to this affidavit. 3. The facts herein contained fall within my personal knowledge and belief, save wher e the contrary appears f rom the context hereof, and are true and correct. 4. I reside at ______________________, in the municipal district of______________, Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa.

5. Wozani Nonke Systems are in the final and prototype stages of our project and product development before going to market. Our project , and product, are worth well over the one hundred million South African rands mark as they currently stand. 6. On Friday 17 th April 2008 between the hours of 07:30 and 08:30 I util ised my colleagues¶ computer system to access the internet to send a few urgent international emails from my ³memory stick´. 7. Having had an important meeting from 08:30 until approximately 11:00, I left the ³memory stick´ in my colleague¶s computer as we work in a n open plan office space. 8. At approximately 11:30, my colleague returned with an entourage of commodity buyers whom she allowed to utilise her computer system , at will, whilst I was busy at my desk. 9. I heard the gent, one Mr. G Ned Moodley, ID number 5205195159082 of BAST Projects CC, enquire if he may remove my ³memory stick´ from her computer system, as he wanted to utilize his own ³memory stick´ for his own purposes. This is totally against my company protocol. 10. At the time of removal, we were all three present in the office. 11. At approximately 12:45 my colleague and I left the office to attend different meeting, I returned earlier than her and as I required some information off the ³memory stick´, I went to my colleague¶s desk to retrieve it. It was then discovered to be ³missing´ 12. About a half hour before her return Mr . Moodley arrived at the office with his entourage wanting to u tilise my colleague¶s office space and computer. I then informed him that, as there is very delicate information in our office and, in the absence of my colleague, he was to wait in the reception until she arrived. I asked if he had seen my ³memory stick´, and he was adamant that he had not.

Based on the fact the product and the project is of a national security basis . On the Saturday of the date of this affidavit. as well as loss of investment of funds to the tune of the amount mentioned herein . family and anyone else whom she may come into contact with for the next sixty (60) months. Moodley arrived whilst we were engaged in a shareholders agreement. and leaving all very embarrassed . resulting in the meeting being called to a close. Mr. Moodley. which can be traced back to both Mrs. and defam ing me in both my business and personal ethics in front of all the new and potential shareholders . assassinating my character. In the event that any form of system /s comes to market on a competitive basis of a similar nature of whatsoever kind b ased on the contents of the ³memory stick´ which has enough information to be able to reverse engineer such a system given the equations base. Mrs. this as pertains to the supply and demand of affordable and reliable source of sustainable and alternative energy that will change to course of energy supply the world over . This all stands the company. but to no avail. 15. diagrams. ______________________________ Commissioner of oaths . friends. and other integral information contained ther eon. Lee and or Mr. Lee signed and agreed to the terms and conditions of our international NCNDA document on the 7 th February 2008 binding her and her acquaintances. I here reserve my rights for legal continuance in this matter of deformation of character . 14. THE DEPONENT HAVING ACKNOWLEDGED THAT HE KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS THE CONTENTS OF THIS AFFIDAVIT AND HAVING DECLARED THAT HE HAS NO OBLIGATION TO TAKING THE PRESCRIBED OATH AND THAT HE CONSIDERS THE OATH TO BE FINAL AND BINDING ON HIS CONCIENCE. ID number 5803080836085. Christina Tshotlego Lee. we further reserve all our rights to seek any and all compensation in this matter as per the referred to NCNDA. 16. in extremely bad stead for the potential investment of the forty million rand (R40 000 000) . if fallen into the wrong hands. and she assured me that the ³buyer´ had put it on her desk. Wozani Nonke Systems (Pty) Ltd.13. __________________ Deponent THUS SIGNED AND SWORN BEFORE ME AT _________________ ON THIS THE ______ DAY OF _____________ 2008. (please see the attached document for full clarification). On her return. work colleagues. I asked if she had seen the ³memory stick´. She then proceeded to look for it. will be catastrophic in nature. an argument ensued over the missing ³memory stick´ which ended with my colleague Mrs .

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