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5’ LTR
R etroviruses are one of the most efficient tools for delivering genes into dividing
mammalian cells. The pCHAC-MCS-IRES-mWasabi Retroviral Expression
Vector is a Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MMLV) based vector containing
IRES 2351-2929 retroviral LTRs and packaging signal. In addition, the vector also includes the
monomeric GFP, mWasabi. A multiple cloning site (MCS on the map below) is
mWasabiGFP 2942-3652 present, which can be used to insert cDNA to be separated by an internal ribosomal
3’ LTR 3765-4356 entry site (IRES). This setup allows bicistronic expression from one transcript with
the flexibility of putting other proteins as the leading translation unit.
pUC Origin 4631-5270
Amp Resistance 5420-6280
Amp R
5' LTR

pUC ori pCHAC-MCS-IRES-mWasabi

6356 bp

3' LTR
mWasabi GFP

Comments for pCHAC-MCS-IRES-mWasabi

421-1012 5 ’ LTR
2307-2350 MCS
2351-2929 IRES

F or Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic or2942-3652

Therapeutic Use. Purchase does mWasabi
not include orGFP
carry any right to resell or transfer
this product either as a stand-alone product or as a component of another product. Any use of this product other than the permitted
3765-4356 3 ’ LTR
use without the express written authorization of Allele Biotech is strictly prohibited
4631-5270 pUC Origin
5420-6280 Ampcilin Resistance Gene
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