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THE #1
More than 33,000 SUBWAY® locations throughout the world

Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck Exceptional growth

opened the first SUBWAY® Since its founding, the SUBWAY®
restaurant in the city of Bridgeport, franchise system has experienced
Connecticut, USA, in the summer of phenomenal growth, and is
1965. They later incorporated in the committed to becoming the #1
name of Doctor’s Associates Inc. Quick Service Restaurant chain in
Today, the SUBWAY system is the the world. In 2010, the SUBWAY®

largest restaurant chain in North franchise was named the #1

America and is poised to become the franchise among franchises with
largest restaurant chain in the world. worldwide operations in the 2010
Each SUBWAY® restaurant is Franchise 500® issue of Entrepreneur®
focused on making great sandwiches. magazine, based on research and
In fact, it is so great, that many analysis of those franchises having
SUBWAY® customers have become worldwide operations. This was the
franchise owners simply because 17th time in 23 years that the
they believe in the product. SUBWAY® system has been
recognized with the top overall
SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc. ©2010
Doctor’s Associates Inc. Franchise may be offered by prospectus, through honor.
affiliate companies. Numbers subject to change. Please visit for the latest restaurant and country counts. In most years, about 70% of new
*The SUBWAY® franchise was ranked the number-one global franchise franchises are purchases by existing
among franchises with worldwide operations in the 2010 Franchise 500® owners.
issue of Entrepreneur® magazine, based on research and analysis of those
franchises having worldwide operations.
Décor In addition, many food flavors Products you will
The SUBWAY décor integrates are brought out by toasting the be proud to serve
the look of natural building sandwiches to perfection, just The SUBWAY® franchise offers your
materials - brick, clay, stone - the way a customer wants. customers many great options to eat
into the stores and conveys to a fresh meal, fast.
customers that SUBWAY®
locations are warm and inviting Think about your customer base and
family dining destinations. all the potential consumers who
patronize your business. Wouldn’t
the quality of the SUBWAY®
Great food
products appeal to those
SUBWAY® “Sandwich Artists” consumers?
create customers’ sandwiches on
a varied selection of daily baked
gourmet breads. With the option
of many ingredients, the The nutritional value of our food is
sandwiches are customized with very important. The SUBWAY
an array of meats, cheeses, FRESH FIT™ menu is low in
vegetables, and lastly topped off saturated fat and cholesterol and
with unique select sauces. is trans fat free.

*SUBWAY FRESH FIT™ menu is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
2010 Entrepreneur The franchisee is responsible for:
The SUBWAY® restaurant chain
The AllBusiness has been named the Number 1 ✔ Initial franchise fee
AllStar list is franchising for 2010.
the most transparent The Franchise 500® ✔ Finding locations
rankings are the most
and interactive comprehensive franchise ✔ Leasehold improvements and
ranking of its kind rankings in the world and
have considered many equipment
and the only such
ranking that lets
factors, including financial
strength and stability,
✔ Hiring employees and operating
would-be franchisees sort and surface growth rate, the size of the restaurants
system and start up costs.
information that’s most important to ✔ Paying 8% royalty to the company
them. It is also the only list that draws and a fee into the advertising fund
upon the in-depth financial analysis of our
parent company, Dun and Bradstreet.
Fast Food Category The company provides:
® Category: Most Popular
SUBWAY holds the #1 position ✔ Access to formulas
SUBWAY® = Number 1
on our AllBusiness and operational systems
Category: Top Service
AllStar list and is also SUBWAY® = Number 1
the #1 Sandwich Shop Franchise ✔ Store design and equipment
Category: Healthy Options
SUBWAY® = Number 1 ordering guidance
“Given the new realities of cash and Category: Top Food ✔ Training program
credit, our ranking formula places SUBWAY® = Number 2 ✔ Operations manual
particular emphasis on financial strength. Category: Top Overall
All of our winners have a strong financial SUBWAY® = Number 2 ✔ Representative on-site during opening
foundation to survive and prosper in Category: Top Facilities ✔ Periodic evaluations and ongoing support
these tough times.” SUBWAY® = Number 3 ✔ Informative publications
Before you open: Location performance
✔ Training Generally, the most important QUESTIONS?
You and your designee or factors for performance are the Direct your questions to the
manager will take part in our location of the franchise and how following appropriate regional
intensive two-week program. well it is run. Because these key SUBWAY® office:
factors are unknown,
✔ Restaurant/Store design
You will be provided with floor
Doctor’s Associates Inc. cannot Australia
predict your results. Brisbane
plans for your specific location.
+61 732 16 0665
✔ Site selection In fact, to eliminate possible
misunderstandings, the company
You will be assisted in evaluating
has a policy that no employee or
the location for your business. Singapore
agent can provide you with
✔ Equipment ordering projections as to potential sales, +65 6227 2557
You will receive guidance on earnings and profitability. Seoul
ordering your equipment +82 279 75 036
package for timely delivery. The best way to get this
After you open:
information is to complete an Europe
application. After your application Amsterdam
✔ Operations manual is received, you will receive a
SUBWAY® restaurants’ in-depth disclosure document and contact +31 20 531 7300
manual covers a full range of information of our franchisees. Cambridge
topics important to running These franchisees will be able to
your business. +44 122 355 0820
answer your specific questions.
✔ Field support Cologne
Your local representative will Support +49 221 788 7460
help you get started and provide Franchise World Headquarters is Prague
ongoing operational evaluations. proud of the excellent support +42 023 331 0135
systems available to SUBWAY®
✔ Franchisee services Madrid
franchisees. Ongoing support is
A Coordinator will serve as your
provided before and after you +34 916 30 5908
main contact person, who is just
open your store. As soon as you
a phone call or e-mail away. Paris
join the SUBWAY® team, you’ll
✔ R&D have access to help to get you +33 14 198 6003
SUBWAY® franchise executive started. Once open, systems are
chef, baking specialists, staff in place to help you operate your Latin America
nutritionist, and product location effectively. Miami
development team continually +1 305-883-3966
strive to make our excellent
food even better. Brazil
+1 41-3301-7257
✔ Continuing education
Regular newsletters, e-mails and
voice-mails, DVDs and additional Middle East
learning tools are also available. & South Africa
+961 1 999 663
US & Canada
All other countries
SUBWAY® Eat Fresh Live Green In the US, the sustainable initiatives SUBWAY® headquarters continues to
The SUBWAY® chain constantly undertaken by the SUBWAY® work with suppliers to improve the
strives to make SUBWAY® brand together with vendors have nutritional content of the food
restaurants and operations more eliminated 122,112 metric tons of served. All artificial trans fats from
environmentally and socially greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions core products have been eliminated.
Responsible. This is achieved by over the last 3 years. Since August In the US, the milk and yogurt offered
conducting business in a way that 2006, SUBWAY® restaurants with are 100% hormone free and the
creates profit for franchisees while low-flow sink aerators have saved chicken and turkey are antibiotic and
minimizing the impact the business 41 million gallons of water annually. hormone free.
has on the environment and to To reduce the environmental
improve the lives of SUBWAY® footprint of the waste stream, the
customers, employees, franchisees, SUBWAY® chain is committed to
vendors and global communities. eliminating unnecessary packaging.
Did you know . . . SUBWAY® restaurants use napkins,
gift cards, take-out menus, towels,
The SUBWAY® company works on
tissues, sandwich wrap, paper hot
sustainable initiatives to improve the
cups, and salad containers that
entire world-wide organization with
contain recycled content.
a focus on energy efficiency, water
and resource conservation, and waste
reduction, as well as continuing to focus
on food quality and food safety.
The next steps


Apply Research Join the team

Simply complete the application Talk to our franchise owners to It’s as easy as that. Once you have
included in this brochure and mail, learn more about us. Ask them why finished your investigation and have
or fax it to Franchise Sales, at they chose the SUBWAY® franchise. secured approval to become a
Franchise World Headquarters, LLC. Visit the locations, enjoy the great SUBWAY® franchise owner, don’t
food and imagine what it would be wait. There’s a world of opportunity
A disclosure document will be like to join our terrific team. waiting for you once you make your
sent to you that includes more decision. We’re looking forward to
information about the franchisor. hearing from you soon!
To speed up the process, you can
also complete the application online
Franchise Capital Requirements GENERAL BREAKDOWN FOR:
The SUBWAY® franchise has some of the $10,000 - $15,000 (Depending on country*)
lowest start-up costs in the industry. Your REAL PROPERTY
complete investment will depend on your $2,000 - $24,000
location, size, and the extent of renovations
required. There are traditional and non- $12,000 - $143,000
traditional locations for SUBWAY® franchises.
A traditional restaurant is one you see in a SECURITY DEPOSIT
shopping center or on the street corner. A $3,000 - $65,000
non-traditional restaurant is a store located in SECURITY SYSTEM
an airport, hospital, truck stop, college, bus (Not including monitoring costs)
terminal, or other sites associated with $1,000 - $7,500
another business. The non-traditional FREIGHT CHARGES
(Varies by location)
locations are usually owned by existing
franchisees that have proven to be very
$1,200 - $21,000
successful with the SUBWAY® system. If you
own a location such as a convenience store, or OPENING INVENTORY
$2,500 - $10,000
any non-traditional site, you may have the
opportunity to buy a franchise for that location. INSURANCE
Capital requirements for your area can be $400 - $4,000
found online at SUPPLIES
$500 - $3,500
The estimated costs to the right, represent a TRAINING EXPENSES
wide range of possible locations throughout (Including travel and lodging)
the world. Remember that costs will vary in $2,000 - $7,000
relation to the physical size of the restaurant. LEGAL & ACCOUNTING
A lower cost restaurant is one that would $400 - $8,000
require fewer leasehold improvements, less OPENING ADVERTISEMENT
seating and fewer equipment expenditures. $1,000 - $6,000
Moderate and higher costs restaurants may MISC. EXPENSES
require extensive interior renovations, (Business licenses, utility deposits, small equip. & surplus capital)
$1,600 - $20,000
extensive seating and additional equipment.
If you are purchasing a franchise for a location $7,800 - $43,000
opportunity, such as a non-traditional, or ESTIMATED TOTAL INVESTMENT
school lunch program location, the listed $92,000 - $315,000 +
substantially lower depending upon the UP A SUBWAY® RESTAURANT AND OPERATING IT FOR
necessary equipment you must acquire or 3 MONTHS. IT IS POSSIBLE TO EXCEED COSTS IN ANY OF THE AREAS
changes in leasehold improvements you must RENOVATIONS, ETC. TO SEE MORE DETAILS,
Also note that the figures listed do not include *US and Canada Franchise Fee = $15,000

extensive exterior renovations.

Worldwide Development Agent Opportunities

A Development Agent works to build franchise sales by building on the SUBWAY® internationally recognized brand. Several areas
around the world need Development Agents and if you are 1.) willing to live in that country full time or have a partner who will, and
2.) have franchisee experience, you may be the Development Agent that the SUBWAY® system needs now.

Company Vision Company Values Qualities of a successful

Be the #1 Quick Service Restaurant chain in the world. Family: We build our business relationships SUBWAY® Development Agent:
Company Mission by serving each other, our customers and our · Excellent leadership capabilities
Delight every customer so that they want to communities, much as we do within our own
tell their friends; with great value through families. · Vision for the future of the SUBWAY® brand
fresh, delicious made-to-order sandwiches and and restaurant development
Teamwork: We challenge ourselves and
an exceptional experience. each other to succeed through teamwork, · Passion for the SUBWAY® brand
Development Agent’s Role against shared goals and to be accountable for · Local market knowledge
A Development Agent is an independent our responsibilities. · Excellent communication skills
contractor who sees the “big picture”. When
approved, the DA develops a territory by
Opportunity: We create an entrepreneurial, · Determination to lead a successful territory
® ever growing SUBWAY community, increasing
helping franchisees own and operate SUBWAY · Excellent organizational skills
restaurants in that territory. the opportunity for everyone.

To find out more about which countries are looking for Development Agents and to express interest in becoming
a Development Agent, contact Crystal Babcock E-mail: Or telephone: 1.203.877.4281 x 1700

I grew up on SUBWAY® while living in the village of Manotick, Ontario, and after working at the local store first as a
sandwich artist and then store manager, I soon realized that the concept and the brand itself had great potential.
After indentifying the UK & Ireland as an untapped market back in 1997, I decided to move to England to become a
Franchisee & Development Agent. The quality of the product and the level of customer service that SUBWAY® provides
was exactly what was needed in this marketplace, and SUBWAY® soon became one of the top food service providers on
the High Street. With the assistance of my sister, Andrea Fleck, I am responsible for the development of the SUBWAY®
chain within the Five Counties. Now totaling 60 stores, SUBWAY® is the largest QSR in the Five Counties, of which we
are the proud owners of two stores. The SUBWAY® chain provides the product, structure, and support that is required to
assist their Franchisees to reach their goals. James Alexander Fleck, DA England, 5 Franchises

I´m a Chef by profession and have worked as such for over 20 years in restaurants and hotels in Europe. We were so confident
of the SUBWAY® restaurants franchise that we sold all our properties in Iceland to open our first SUBWAY® store in July 1999
in Benidorm, Spain. We opened our second store in 2001 and in 2004 I became the second DA in Spain. The third store came
in 2006 and now we are opening our fourth store, all in Benidorm. I now have 10 stores open in my territory and things are
looking bright for SUBWAY® stores and franchisees in Comunidad Valenciana.
Helgi B. Helgason, DA Spain, 6 franchises

We have gotten what we have always wanted: To operate our own business and to use our skills and hard
work to make a profit for ourselves. The operation of the SUBWAY® restaurant requires an investment of
intensive work, love, and care, but it pays back as the restaurant becomes better and more profitable. We
could not succeed in operating our own successful business without the support and the know-how of the
SUBWAY® system and the knowledge-sharing with the SUBWAY® staff and colleagues.
Yael and Eitan Berenblum, Franchisees, Australia, 13 franchises

After working in the SUBWAY® system for seven years as an employee, first as a sandwich artist and eventually as a
store manager, all while in college - I had the chance to work as an Area Supervisor for a multi-unit owner. I witnessed
firsthand how the SUBWAY® franchise is such a great opportunity. When I was offered the chance to buy five
restaurants and become a multi-unit owner myself, it was a dream come true. Eight years later, I own 12 restaurants and
am the chairman of the local SFAFT board. The SUBWAY® system has been a very lucrative and exciting business to be
part of. It has made all of my financial and personal goals a reality, while at the same time, I enjoy a quality lifestyle.
Brad Harris, Franchisee, Denver, Colorado, 12 franchises

I purchased my first SUBWAY® store in Poole in March, 2005, and by June 2007, I had opened my fourth store in the
town. A few months later, I was proud to be awarded the coveted title of Franchisee of the Year for the UK and Ireland at
the SUBWAY® chain’s 2007 annual convention in Florida. The award means a great deal to me as it recognises the fact
that my staff and I run a successful business that not only increases the chain’s brand recognition, but
serves our community as well. I credit my success to believing passionately in the SUBWAY® brand and its
Paul Jackson, Franchisee, UK, 9 franchises

If you want to have an interesting life then SUBWAY® is the right choice. The franchise not only follows successful brand
rules, but it also allows you to attain your own potential. SUBWAY® isn’t just a job – it is a lifestyle.
Petra Grossova, Franchisee, Prague, Czech Republic, 2 restaurants

I lived in Michigan as a teenager and I especially enjoyed meals at SUBWAY®. When my family decided to return to
Poland, I was missing my favourite restaurant. Then, after several business projects and brushing up on my Polish, I
decided to establish SUBWAY® in Poland. In 1999, I passed the franchise training. I opened up the first restaurant in Poland
in 2000. It was a success and I opened up the next two restaurants. I intend to open up others because I can see that the
popularity of this brand is growing. It is a very interesting job because we create new quality of meals and new customs.
Because our sandwiches are fantastic and people like them freshly prepared before their eyes, SUBWAY® will expand in the
Central Europe area.
Michael Moritz, Franchisee, Warsaw, Poland - 5 restaurants
SUBWAY is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.
2010 Doctor’s Associates Inc.
Franchise World Headquarters, LLC
325 Bic Drive, Milford CT 06461