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Flu Is Not The Biggest Danger ... It's The Vaccine

These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

We also need to realise - here, now - that we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.

It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.

The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.

I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.

Never was this more important than with the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.

If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccination programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine.

The scale and speed of the planned vaccination programme is insane given that the overwhelming majority of those who have contracted the virus have had very mild symptoms. Dr Peter Holden of the Rothschild-controlled British Medical Association said that although swine flu was not causing serious illness they were eager to start a mass vaccination campaign, beginning with 'priority groups'. Ugh?? This is not about public health and never was.

Those administering the vaccinations have no clue what is in them or their potential effect. They are just repeaters thinking what they are told to think and doing what they are told to do. Only those at the core of the conspiracy, and those who bother to research it, know what the game is. 'Get yer flu shot, get yer flu shot, get yer flu shot ...'

The Austrian journalist, Jane Bürgermeister, has filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations, Barack Obama, a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, and others, over a plot she uncovered to cull the population with a deadly swine flu vaccine.

She said that bird flu and swine flu have been developed in laboratories and released on the public with the aim of mass murder through vaccination. Her filed document is called Bioterrorism Evidence. She writes here about the United States, but what she says applies everywhere:


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Canada. Their job is to control their country's politics. Their vehicle is a secret society network structured like a transnational corporation. the World Health Organisation and public heath 'protection' agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. the UK and Mexico). world central bank. You have to centralise power to impose a global dictatorship and diversity is your worst nightmare. The operational headquarters is in Europe. London. and so gain control of the assets. or 'Big Pharma'. they control the entire medical system. In short. The core group sets its strategic goals and operative priorities in secret using committees such as the Trilateral Commission. but it shows how controlled everything is. David Nabarro. evidence is presented that Defendants President Barack Obama. The web controls governments.are part of a single system under the control of a core criminal group. Those on the inner levels of this structure are collectively known as the 'Illuminati'. The motivation for the crime is classical robbery followed by murder although the scale and method are new in history. media. Brussels and Berlin. and in person to person contact in the annual Bilderberg meeting. 08:10 . There are subsidiary networks of secret societies in every country that answer to the 'Spider'. The Illuminati network is behind 'globalisation' and the creation of superstate dictatorships like the European Union for this same reason. Given this essential background.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July.' Jane Bürgermeister is a rare real journalist. is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China. corporations. Their goal is a world government. UN as well as vaccine companies such as Baxter and Novartis . The Illuminati cabal established global bodies like the World Heath Organisation. Paris. who give the strategic leadership. UN System Coordinator for Influenza. http://www. This is how they coordinate between apparently unconnected governments. it was no surprise when I saw the list of names and organisations in Jane Bürgermeister's submission to the FBI: 'Specifically.davidicke. A cabal of interbreeding families is seeking to impose a global fascist dictatorship of total human control. I refer to this as 'the Spider' and it dictates to the global web. What Bürgermeister describes in her FBI submission is a summary of what I have been trying to get across in my books and talks for nearly two decades. as I have long exposed. military. so much so that she was sacked from her job as European correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website after she filed the charges with the FBI. manufacturing and release of artificial viruses in order to justify mass vaccinations with a bioweapon substance in order to eliminate the people of the USA. world currency and world army. and so on. the pharmaceutical industry.World Health Organisation. business. The Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties (the same bloodline) are fundamentally involved in this. and they dominate pharmaceutical medicine and government 'health' policy worldwide. which has annexed high government office at Federal and State level. There is proof many organisations .David Icke Website 'There is evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate. 2009. media groups etc. in places like Rome. resources etc of North America. World Bank and World Trade Organisation to transfer power from the many to the few. and who have also funded the development. Renewable Energy? It is their backbone and sense of decency that need renewing. medicine. banking. President of the United States. and introduce in their sphere of influence the global agenda dictated by the 'Spider'.

The British government has announced that people should no longer see a doctor if they have flu symptoms and instead a system of diagnosis over the phone has been introduced without laboratory confirmation. are part of this international corporate crime syndicate which has.' Jane Bürgermeister has filed bioterrorism charges against pharmaceutical giants like Novartis International AG. 08:10 . Director-General of World Health Organisation. and this month Baxter Healthcare Corporation. This is clearly a company you can trust and it is now is a major source of the swine flu vaccine that governments across the world want to impose upon entire populations with the most minimal safety checks. Kathleen Sibelius. She says the swine flu virus was created and released with help from the Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled World Health Organisation . Secretary Janet Napolitano. David Rockefeller. George Soros. Guess who is providing much of the swine flu vaccine for mass inoculation . heparin.' Bürgermeister says there is clear evidence that pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies are actively engaged in producing.' 'I think its swine flu. More than 50 dialysis patients died in 2001 because of faults with Baxter International equipment. a subsidiary of Baxter International. This is the same Baxter International that sent bird flu virus to European laboratories 'by mistake' earlier this year and it was mixed with a seasonal flu virus to create a much more dangerous strain. banker.David Icke Website Margaret Chan. and Alois Stoger. banker. Austrian Health Minister. pig intestines. among others. among other things. marching as one phalanx to carry out their plan of genocide. produced. which was made in China from. I've got a cold.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July. based in Austria. 2009. have developed.the very body which then said it was spreading so fast that a pandemic had to be declared. http://www. Switzerland. reached an out-of-court settlement of two million dollars with the State of Kentucky. manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth. David de Rothschild. The London Times reported: 'Regulators at the European Medicines Agency said the fast-tracked procedure has involved clinical trials of a "mock-up" vaccine similar to the one that will be used for the biggest mass vaccination programme in generations. Isn't pharmaceutical medicine wonderful? The contaminated heparin also seriously injured hundreds of people and it was revealed that the factory of Baxter's Chinese supplier had never been inspected by either American or Chinese public 'protection' agencies. and its parent company. How convenient for fixing the figures: 'Hello. Last year at least 81 people were killed by Baxter International's contaminated blood-thinning product. The symptoms of 'swine flu' at present are pretty much the same as regular flu and it is easy to call everything 'swine flu' to increase the official numbers. the Department of Homeland Security. Baxter International in Deerfield.300 per cent. Illinois.' My emphasis. Baxter AG.davidicke. Baxter had been caught inflating the cost of intravenous drugs sold to Kentucky Medicaid by as much as 1. I'll tick you off. stockpiled and used biological weapons to eliminate the population of the United States for financial and political gain. developing. It will be introduced into the general population while regulators continue to carry out simultaneous clinical trials. doc.Baxter International and Novartis. Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). based in Basel. The vaccine is being fast-tracked through the regulatory system with safety trials lasting less than a week. banker.

Click here to read . wait for it . Baxter International filed a patent for the H1N1 vaccine on August 28th 2008. The patent includes the following ingredients and toxicity warning: 'Suitable adjuvants can be selected from mineral gels. The Bilderberg Group. H7N2.. H10N7.. I am not saying that people will die in large numbers immediately. H7N7. his company comes up with the vaccine.. polyanions or oil emulsions such as water in oil or oil in water. H6N5. but it would hardly encourage others to continue to be inoculated. H3N2. http://www. just as the swine flu scare was being engineered. and bingo. Chief executive. 2009.. H9N2.davidicke. H14N5. but only those in the shadows know what the effect is designed to be. The effects may be immediate in some. aluminium hydroxide. H10N7 subtypes. but . a month before the virus was released in Mexico in April. H7N3. That says everything about the real motivation. H5N1. but this is not primarily about money.David Icke Website There is no need for 'trials' at all. or a combination thereof. of the dog or horse flu H7N7. Of course. Vasella attended the last Bilderberg meeting last May. Another Big Pharma corporation involved is Novartis in Switzerland. toxicity may depend on the destined subject organism and can vary from no toxicity to high toxicity. H12N5 subtypes. The drug companies have even been given immunity from prosecution from death or injury from the vaccine in a document signed by Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services. of the pig flu H1N1. it's over as we see with the immune-destroyer we call AIDS. They already know what is in it and its effect. 08:10 .' Nice. probably medium or longer-term in most. H9N2. such as influenza A and influenza B in particular selected from of one or more of the human H1N1.g. who plundered southern Africa on the family's behalf. H4N8. We are told that the drug companies and the World Health Organisation have been working at fever pitch to develop a vaccine for the 'new' swine flu strain known as H1N1. Baxter International said it will be shipping swine flu vaccine worldwide by the end of July and the potential profits are fantastic. to hide the true source of their problem. except for public consumption. H7N3. In particular preferred embodiments the composition or vaccine comprises more than one antigen . What we do know is that we are seeing a long-prepared plan for mass vaccination by people who could not care less about the health of the population. H1N2. it will involve targeting the human immune system. It is the most blatant set-up you could ever see. they die of diseases the immune system would normally deal with. H1N2. For sure. H3N8. pluronic polyols. People don't die of AIDS. H5N2.. H2N2. Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1 says: '. H3N8 subtypes or of the avian H5N1. is the creation of the Rothschild dynasty and has been administered for decades by people like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July. is a regular attendee of the secretive Bilderberg meetings that I have long exposed in my books. H13N6.. E. Kathleen Sebelius.. H5N9. the selection of the adjuvant depends on the intended use. It answers to a Rothschild secret society in Britain called the Round Table. This is certainly possible. H2N2. lysolecithin... H7N2. Cecil Rhodes.. named in Jane Bürgermeister's FBI submission. H11N6. H3N1 and H3N2 subtypes. H8N4. This was first headed by the Rothschild agent. but it was filed seven months before this 'new strain' was officially known about. surface active substances. H1N7.' The patent was published in March 2009. Once that has been disabled. It about a long-planned mass-culling of the human population. Daniel Vasella.

The Illuminati plan for the world includes a mass cull of the population and the microchipping of every man. Madsen writes: 'Past swine flu outbreaks have been spread from pigs to humans. but the person doesn't feel sick because the immune system is not fighting them. the second injects viruses. SAGE recommended that promoting production and use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines was important. a former US Naval Intelligence officer and now an investigative journalist. Patrick Jordan. 2009. or 'bird flu'. woman and child. Microchips would allow everyone to be tracked 24/7. This lab was the origin of the anthrax attacks on US Congress and media targets shortly after September 11th in 2001.' Wayne Madsen also says that his sources confirm that the Centers for Disease Control and the US army recovered the body of an Inuit woman who died in 1918 in Brevig Mission. The UN expert believed that Ebola.davidicke. so please don't judge what they would do by what you would do. Alaska. All this will sound way out in the Twilight Zone to those new to this sort of information. emotionally and physically. It is also the case that the World Health Organisation has asked for live swine flu virus to be in the vaccine and it is quite possible that they will expand and maybe increase the strength of the virus through the vaccine. but what they need to understand is that these Illuminati families are utterly insane. Madsen was told that genetic material from the corpse provided the basis for the development of the H5N1 avian. HIV/AIDS. This could be done en masse or individually through the chip's unique transmitter-receiver signal. He said that a top United Nations scientist concluded that the H1N1 swine flu virus has certain transmission 'vectors' that suggest the new flu strain has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon. When the immune system kicks in again it unleashes such an assault on the virus cocktail that it kills the body. 08:10 . from an outbreak of Spanish flu that killed 100 million people worldwide in 18 months. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Killing http://www. but it goes much further than that. They don't think like most of the rest of us. and the third switches the immune system on again. The first inoculation turns off white blood cells (the immune system).David Icke Website The excellent work of people like the American researcher and author. In the middle period viruses are expanding around the body.' Jane Bürgermeister's evidence has been supported by Wayne Madsen. Patrick Jordan's research uncovers a three-vaccine system that the Illuminati have developed.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July. and the current A-H1N1 swine flu virus are all biological warfare agents. who then passed the flu on to other humans. However. This is known as a cytokine storm when the immune system is so overwhelmed that it sends too many antibodies at the same time to infected areas of the body and the body kills itself. Computer technology communicating with the chips has the potential to manipulate people mentally. It's not the same. there have been no reported infections of pigs. bird and human flu strains and a segment from Eurasian swine flu. have exposed the unfolding plan to kill vast numbers of people through engineered viruses and vaccines. The WHO website says: 'In view of the anticipated limited vaccine availability at global level and the potential need to protect against "drifted" strains of virus. with A-H1N1. Maryland. A-H1N1 has gene segments from North American swine. because they're not the same. In fact. He says that they have long perfected vaccines that switch off the human immune system and US troops have often been used as guinea pigs. strain at the US Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases laboratory at Fort Detrick.

. 2009.twice for seasonal flu and twice for swine flu.David Icke Website someone from a distance would be a synch. Even before that.note the three. The recruit was the only death from the virus in 1976. 08:10 . We are now heading for a re-run on a vastly bigger scale. Of course. the 'Spider' has demanded it. The bill says: 'Under this program. These events are planned way in advance and these sick people are extremely thorough in their preparations.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July. Labor and Pension Committee and it includes the targeting of parents who do not have their children vaccinated. Baxter. CDC will provide grants to states to improve immunization coverage of children. It is clear they intend to make vaccination compulsory and threaten parents with losing their children if they refuse to submit to this fascism. the WHO Director General. Education. just ahead of mass vaccination. the pressure on parents to submit to the dictates of the state are going to be considerably increased. Barack Obama. The Rockefeller-dominated Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States have said that children who have never had a flu 'shot' may need to be vaccinated four times in the Autumn . The Rothschild-Rockfeller front-man. The WHO advisory board on vaccination policy includes executives from .davidicke. and adults through the use of evidence-based interventions. The result was that at least 25 people were killed by the vaccine and hundreds seriously harmed while the Fort Dix recruit was the only death from swine flu . The fake swine flu scare of 1976 was a trial-run for what is happening now. The scare began with the death of an Army recruit at Fort Dix in New Jersey which the government said was caused by 'swine flu'..even if the government was telling the truth about the diagnosis. World Health Organisation 'recommendations' are binding on its nearly 200 member countries when a pandemic emergency is declared under the International Health Regulations Act of 2005 and WHO pandemic plan of April this year. It authorises the Orwellian 'demonstration program to improve immunization coverage'. such as reminders or recalls for patients or providers. The British and American governments have ordered enough swine flu vaccine for the entire population and other countries are following suit. eh? Other children will get three shots .' 'Interventions'? Home visits? It is one step away from immunising your children by force or having you arrested for refusing to comply. as always. on terrifying people. Novartis. has demanded that his 'health reform' bill is passed into law by August. With nanotechnology. or home visits. Margaret Chan. GSK and Sanofi Pasteur. adolescents. Making up for lost time. declared a swine flu pandemic when there wasn't one so these emergency powers would be activated and this lackey of the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal is going to be recommending compulsory vaccination. but the government instigated a vaccination programme for all Americans supported by a campaign of outrageous propaganda based. as readers of my books will know. they are. The bill was approved this week by the Senate Health. given Patrick Jordan's information. a CIA scientist told me in 1997 that microchips developed in the secret government-military research projects were even then small enough to be injected by hypodermic needles in vaccination programmes. She's virtually done it already. Click here for an example. I mention this because. States may use funds to implement interventions that are recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force. Margaret Chan with appropriate logo http://www. no one would know.

Builders have been at work for months in a highlysecretive operation at a council building called Westridge.David Icke Website Last week Margaret 'Be Afraid' Chan warned that a global pandemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis may be imminent with potentially 'catastrophic consequences'. whether they are or not. and poised to grow much worse very quickly. it is the programmed people who stand in line who are putting all children at risk. 'The situation is already alarming. If you listen carefully.davidicke. I kept hearing the mantra from different agencies and countries about the dangers of a massive increase in swine flu in the autumn and that is now their target for mass vaccination to really get moving.. nor pressure from those who lack a mind of their own. The builders were told they had to finish their work by mid-July without fail and.. Most people will line up with their children like good little sheep. I had a look through a window near a fire escape after everyone had left and it is clearly an emergency response centre of some kind. this is a potentially explosive situation. just down the road from me on the Isle of Wight. As I said in a recent newsletter. Have no doubt that large numbers of those people will now be officially designated as a death from swine flu. Any way you look at it. however. We should not forget. I guess. It was always going to come to this and aware people need to be strong and come together in collective non-compliance. You will hear nonsense like 'You are putting my children at risk'. These crazies want access to our bodies and those of our children for a reason that is nothing whatsoever to do with health. Call it what you may: a time bomb or a powder keg. They will accept the blatant lies without question and the authorities will use those people to target others who refuse. apparently. that 'normal flu' kills hundreds of thousands of people a year worldwide. What is happening now has been planned for a very long time. We must not succumb to compulsory vaccination. No single group sees the whole picture and now people in unmarked white vans are turning up to complete the job. and so on. This is a time for like-minded people to come together in mutual support and to prepare a strategy of peaceful noncompliance. get a life woman. In fact. If we concede our freedom to stop the state enforcing vaccination upon us and our children. The authorities will claim that those who decline are preventing 'herd immunity' when all they have done is withdraw from the herd mentality. She prattled on . This is a situation set to spiral out of control. the dark suits tell you what is going to happen.com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July. Now I am hearing that the virus could become more deadly in the same period and it could well be that they are planning to increase the numbers who die from swine flu to generate more panic and demands to be vaccinated. When will TB 'explode'? As soon as they've circulated it sufficiently. There is far more strength in numbers than doing this alone. 2009. what the hell freedom is left? SAY NO TO THE VACCINE http://www. something similar is happening all over the country.' Oh. The builders themselves have become very suspicious as one group is given plans for one section of the work and then a totally new group is brought in for the next. 08:10 .

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD TODAY AND WHY . 08:10 .....David Icke Website Click here to watch . http://www.davidicke.This Video Could Save Your Life Click here to watch . Important ..READ THIS It is the most comprehensive explanation you have ever seen Click here for more information.. 2009...com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 23 July. Jane Bürgermeister's letter to Margaret Chan Click here to read .

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