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Heli UAV Meeting 1

Heli UAV Meeting 1

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Published by: aet100 on Oct 05, 2010
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5-24-2010 Heli UAV Project Meeting Attendance: • • • Eric Sarmiento Gregory Cortese Eric Miller

Disucssion: System Concept Equip an off-the-shelf RC model helicopter with the sensors, electronics, and software necessary for it to fly autonomously. Subsystem Breakdown: o Aircraft Group (ACX)      o Airframe / Component Selection Structure/Vibration Analysis Component placement, mounting Variable-DOF Flight test rig System Identification

Electronics Group (ECX)      Inertial Measurement Sensors Controller board hardware Wireless communication / telemetry Interfaces Ground station / telemetry display


Flight Control Group (FCX)   Kinematic Analysis System identification

others?) .   Stabilization Algorithm Autopilot Implementation Ground station / telemetry display Schedule/Logistics • • • ACX would finish sourcing / component selection early in first semester ECX team would finish main electronics subsystems by first semester. then possibly add payload integration 2nd semester (camera. then work on advanced flight maneuvers 2nd semester Milestone Proposal for Dept Chairs Research Outline / Meeting Preliminary Design Report / Proposal Subsystem Demonstrations Flight Testing / Troubleshooting Funding: Timeline Now – June 25 June 1 – July 30 Aug 1 – Aug 20 Aug 23 – Oct 29 Nov 1 – Dec 15 Phase Project Planning / Team Recruitment Background Research Preliminary Design Subsystem Development System Integration Three main sources in mind: • • • Corporate sponsors (Northrop Grumman. etc. secretary. General Atomics. they sometimes donate to projects) Research Grants (NSF. etc) FCX would implement algorithms for at least a basic hover by first semester.) Industry Advisory Boards (each dept has one. fundraising lead. Raytheon.) Next Steps: • • • Meet with everybody who’s interested and start distributing research tasks Draft project proposal and meet with department chairs to figure out logistics Assign project leadership roles (3 group leaders. etc.

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