Mission to Zimbabwe 2003 Report

July 14 — August 4

Edwell and Constance Nhira being prayed for by some local p astors b efore ministering at the 2003 Harare B ible Conference.

At the 2 003 Harare B ible Conference at M eikles H otel.

At the Word of Faith Church in Harare where Edwell and Constanc e ministered on e of the Sund ays.

Edwell and Constance ministered at SEBI B ible College in Highfield, Harare.

Edwell and Constance with some of the attendees of The 2003 Chiminya Village Bible Conference.

The home of Rev. And Mrs. Hasimoni Zimbeva, Constance’s parents, where Edwell and Constance conducted the Chiminya Village Conference.

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