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History of Weaponry

History of Weaponry

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Published by: otixz on Oct 05, 2010
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History of Weaponry

Since the beginning of time. . man has always sought to improve their technology in the field of weaponry.

Early people first thought of chipping hard stones. such as flint. most tools were made from stone. In fact. prior to 2500 B. tools were very primitive in the Stone Age.. into a sharp point and using these crude weapons to "bring home the bacon".C.As seen in most caveman pictures. .

sufficed to provide food for cavemen and their families. and brute strength. cleverness. This made hunting much less strenuous since the weapons were now much easier to handle. . These weapons.A few centuries later. combined with bravery. "cave people" revolutionized weaponry by strategically lashing the ax or spearhead onto a handle.

" . for when used by skilled throwers.Weapons soon began to take many various forms as Australians (especially the aborigine warriors) used boomerangs and other missile weapons in battle. they are just as effective as more complex hand weapons. "The simplicity of these weapons is deceptive.

A kris. warriors joined suits of impressive armor. which were designed more to serve the purpose of frightening their opponents in battle rather than be practical for fighting in. other cultures were advancing in their war technology. a highly ornate sword with a wavy blade.In different parts of the world. In Japan. . was used in ceremonies. but was also highly useful for battle situations.

as usual. . The Knights of the Round Table were more like walking magnets: their suits of armor. were nearly impossible for allowing mobility. though famous in battle. When else can you hear of gallant knights in shining armor than 400 to 900 AD? But. reality is much more harsh than any fairy tale.The Medieval Times are possibly the most famous time period for war in history.

Many peasant warriors wore a chain mail suit. despite popular belief. most arguments were worked out through compromise. were the choice weapon for this time period. which is a bunch of links hooked together. as well as bows and arrows. Swords. it was usually between a "champion" from each side. or a small group of army men. Full suits of armor were most likely to be found on richer calvary men and consisted of multiple metal pieces that fit together to create an almost impenetrable shield. If any fighting actually took place. rather than an entire regiment. The code of chivalry allowed for more "civilized fighting" and. These suits served well in battle. .

you can be sure that the story of weaponry has not yet come to an end.What is next for weaponry technology? No one knows what lies beyond the next century. but if we have progressed from axes to A-bombs. See:The New Technology of War .

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