Death by PowerPoint

(and how to fight it)

Alexei Kapterev

There are 300 million PowerPoint users in the world*
* estimate

They do 30 million presentations each day*
* estimate

About a million presentations are going on right now* * estimate .

50% of them are unbearable* * conservative estimate .

NOW. .LOTS of people are killing each other with bad presentations.

. almost.They are all DEAD! Well.

A vicious circle Bad presentations Less training Bad communication Bad relations Less sales Less money .

Let’s make the world a better place. .

Why are they doing it?! .

Research shows:  Bullets don’t kill people  People kill people  Unintentionally  Yet regularly .

..  Significance  Structure  Simplicity  Rehearsal .Mainly due to lack of.

 Significance .

Why do you present? l l l To “pass the information”? Your boss told you to? Or to make meaning? .

What’s the subject and why it matters to you? .

How presentations work  Significance creates passion  Passion attracts attention  Attention leads to action .

Are you passionate? Check yourself. .

.This is passion.

.This is passion.

.This is passion.

This is not. .

.Can’t find the meaning? Don’t present.

 Structure .

Structure is how you place the building blocks of your story. .

Q: What structure to use? A: Any – as long as it is:  Convincing  Memorable  Scalable .

Structure choices  Problem – Pathway – Solution  Problem – Solution – Reasoning  Fancy stuff (if it makes sense) .

. They will not remember more anyway.Give 3-4 reasons supporting your point.

.. More details....... Memorable closing } minutes 45 .. More details.Memorable opening 1 argument 2 argument 3 argument 1 More details. 1 2 3 1 2 3 More details.. 3 More details... 2 More details. More details... More details.. More details....

.You can tell this in. l 5 minutes l 15 minutes l 45 minutes It is scalable.. .

 Simplicity .

Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler. .

Apparently. . Will give you some examples. being simple is not that simple.

Don’t worry: knowing the language doesn’t really help. .

Notice cool background. .

we’ve got DATA! .Hey.

This one’s my favorite. .

Fundamental problem? .

PowerPoint helps to:  Visualize ideas  Create key points  Impress .

They use it as:  Prompter  Handouts  Data dumps

People read faster than you speak. This means you are useless.

How much is an extra slide? $0.00. Zero Dollars. Break it in several. It’s free.

.What’s the point? One simple point? Remove everything else.

. some are just hopeless.Well.

it is just plain stupid l If you follow this “rule” l You get a slide like this .Ditch stupid “rules” l Do you remember the rule: l 7 lines per slide or less l 7 words per line or less? l Well.

l Do you remember the rule: l 7 lines per slide or less l 7 words per line or less? l Well. d e p . it is just plain stupid l If you follow this “rule” l You get a slide like this . m g a in r r C o B Ditch stupid “rules” .

not clipart * pun intended .Simple design rules*  One point per slide  Few matching colours  Very few fonts  Photos.

. More imagery. Wild imagery.Less text.

But what if I need to send or print the slides? .

.Write a document.

The Largest Leasing Companies • Hansa Leasing • РГ Лизинг • Авангард-Лизинг • Raiffeisen Leasing • ММБ-Лизинг Make 2 sets of slides .

Print with notes. .

Inform with little text* * yes you can .

 Rehearsal .

.It will never work completely for the first time. Trust me.


No audience? Present to the furniture. Try it. But aloud. .

Check the room and equipment. .

Presentation checklist .

All this leads to.. ..

Wow* * great presentations .

Alexei Kapterev Offshore presentation design & consulting .

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