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English Study

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Andrea Garvey is the Assistant Director of the Department of Customs and Immigration. She is
preparing her agents for a special operation.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. You were all at Friday's meeting. Are there any questions?
No? OK, take out the photographs from your folders. Look at photograph 1. That's Barry Siegel.
He's the man that usually flies the diamonds into the U.S.A., and he's the one that will land at the
Circle-K Ranch tomorrow night. Be careful, he's very dangerous. He's the one that shot a Federal
agent last year.
Now, photograph 2. That's Gulliver. He's the one we really want. He's the one the Mexican police
arrested last year, but they had to release him because they couldn't find any diamonds with him.
He controls 20% of the illegal diamond trade. He's the one we have to catch with the diamonds
and the money.
Look at photograph 3. Look at the woman on the right. Her name's Betty-Lou Harris. She's
working for us. She'll be at Gulliver's house at the ranch. She's the one that gave us the
information. Watch out for the two men on the left, Farrell and Casey. They're the ones we've
been following. They always carry guns, and they're the ones that will shoot first. Ms. Harris is
probably the one they'll shoot.

Do you all have photograph 4? Good. Look at the airplane; it's a Cessna 310. It's the airplane that
brings in the diamonds. It's the kind of plane that can fly under radar, land anywhere, and take off
quickly. You can forget the registration number. It's different every time.
OK. Photograph 5. That's the area they're going to land in. Look at the trees in the background.
They're the trees we're going to hide in. There's a road behind the trees, and that's the road they'll
have to use. It's the only one.
Finally, photograph 6. The Circle-K Ranch. It's very nice, isn't it? Gulliver has three houses, and
this is the one he paid almost five million dollars for last year. Look at the car outside. That's the
car that will meet the plane. It's the car he always uses. We want Gulliver, Siegel, the diamonds,
and the money all together. Any questions? No? OK, good luck.

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