Apple as announced a partnership with which cell phone manufacturer a) Motorola b) LG c) Philips Which is the first company to produce cell phones with fragrance a) Casio b) Siemens c) Alcatel Which cell phone major has tied up nortel networks to use a new wireless broadband technology? a) Nextel b) LG c) Kyocera This cellphone company has scripted a major global sports sponsorship deal with the women¶s tennis association tour,name the company? a) Sony ericsson b) LG c) Philips Which is the world¶s most expensive suitcase a) Givi b) Delser c) Henk Which foreign luggage company has a tie up with V.I.P a) Samsonite b) Corlton c) Autler Who founded the luggage company Autler a) Henkmeene b) Claubio Basile c) J Boult bee brooks µIt¶s time to fly¶ is the tag line of which Airlines a) British airway¶s of Britain b) Swiss Air c) United Airlines of U.S.A What is the tag line of Sahara India a) Work hard,fly right b) Emotionally ur¶s c) The way to fly µWork hard and fly right¶ is the tagline of which airlines a) Contenental Airlines of U.S.A b) Quanta¶s Airlines of Australia c) Air India What is the tag line of Air India a) The joy of flying b) Fly well c) Spirit of India What is tag line of Jet Airway¶s a) A joy of flying b) The world¶s most refreshing Airline c) It¶s time to fly µThe power of knowledge¶ is the tag line of which newspaper a) Deccan chronicle b) The Hindu c) The Economic Times What is the tag line of Business today a) Plan your future manage your life b) For managing tomorrow c) The magazine of the corporate world µJournalism of courage¶ is the punch line of Which news paper? a)The Hindu b) The Indian Express c) Deccan Chronicle Which is the world¶s first credit card? a) American Express b) Diners club c) Master card Who introduced the World¶s traveler's cheque a) American Express b) Citi bank c) Bank of America Which is the largest independent credit network in U.S.A a) Visa b) Discover c) American Express Who invented the ATM a) Luther George Simjian b) Donald Cwetzel c) John Shapherd Who first introduced ATM¶s in India a)HSBC b) Citi bank c) Standard Chartered Bank Where is the World¶s highest ATM? a) Siachen b) Lhona c) Sikkim Who own¶s the World¶s largest steel company a) Guy dolle b) Lakshmi N Mittal c) Thierry Moril Where was Lakshmi N Mittal born? a) Madhya Pradesh b) Rajasthan c) Maharashtra Who is the chairman of HDFC? a) B.Sambamurthy b) Aditya Puri c) Shri S.C.Gupta Who is the chairman of ICICI? a) K.V.Kamanth b) T.S.Narayana sami c) Mahesh Nayak µYour right partner¶ is the punch line of which Bank a) ICICI b) HDFC c) Standard Chartered Bank µThe city never sleeps¶ is which bank¶s tag Line? a) UTI b) Citi Bank c) Corporation Bank What is the punch line of SBI? a) A tradition of trust b) Good people to grow with c) With you all the way µMaking more possible¶ is the tag line of which Bank? a) ABN Amro Bank b) Syndicate Bank c) Canara Bank NASDAQ is the ancronym for a) National All Stocks Dealer Associated Quotations b) National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations c) Network of Acquired Securities Distribution Application Quotations IMF stands for a) Indian Machinery Fund b) International Monetary Fund c) International machinery Fund SEC means a) Special Exchange Commission b) Stock Exchange Commission c) Securities and Exchange Commission NSDL stands for a) National Securities Depository Limited b) National Stock Directory Limited c) National Stocks Directory Listing ADR stands for a) All Depository Reciepts b) Asian Depository Reciepts c) American Depository Reciepts In the context of Mutual Fund,SIP stands for? a) Special Income Plan b) Systamatic Investment Plan c) Specific Investment Plan AMFI stands for a) Associated Mutual Fund in India b) Arbitrated Mutual Fund in India c) Arbitrated Monitory Fund India Where did Nail polish originated? a) Rome b) Greece c) China The perfume Charlie was launched by a) Christian Dior b) Estee Lauder c) Revlon µVerna¶ is the new brand of car introduced by which auto company? a) Fiat b) Hyundai c) Tata Motors µMake your own shoes¶ is the marketing campaign by which major shoe company? a) Red Tape b) Reebok c) Lee cooper Which apparel brand has launched VDot-a sub brand for young man? a) Van Heusen b) Bombay Dyeing c) Siyaram Which Indian ice cream brand is the first to use natural vanilla in it¶s ice cream by trying up with 1500 farmers in Kochi,Kerala a) Kwality walls b) Amul c) Vadilal The largest store in the world of apparel giant LEE has been recently opened in which city? a) Bang lore b) London c) Paris The edible oil brand Dalda is owned by which company? a) Bunge b) Marico c) Adoni wilmar µCreating happiness¶ is the tagline of which consumer durable brand of appliances? a) Sansui b) BPL Sanyo c) Hyundai Electronics µA friend you can bank upon¶ is the tag line of which Bank? a) Indian Bank b) Vijaya Bank c) Canara bank What is the tag line of Andhra Bank? a) That cares«. b) Care & Conern c) The name you can Bank upon µThe name you can bank upon¶ is the tagline of which Bank? a) IDBI Bank b) Punjab National Bank c) Bank of India µMaking tomorrow brighter¶ is the tagline of which company? a) Indian Oil Corporation b) ONGC c) NTPC µThe smart way to bank¶ is the tagline of which Bank? a) Centurian Bank of Punjab b) Karur Vysya Bank c) United bank of India
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