Yogita Narang-Sr Lecturer, BMAS Engg College Atul Narang-Sr Lecturer, ANAND Engg College


‡³Emergence" of a large middle-class ‡No entry barriers ‡Role of the intermediary ‡Improved supply chain environment ‡Creativity and innovation ‡Imagery and price premium .

The writing on the wall is clear: The consumer. and not the competition. is the queen! .

What can be the winning strategy for the marketers? Here is the way« .

* To take strategic initiatives to increase the productivity and efficiency of the entire organization. * To work on compensation benefits. . * Redesign training and development programs.* FMCG firms chart new cost cutting plans * HR Innovations * To optimize the manpower strength.

How to intact your employee: * Differentiate Between Your Good and Average Employees * Redirect Your Employees to Other Departments (Job Rotation) * Listen to Your Employees * Keep Them Motivated and Busy * Communicate and Communicate * Show them the long term vision .

Recommendations to employer : 1. Review the employee performance evaluations to determine the key people that company cannot afford to lose. Flow of Communication should be from top to down 6. 3. 2. recruit key individuals even in difficult times. 4. 5.Top management should know the contingency plan. A complete or partial job freeze. Do the brainstorming session with your top management and contribute in their strategic planning. To maintain a calm atmosphere . Make prepare yourself for individual and group concerns 7.

HR trends in FMCG firms: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Plug the holes: Expand Appreciate with incentives Give that extra energy The ad madness Be a Power Pricer for categories Stream line the Operations Identify Opportunities Not the least Increased M&A activity Rural market is under-penetrated .

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