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Publication List Dibyendu Banerjee

Publication List Dibyendu Banerjee

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Published by: Ashish Dandona on Oct 05, 2010
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Publication list of Dibyendu Banerjee

A) articles in journals
1. Banerjee D, Chakraborty S.K., Bhattacharyya S, Gangopadhyay A, (2009) Attitudinal response towards road traffic noise in the industrial town of Asansol, India, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, Springer, 151(1), 37 - 44 Banerjee D, Chakraborty S.K., Bhattacharyya S, Gangopadhyay A, (2009), Modeling of road traffic noise in the industrial town of Asansol, India, Transport. Res. Part D, Elsevier, 13(8), 539-541 Banerjee D, Chakraborty S.K., Bhattacharyya S, Gangopadhyay A, (2009) Appraisal and Mapping the spatial-temporal distribution of urban road traffic noise, International Journal of Environment Science & Technology, 6 (2), 325-335. Banerjee D, Chakraborty S.K., Bhattacharyya S, Gangopadhyay A, (2008), Evaluation and Analysis of Road Traffic Noise in Asansol: An Industrial town of Eastern India, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 5(3), 165-171 Banerjee, D, Chakraborty S. K. (2005), Ambient Noise Quality around Sensitive areas in Asansol City, West Bengal, India. Indian Journal of Environment & Ecoplanning. 10 (3): 907 – 910. Banerjee, D. Chakraborty S. K. (2006), Mathematical Modeling for Assessment of Urban Road Traffic Noise, Journal of Pollution Research. 25(1): 133 – 138. Banerjee, D, Chakraborty S. K. (2006), Monthly variation in Night Time noise level in residential areas of Asansol City, Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering. 48(1): 39 – 44. Banerjee, D, (2006) Ambient Noise Level around an integrated Iron & Steel works, International Journal of Ecology & Environmental Science. 32(4): 144 – 146. Chakraborty S. K., Banerjee. D, (2007). The status of traffic generated noise pollution in Asansol town, Ecology Environment & Conservation. 13(1): 67-70. Chakraborty S.K., Banerjee D (2007) A Study of Transport related noise pollution in Asansol Town, West Bengal, India using Modeling Techniques, Nature Environment & Pollution Technology, 6(4): 601-607 Banerjee, D. Niyogi. B.K. Mandal. S, (2002). Biodegradation of Phenol Using Soil Bacteria. Journal of Environment & Ecology, 20(2): 259- 264. Banerjee, D. Niyogi B. K. (2005) Prediction of Acid Drainage from Coal Mining Wastes, Indian Journal of Environment & Ecoplanning 10(3): 911 – 916. Banerjee, D, Agarwalla N. L. (2005), Analysis of air quality in Asansol City, Environmental Pollution Control Journal. 8(6): 54 – 60. Banerjee, D, Agarwalla N.L.(2006). Dispersion Modeling for a Chemical Manufacturing Plant, Indian Journal of Air Pollution Control. 6(1): 29 – 36. Banerjee, D, Niyogi B. K. (2006), Aquatic & Sedimentological Analysis of the Damodar River within the Stretch of Asansol to Durgapur”, Journal of Industrial Pollution Control. 22 (1): 99 – 106. Banerjee, D, (2007) Biosorption of iron by Thiobacillus ferroxidans & Bacteria isolated from Steel Plant Waste, Journal of Pollution Research, 26(1): 171-175 Banerjee D, Niyogi B.K., (2008), Assessment of Noise Pollution in Asansol during Kalipuja festival, Indian Journal of Environment & Ecoplanning, 14 (3): 517 - 520 Banerjee, D. (2007), Metal Recovery from Blast Furnace Sludge and Flue Dust Using Leaching Technologies, Research Journal of Chemistry & Environment, 11(3): 18 – 21. Banerjee D, (2008), Study of precipitation chemistry over the industrial city of Asansol, India, International Journal of Environment Science & Technology, 5 (3), 331-338, Banerjee D, Mandal S, (2009), Water quality aspects of some ponds in Asansol, Ecology Environment & Conservation., 15 (1), 145-152 Choudhury P., Banerjee D., (2009), Biomonitoring of air quality in the industrial town of Asansol using the Air Pollution Tolerance Index approach, Research Journal of Chemistry & Environment, 13(1): 46-51 22) Banerjee D, Bandyopadhyay P, Sarkar U.C. (2010) Cytogenetic Effects of Mercury Chloride on the Root Tip Cells of Allium cepa L., Journal of Pollution Research, 29:145-148

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B) contributions to books
1. Banerjee, D, Chakraborty S. K. (2006). Ambient noise quality around sensitive areas in Asansol city, West Bengal. In Advanced Ecology. (ed.) A Kumar and L Kumar Singh. Vedam Books Pub. N.Delhi, India.


Banerjee. Clean technologies in coal based industries – The path to sustainable development. Biodiversity of Rajmahal Hill and adjoining Coal-field Area – A study Report. Govt. National Seminar on Environment & Sustainable Development -The Indian Context. Govt. West Bengal. (2006). (2007). 14th Science Congress. of India Jaipur. Govt.17. Kolkata. B. et al. D. West Bengal Feb. West Bengal. Oct. National Seminar on Environment & Sustainable Development -The Indian Context. (2007). 2. B. National Seminar on Discrete mathematics with its application. D (2007). Kolkata. A3. March 9-10. Banerjee. Feb. DST. D (2006). West Bengal. Jan. Asansol. Asansol. Banerjee. 28 – March 1. of West Bengal. organised by DST. Banerjee. March 9-10. 8. Asansol. A10. of West Bengal. sponsored by UGC.B. C4. March 16.College.College. Asansol. 28 – March 1. West Bengal. Banerjee. of West Bengal. A4. DST. B. 13th Science Congress. sponsored by UGC. 2.C) published contributions to academic conferences 1. (2007). Application of mathematical modelling for assessment of environmental quality: A case study for road traffic noise. (2007). D et al (2004). sponsored by UGC. 11th Science Congress.College. D et al. Rajasthan. P.B. B. West Bengal Feb. West Bengal.B. D. sponsored by UGC. The following above-mentioned papers have evolved from my doctoral thesis: A1. 5. Banerjee. A9.B. 4. C5. A2. 28 – Nov.College. National Seminar on Urbanisation with special reference to Bengal. Studies on impact of urban waste on human environment at Asansol – A case study. An inventory of flora fauna status in impact zone of Raniganj Coalfield Area. 28 – March 1. 2 . Kolkata. S. D. Bandopadhyay. 3. Chakraborty. 12th World Lake Conference. 27-28. Govt. Pilot scale formulation of manufacture of Soaps & Detergents with aim of exploring scope of self employment to rural population in the form of cottage industries with low investment.K. Cluster analysis of limnological parameters from Asansol lakes in West Bengal. D. 6. Assessment and monitoring of Road Traffic Noise for sustainable development. Banerjee. Organised by Ministry of Environment & Forest. 7. Banerjee.

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